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Star Wars: Potential Revealed


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[font=trebuchet ms][color=#5i8cbd]Yeah before everyone pelts me with eggs for this taking so long at least allow me to pick up a shield to defend myself against the on-coming barrage of poultry products.

Yes I have changed the name of the RPG for it's own sake a [B]A Decision Changed[/b] was quite a crap name and I'd say you'd agree with me.

Oh and just by the way all of you who are not already on route to Ossus will be contacted by the spirit apparations of a Jedi Master from your family since of course the Force is passed on down through blood like Corran Horn.


[i]Van sat on a cliff overlooking the glittering dome that was his new home since he had left Coruscant for Cardia. He has applied to, been accepted and joined the Imperial Stellar Navy, he was quite amazed that he's gotten so far already but thought it was probably because he was human and most of the other squad were non-human. It never really bothered Van that the Empire descriminated against other non-humans races as humans were just better than other races as he had been taught since he was a child, it was just more of Imperial Propoganda that had stuck in him since then.

He felt the ruffle of the wind against his jacket and shivered trying to understand what was drawing him away from where he had settled, he enjoyed the company of his fellow pilots and the joy he got from flying the new TIE Hunters. He shivered again but felt no wind this time to cause such a response from his body, he stood up and pulled on his flight jacket as he began to hike back to towards the base where he would start his next day's training on the base. He couldn't understand why he felt this way, why he flet that he needed to leave but the tug had gotten a lot stronger lately, at first he'd just dismissed it as home-sickness but he knew that this was not the case as he was in contact with his family quite regularly.

He took a step forward and gazed forward over the edge of the cliff once more before heading off in the opposite and felt a presence like none he'd ever felt before, it was strange and yet familiar all at once and he felt a warm sense of comfort in his surrouding. He was unarmed and knew that he couldn't put up much of a fight in his current state of being, he decided to call for the individual to reveal themselves for their own good. He watched as an individual covered in a blue veil stepped forward into hsi field of view from a few feet away, he was dressed in what Van recognised as traditional Jedi Robes and carried a lightsaber along his waist. Van had always thought that Lord Vader had killed all the Jedi apart from Lord Revenant who he had converted, he called for the stranger to indentify himself and stood his ground waiting for the answer to come.[/i]

[b]Jedi:[/b] I, Van Ambrose am Jareth Ambrose your great-grandfather, a Jedi Knight killed during the final years of Clone Wars many years before you were born and joined the Darkside's pawns.

[b]Van:[/b] [i]In a confused yet determined voice[/i] I serve only the Empire and will not be swayed by a mere Rebel trick. You say you are Jareth Ambrose I have never heard of him nor heard that my family had ties with anyone but the Empire, where is your proof ?

[b]Jareth:[/b] The Empire is forged of the remnants of the Old Republic which I served before it was twisted by Palpatine. Your Grandfather was orphaned a short time after his birth since both I an his mother were killed during the Clone Wars, I was only able to request that he be sent to my brother for safe keepings and raised as his own until he could be told the truth of his origins but he turned his back on the teachings of the Jedi and began to serve the Empire as an agent.

[b]Van:[/b] That's a lie, my grandfather joined the Empire so he could serve a better purpose not one of spite against a father who had died and never brought him up.

[b]Jareth:[/b] When then have you excelled so in your training, you have reflexs better than any other person in your class and you are close to a promotion and reassignment to the Emperors protection, it will be here that he will tempt you to the Dark Side but you must not let that happen, you will serve a far greater purpose than that, you must go to Ossus where you will find your true potential, go my son and may the force be with you.

[i]Van stared in complete awe as the figure seemed to just disappear as the veil melted, he sat against a rock for the next hour before finally making his way back down to the base and awaiting his fate to unfold before him......[/i][/color][/font]
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*takes out carton of eggs and starts pelting Outcast with the eggs* Thanks for the Idea
"Damn troopers." Tenera cursed as he climbed over a fence.
Storm troopers followed after him through an alley way. "Hey, were'd he go?" one of the troopers asked. One of them yelled out as a blast went through his head. Tenera quikly shot the others before they could locate him. "That 'ill teach you Tenera mocked.".
Tenera contacted his crew through the intercom "Troopers dispatched I Made the delivery and Im heading back"
"Roger" a voice answered.
Tenera was half way through the alley when he heard something behind him. He pulled out his blasters "who are you?"
"No need for blasters." a tall figure in what looked like what the Jedi from folk tales wore.
"Who are you?" he didn't put away the blasters
"I am Fillak your grandfather, I served and died in the Clone wars."
"then how is it you speak to me?"
"that does not matter, but what does is that you must travel to Ossus to do a great deed."
"that is all I can tell you" the figure disapeered.
Tenera quikly contacted his crew "prepare for launch, when I get back we are heading to Ossus. And launch a few probes to see whats there."
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Tsuni stared out into the empty, black, space of the galaxy. Not many ships came by this area, so, he really had no idea why he was traveling around looking for a good place to sell a bunch of old junk he had stolen from an imperial dump site. He felt his eyes start to droop, he had been traveling for quite a long while now. He decided to take a short nap before landing on what ever piece of floating dirt he would find. Clicking the ship to auto pilot, Tsuni layed back and soon was in a deep slumber.

"Where am I?" Tsuni asked himself looking around. He was in the streets of a city, standing out side of a run down shop. He hadn't remembered landing on this planet... or coming down to the streets. Tsuni turned around, deciding to find his ship, but was stopped by a pale blue figure dressed in brown and tan robes, Tsuni simply recognized her as a squib, like himself..
"Who are you... and Where the heck am I?" Tsuni asked, getting slightly annoyed about being somewhere that he had no memory of coming to.
The figure crossed her arms and her ears twitched slightly.
"That's no way to treat your grandmother, now is it?" She asked with a small smile. Tsuni raised one of his furry eyebrows in confussion. "Tsuni, I am Caltary Hara, your grandmother, I was once a jedi during the Clone Wars, I died before you were even born." She told him, still with that sweet, inoccant smile.
Tsuni felt his eyes grow wide. He remembered Rabkin, his caretaker, telling him that he once had a relative that was a jedi and how they had helped Skor ll when they were inslaved by the empire.
"What do you want me to do?" Tsuni asked, it was like the words came out of his mouth without Tsuni really even thinking of them.
Suddenly, she started to fade from view, before completly disappearing she said one word, "Ossus."
end dream [/i]

Tsuni eyes popped open, he was back in the cockpit of his ship. He clapped his hand to his head. That dream had felt so real... it was creepy. Tsuni looked out of the window to see that he had arrived at a planet, finally. He checked it up on the ships guide. It was non other than Ossus. [/color][/size]
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[COLOR=green]Jedgar slumped back in his seat. That had been very, very close. At least they?d accomplished their mission, and sent out the reports of the rebel fleet regrouping at Sullust. As long as the sector Moff forwarded their report to Lord Vader, the rebellion would suffer its second major defeat in as many years. Hopefully the Phantom Legion?s word would be heeded this time. They?d also preformed a recon mission to Hoth and reported the existence of a rebellion base there three standard months before Lord Vader had ?discovered? it with him probe droids. That had been a great victory for the legion, as they now had the confidence and support of Lord Vader. He didn?t seem to have the same prejudices as most other high ranking Imperials, and cared only about their effectiveness.

