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Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring


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Welcome, to an RPG of Vicky once more! Sorry for the delay, but I've been working lately, and I forgot what day it was! You guys should know how to post, atleast Three paragraphs, each of atleast four lines. But if you have a really good reason for just being a bit off, we'll let you off! I'm pretty much in a rush myself since I haven't had breakfast, I know... it's 3:00pm over here! Well, let's get the show on the road shall we?

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

[CENTER][U]People in and people that my only post here:[/U]

Vicky (Me) as Legolas
K.K.C. as Pippin
Boba Fett as Jedgar
Lynx as Garin the Grey
Dmitri_Dragoon as Boromir
Drix D?Zanth as Gimli
duorocks17 as Frodo
Braidless Baka as Merry
Jokopoko as Aragorn
Shikaku Kitoku as Samwise[/CENTER]

NOTE: All speech in another tongue, or another langue, should have:

/ to open and \ to close, since many people might not know how to read or understand it.

[SIZE=1]As you all know, we will start off where the Fellowship began, and maybe we can start with a bit of? arguing? I think you know what I mean. Anyway, don?t worry about not sticking to normal LoTR storyline; since we are re-writing it, it?s not going to be a problem. Remember, your character can say anything at anytime, and they can do what they want. But, I just want to kind of stick to the story, like going through the mines and things should be in this story. I really hope this goes well, and thanks to all those who signed-up! Have fun!

[B][I]The one Ring to rule them all. Created for Evil, it cannot do good. Create, and forged with cruelty and evil, the one Ring was passed down to a Hobbit, who seeked out to destroy the evil. But he cannot do it alone, and that?s what made, the Fellowship of the Ring.[/I]

Legolas jumped off his horse as he arrived in Rivendell. Many other people came too, on horses as well, many knowing about the Ring; the Ring that was forged to do only evil. Legolas was an Elf, who would rather let his actions talk for him. He was not a normal Elf, but a Wood Elf. Legolas stopped and looked up at the beautiful place. If any man saw this, his heart would sink at the sight of it.

The Elf walked around as if he knew the place like his home. Many other Elves had come to the Council of Elrond too, many. Legolas once again looked up. To think that this whole world would be turned into darkness if the Ring went back to its master. Just the thought of that made Legolas sad, but it did not show. Legolas began to walk around again, and someone caught his eye, Aragorn. Aragorn, son or Arathorn, Legolas knew it. Legolas smiled and began to walk off, as the meeting would start soon.

-Later On-

Legolas sat with the other Elves, flicking his eyes side to side at the others around. Garin the Grey? Legolas heard the name somewhere. A Hobbit also, and? Dwarves? Legolas looked to the side at Aragorn. He had his sword with him also. Everyone mumbled to each other, except Legolas who was busy looking around to see who he knew and who not. Most of the people he had heard of and knew.
?Legolas? Legolas??? An Elf said beside him. Legolas looked at him. He pointed forward, at the round Ring in the middle of the circle of people. He hadn?t noticed it there. Legolas nodded and continued to looked around.[/B]

The reason for my? not-so-long-as-you-would-think post, is so that you may continue and be creative if you wish, and have fun![/SIZE]
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[color=orangered]OOC: And so... it begins... O_o;;

