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.hack//venture to the twilight

Guest Daisuke

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Guest Daisuke
8 years ago... The outlaw player Kite started to play "THE WORLD." The largest online with over 200,000,00 players worldwide. Kite went into the game to meet his friend Yasuhiko(Orca). Thats when it all began. After finishing the dungeon and returning to last room they were in, Orca and Kite were face to face with a vargant AI. The AI also known as Aura gave Orca the legendary book of the twilight. Then it happened a monster named Skeith phase 1 used Data Drain on Orca. Data Drain was a misterious power that destroyed Orca. With the help of the legendary hacker Helba Kite escaped and recieved the book of the twilight. He returned to the real world only to find that Yasuhiko was in the hospital... in a coma. These are Kite's exact words: "BUt what the Hell happened... I know that the answer lie's somewhere in "The WORLD"." Then when he oppened the book he recieved The legendary bracelet along with the power to rearange the Data of monsters, The power known as... Data Drain. Along wit all the friends he met they eventually destroyed all 8 phases and unlocked the mystery. All 6 of the coma victims recovered and Kite and the rest of the DOT HACKERS were banned from "THE WORLD". Now anew player named Daisuke begins playing the world and is chosen.

Loging into "THE WORLD": (Fill in)

User Name:

player class: (Blademaster: one handed sword, Heavy Blade: Two handed blade, Wavemaster: A magician, Heavy Axe: uses Axes(Highly unrecomended, bad character designs), twin blades: Two short daggers, Long Arm: Long Spears, Werewolf: Fist to fist, can transform into a wolf.)

Player type: (Newbie(level1-30),rookie(30-50), intermidiate(50-70), Legendary(70-100)) No one can go past rookie yet, please.

Level: (1-30) for now

Looks: (write it completely)(You can put a picture if you want)

Weapon name:

Weapon level: (Weapons have a level, Do not level up)

Weapon skills: (You get skills by the weapon you have, not by leveling up.)

Logging in:

User name: Daisuke

Player class: Heavy blade

Player Type: Newbie

level: 1

looks: 5 feet tall, Redish hair, Male, Goggles, Red Jacket, blue shirt, ligt blue pants, Brown boots, red gloves, and Red eyes.

Weapon name: long sword

Weapon level: 1

Weapon skills: Flame dance.
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[color=purple]I'm going to try this even though I'm not too fimilar with .hack. I do own the first game, but that's about it.

Logging in:

User name: Joy

Player class: Blademaster

Player Type: Newbie

Level: 1

Looks: Joy has pink hair that comes to the bottom of her ears, purple eyes, and she's about 5 foot 5. She wears a pink tube top with puple bands going down her arms that form into fingerless gloves, pink pant with purple trimings and holes going down the sides, and a pink tierra(sp?) with a puple heart shaped jewel in the middle of it. She has a purple cloke as well.

Weapon name: Newb Blade

Weapon level: 1

Weapon skills: Newb Slice

Thanks Daisuke ;)[/color]
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[color=blue][size=1]Okay, I'm not the best at .hack RP's, but I'll give it my best shot.

[i]Logging in:[/i]

Name: Kitty

Player Class: Blademaster

Player Type: Newbie

Level: 10 (I've been here longer than Daisuke)

Looks: Kitty has long blue hair that comes down to her knees in a braid, she's 5' 7", she has bright green eyes, and cat ears and tail with silver fur (like Mia's except a different color). She wears a light blue belly shirt with funky patterns on it, black shorts and black sandals. She wears grey chains around her neck and on her wrists.

Weapon Name: Dragon Blade

Weapon Level: 1

Weapon Skill: Dragon Dance

Hope that's okay. Oh, and if you want my level lower, let me know, 'kay? Thanks.[/color][/size]
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Where in the world did you get wherewolf from?! Another upgrade, or what?

User Name: Rikan

player class: Long arm

Player type: Newbie

Level: 14

Looks: [img]http://www.uff9.net/ff10/images/image009.jpg[/img]

Weapon name: 7th Spear

Weapon level: 2

Weapon skills: Spinning Darkness

Tell me if anything's wrong.
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User Name: Scissor

player class: Heavyblade

Player type: Newbie

Level: 13

Looks: long silver hair tied into a ponytail, dark red eyes, and pale skin. Has parts of red armor on his left shoulder, legs, and right arm while everything else is all black, which is his shirt, pants, boots, and gauntlets.

Weapon name: Flamberge

Weapon level: 3

Weapon skills: Calamity
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Loging in:

User Name: Tenshi Yami

Player class: Blademaster

Player type: Newbie

Level: 1

Looks: Short dark pink hair (it goes a little past her ears), with a dark blue dress that goes to her knees. She is pale and has thick silver braclets on both wrists. Her eyes are always covered by her bangs so you can't see the color of her eyes.

Weapon name: ??? (I don't know what to call it. pm with a suggestion)

Weapon level: 1

Weapon skills: ??? (no clue. pm me.)

I hope this is ok, except for the weapon names and stuff.
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User Name:Irvine
Player Class:Werewolf
Player Type:Newbie
Player Level:1
Looks:Shoulderlength blond hair, and sky blue eyes. Wears a brown shinlength trenchcoat, baggy jeans and a white shirt.
Weapon Name:Wolf Claws
Weapon Level:1
Weapon Skills:Lightning Claws
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[color=navy]Well, I'm not sure if you're still taking recruitments, but I'm signing up. I just beat the first .hack// game.

Loging into "THE WORLD":

User Name: Kayla

player class: Wavemaster

Player type: Rookie

Level: 30

Looks: Navy blue hat and dress thing that Wavemasters wear in the game. Medium brown hair, light brown eyes, neon green F shaped markings on cheeks, white cape.

Weapon name: Dark History(that's a real weapon from the game)

Weapon level: 14

Weapon skills: I'll have to edit this later, ok? I want to put the actual skills that the weapon gives you.[/color]
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