Checking the coordinates that he?d programmed into the nav computer, he was astounded that they were perfect system entry coordinates for the planet of Ossus. He?d just typed them in without a thought, in his desperate escape from the Rebellion frigate that?d spotted their ships and killed two of his friends.

His ship?s planetary registry had only minimal information about Ossus, telling him only that it had a breathable atmosphere and it was filled with ancient battle wreckage from wars long forgotten. Strangely, it was marked as a restricted planet under direct orders from Lord Vader. Must be worth a look around after all?[/COLOR]
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"You better have a good reason for waking me up." Tenera threatened.
"Well you see, the planet Ossus is just a waisteland with nothing on It and there seens to be an imperial ship heading towrds It." Harve, his most trusted crewman, said.
"The fact that an imperial vessel is headed there proves that somethings there." Tenera stated,"Activate the cloaking feild and head into low orbit around Ossus, send out all the probes to see what's there."
"also send one of the probes to scan the imperial vessel and prepare for a possible battle."
"got it."
Tenera went to the cockpit and looked at the nav. map. 'something seems distorted' he thought to himself. He lokked a little closer and saw something 'Thats It' he thought to himself ,' who ever is there is ingenious' "head to this location but stay cloaked" Tenera commanded.
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Jureel Dartan sighed and leaned tiredly into his chair, letting the leather engulf him. He'd been up far too late for his own good recently, and needed some rest. As he began to doze off, a shimmering being of light that looked vaugely familiar appeared.


He jerked upright in his chair, blinking in amzement at the figure


"I am Deriato Dartan, your great-uncle. I was a member of the Order of Jedi Knights, and the Force is strong with you. You must go to the Ossus system and train to be a Jedi knight, in order to throw the Darkness off the galaxy....Remember the Ossus system...."

Jureel jerked awak and groaned looking at his chronometer. He had slept late, and what that odd dream been?
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[COLOR=royal blue]OOC: GAH!!!!!!!!!! SPELL CHECK PEOPLE! SPELL CHECK! Gah! *SMH* Please, I'm begging some of you, correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Please! Some of the posts just...well..they suck to be blunt. Way too short, and non-descriptive, or just..completely twisted. FIX THEM! Thank you for your time.


Thrukh woke up in the pilots' seat of his V-19 torrent Starfighter...not that their was much else to wake up in. With a small stretch that included his customary waking growl, he looked out of his viewport and noticed Ossus in the distance.

"Almost there....I can't understand why I'm going to Ossus...It's this feeling...that I can't explain," Thrukh spoke to himself outloud.

He started to look down at his control console when he saw a shimmering in the air. He closed his eyes and reopened them, but when he did he saw a Noghri's head in front of him.[/color]

[color=dark-blue] "Thrukh...it is good to see you. Do not try to interupt me! I can only do this for so long. You are going to Ossus because you are gifted in the Force. It is what Darth Vader, and Darth Revenant have...it is like a special power. There will be someone on the planets surface waiting for you..and probably others like you...but your scanners will not pick this person up. Land where you feel...for that will be a test..."[/color]

[color=royal blue] Thrukh watched as the head disappeared. He swiped his hand through the air, thinking something might remain, but knowing it would not. With a sigh of frustration, Thrukh got ready to enter the atmosphere. He started to check his systems, making sure everything was green. After he checked his sytems a couple more times he strapped himself in, and prepared himself for something he didn't know if he would be ready for.[/color]
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Jodo sat in the pilot's seat of the [I]Fixeus[/I], his chin resting in the palm of his left hand, staring blankly at the ship's vital readings. The ship coursed through hyper-space, stars streaking past the viewport like a vortex of white amongst the endless sea of black. Jodo was heading straight for Ossus, though he had no idea why. Every fibre of his being, though, had urged him to go there, and this feeling had only gotten stronger the closer he got. The draw the place had to him was almost irresistable. However, no matter how much logical thought he directed as to ask 'why' he was drawn as he was, he could never come up with an answer.

A small red light to his left suddenly started flashing, with the accompaying bleep sound that classically follows such things. This was the signal that the ship was near Ossus, and should be brought out of hyper-space within the next few minutes. The light had the effect of almost waking Jodo, as he had been in a state of deep thought. As always, he checked his weapon systems were all online and operational, as no-one ever knew what could be waiting for them on the other end of a hyper-space jump, and he always liked to be prepared.

Jodo pulled the [I]Fixeus[/I] out of hyper-space and was confronted by... nothing. Ossus was straight ahead of him, and immediately he was filled with a sense of gloom. He had never seen a planet, save Tatooine, that had looked to dull from orbit. The planet's surface was mainly a dull green of swanp-lands, or a murky blue... of swampy sea's. Over all that, patches of thin, murky cloud. Jodo sighed, and almost thought about turning around, had it not been for the still potent draw of Ossus; one that was stronger now than it ever had been.
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[COLOR=green]OOC: Ok, I have yet more issues with MGuyPersonDude.

#1 Cloaking devices are currently still under development. The very first prototype of this device is currently in the Emperor's private shuttle, and [I]only[/I] there. Not even Boba Fett, whose vessel is by all accounts the most technologically advanced of all small crafts, has a cloaking device. You most certainly don?t have one. You didn?t even post this information in your sign up, where it should be if you are to use it...

#2 In the Star Wars universe, cloaking devices are a double edged sword. They render a vessel undetectable, but also blind all equipment on the vessel. You cannot travel without an extensively planned and pre-plotted navigational course. You also run the risk of colliding with something else, which you wouldn?t know was there unless you actually hit it.

So, I'd advise you to stick a little closer to the canon of Star Wars during the RPG to avoid any further grievous deviations from it. If you have any questions or need any help with this RPG, don't hesitate to PM me.