Meriadoc Brandybuck wasn't exactly the most warriorlike of creatures. With a stout heart and a bottomless belly, he was a hobbit. And hobbits, usually, aren't renouned for having amazing adventures, or even remotely interesting lives. Eating, sleeping, and letting things grow. That's what hobbits did, and always will do as long as there is a single hobbit left in the Shire.
He, Sam, Frodo and Pippin, had ended up in Rivendell completely by accident. Or at least he and Pippin had. Merry suspected there might be more to Sam and Frodo's side of the story. But they had needed a way to Bree, and he and Pip had helped. Then being swept along on the journey thusfar.
And that is how they'd ended up in Rivendell. And now there was a secret meeting being held which nobody deemed them allowed to attend. Sam was furious.
"How can they be [i]thinkin'[/i] of lettin' Mr. Frodo out of my [i]sight[/i]?" Sam was stomping around and being furious, as he always had been since Merry had met him. "They tell me to protect him, and then make me stay here!"
"It's not like they're going to kill him in secret Sam, calm down." Merry regretted the words as soon as they'd left his mouth, as Sam paled a few shades and kept on stomping, unable it seemed to sit.
Pippin, however, seemed only curious, oddly content to watch Sam stamp about. "What's this all about anyway?"
"Well, it's about the Ring isn't it?!"
Merry looked up at that point from the wall against which he was sat. "The Ring? What about it?"
"I can't tell you..."
Merry rolled his eyes. "Alright, alright." Then he paused. "I wonder how long this is going to take anyways..."
"Yes," agreed Pip, sitting beside Merry as they watched Sam continue to pace. "I'm bored already. And hungry..."
"Pip... you're always bored... and hungry..."
With a sigh, Pippin nodded. "I know..."

OOC: Apologies to KKC and Shikaku if I portrayed the characters wrong (or differently to how you wanted), I just wanted to start the "excluded" hobbits off ^_^;;[/color]
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[size=1]OOC: No way! That was great Braidless Baka! Sounded perfect to me (I think you put a bit of Sean Astin in there as well, lol)

IC [color=green]Pippin turned back around and decided to see what exactily the council would be talking about, if Sam wouldn't tell, then he would find out himself. He could sort of tell what they were saying, but not all of it because Pippin didn't have to listen to anything he didn't want to hear. From what he could tell thus far, the ring was supposed to be a great evil that could destroy all of Middle earth.

"What have they said?" Merry asked Pippin, nudging him slightly in the ribs.
Pippin sat down so that the large stone pillar completely covered him. He looked around, hoping to see something to eat.
"Nuttin' much.. Just somethin' bout' the ring destroying all of the world..." Pippin made a deep sigh and turned around, his back now facing the pillar. He closed his eyes and pulled out his pipe and placed it in his mouth, letting it hang in an odd position.
Sam rolled his eyes and stopped, stomping the ground with his large, hairy foot.

"I'm goin' to get a better look and hear of this meeting." He then stalked off and started to head to the opposite side of the meeting. Pippin and Pippin just shrugged.

"Pippin, you know there is nuttin' in that pipe?" Merry asked as he looked into Pippin's pipe, that was still dangling out of his mouth.

Pippin sucked in air through the pipe and sighed again. "What I wouldn't do for some old Toby..." [/size][/color]
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[COLOR=green][I]Jedgar stood in the shadows of a large tree, barely ten meters from the Hobbits. Hobbits, while not great warriors, amused him greatly. Their small stature hid a wealth of humor and cooking knowledge rivaled nowhere else on Middle Earth. What he wouldn't give to retire in the Shire someday?[/I]

He stepped out of the shadows, making both of the Hobbits jump.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "Catch."

He tossed a small bag of tobacco to the one who'd been smoking the empty pipe.

[B]Pippin[/B]: "Thanks, Mr?"

[B]Jedgar[/B]: "Jedgar Nieta, but just call me Jedgar."

[B]Merry[/B]: "Where'd you get this stuff, it's great!"

Pippin looks down and realizes that Merry has snatched the pouch.

[B]Pippin[/B]: "Hey, that's min-"

[B]Merry[/B]: "I must be going now, thank you sir!"

Merry runs off with Pippin in hot pursuit, waving his pipe in anger.

[I]Jedgar, now chuckling, walks off towards the circular meeting area where he will soon have to make what would possibly be the most important decision of his life. What to do with the ordinary looking ring he'd heard so much about?[/I][/COLOR]
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Frodo sat next to Gandalf, at the Council. A council, he had never seen so many different races at one event in his life. This would diffantly rival anything Uncle Bilbo had told him.
He was aware of almost everyone's eyes where on him. He felt so small and insignificant. "Why did this have to happen to me?" he asked himself. And yet there was a yearning in his heart saying, "Look at yourself Frodo. You're having an adventure! One that will completely blow Uncle Bilbo's out of the Shire!" He couldn't help but slightly laugh at the thought of him telling Uncle Bilbo his story. It had always been the other way around.

