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Battle of the gods: Post Olympus


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[i]Diana wasn't sure why, but she always seemed to save her homework until she was nearly ready for bed. She opened her math book and began to struggle through logarithms. Within moments, she far too frustrated to get anywhere in her assignment. It was 11:58 pm. As long as she were asleep by 3, she'd be able to function as well as usual at school the next day. Diana tossed the math book aside and delved into her literature book.
"Medea,"she thought to herself while trying to answer the study questions over the play, "Now there's a strong woman, but what's with this ending? Like the gods would actually send a chariot for her!"
Suddenly the clock struck midnight and there was a flash of blinding light. Diana's arms shot up reflexively to shield her eyes from the piercing brilliance. Slowly, she lowered arms and gazed curiously in the direction the light had come from. The sight which met her arms was a strange one. A tall, imposing woman dressed in a Greek toga and sandals stood before. A thin circlet with a cresent pendant crowned her head and a large, dangerous-looking hunting knife rested in a sheath on her belt. On her back, she wore a quiver of arrows accompanied by large, beautifully engraved bow resting on her right shoulder. Her eyes were steely gray, like Diana's, gave the impression of a hidden loneliness and, somehow, reminded one of the full moon. Her complexion was pale, almost translucent, as though the woman never let sunlight warm her skin. Thick brown hair was pulled back into a simple, practical braid, so similar to Diana's own hair that she absent mindedly pulled her hand back to touch her own braid. The woman appeared at first glance to be youthful, but she held an air of centuries of experience and knowledge.
Finally, Diana found her voice and whispered hoarsely, "Who are you, and what are you doing in my bedroom?"
"Diana Torrens," the strange woman replied in a cool, lilting voice that held in it the engery of a sprinting deer or a soaring eagle, "I have come to instruct you in your duties as a Daughter of Olympus."
Diana's eyes widened in shock. It was only moments before she began shrieking, "What are you?!?! Some sort of freakish Amazon?! I don't what you're talking about, but you're trespassing on private property, and you had better leave right now!"
The woman glared down on Diana, her wrath now incited, "I am no simple Amazon! I am Artemis, the Goddess of the Night! And you, foolish mortal girl, have no ability to remove me from your humble dwelling."
Artemis gazed around herself in disgust. After the destruction of Mount Olympus, nothing else met the glory of her former home.
Diana cringed back in chair, utterly terrified. She had never been in a situation as bizarre as this. Though she prided herself in being able to handle her own problems, a tempermental Greek goddess encroaching on the sanctuary of her room was more than she could handle.
"What's going on here?" she whispered.
Artemis' features softened, "You were chosen 18 years ago, while in your mother's womb, to carry on my position in the world of mortal men. I shall guide you in your duties, but only you will be able to see and hear me."
Diana stared back at the woman, dumbfounded.
"I must be dreaming," she thought to herself.
She closed her eyes tightly and pinched her arm. Cautiously, Diana opened her eyes again only to find Artemis looking at her as though she was completely mad.
Diana decided to herself, "Well, it's not a dream..."[/i]

Have I got ya hooked? I hope so! I believe that clip (all my own work, this is rpg is 100% original) gives you a basic idea of what's going on in the story. A few other points:
Centuries ago, Mount Olympus was destroyed, and the power of the gods began to fail. In a final attempt to keep a hold in the Mortal Realm, Zeus (the king of the gods) came up with a system. Each god would pick a mortal, while in the womb, to be his or her "chosen one." This mortal would then be a Son/Daughter of Olympus. Once this set of mortals had died, all the gods would choose again. Ergo, every Son/Daughter of Olympus (of each generation) would be within 9 months of each other. The "chosen ones" furthered the ideals of the god(des) who chose them and care for any particular type of person or animal that their god had sworn to protect. The god(des)es may not begin to converse with their "chosen ones" until midnight, 18 years after the choosing. (This allows them to grow up as normal mortals.) Each god(des) may converse with their own "chosen one" alone except for Zeus. Zeus does [b]not[/b] pick a "chosen one" and may appear to any of the "chosen ones" at his discretion once they have come of age.

1. Your character [i]must[/i] be a 17 yr old with a corresponding [i]Greek[/i] god(des) as a mentor (and of the same gender: i.e. No guys attempting to further the ideals of Aphrodite...:rolleyes: )
2. You must attempt to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your posts.
3. Any god(des) choices must be from actual [i]Greek[/i] mythology and are at my mercy for acceptance.
4. You must have somewhat decent knowledge of Greek mythology for your own sake and the sake of the thread. Otherwise, you'll be lost, and you'll only hindert he progress of the story.
5. Follow the example below for character sketches.

I will begin once there are 3 recruits besides myself, but others may join mid-story.

[b]Name:[/b] Diana Torrens
[b]Mentor:[/b] Artemis Goddess of the Night, of Virgins, and of the Wild
[b]Appearance:[/b] Diana is tall (5'9") with an athelitic, but attractive build. She has tan skin and dark brown hair. Her eyes are steely gray. She has a strong, defiant chin and a slightly crooked nose (broken in a childhood softball game).
[b]Personality:[/b] Diana is a jock and loves it. Her book learning is about average. She knows she could do better, but books have no hold on her, so she doesn't apply herself academically. She tends to be somewhat feministic; she used to beat up the boys in grade school. She loves hiking in the woods and is a night-owl. She is not interested in dating (neither boys nor girls) and is normally comfortable being alone.
[b]Background:[/b] Diana had a relatively normal childhood. She's smack dab in the middle of a loving, five-child family. She's also the only daughter (earning her a room of her own and tomboyish habits). Her elder brothers are overly protective, and the younger ones annoy her. But she loves all of them dearly. Both parents work, but they try to make family time a priority.