Jedgar was finishing up a stormtrooper ration and reading a datapad displaying the major news stories of the day, when the pinging of a warning system notified him that he would be exiting hyperspace in ten minutes.

After throwing the empty meal tray into the trash receptacle and stowing the datapad in a compartment under the pilot?s seat, he prepared for entry into the Ossus system. Standard protocol for entry into an unfamiliar system with no known Imperial presence required dropping out of hyperspace ready for combat. Jedgar charged the three ion cannons and the dual laser turret that comprised his ship?s main weaponry. Primary shields, proton torpedoes and concussion missiles were all charged and ready for reentry into real space.

The familiar white lines that lined his viewport strained for a moment and vanished, replaced by another familiar sight. A starfeild and a distant planet filled the transparent durasteel that composed his cockpit, a scene that he had observed countless times on his journeys across the galaxy. It never failed to take his breath away, the sheer enormity of it all.

He was rudely shaken out of his philosophical musings by what seemed like every warning and danger alarm his vessel possessed. A look at his targeting computer told him all he needed to know. On the far side of the planet, which was currently in its night cycle, there was an Imperial Victory Class Star Destroyer. Also, his sensors were detecting some unusual energy readings close to the Star Destroyer.

Much closer to his own vessel, and the source of most of the alarms that were only now beginning to be silenced, was another small vessel. It looked Corellian in origin, either a Y-2400 or a Y-2500, he wasn?t sure. Although the ship?s transponder signal was turned off, his automatic Imperial database search turned up positive results. The ship was registered under the name [I]Fixeus[/I], and registered to a Jodo Secura of Kiffex. Odd, the name Secura was normally a Twi?lek clan name. Jedgar made a mental note to look into that, since this man was apparently a native of Kiffex.

Plotting an intercept course, he hailed the [I]Fixeus[/I]?[/COLOR]
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don't I feel imbarassed, ok no cloaking device.

"Tenera, we have landed on Ossus and there is nothing here." Harve stated.
"Don't be so sure, the atmosphere is breathable I take It." Tenera said.
"Yes, also the probe sent to the imperial vessel has comfirmed that It is an Victory Class Star Destroyer and on the way back It detected two more ships." Harve informed.
"I'll search around this area to see If anything Is here." Tenera stated.

Tenera continued looking around for something just he wasn't sure what It was. He could feel that something was here but were could It be. He remembered the breif flash he saw from orbit "Could It have been merely the reflection of a dust particle."
What ever the case Imperial activity proves that something Is here. He decided to rest a while and sat on a stone. Immediately a bit of land rose up revealing a large door. "Its so obvious."
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Jureeel Dartan strode into the office of Colonel Ulri Ectin, Imperial Naval Academy, Officer Commanding, and saluted.

"Liutenant Jureel Dartan reporting as ordered, sir.

"Liutenant, i need you to take your ship out on a training exercise with a group of cadets. It's to be their final test before graduation and all. Take them out, simulate a catstrophic shut down, and let them figure it out."

"I'll do that sir."

"Get to it, Dartan."


Jureel snapped to attention, threw a salute, than did a quick about face out of the room. He hurried off down the corridor to make preflight checks on his tiny customs frigate.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Nothing, not a thing on the scope or the scanners.....yet something. Something intangible but it was there, of that he was sure, maybe it was just a feeling or something like that...no, more like a yearning for something more and this was the way to find it. He'd felt like this more several days now, ever since he left the last Star-post and headed in the direction he was sure he was ment to go. But he couldn't find it on any map, or plot it on any star chart, but it must be there, he knew it. At the pilot console of the [I]Csillas Diamond[/I] Rauth'tau, or just Tau, had been having this conversation in his head for the past hour or so now, and it hadn't got anywhere since he started. He sighed to himself and, as he got up, started to wonder if he was losing it from all this traveling and talking to himself on the voyage between destinations, he turned the auto-pilot on and went to the rear for some food.

He didn't know why he was going the way he was going, but it was for good reason. But what reason he thought to himself, all he really knew was that the planet he was going to was called Ossus and he didn't even know how he knew it, he just did for whatever reason, and he also knew that he had to get there and, again, he didn't know why he was going there just that he was drawn to it like a nail to a magnet. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a pack of rations, opening it quickly as the smell of it made his nose crinkle in disgust, it was times like these he'd wished he'd never left the Imperium, but he had to.

After finishing his meager meal he went back to the cock-pit and as he was sitting down he noticed a small blip on the scanner. [I]"Well then,"[/I] he thought happily, [I]"I may finally be getting something from nothing"[/I]. He smirked a bit and set a course for the planet shaped blip on the scanner and hoping against hope he was nearing his final destination.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=green]No Response.

Frowning, he hailed the [I]Fixeus[/I] again. This time, there was a faint click as the other ship acknowledged with an audio connection. On Jedgar?s control panel, a red light began to blink.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?This is Jedgar Nieta of the Emperor?s Phantom Legion. Please state your name and business in this restricted system.?

[B]???[/B]: ?State your own authorization to be in this system. If you?d listened to the starchart information, it clearly states that it?s a level one restricted system. You need orders to be here, orders you don?t have.?

[I]Astounded by the confidence of the stranger, Jedgars mind whirled. He?d known that he needed orders to be here, but that information wasn?t in public records. Clearly this stranger had access to, or had stolen, an Imperial starchart. It really didn?t take much thought to determine that Jedgar?s ship wasn?t supposed to be here. It was unmarked vessel with a month old captured rebel transponder code. Obviously not Imperial.[/I]

Apparently the captain of the [I]Fixeus[/I] knew he?d outfoxed Jedgar, his ship was now descending through the atmosphere towards the planet?s surface. A glance at his targeting computer startled him. The other vessel, which had been casually edging away from the Star Destroyer, was nowhere to be seen. It too had apparently landed on the planet.

That left Jedgar alone with the Star Destroyer, which was rapidly making its way towards him. After a brief moment of confusion, Jedgar realized that he was still emitting a rebel transponder code. He scrambled to turn it off, but it was too late.

[B]Imperial Captain[/B]: ?Rebel craft [I]Idiot?s Array[/I], you are ordered to power down your shields and weapons and prepare to be boarded.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?There appears to be some mistake. This is Jedgar Nieta of the Phantom Legion, on an undercover mission from Lord Vader himself. I reques-?

[B]Imperial Captain[/B]: ?This is your last warning, power down and prepare to be boarded.?

The connection was abruptly closed, and the [I]Idiot?s Array[/I] shuddered as a tractor beam paralyzed it.

Jedgar wasn?t happy, he?d bet his hyperdrive that if he were a human they?d have checked his credentials before hassling him further. He had to make a quick escape, as most stormtroopers shot first and asked questions later.