There was some angry yells around him, and Frodo looked up. He saw Strider looking right at him. The elves and the drawfs where fighting. A man on the end was yelling at the elf. Frodo felt a hand touch his shoulder. It was Gandalf, and it made Frodo feel less tense.

Frodo couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen next, and where Sam, and his cousins where.
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ooc: Garin, not Gandalf.

Gimli sat most uncomfortably at the council. [i] Elves[/i] were probably the least desirable company for a Dwarf of Gimli's demeanour. He sat next to Dain Ironfoot and his father, Gloin of Erebor.

/"Those pointys are eyeing you, "\ Dain whispered to Gimli in Khuzdul, their native language.

/"Aye, Thranduil's in that group , see him next to that blond one?, " \Gloin piped in, stroking his beard.

/"He's not so bad, but the blond stares at us with contempt, " \Gimli retorted/, "He must be one of those.. Lorien elves. I hear they are all evil sorcerers bent on the most flagrant witchcraft!"\

Gloin nodded, /"Must be careful, mind the toungue"\

Gimli heaved a sigh, the stagnant air exiting his mouth betrayed his words before he said them, "Perhaps a warm malt before council wasn't the best idea.."

With slight impatience, Gimli took out his axe, letting the butt drop with a ringing noise to the stone floor. He cast a glance through his nose towards the "blond elf" (Legolas).
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B][I]"Strangers from distant lands, friends of old. You have been summoned to answer the threat of Mordor. Middle earth stands upon the brink of destruction. None can escape it. You will unite, or you will fall. Each race is bound to this fate, this one doom. Bring forth the Ring, Frodo."[/I]

As Elrond spoke these words Aragorn watched the Hobbit closely as he came toward the middle stand and placed the Ring upon it, once it was out of his hands and in plain sight Aragorn felt an unwelcome jolt, this was the Ring that had betrayed Isildur, his ancestor, to his death and Isildur himself had said that all those of his Bloodline shall be bound to the fate of the Ring for he wished no harm to come to the Ring, this was the One Ring that Aragorn knew he would be tested against later in his life and he felt as if he had not the strength to defeat it's evil.

As he thought this he watched another man rise from his seat and begin to speak, Garin had said he was Boromir, son of Deneathor and heir to the Steward of Gondor, he would have to watch him during the meeting he thought to himself. He signed slightly and watched the council unfold infront of him.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=orangered]"Merry!" called Pippin, now in hot pursuit of his thieving cousin. "Merry, give that back! It's [i]mine[/i]!"
"Come on, Pip!" grumbled, after Pippin had successfully caught him and pulling him to a stop by the tail of his coat. "Just let me have a little bit?"
After much thought, Pippin seemed to agree to share, not being able to hold a grudge with Merry for long stretches of time. "Hold on...? Where's Sam got to?"
"Uh oh..." mumbled Merry, turning slightly to greet the stoutest of them as he ran up behind them.
"What d'you think yer doin'? Runnin' off like tha'? They just started the meeting and everything!"
"I noticed you've left." remarked Merry drily, raising an eyebrow at Sam, who now blushed beet red. You really couldn't blame the gardener. He [i]was[/i] trying hard.
"Tha's 'cos you two went arunnin' off! What was I supposed to do?!"
"Well," said Merry, starting back the way they'd come. "Why don't we go back? We deserve to know what they're talking about as much as they do."
"Exactly!" agreed Pippin happily, now back in posession of [i]his[/i] tobacco.
Sam stood, flabbergasted, as the two happily sauntered back the way they'd come. "Queer as things they are..." he mumbled to himself before following. "Queer as bloody things..."[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=blue]Boromir gazed upon the ring, and many things raced through his mind. It was a gift, a gift to Gondor, the weapon of the enemy at his disposal.

"It is a gift," he confirmed to himself, rather than the others. He stood and looked before the group that sat around the ring. "It is a gift, a weapon to use against the enemy."