Okay, that's it! Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks!
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name-Xander Grey

mentor-Eros or Cupid god of passionate and physical love, also
that of fertility.

appearance-Xander is the epitome of attractiveness for males. at least as far as the most common of females would believe. He has short spiked hair that is the color of ashen oak and eyes that seem to flow like the deepest seas sharing it's color. His skin is a milky color that seems to absorb the sun as it touches his body but never taints his flesh tone. His body appears to hold a perfect balance between muscle and tone with the bare minimum of body hair to achieve maximum attractiveness while not diminishing his masculinity. Other than that about five foot ten inches tall and approximately one hundred and ninety pounds.

personality-Xander is a very open person both socially and physically having no problem really with showing affection to male or female, friend or family. He is always open to helping hook his friends up too and is far from shy when it comes to talking to the opposite sex, almost as if he's overconfident about it.

background-If I told you that Xander was not spoiled I would be lying. He was raised the son of the CEO of one of the richest softward companie's. He was always given what he wanted as long as it was able to be purchased so he kinda let it go to his head but not so much as to make him shallow or greedy. now he's a senior at the local public high school because he refused to go to any private schools.
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I seriously hope I don't screw up...:o

[b]Name:[/b] Mitsu Takata
[b]Mentor:[/b] Athena, Goddess of Crafts, the Domestic Arts, and War
[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://www.anime-unleashed.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=1564]Ah yes, bless this site. Minus the guns and I'm a girl, duh.[/url]
[b]Personality:[/b] Mitsu is a supreme tomboy. She doesn't like cutsey stuff and has never been one to wear a dress. Although she acts cool and sometimes humorus, Mitsu is a straight A student (which is someting you wouldn't expect from tomboys). She's been described as a jerk at times, but can also be really nice. In short, is like a double edged sword.
[b]Background:[/b] Mitsu holds a deep interest in the art of combat. She's trained in various fighting areas, from kendo to martial arts to boxing. She's never had trouble beating guys, whether it be physically or on tests.
Mitsu, however, has lived a lonley life. While all of her friends are guys, none of them are anywhere near the romantic type. Her parents work all the time and has no siblings. Mitsu covers up these feelings and memories by creating a humorus shell with her friends.
She attends a public high school and can be found usually in the office for beating up somebody for her friends, which disappoints the principal, since Mitsu's a good student.
There, I tried my best. Hope it's okay.
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I sure hope I get to be accepted to do this!

Name: Rei Kotosuwa

Mentor: Phoebe, She was one of the original Titans, she is another Moon goddess, Her name means "Bright Moon" she has the power of Enchantment

Appearance: Rei is tall and very attractive with long black hair tied loosely at the nape of her neck with a black ribbon. She wears a long leather jacket with a white tank tops and dark jeans. She also has large combat boots. She has purple eyes, that turn silver when she's mad. She also carries a large knife with her, just in case ;)

Personality: Rei is very dark and angsty. She has witty remarks now and then, but it very fiesty on the battle field. She's a skilled fighter, hence the knife. Rei doesn't take anything from anybody.

Background: Rei's had a rough life. Abandoned at six, living in a run-down orphanage where she had to scrounge for food everyday. She also has gotten beat up a lot, so she's become a skilled fighter. She longs to find her family someday and live happily ever after, but she doesn't ever tell anyone that.
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This is awesome, you guys! I'm thrilled that you seem to have a pretty good knowledge of Greek mythology. I'm sure we'll have disputes later (the myths are incredibly diverse and often contradict one another.)
Katana, I'm glad to see you here! It'll be great workin' on another RPG with you!
Heartless Me, whew... I wasn't honestly expecting Eros to be the first god chosen... Oh boy...this could be interesting. (I have a big thing against Aphrodite. Eros/Cupid isn't quite as bad though...:p)
Inuyashafan418, you've gotta love the Moon goddesses... ;) Rei seems like a pretty awesome character.

It looks like we can start...

Anyway else who's interested in joining is welcome to hop in here! I'll try to check this frequently.
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Name:Irvine Drake
Mentor:Hermes-god of mischief, protector of thieves, and messenger to the gods
Appearance:Shoulderlength blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. Wears baggy jeans, a white shirt, and a brown, shinlength trench coat. He is a tall (6'1), skinny, and attractive man.
Personality:Irvine is a deep, poetic person who is really hard to get to shut up. He is a loner, skateboarding all over the streets day by day. He isn't stupid, and most people consider him to just be weird.
Background:Irvine ran away from home when he was 15, because he wanted to try to avoid any responsibilty whatsoever. Since then, he's just been alone on the streets, pickpocketing people for money to make a living.


I think that should just about do it!

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[FONT=courier new][SIZE=1][COLOR=red][I]Name: Ryowa Daivs

Mentor: Hades, God of the Underworld (we all know who that is)

Appearance: Ryowa usually wears a a black T-Shirt with black baggy pants. And he wears a black overcoat. He has brown (usually spiked up), short hair, and hazel eyes. He is about 6'3 and has an average muscular body.

Background: Ryowa has been a loner ever since his parents died when he was 9. He hates the world. He blames everybody for their death. He has been in and out out of orphanges until a family adopted him. His (new) family tries everything, including sending him to a psychologist to see how they can help him. But, its useless, there is no way of communicating with Ryowa, he speaks to no one. He hasen't spoken in 8 years, until the one night when he mysteriosly started speaking in his sleep... [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]
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