Victory Class Star Destroyers, while not the latest capital ship, were still formidable opponents. Over nine hundred meters long, with ten quad laser turrets, forty double turbolaser batteries, eighty concussion missile launchers and ten tractor beam projectors; these ships were not to be attacked lightly.

After quickly appraising his options, he decided to use an old trick he?d used at the Imperial Academy. Matching each of his ten concussion missiles to one of the tractor beam projectors, he fired them. Two seconds and five salvos later, all ten of the tractor beam projectors belonging to the Star Destroyer were smoking ruins. The [I]Idiot?s Array[/I] dove for the planet?s atmosphere, followed by a hail of angry green lasers. Jedgar wove and dodged, attempting to avoid the lasers that rained down on his ship. Several hit his shields in rapid succession, fusing the generator coils and disabling the shield.

He slowed and turned the ship, preparing to land it in a cave on the side of a ravine. Lasers rained down all around his ship, melting rock and disintegrating vegetation. As he slowly and carefully used his repulsors to enter the cave, a quad laser slammed into his ship. Unfortunately for the gunner, who was shooting blind because of the clouds, his lasers weren?t powerful enough to breach the Skipray Blastboat?s heavy armor plating. Jedgar laughed, and edged farther into the cave. Then a turbolaser bolt impacted on the very back of his vessel, blowing a hole in his hull plating and impacting into his hyperdrive. Cursing, Jedgar pulled his ship completely into the cave and powered down.

This was just not his day. First half his team is killed, and then he?s attacked by his own brothers in arms around Ossus. Now his hyperdrive was in serious need of repairs, and he wouldn?t be able to leave the planet for several days.

Muttering a Bothan curse, he walked into the back of his ship and opened the wall panel to check the damage?[/color]
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Jodo had landed the [I]Fixeus[/I] in a small clearing at the edge of a minor forestry on the planets surface. He stood in the hatchway, staring down the boarding ramp into the soft, springy, damp ground below. He had watched the ship that he had identyfied as the [I]Idiot's Array[/I] land in a westerly direction, and it could not have been more than 2 miles away. He was pondering two things... firstly, why the Star Destroyer has not confronted him in some way, as their sensors surely would have picked him up. He was also contemplatingb whether he should go to try and find the landing site of this [I]Idiot's Array[/I], to find out it's owners agenda.

Jodo walked slowly down the landing ramp, sighing and looking about himself sceptically. Ossus looked even more dismal down on the surface than it did from orbit... and this feeling he had been experiencing didn't seem to want to give him direction anymore... now it was just a tingling in his gut. He raised a small cantine of water to his lips, and took a long gulp. Again, he took a long sigh, then turned and looked at his ship, musing if this was just a complete waste of time.

The lasers from the Star Destroyer had stopped firing, which meant that the [I]Idiot's Array[/I], which has been the ship's target, had either been destroyed, or had escaped the Star Destroyers clutches. Jodo decided it was in his interest to investigate the fate of the [I]Idiot's Array[/I], as the ship's owner seemed to have taken a degree of interest in him. Also, if the ship had been destroyed, there was the chance of salvaging the odd useful gadget. Either way, it was a start.

And so, Jodo headed into the depths of the forestry, keeping as weswardly as was possible, headin for the landing site of the [I]Idiot's Array[/I].
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[color=royal blue]Thrukh landed his ship in a small swampy clearing towards the north of Ossus' equator line. He opened the cockpit up to stand an stretch.

After he was done stretching, Thrukh opened a long compartment under one of the consoles. After putting in the access code for the compartments security, he removed his vibro-axe, 3 days worth of rations, a canteen of water, and a datapad with various edible plants, and animals, written in it from most of the known habitable planets in the galaxy.

He put the rations in a pack, threw it over his shoulder, gave the handle of his vibro-axe a slight squeeze, and started walking. His sensors had detected other ships coming in when he was entering the atmosphere. He looked up in the sky to see if he could spot the tell-tale signs of an entering ship, but instead he saw turbo laser fire. He gripped his axe more tightly, and started a slow jog towards where the laser fire was in the sky.

If a ship was blown up, or crash landed, he wanted to be their to get parts, or help the survivors. He would prefer a crashed ship over a non-crashed one though. He hated dealing with stupid merchants, or amatuer smugglers.

After about 10 minutes of jogging, Thrukh quickened his pace, not knowing why. He was feeling a prickling in the back of his mind, like something wanted to be remembered, but was blocked somehow. He growled in frustration, and started sprinting, knowing that the running would help calm him down.

Afteraround 2 minutes of that, Thrukh went and sat down under a tree, deciding to rest. He took a small sip from his canteen, gurgled it through-out his mouth, and spit it out. He then took a larger sip and swallowed it slowly.

Putting the cap back on his canteen, Thrukh started sniffing around some bushes. He smelt a slight fear, almost like a child. Parting the bushes with his vibro-axe, he found what looked like a small baby animal of a species not known to him. Shrugging, he started to jog on his way again.[/color]
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[size=1][color=royalblue]Tsuni piloted "Sprite" clase to the treetops of a large swamp, looking for a good spot to cover up and land the ship so that it would be difficult to find. He finally found a spot, a lot of tall grass and brush was in the area. He lowered the ship and landed it in the area, tall, dead trees were covered most of the top area, so it would be more difficult to be seen from a distance or from above. Before he headed into the atmosphere, a lot of ships had been popping up here and there and two even started shooting at one another, luckily, he hadn't been seen and was able to land without trouble.

Tsuni leaped out of the cockpit with a small brown pack attatched to his belt and his vibro-knife attatched to the leather strap that crossed against his chest. Tsuni had learned from experiance to always keep the weapon close to the chest, mainly when you might be selling stolen parts.
Tsuni marched around the small swamp area making sure that the ship was compltly hidden and then headed out to find whatever his vision from his gradmother had wanted him to find or do on this planet.

Tsuni started to walk North, not sure why he was heading North, but it seemed right to him for some reason, as if something was calling to him, yelling to him to go North. He trotted along for a few minuets before seeing tracks in the thick mud, maybe Ossus wasn't so desserted. [/color][/size]
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[font=trebuchet MS][color=#518CBD]OK guys thanks for all being patient enough for wait this long for the RPG and I'm really touched. Remember when I said that you would be visited by a relative Jedi it didn't have to be one that died in the Clone Wars but that's my own screw up and it makes no real differences.