Something was said, but Boromir did not hear, his attention was fully upon the ring. Its power spoke to him, coaxed him, attempted to seduce him. He fought the urge to grab the wring, but his desire in having it never lessened.

"My people have been fighting against Sauron's forces, protecting your people while you did nothing. Gondor deserves the ring, we have earned it." Boromir said, never taking his gaze off the ring. He would have that ring eventually, no matter what.[/COLOR] [/SIZE]
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Gimli huffed, "To have a council on this ring? There are other issues at hand!. I thought this council was to adress Middle earth... the fate being in this ring?"

Gloin stoood up, "A shadow of disquiet has fallen upon our people. Whence it came we did not at first percieve. Words began to be whispered in secret: it was said that we were hemmed in a narrow place, and that greater wealth and splendour would be found in a wider world. Some spoke of Moria and the power to return."

Gloin sighed in slight dispair, "Moria! Moria! Wonder of the Northern world! Too deep we delved there, and woke the nameless fear. Long have its vast mansions lain empty since the children of Durin Fled. But now we spoke of it again with longing, and yet with dread; for no dwarf has dared to pass the doors of Khazad-dûm for many lives of kings, save Thrór only, and he perished. At last, however, Balin listened to the whispers, and resolved to go; and though Dáin did not give leave willingly, he took with him Ori and Óin and many of our folk, and they went away south. That was nigh thirty years ago. For a while we had news that seemed good. then there was silence, and no word has come from Moria since. About a year ago, a messenger came to Dáin, but from Mordor: a horseman. The Lord Sauron the Great wished for our friendship, and he promised us rings, such as he gave of old. He asked urgently concerning [i]hobbits[/i], of what kind they were and where they dwelt. We were greatly troubled and gave no answer, and his voice lowered, "As a small token only of your friendship Sauron asks this," he said: "that you should find this theif," such was his word," and get from him, willing or no, a little ring, the least of rings, that once he stole. It is but a trifle that Sauron fancies, and an earnest of your good will. Find it and three wings that the Dwarf sires posessed of old shall be returned to you and mMoria will be yours forever. Refuse, and things will not seem so well. Do you refuse?" I said neither yea or nay. Heavey have our hearts been for we know the power that has re-entered Mordor. So we have departed, to warn Bilbo of this enemy and learn wy he desires this ring... this least of rings. We also crave the adive of Elrond. For the Shadow grows and draws nearer. We discover that messengers have come also to King Brand in Dale,a nd he is afraid. We fear he may yield and war be brought to our eastern borders. "

Gimli's armour creeked after Gloin ended his monologue, betraying the hushed nature of the room. Only glances were exchanged, hurried and weary.

"you have done well to come,"said Elrond, "You will hear what you need in order to understand the purposes of the Enemy...." Elrond then told the tail of the ring, of Elendil the Tall and his mighty sons. He told of the Last Alliance and the death of Gil-Galad. He told of the shattering of Narsil, and belaying of Aiglos. "Isuldur cut the ring from his hand with the hilt-shard of his father's sword, and took it for his own."

The room was captivated by the tale of old.. boromir especially, for he'd heard nothing of hte sort from his father, Denethor II.
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I might just twist this post a little

IC: [B]Legolas flicked his gaze over to Boromir, who was staring at the Ring. Legolas could see it in Boromir, he wanted the Ring. Elrond explained more to them, while Frodo looked around at the people also. Legolas kept his eyes on Boromir, wondering what he was planning, and if he truly wanted the ring. Elrond stopped his speaking and sat down again, while Legolas continued to gaze at Boromir. Finally, after the moments of silent Elrond spoke once again.

"Who will take the Ring to Mordor?" Elrond asked them. Boromir shook his head in disagreement, maybe not wanting to see the Ring destroyed. Jedgar, who joined them a little later also looked at Boromir shaking his head. Before, there was a small argurment, but Legolas could see that this would go far if anything started.

"It is a... a gift... We must use it!" Boromir repeated standing to his feet. Legolas jumped to his feet too.

"The Ring must be destroyed!" Legolas told Boromir, and it seemed this was going to turn into something more than before. One of the Dwarves stood up too and stared at Legolas.

