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Journey to the End


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[color=blue][size=1]The end of Earth has been talked about and predicted by many from all over the world. Death is a mere unknown fate that all has to face. And yet, there's that ONE little b**** that tries to escape it, creating chaos.

A young boy, no more than 15, lives a top a mountain in Russia. It's not very high up, and he has plenty of things to live off of, but he feels that death need not find him for he is worse of than dead. He has a magical book that can permanently banish death from all those who hear the spell. So, being the genuis he is, he somehow takes control over TV satallites(sp?) and says the spell, making everyone hear it.

Big mistake.

The skies lose their color and clouds and become no more than battle grounds for war. The oceans become the birthing ground for minidevils and demons. The land is home to both human and animal, but neither want to share. Now that there is no death, everything is trying to rule the Earth or take back their home, and SO, no body can. There IS a counter spell, but the 15 year old boy has dissappeared and taken the book with him. He no longer lives on his mountain top, but hides himself to the north.

Those still sane enough send several people strong and smart enough to make the trip to the north, now named CH, or Central Haven. The one place where no war can enter, for the boy, now in his twenties, has placed a spell so that anyone with intentions of fighting can enter.

Now, anyone willing to escape the chaos must sign up. There is no limit to the number of people who can join, and even after this starts up, people can join. Here's what you need:

Home Country:
What You're Bringing:
Purpose of traveling to the North:

I'll post my sign-up later.[/color][/size]
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Name: Felicia Re Elcritian

Age: 14

Home Country: France

Appearance:4'7"/98 lb. Short black hair, sharply cut bangs off to the side, brown/red eyes, pale white skin, white long sleeve shirt, cutting to a slip with a red bow in the front, dark purple skirt, white stockings, black ankle boots, purple gloves with red bows.

Demeanor: Intelligent, but is rather withdrawn. Leaving others often confused by her actions. Very sweet and kind to most, she'll do all in her power to try and stop the suffering that's going on around her. Felicia is probably one of the youngest that are journeying to the north. But this is concealed making it easier for the others to not ask too many questions. They all seem to think she's 18 or so, in fact she actually acts as though she is so. And would rather have it said then rather any others say she was any younger. Not a good fighter, she has a lack of confidence. Willing, she has a brave streak. Usually when ever some one is in trouble, she also only cares about others happiness. But lately...Felicia has been sunning off others, and talking far less then she once did.

What You're Bringing: An old book she found long ago. It was written on the date the boy disappeared. Thinking it might be some help. Has yet to read it though...

Purpose of traveling to the North: Is tired or the fighting, and the hectic world. Feeling that some day the ones fighting will die sometime or another she feels it's her responsibility to stop it. And end the feeling.

Other: Acts as if she is 18, and is thought as so. In her hand she's always holding a cross pendent, but it's inside her right hand glove. She usually never takes off.


Tell me if there's anything I need to change.

PS - Glade your still around.
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[color=blue][size=1]In all honesty Ruby, I don't quite remeber leaving.... *walks out into the blizzard*

Ahem-hem. Sorry about that. Anyway, your sign up is perfect. I have no quarells with any information in your post. Now, I'll post my sign up.


Age: 17

Home Country: The good ol' US of A

Appearance: A scrappy looking girl about 5' 2" with long brown hair pulled into a ponytail. Green eyes brought out by her pale complection. She wears a light blue t-shirt with a dragon logo in the center, frayed blue jeans and sandals.

Demeanor: Very quiet and anti-social. Her determination and disreguard to those around her can make her rush into things without thinking them through, but she will protect those she feels are important to her. Don't count on her for much until you get to know her, or else she'll leave you hanging.

What You're Bringing: Backpack filled with items with some magical powers or importance, a laptop, and a book with blank pages. Oh, don't forget a pencil or two.

Purpose of traveling to the North: Merely to end the chaos for her friends and family. Also, it's kind of like a "Find Yourself" journey for her. (Her parents' idea).

Other: She does have two other items that she rarely shares with anyone. One is a picture of a young her, a cat she's holding, and a young boy (known only by Reveille). The other is a bracelet with a key to something. She denies that she knows what it belongs to, but it has something to do with the boy from the picture.

Okay, that's my sign up. We'll need at least one more person. Three should be enough to keep this alive. Of course, MORE than one more person would be great, but I'll start this after at least one more person is interested enough to join.

~US Citizen~[/color][/size]
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[size=1][color=chocolate]I'll do the honors of the last person.

[b]Name:[/b] Paige (unknown last name)
[b]Age:[/b] 11
[b]Home Country:[/b] Columbia (in South America)
[b]Appearance:[/b] Dark brown hair shoulder length. 4 foot 9 inches. Wears jeans and black long T-shirts that have random things on it. (usually something against love or something like that) Dark green eyes and tan skin.
[b]Demeanor:[/b] Doesn't like to hang out with people often. She doesn't like to socialize much, and the reason she doesn't like to socialize is the fact that she grew up alone and didn't believe in loving anyone.
[b]What I'm Bringing:[/b] A backpack with blank lined papers, pencils and pens and maps.
[b]Purpose of Traveling:[/b] People are constantly raiding where she lives for war, and is tired of all the death she constantly sees.
[b]Other:[/b] She wears a purple bracelet that stands for the flower the orchid; her favorite flower. She believed the orchid gives her luck.

Hope that's ok![/size][/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]*does a happy dance* Hip-hip-hooray!! This RPG can finally get started!!