Another problem is that everyone seems to know where Ossus is, if I'm not mistaken [eyes Boba uneasily] Ossus has been lost since it's destruction at the hands of the Sith. Ergo if this is right then nobody would know the location of the planet. You've been drawn to the planet but you don't know where or why, it's like when Odo was drawn to the Omarian Nebula in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Other than that I have no major problems with the stuff that's written so far but would agree with Shikaku when I say that stuff needs to have correct spelling, grammer, punctuation and needs to be at least 25 lines long which in reality is nothing and even longer posts would be much appreciated.

And if you read my post I will mention but not name the worlds of Ossus and Ruusan


[i]Van sat lying in his bunk for the better part of an hour since he had come back from his hike up the cliffs, his mind was still filled with too many questions from his "visit" from that apparition or whatever it was. He had heard stories about the Jedi, wielders of the Force like Emperor Palpatine and Lords Vader and Revenant, he had heard stories about how they had protected the weak, ineffective, corrupt Old Republic. Van had heard stories about how the Planet Naboo had suffered becuase of the inability of the Republic to act, then the Separatists formed under the Ex-Jedi Syfo Dias or as most called him Count Dooku.

Again the Republic failed to act in time to crush that fledgling movement from becoming large enough to threaten civil war on the entire galaxy. He remembered who Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was granted emergency powers to deal with the situation becuase of the inabiilty for the Old Republic's Senators to do their job. After the Clone Wars between the two factions the Emperor had formed the Empire with himself as it's leader and finally cleared away the remnants of the Old Republics and gave order to the galaxy.

Van smiled as he thought of all the indecision, all the inability, all the corruption that had been wiped clean with the Emperors ascension. He thought then off the wiping out of the Jedi, he had never heard the reason for their destruction, he assumed that they had challanged the Empire and lost and that their Order had deminished to extinction. He found it odd that an Order of seemingly benevolent protectors, which is how they had once been described had challanged the Empire for it's power. He felt his eyelids close over and he slipped into a dream unlike any he had ever had in his entire life......

He found himself on an unfamiliar world covered in ruins, it was barren, it's red, coppery colored soil indicated a high mineral content. He looked around in amazement as he dared to take his first step forward, it was unlike any planet he had ever read about in his history journals or had ever heard about from archaic library droids. The grounds was dusty beneath his feet as he became more bold and strode forward, he ran his hands along the walls of a cliff which he had entered, he became bolder still as he saw the ending of the cliffs and decided to see where it led. He felt a very odd feeling, more of a sense as he entered the area it was almost exactly like when he had met that Jerath man.

He saw statues surrouding him, they were of Jedi, he knew that becuase of the way the were clothed and the lightsabers that some of them held by their faces. He saw a small hill about 20 meters ahead of him with a light flowing from it, it too was unlike anything he had ever even heard of, he began to walk towards it half out of curiousity half out of some form of familirity. As he reach it he noticed that it was flowing from what looked like an eruption point in the ground, it was then that he felt the hand on his shoulder, he turned and was once again confronted by his great grandfather Jedi Master Jareth Ambrose[/i]

[b]Jareth:[/b] You are just dreaming my son, yet what you seen here is no dream, you are on the site of what was the greatest battles ever between the Jedi and the Sith. The Force energy that flows from here is the strongest in the galaxy because of all those who fell on the battle here. Their collective energies have fueled this well which we call [b]The Valley of the Jedi[/b]. Although you see this world in a dream it is most real and you will some day come here in the waking world, but such as thing will not occur for a long, long time. You have felt drawm somewhere have you not, a feeling that you are in the wrong place and that you need to be somewhere else entirely.

[b]Van:[/b] Yes...it is...I have never felt anything like it before....something strange....and yet altogether familiar.... it is very much like what I feel when I meet you. What is this feeling, this sense that plagues me ?

[b]Jareth:[/b] It is the Force within you that calls you to your destiny, Van you are the last of our family line that bears the Force within your soul. You are being called to the ancient homeworld of the Jedi Order, our lost world. It is a world much like this one, another great battlefield, but this one was once home to the entire Jedi Order before it's destruction at the hands of the Sith. You will know where this planet lies when you accept your destiny and that is something that you alone can do.

[b]Van:[/b] [i]In a final acceptance that this man is his great grandfather[/i] Grandfather...the Jedi...do I have the making of one ?

[b]Jareth:[/b] You would not feel this pull otherwise my son, now go, wake and grasp your destiny with both hands and never let go. You will face great tests if character, feel loss worse than anything you've ever known and know victory greater than any ever recorded.

[i]Van's eyes opened as he stared at the light coming in the windows of his quarters, he glanced down at the clock near him and saw that it was a little before he was due to attend the Commander's Office for a briefing on his next mission.The dream was fresh in his mind and he knew that it would not leave him, Van rarely dreamt but when he did it he could recall every detail from it. He sat off his bunk and walked to the sonic shower, he felt the sweat from the hike and the dream still covering his body as he stripped off and allowed the shower to cleanse his body.

He stepped out and dried himself, pulling on his boots and uniform he stood ready in the mirror before setting of the the Commander's Office to await the meeting. But in the back of his mind he knew what he was going to be told, he knew that he would be promoted and reassigned from Cardia to the Emperors Personal Staff on Corsucant, and it would be there where he would be tempted with the Dark Side.

For the first time in his entire life he shivered at the thought of the Emperor, he had always grown up seeing pictures of him and had always seen him as a figure of order and balance, but now he felt just a chill of fear run down his spine. He stode down the halls of the pristine, white, sterile walls of the barracks and waited outside the Commander's Office wondering whether or not his destiny awaited him on Cardia or on Coruscant....[/i][/font][/color]
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[color=royal blue]Thrukh had no idea how he had found Ossus...je just punched in co-ordinates on his ships navi computer, and poof! He was here now though, that is all that mattered to him.

With a deep sigh, and a long intake of air, he started walking again. Hearing the wildlife that seemed to thrive on the planet gave him a sense of ease, almost a reassurance. He stopped once to look at a grouping of pink and gold flowers. With a slight smile and a nod of his head, Thrukh continued his trek through the wilderness.

After about an hour more of walking, Thrukh stopped abrutly. Sniffing the air, he smelt carbon burning...like that of a used blaster, or scoring on a ship from crashing entry into an atmosphere. He crouched down low to the ground, and sniffed deeply, waiting for his brain to process out the native smells.

Yes, a ship, or someone with a happy trigger finger, was here recently. For some reason, he felt compelled to not follow the scent. On any other occasion, he would have followed it, not caring if it was some street punk, or a burnt out old frigate. But this time, on a place he didn't know...there was no way he was going to fight whatever had passed through here. For all he knew, it could be the mating scent of some huge carnivore.