"And I suppose [I]you[/I] will be the one to do it then?" The Dwarf said. Legolas stood there not be able to say anything.

[I]Now look...[/I] Legolas said in his head staring down.[/SIZE][/B]
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OOC: Please realize the fight between legolas and gimli never happened :\. It's a movie mistake, and a common one, but I'll bite.

Gimli's leather gauntlet tightened around the axe handle with a nervous squeek. His eyes were set with determination against this haughty creature. [i]Lucky our kind hate orcs with more passion, from whence they were born from the blasted pointy-ears.[/i]

/"Relax Legolas of Mirkwood,"\ the fluid sindarin accent rang from Aragorn's lips as he stood up motioning the two to sit, "The ring is not so quickly debated by the same malice that created it."

Frodo leaned into Garin,"Tell me of strider Garin?"

Garin smiled, "I present Aragorn, son of Arathorn and long removed heir of Isuldur and Dunedain cheiftans, uncrowned king, and Elessar."

Frodo leapt up, "Then he should have it! The king?"

Elrond calmed frodo with a hand and glance, before Bilbo spoke up, " Very well, very well, Master Elrond! Say no more! It is plain enough what you are pointing at. Bilbo the silly hobbit started this affair, and Bilbo had better finish it, or himself..."

Garin only smiled, patting Bilbo's head, " Of course my dear Bilbo, you may be expected to finish it, but you know that starting the endeavour is too great a claim for any. Only a small part is played in great deeds by any hero. You need not bow! Though you make a valiant offer, one is passed beyond your strength Bilbo and the ring has passed on! Finish your book and leave the ending unaltered! There is still hope for it."

Bilbo, "Well who can you think of? Some names now? Or put it off till after dinner?"

The noon-bell rang and no one spoke. Frodo glanced at the faces, but they were not turned to him. All the council sat with downcast eyes, shuddering as Garin's voice grew in ice.

"Ash Nazg Durbatuluk, Ash Nazg gimbatul, Ash nazg thrakatuluk ag burzum-ishi krimpatul", Garin repeated, "The grim words on the ring reflect the grim fate that lies in it's bearer."

The reading left the council trembling, and the elves shut their ears. Even Glorfindel, the Noldo lord of Imladris cast his eyes from the predapice that the ring sat upon.

"A dark task indeed."

{ooc: not much gimli, heh, but I'm just trying to move the plot along.}
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[COLOR=blue]Frodo looked around the council. He figured what Bilbo was hinting to. [I]The ring has been passed down to me. It was my inheritence. Therefore, it is my duty to take it.[/I] Frodo thought to himself.

Frodo stood up from his chair, and announced, "I will take it." he said as he looked around at each of the races. "I will take the ring to Mordor."

Frodo looked from the Men, to the Dwarfs, to the Elves. "Though..." he said as he looked down. "Though i do not know the way."[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Yes... I lost the book before, but we are focusing on parts of the book and movie, because most people will have seen the movie and not read the book. I have to find mine... both books (RoTK and FoTR) went missing, TT is the only one left... anyway, I also want to say... Drix and a few other people have some great knowledge which I like! Great guys!

IC: [B]Legolas looked at the Hobbit standing up and looking around at them all. Frodo did not know the way, true, but someone would show it to him... someone. Legolas began to think of what would happen now, would a Dwarf stand up and lead the way? A Men? Boromir maybe...? Garin suddenly stood up slowly, and placed his hand on the shoulder of Frodo.

"Then I will lead you." He said looking down at Frodo. Legolas, and the whole place around them fell silent, no one spoke. Either they did not know what to say, or did not want to say anything. Everyone seemed to be either thinking or not bothered, which Legolas doubted anyone would be. Elrond looked around them, as Aragorn stood to his feet also and began to walk to the hobbit, but not looking down at the ring.