Okay, hopefully, you won't be the [i]last[/i] person entirely, but merely the last person to sign up before I start this. Remeber, this sign up is still open to whomever sees fit to join us.

I'll be starting this up either later tonight or early tomorrow. I'm so glad people signed up!! *does, yet another, happy dance*

~*keeps doing a happy dance*~[/color][/size]
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[b]Name:[/b] Victor Myles Fuerst

[b]Age:[/b] 15

[b]Home Country:[/b] Germany

[b]Appearance:[/b] Victor is a bit short and skinny for a kid his age. What he lacks in strength, however, he makes up for in speed and agility. He has short, white blond hair and bright blue eyes, and when not in his fencing uniform, he usually wears a dark red vest over a black turtleneck, dark red baggy khakis, black military style boots, black gloves, and his fencing sword.

[b]Demeanor:[/b] Victor is calm, patient, and clear-headed. He also acts a bit high and mighty because he believes that he is a descendant of a long line of great kings.

[b]What I'm Bringing:[/b] An eppee and a sabre, a locket of his family crest, and a picture of a woman that might know a bit more about his family tree.

[b]Purpose of Traveling:[/b] Being raised at an orphanage, Victor does not know much about his ancestors. But because of the locket that he had on him when he was put up for adoption, he knows that he must come from some sort of royal family. He is searching for any clue to his heritage, and having become quiet good at fencing, he would like to die a warrior's death. But that is not possible until he reverses the spell that that kid read over TV.
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[color=blue][size=1]Okay Geist, you're in. We've already started the RP in the Adventure Arena, so you'll just come in where we are. Read most of the posts to understand the story so far, okay?

Well, you don't [i]have[/i] to fill in the 'Other' section. I forgot to put it as optional. Oops... That's all for now, thanks for signing up!!

~A Fellow Role-Player~[/color][/size]
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Name: Maki Haguya

Age: 16

Home Country: Japan

Appearance: Maki has straight, shoulder length black hair streaked with bright red. Her skin is on the darkish side and her eyes are, oddly, blue. She wears baggy black pants and a plain, tight red t-shirt. She's also kind of short.

Demeanor: She's quiet and barely talks, but people can normally tell that she's not dumb. Despite not talking, she does tend to always be around someone, never alone.

What You're Bringing: Some practical items. A compass, reference books, change of clothing, matches. She carries all this in a messenger-style book bag.

Purpose of traveling to the North: She just wants to end all of the pointless fighting.

Other: Little is known about her past.
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Name:Irvine Drake


Home Country:England

Appearance:Shoulder-length blonde hair, and sky blue eyes. Wears a brown, shin-length trench coat and black Chuck Taylor shoes.

Demeanor:Irvine is a deep, poetic, brave loner. He does not work well at all with others.

What he's bringing:Not much, just a compass some matches, and a dagger.

Why he's heading north:He feels he needs to find a greater purpose in life, so he is going North to try to find that purpose, to try to stop the chaos.

Other:Irvine's parents were killed in a car crash shortly before the chaos started.
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Name: Marcus Belial

Age: 31

Home Country: Scotland

Appearance: Long, dark blonde hair almost always tied back, Dark brown leather pants and black leather boots, a white shirt with a white vest underneith. He wears several leather bracelets on his right wrist, silver rings on the fingers, most notably the large thumb ring with a black onyx center. A silver cross adorns his neck along with a brown leather choker. All this is topped off with a supple, brown leather jacket he wears over the top.

Demeanor: Extremely self confident and charming. Likes to flirt tremendously and has a totally sarcastic sense of humour. Seems to be a nice person on the outside, but, like the moon, holds a darker secret within. Stubborn and strong willed, he likes to go against whatever people tell him to do, though he does possess a certain sense of loyalty to those he deems worthy.

What I'm Bringing: A satchel containing several items of lock picking equipment, a compass a hunting knife and a clean set of underwear ^_~

Purpose of Traveling: Originally part of an elite SAS squad before the great war Marc was contacted by an unknown source emploring him of his assistance in guiding the young troup that is heading off to "save the world".
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[B]Name:[/B] Alex Mondaval

[B]Age:[/B] 26

[B]Home Country:[/B] Spain

[B]Appearance:[/B] Medium, wavy hair, permanently dyed purple. He wears army pants and dark boots, as well as gloves. He keeps his army jacket open, showing his black shirt that simply says: "I am the Lightning Rod". Around his neck, he wears a necklace that opens to reveal a blank picture. His skin tone is a strong tan, which seems to be more artificial than natural.

[B]Demeanor:[/B] Carlos talks with a light British accent. He likes to make small talk with others, and is easily offended. Altought his looks might show an aggresive person, he prefers using dialogue to fix things (something that seldom helps him in this crazy world). He studied a lot of psychology, which he uses to analize the best way to deal with another person. He's also glad to tell other his motives for traveling to the North.

[B]What You're Bringing:[/B] A backpack that includes a First Aid kit and some basic survival gear, and a M-16 Rifle.

[B]Purpose of traveling to the North:[/B] A few years ago, the same day the spell was recited, Alex was having breakfast with his family. Robbers entered the house and shot everyone, Alex being the only one fast enough to duck in time. The robbers pointed and shot him. Then the boy recited the spell. Wounded, he stood up, full of hate towards the robbers. They, who didn't understand what was happening, ran away. As the years passed, Alex has never forgotten their faces, and desires to avenge his family.

[B]Others:[/B] His bullet wounds damaged so many vital organs that he will die shortly after the spell is lifted, but he does not care, since he's "living on borrowed time".
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