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RPG This or That (DBZ Style)

Guest Tec-9

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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by NanakiXIII [/i]
[B]Goku cuz he's stronger more challenging

mine is dumb kinda easy

Would you rather be SSJ4 or SSJ3? [/B][/QUOTE]

Id rather be ssj4 because ssj3's are uggly and have caveman eyebrows,lol.


Would you rather date erasa or lunch. for those of you who dont know erasa is the blonde girl that is always right beside sharpner, and lunch was the girl in dragonball who changed personallites every time she sneezed.
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Guest Voodookanaka
Not if puar went SSJ!!!!!!

anyway vegita coz he looks cooler.

With the DB would u wish for Immortality of Invulnerability??
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