[I]He does not look at the ring like many men would, I knew that Aragorn would help on this quest... maybe he could be the only person, but I know I'll be wrong there...[/I] Legolas said in his head still looking at Aragorn who began to speak to Frodo. Legolas had gotten a sink feeling just then, that maybe he should go, or not... Boromir was not gazing at the ring, but now had his eyes fixed on Frodo, Garin and Aragorn.[/B]

OOC: Don't worry I will be having a lot longer post when this gets going and a lot better, but right now, I have problems with the battery of my laptop and I can't charge it because the charger for this is burnt and broke, blame the kitten, it chewed have of it.[/SIZE]
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[color=orangered]"Hey!" excailmed Merry as the three-strong group of hobbits returned to their previous vantage spot. "Hey, what's going on?" peering, Merry's voice became hushed as he tried to listen in without the meeting noticing they were there.
"What're y'doin'?" demanded Sam, coming to kneel beside Merry. "If they catch us listenin' in like this...!"
"But they won't," grumbled Merry decisively. "Just, let me listen..."
"But what if-!"
There a pause. The meeting was silent. The hobbits were silent. Then, just as discussion started again, Pippin murmured, "What's going on, Merry...?"
Merry glanced quickly at his clueless cousin. "You've not got a clue, have you Pip?"[/color]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]OOC: Sorry about the delay people, I've been busy with some stuff lately and not had chance to get to the computer but I'm still here. And if people don't mind in order to speed us along I'm post the making of the Fellowship in this post to get things going.
Aragorn walked toward the Hobbit known as Frodo and knelt before him with his hand across his heart. "If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. You have my sword", he stood once again and walked over to stand next to Garin who through him a small wink as he often does. He looked across the council members and to his suprise Legolas stood up and looked toward Frodo, "And you shall have my Bow", he as well walked to the Hobbit and stood beside him but he was not the last one to stand, Boromir also came forth while saying "If this is the will of the council, then Gondor shall see it done" and he in turn was followed by the Dwarf Gimli who announced that Frodo would also have his axe to defend him, much to Legolas' disapproval. Finally the recluse man called Jedgar came forth, much to the suprise of all "If there is a task at hand, I shall see it through"

As Elrond looked to the group a voice came from behind the meeting area, it was the Hobbit Samwise Gamgee, "Hey!," He said whild running up to the group, "Mr. Frodo isn't going anywhere without me" and he was quickly followed by Merry and Pippin and when all had settled Elrond looked at them all and said, "Ten companions, you shall be known as the Fellowship of the Ring". Once all had been settled between the Fellowship they went to their rooms to prepare for the coming Journey, but Aragorn had a few more things to do before leaving Rivendell...
OOC: After a few more posts I'll do the scene from the FotR EE and then the convo with Arwen so theres no confusion.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=seagreen]OOC: Whoa! Sorry I've missed so much people...Here I Come To Save The Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! MIGHTY MOUSE!...Er..SAMWISE GAMGEE!!!


Sam was walking behind Frodo, thinking of what had surpassed during the meeting. With an Elf, they should have no trouble going to this Mordor place...unless it was as bad as Garin said it was.

"Hey Mr. Frodo?"

"Yes Sam?"

"Do you think we can make it to this Mordor place without this evil Sauron person catching us?"

"I don't know Sam. And I don't know why I volunteered myself...but I have to do this."

"I'm going with you all the way Mr. Frodo, even if those two trouble-makers Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took come along. I may be a gardener, but someone has to look out for your well being, and the cooking, eh?"

"Hahaha, yes Sam, you are quite right there."

Sam saw his room approaching and bade Frodo a farewell till morning.[/color]
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[color=green]Jedgar walked through Rivendell, using his pike as a walking staff. Such irony that this quest contained. They would start their journey from a paradise, and end it in the most wretched hive of scum and villainy that ever existed?

By the looks of his soon to be companions, they would be well equipped for any battle that they happened to find themselves in. He had heard of Gimli?s expertise with a battle-axe and Legolas?s skill with a bow was almost legendary. Aragorn seemed to carry himself like a warrior as well and he?d be a welcome addition to their group. Hopefully the Hobbits, who looked like they?d never said an unkind word in their lives, would have enough common sense to stay out of their way. It?d be nice to have some Shire cooking after a hard day?s journey.