With a low growl, Thrukh started to jog in a northernly direction, stopping every few minutes to scent things out, and get his bearings. He continued to travel for another 2 hours, deciding to try to find some shelter, or a piece of ruin, or something he could use to make a roof to stop any rain that might come.

Not seeing anything close by, he set down his pack, and moved to a copse of trees nearby. He started searching for young trees, saplings, to cut down to splay across upper branches. He was in the middle of the copse of trees, when he smelt someone close by...very close in fact.

He whirled around quickly, and saw a flash of movement. He thought he saw an Imperial uniform, that of a pilot if he wasn't mistaken, but he couldn't be sure. He strapped his vibro-axe to his person, and jumped up and grabbed a branch, climbing into a tree to wait to see what the person would do.

[B]OOC:[/B] I didn't want to have my character, and someone else's meet. I don't know what people have in their mind about what they want their character to do, or how some of them would act in a "slightly hostile" situation.[/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][I]"Well then,"[/I] he thought happily, [I]"I may finally be getting something from nothing"[/I]. He smirked a bit and set a course for the planet shaped blip on the scanner and hoping against hope he was nearing his final destination.
[CENTER]-------------------------[/CENTER]It had been several hours since Tau had got the blip on the screen and, hoping that it was Ossus, had changed course and headed for it, now he'd wished he hadn't. When he'd landed he'd hoped to at least find some sign of life or a sign of anything, but it seemed that the planet was deserted but he had detected several other signals from ships that had seemed to have landed on the surface of the planet but he wasn't sure what kind of people would have landed, maybe people searching like he was or maybe Imperial Troopers, reguardless of who it was Tau was going against his usual character by staying away from the other landing sites while he checked out the planet from his ship. After a though check of the nearby area he decided it would be alright to check out the planet and see if he'd found what he'd been searching for at last.

He went to the back of the ship to pick up his blaster and some things to take out with him, he wasn't expecting anything hostile to happen but you can never be to careful. As he stept outside he felt as if he had been in this place before, maybe in a dream or something like that be he could feel some kind of connection to the place, he couldn't explain it, [I]"This just keeps getting stranger and stranger as a go"[/I], he though to him self as he went through the forested area that was close to his landing site. He'd taken his hand-held scanner with him for the trek to make sure he didn't run into anyone and it was picking up some faintlife signs in several different locations but they were to far away to case any real problems to the Chiss youth but he couldn't shake the feeling of being familier with the planet and his surroundings.

Every now and then he'd think that he'd heard something a quickly wield round with his blaster drawn to check what was there, but as usual there was nothing, nothing but the feeling he had for the planet, however distant it felt. Buthe got an idea that he was being drawn to somewhere on the planet, much like he was drawn to the planet it's self, but this time it felt more urgant and so his pace quickened and he headed in the direction that felt best.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=blue]Orien piloted his X-Wing through the growing dogfight with desperation. His base had been ambushed by an Imperial Star Destroyer, and they were being wiped out. He had destroyed several TIE fighters, but more just kept coming. He listened to a scream as one of his comrades was destroyed as he twirled out of the way of an oncoming TIE fighter, and destroyed it. His HUD was almost constantly glowing green and giving him a lock tone. There were TIEs everywhere!

He had to get away, had to find help...He typed in the coordinates of another rebel outpost and initiated the jump.

Hyperspace. He watched as the lines flew past, and decided he was going to take a nap. He felt exhausted.
"Arc," he said to his artoo unit, "Wake me up when we get there."
Arc beeped an affirmitave, and soon he was in a deep sleep.

He found himself in a room of white, stretching for as far as the eye could see. He was alone. He suddenly turned to see a young man, dressed in an old-style fighter pilot's uniform.
"Who are you?" he asked.

"Orien, I am your grandfather, Vinc Jaxxson. I was a fighter pilot, and a Jedi knight. You are needed, Orien. You need to go to Ossus and train to become a Jedi Knight, like I was."

"Me? A Jedi Knight? Wow...How am I supposed to find Ossus?"

"The Force will guide you, Orien...Trust yourself."

Suddenly, everything started to fade. Orien awoke to the beeping of Arc. He had reached his destination. He couldn't find any evidence of a base.
"Intel musta been wrong..." he muttered, "Oh well...Look's like I'm going to have to find this Ossus place..."[/color]
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[COLOR=green]OOC: The planet of Ossus is, although obscure, is most likely found on both Imperial and civilian starcharts at the present time. None of the material I have read or found seems to suggest the planet?s location or memory becoming lost; although there is none that mention it. I base my assumption that it is indeed found on starcharts of the period on the comic book series [B]Dark Empire[/B]. In this series, both the Rebel Alliance and the Forces of the Reborn Empire know of and have coordinates/hyperspace jump paths for Ossus. However, since no specific mention is found in the canon, feel free to take dramatic license within reason.

[CENTER]--- --- --- --- --- ---[/CENTER]

[I]Jedgar emerged from the cave just in time to catch a glimpse of a gray blur moving up a tree. As he watched, the creature came to a stop about ten meters up, and looked straight down at him. He remembered seeing this creature before somewhere? Then its name came to him. It was a Noghri, one of Darth Vader?s private assassins. He had only seen them before once, when awaiting an audience with lord Vader. A blue skinned being, dressed in the uniform of a Grand Admiral, had left Lord Vader?s chambers accompanied by several of these beings. They were rumored to have powerful senses of smell, and be fierce and dedicated warriors.[/I]

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?What would one of the Empire?s Noghri assassins be doing out here, all alone in the wilderness of Ossus. Without his team, no less.?

[B]Unknown Noghri[/B]: ?S-speak for yourself. I smell your uncertainty.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Your species legendary sense of smell serves you well, however you haven?t answered my question.?

[B]Unknown Noghri[/B]: ?I felt called here. That is none of your concern however, Bothan.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Call me Jedgar. Interestingly enough, it was luck, or what some might call fate, that brought me here via a random hyperspace jump.?

[B]Unknown Noghri[/B]: ?I am Thrukh of the clan [You haven?t mentioned a clan yet, feel free to add one at your leisure].?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Now that we?re acquainted, would you mind assisting me with my vessel? My hyperdrive is in need of repairs.?

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?It was you who was being fired upon??

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Unfortunately. The captain of that Star Destroyer decided to shoot first and ask questions later, so I was forced to fire upon my allies. Would you help me, as a fellow servant of the Emperor??

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?I no longer serve him.?

