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Another Witty, Outlandish Banner!

Dragon Warrior

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Haha. Now, I am Australian, so I can confirm exactly how vicious and devious these supposedly 'cute' creatures are.

They're like... like the Australian mafia. Very funny banner- I love it. Especially at the bottom... 'A Dragon Warrior Banner'.

Just one thing to improve on- now I know this banner isn't supposed to look really good, but at the bottom of the koala picture, the line isn't exactly straight or something- there is a black part going in under it. Fix that, and I'll be happy. XD

Aesthetics: 8/10 [Humour]
Technical: 3.5/10
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Baron, you're from Australia? Do you have the accent? :love: Gotta love a good aussie accent.

Funny banner. Made me smile despite my computer screen dazed state, which is a harder feat than one may realize. If I'm in front of a computer long enough, Gackt could run naked in front of me and I wouldn't notice. Well, maybe...
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[color=blue][size=1]KOALA!!!!! I TOLD everyone they were evil. Nobody listened... KILL THEM ALL KOALA!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...haha...ha..... *stares at wall*

Oops, sorry 'bout that. It's just, nobody listens to me when I predict the doom and end of Earth by creatures that seem harmless. *sighs* Anywayz, I like this banner and it's bannernez. Very coolie. *does a happy dance*

The only improvement I can think of is if you add Moe from DC. That would be awesome.... *drools while thinking about Moe* Uh... um.... Cookie?

Koala Banner: 10/10

Very nice. Meh.

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