Having completed his leisurely walk through Rivendell?s center, Jedgar retired to his room for the night. He was ready to put his staff and cloak aside to prepare for sleep, when he noticed that there was someone in his room. Someone he hadn?t seen in a very long time?

A young elf sat facing the doorway, his eyes fixed on Jedgar. She was dressed in the clothes of a smith, and was holding a bundle of cloth.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Carea, what a pleasant surprise.?

[B]Carea[/B]: ?The same to you.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?You haven?t changed a bit.?

She laughed, and stood. After placing her bundle on the chair, she walked slowly around him.

[B]Carea[/B]: ?You look much older, how I hate to see you age. Men are so short lived, it is a tragedy.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?It?s something that we all must face. Eventually, everyone dies.?

[B]Carea[/B]: ?Except us??

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Your kind will be dead to men soon enough.?

[B]Carea[/B]: ?You?ve heard then.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Only rumors. Some have been saying that it is time for the elves to take their final journey across the sea.?

[B]Carea[/B]: ?It is being considered, yes.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?In a few generations, your kind will be nothing but legend. Give another hundred years, and you?ll have vanished into the mists of time.?

[B]Carea[/B]: ?Oblivion. A state second only to death.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Enough troubling thoughts, why have you come??

[B]Carea[/B]: ?I brought you something for your journey.?

She retrieved the bundle from the chair and handed it to Jedgar with trembling hands. He opened it carefully, withdrawing a shirt. It looked like it was woven out of silver glitter, with a gold rings around the neck and sleeves. Cold to the touch, it felt soft but firm.

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?Mithril. I am forever grateful.?

She grinned.

[B]Carea[/B]: ?You should be, it took a long time to acquire.?

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?How can I ever repay you??

Carea?s face turned suddenly serious, and her eyes stared into his.

[B]Carea[/B]: ?Come home in one piece this time. The thought of losing you before I have to??

[B]Jedgar[/B]: ?I?ll try.?

She kissed him on the cheek, and then left the room without another word.[/color]
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[COLOR=blue]Frodo walked on as he listened to the music of the elves. He walked past his room when he noticed the light on in Bilbo's.

"Hello Bilbo." Frodo said as he entered.

"Hello my dear boy!" Bilbo said as he put his book aside. "Just who i wanted to see." Bilbo looked Frodo striaght in the eyes. "Do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

"Yes, i do." Frodo replied. "I am the Ring-bearer."

Bilbo sighed. "I hoped that it wasn't going to be you, but i figured it would be you and Sam. Here, I have something to give you." Bilbo lifted up an old, tantered box, and opened the lid. "This is Sting." he said as he lifted out the sword. "I shant think i'll be needing it anymore, so I want you to take it."

Frodo took the sword, feeling slightly awed that this was the sword he had heard about in all of Bilbo's stories. He took the sword with eagerness.

"And this," Bilbo said as he unwrapped something that was in cloths. He took it out, to reveal a chain shirt.

"I don't think I will look right if i were that," Frodo said as he looked at it.

"Silly boy, you wear it underneath your clothes! Come on! Let's try them on!"

Frodo took off his tunic, and put on the chain mail, which felt light as a feather. "I got that from Thorin." Bilbo said as he watched Frodo put his tunic back on, and tie the strap on his sword.

"Now you look the part!" Bilbo said as he observed his favorite nephew.

"How shall i ever repay you?" Frodo asked as he hugged Bilbo.

"Just come back safe, with lots of songs and stories!"[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Legolas looked outside at the blue sky and white clouds just above. He lay his knives beside his bow and quiver and began to walk around Rivendell once more. The Fellowship of the ring... it sounded like something that would become a legend throughout middle earth if they where able to destroy the ring, and if they where able to keep together. 10 People fighting evil... the evil of all middle earth almost, it seemed impossible, but it was possible... it seemed so. A Fellowship of people...

Legolas continued around various parts of Rivendell, when he soon came to the statue where the brokoen sword lay, the sword that cut the ring from Sauron's hand. Legolas norrowed his eyes at it. The blade was broken, and every part of it lay on the red cloth. Legolas turned around and walked back simply.