[I]Jedgar?s grip on his weapon tightened. He was reasonably sure he could take the Noghri, as his weapon had much longer reach. Then again, he wasn?t eager to risk it.[/I]

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?However, if you could provide me with something in return??

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?We can settle that later. First, let?s have a look at that hyperdrive.?

[I]The two temporary allies walked together into the cave and climbed up onto the large engine of the [I]Idiot?s Array[/I] to inspect the damage?[/I][/COLOR]
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[I] Spice.[/I]

"I?ve never seen so much since the Maraxian Fighting arena on Drall." Said one Jax Masteel of Selonia, his fur shivered with excitement. He turned to his counselor, business representative, and of course the several heavily armed guards stationed around the room. "You see now? You see how empires are born?"

"Circuit one, red circuit"

"Someday we shall own the four hyperspace lanes through the sector! Corporate athourities be damned! We?ll own our little chunk of the universe. With the credits from this next shipment we?ll HAVE to be recognized for our congomatory power!" Jax danced around the plasteel barrels occupying the center of the room. A skull adorned the side of the barrel, emblazened in crimson.

Jabba?s sign.

"Circuit 4, electrics.. ex-9.. open"

The selonian bent down, letting his finger caress the crystal spice, raw. A small amount collected in his finger, glittering under the red-light necessary so the spice is not spoiled under white light. One hit, two? The selonian?s eyes dilated with the spice rush. Blood shooting into the tiny slits of white to the side, giving his gaze a boiled-over look. His muscles spasmed with the rush. "This is the stuff of kings."


Suddenly the scene went dark, the echo of Jax?s drug-induced laughter was complimented by the alarmed whispers and shuffling footsteps of the guards. A laser rang out, it?s red bolt cutting the darkness in the room and cascading to the floor with a spark. This was quickly followed by a *hurk* noise and the sound of a dropping body. More sounds, like meat being ground for the butcher, a sickening pop, a crack, a thud. The councilor let out a wail of fear and ran into the barrels of spice, spilling one of them on the ground. He slid over the crystals like sand before falling with a crack. Jax stood there, alarmed at the sight, "Get the lights on! What?s going on? Stang!", he cursed through the stupor that was overtaking him


The room was filled with the bright florescence of white-light. Immediately the spice began to react, hissing and popping before taking on a dark, useless hue. "Your ruining it ! This is worth more than..", Jax?s outburst was cut short by the open hand of Boba Fett curling around his neck. He choked bitterly, writhing under the man?s grip.

"You think this is what builds empires? Getting the haggards of the spacelines addicted to your specific brand of spice? I didn?t ruin a thing, this was over to begin with," The Mandalorian helmet churned out the bitter words, "If I could I?d have you dead, your scum just destroys what is built. There?s no honor in this. Nothing."

Boba?s free hand brought up a sleek looking pistol, it?s chamber switched with a click that broke the sudden silence that parylized Jax. The selonian?s blooshot eyes widened and he barred his teeth, "Your going to kill me?"

*Schlick* A tiny dart found home in the selonian?s collar, sending Jax limp in Boba Fett?s arm.

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[COLOR=green]Several hours later, Jedgar and Thruhk were busily at work on Jedgar?s damaged hyperdrive. The damage from the turbolaser blast was fairly concentrated, focused on the left side of the hyperdrive core. Jedgar didn?t have enough space in his vessel to carry an extensive store of spare parts, and just had basic materials and all purpose components. He was pretty sure that once they removed the charred and unsalvageable components, along with a small quantity of melted metal slag, the drive could be repaired without too much difficulty. He?d need to obtain a new one as soon as possible, but he?d get a few dozen jumps out of the jury rigged unit he was constructing.

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?Can you hand me that Hydrospanner, the medium one??

[I]Jedgar rummaged inside his toolbox and withdrew a worn and slightly greasy hydrospanner. He tossed the tool to Thruhk, who caught it deftly.[/I]

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?Thanks?

As Thruhk continued to remove the damaged and destroyed pieces, Jedgar began moving the part they?d need from the storage crates to their workspace at the mouth of the cave. There, Jedgar began to assemble and program the needed parts.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Have you seen any others on the planet? I noticed several other vessels in orbit, along with ionization trails indicating atmospheric entry. Unfortunately, I lost track of them during my flight from the Star Destroyer.?

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?I also noticed small craft in the vicinity, but have thus far not seen anyone besides you on this world.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Odd, for such an uninhabited and restricted world such as this to receive so much activity in a single day.?

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?Perhaps fate has something in store for us, as we were both brought here by less than ordinary circumstances.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Perhaps??

After another half hour of work, Jedgar prepared another stormtrooper ration and sat down with Thruhk for a quick lunch. They idly discussed their plans for the hyperdrive and the best way to accomplish the task at hand, while consuming their less than appetizing rations.

[I]Thruhk tackled Jedgar, sending both of them falling to the ground, hard. An arrow whistled through the air where Jedgar had just been sitting, bouncing off the armor plating that sheathed the Idiot?s Array[/I].

Raising his head slightly as he rolled left to take cover behind a rock, Jedgar could see several humans dressed in a motley assortment of ancient armor. They all were armed with powered crossbows, and wearing lightsabers.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Are they Jedi? Those evil warriors from the holo-dramas that the Empire freed the galaxy of??

[I]Several more arrows flew through the air, snapping as they impacted against rocks and the side of the cave.[/I]

[B]Thruhk[/B]: ?No, they couldn?t be. If they were, wouldn?t they be using the lightsabers??

[I]Their conversation was cut short by the sound of blaster fire. Several of the mysterious warriors fell to the ground, their armor rendered useless against energy weapons. Thruhk and Jedgar emerged from their cover and, taking advantage of their quarry?s distraction, quickly dispatched the rest.[/I]

Then both of the warriors looked towards the source of the blaster fire, in search of their mysterious savior?[/COLOR]
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Jodo emerged from the cover of the forrestry, his DC-15 blaster pointing, un-wavering in the direction of the two he had just helped.

[B]Jodo:[/B] Okay, which one of you wants to explain why you were chased down onto the planet by a Destroyer, when one of you is wearing an Imperial Uniform?

Neither of the two creatures so much a moved. Jodo waited only a short time, then raised his blaster to the eye level of the Noghri.

[B]Jodo:[/B] Lets not give me any of that non-basic crap. If you are imperials, then you certainly will know how to speak basic, or you wouldn't have lasted a week in their ranks. Especially you [I][Pointing at the Noghri][/I]. Imperial Noghri's are famous for being under direct command of Vader.

[B]Noghri:[/B] I am no Imperial... my name is Thruhk.

[B]Jodo:[/B] Then what about you, Bothan?

[B]Bothan:[/B] I work under Imperial Command... and I was fired upon because I was flying in restricted space. As you well know, Mr Secura.

The edge of Jodo's lip curled up in a grin. This obviously was the pilot of the ship that had hailed him.

[B]Jodo:[/B] I take it your ship got a bit beaten up...

[B]Jedgar:[/B] You could say that... why do you want to know?

[B]Jodo:[/B] What's wrong with it?

[B]Thruhk:[/B] Damaged hyperdrive.

[B]Jedgar:[/B] We are trying to fix it, but our supplies are somewhat limited.

[B]Jodo:[/B] I have quite a few ship parts that I keep as spares. They won't be top of the line, but they work. You could have them... for a price.

[B]Jedgar:[/B] Could we possibly work out a payment later, I am eager to get my ship repaired as soon as possible.

Jedgar took a step forward, but Jodo raised his blaster, pointing directly between Jedgar's eyes.

[B]Jodo:[/B] No thanks, I know how you Imperial's work. Payment first, then parts.

[B]Jedgar:[/B] Look. It's not as if I'm going anywhere. Firstly, there's a Victory Class Star Destroyer waiting for me in orbit, that will tears me to pieces as soon as they get me on their sensors. Also, you should know that when a Bothan gives his word, he keeps to it.

Jodo shook his head, grin returning to his otherwise blank face.

[B]Jodo:[/B] Not the Bothan's I've worked with.
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[font=trebuchet MS][color=#518CBD][I]Van sat looking at the Commanders desk as he was led in the door, it was a rare wood from another planet and had been buffed and polished to a shine. On it were a lot of datapads, other assorted communications equipment and a standard issue Imperial Blaster. Van looked up and finally made eye contact with the Commander, his eyes were a cold, yet fierce and powerful, his steel grey hair was kept impeccably trimmed and sat on his head without a hair out of place. The Commander motioned for Van to sit in the seat provided for him and offered him a drink from a side table near him, Van sat but politely declined the offer for a drink and awaited the Commander's reason for calling him...[/I]

[b]Commander:[/b] Lieutenant Ambrose, I have been looking through your personal file as well as your current progress records here on Cardia and I must say that I am impressed by your skills as a pilot for the Stellar Navy. Your skills are such that I have decided to transfer you to another Imperial Facility....

[I]Van's mind linked back to his dream with Jareth and how he said that he would soon leave Cardia and be moved to the Emperor's personal service on Coruscant, the Commander was about to tell him where he was going but Van already knew.[/I]

[b]Commander:[/b] Your skills are such that you have been requested for the personal staff of the Emperor himself on Coruscant, there is a shuttle to take you there and you leave immediately. May I be the first to congratulate you on your success, I of course intent to contact your father aboard the Tiberius and tell him of this success...

[I]Van's mind was once again nowhere near where it should have been...everything he had ever believed in had just crumpled up like a piece of paper....he knew that he was going to Coruscant and he would be in the Emperor's personal staff....unless something were to interfere with that...[/I]

[b]Van:[/b] Ahh...I really don't know what to say except thank you Commander, I have always hoped that I would someday serve my Emperor except I never dreamed it would come so soon. If you don't mind I will take my leave to prepare my belongings for my trip....Thank you again Commander..

[I]The Commander smiled and waved his hand allowing the young Lieutenant to leave and prepare himself for the trip. Van quickly saluted and with equal speed or perhaps haste turned on his heels and walked out of the Commander's office and headed towards his barracks to pack his things in preparation for his leaving. He pulled off his old flight uniform and decided to take a shower before putting on a clean one, after these two jobs were done he began to pack all his different positions in his pack. He hadn't brought much to Cardia but there were a few things like some datapads, some clothing and his blaster, he ducked out of the barracks and headed towards the Lambda Class shuttle that was waiting in the courtyard to take him to Coruscant.

There was a middle aged Imperial Captain standing on the loading platform who stared at Van as he made his ascent up to him. He asked Van his name and for the transfer papers he has received from the Commander and then he allowed Van to pass. Van saw that this was troop carrier version of the Shuttle and therein sat about 7 or 8 persons ranging from people a few years older than him to of a good number of years older than him. After several minutes of preparations for flight, the ship's engines took them into orbit and then jumped to hyperspace, it was a short time after this that the alarm klaxons sounded and Van knew that there was a problem and then an explosion rocked the ship.

After several seconds of disorientation Van found himself maybe the only living occupant of the ship and that the resulting short-outs had fried the navigational computer as well as the Holonet and communications equipment caused by the engine explosion. He saw that they were back in normal space. Van peered around the cockpit for any signs up life until his leg was gripped by the pilot who spoke in a hoarse voice with blood flowing from his lips...[/I]

[b]Naval Pilot:[/b] Solar Sailor...in the cargo bay....Solar...Sailor......

[I]Van knew that the core had probably breached and that he may only have minutes before it exploded and that he'd have to get to that ship.......He moved quickly and entered the cargo bay where a single Geonosian Solar Sailor sat on it's struts, he ran forward and checked the power cells to check how far they had been depleted....What luck he thought, it was fully powered and ready for launch, but such a thing was questionable unless the ship had been rigged to explode..... Too many possibilities ran through Van's mind and he wished he could clear them, he entered the cockpit and fired up the engines.....

He looked around for a mechanism that would allow him to open back the doors of the shuttle, after a moment of searching he activated the door control and the ship rose off it's struts as Van powered up the engines. He was maybe a good two hundred meters away from the Shuttle before it exploded. Van lay back and closed his eyes and wondered what he could do, all he had left now was this ship and the clothes on his back, he turned to navigational control and went to punch in the co-ordinates of a near Imperial Base when he felt compelled to enter a different set.... The ship hit Hyperspace again and Van sat back and attempted to get some sleep...

Van awoke to the sound of alarm on the Sailor and a Victory Class Star Destroyer on his stern. He pulled up the flight controls and set the ship towards the planet....Another set of shots flew passed the ship and he set for a low descent, he knew that if he could get low enough the Star Destroyer mightn't hit him but all the same he mightn't be able to pull up.....He had already reached the upper atmosphere and found the planet to be marshy ball of land and water, as he got closer he began to observe signs of recent fire.....

He began to pull up and to allow his ship to land but there was a problem with the landing struts, he cursed under his breath and tried to slow his descent before he hit the ground..... he saw that he was less than a mile off ground before he began to slow.... he felt dizzy from all the rocking.... and then the ship him the ground sliding.....[/i][/color][/font]
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