Before long he came to two of the Dwarves talking, and one of them shot a look at him. It didn't seem like the one who was part of the fellowship, but he was at the meeting. Legolas ignored them and turned around again walking back to his room.

As Legolas got back, he began to prepare for the quest, and picking up his bow and gazed out into the skies and rocks again.

[I]All this could become darkness if we fail... but I hope we don't, but I do not doubt it.[/I] Legolas thought to himself.

[I]Atleast we can try.[/I] Legolas thought before sighing heavily.[/SIZE][/B]
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[color=orangered]After clipping Pippin around the head several times, it was Merry's turn to take to grumbling. Sam having gone in search of Frodo, the two cousins were left to their own devices.
""Where're we going?"", he mimicked in a mocking tone. "Honestly Pip, you've not got a clue have you?"
"Well... I didn't know, did I?"
Merry sighed, leaning against a convinient wall and looking out at the view. Rivendell, the land of the Elves, was certainly a beautiful place. Almost a haven. But they could not stay. Sauron's forces were growing, as Merry understood it, with every passing day.
"Merry...?" murmured Pippin, leaning beside his cousin, his air now quiet. "What's wrong?"
"No, really..."
Merry sighed before turning to look at Pip. "You do realise what we've gotten ourselves in for, don't you?"
Pippin nodded. "Yes Merry, I do."
"And you know that we might not come back?"
Pippin shrugged. "We might not."
"Doesn't that worry you?" Despite his seeming lack of common sense, Pippin never failed to amaze Merry. The simplicity with which he saw things was immature, even by hobbit standards. And it was enviable.
Pippin paused at Merry question. "It does, kind of. But in another way, it doesn't." He turned now to look at Merry. "We're only two hobbits in a band of ten. We may be good for nothing. We may be more of a hinderance than a help. But the way I see it is we won't know if we don't go. How can we help, if we're not there? Even if it's to make the others laugh?"
Merry frowned, shaking his head, but keeping his gaze on Pippin. He knew he was right. He was so right, it was sickening. And somehow, to hear Pip, of all people, say it... well that helped more than one might imagine.
"I suppose you're right Pip..." murmured Merry at length, casting his gaze out again over Rivendell. "Not a lot we can do about it now though, is there?"
"Nope, not a thing, Merry."
"I thought so."[/color]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: We need to get this running a bit more, really, and also, since I lost the damn movie and book of FoTR, I'm just going to put in a character here, one that isn't in the book or movie, I wish I had the book with me....


Legolas had returned to his room earlier on. He sat down and stared akwardly at his weapons, his knives and his bow. His knives where the most interesting, a swirly, vine-like pattern on the blade and handle. Of all the times in his life, this was either the most exciting, or scarey, but it never really showed or bothered Legolas. He wouldn't really bother about these kind of things, but now he does.

/"You where in the Council?\" Murumered a voice behind Legolas. Legolas didn't turn around, he just flicked his eyes.

/"And I see you where not."\ Legolas replied in Elvish. The voice was one Legolas knew, but a person who rarely ever shown up anywhere, or just dropped by for no reason.

/"That bow will not protect you, this time."\ The voice laughed, and it seemed that the person had walked away, because Legolas could hear light footsteps.

"It always does." Legolas muttered to himself. He had known many people, and most of them he never saw, and some he could never trust. Some people knew little about there friends, but could trust them well, but not at these forsaken times. Times have changed, and the world has now, making a place for two kinds of people: Good and Evil. It was never like these days, middle earth, it had evil, but not as great a threat as this, it seemed.[B][/SIZE]
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OOC: I agree, I hate to wait.

[COLOR=blue] The winter sun shined though the window and the gaze landed right on Frodo's head. He awoke, and looked out toward Rivendell. "I shant be seeing this place any longer," he thought to himself.

Frodo grabbed his stuff, and headed out of the room where he met Sam, who was packing his own bag.

"What are you doing, Sam?" Frodo asked.

"Packing, Mr. Frodo. It's gonna be a tough journey. Always got to be prepared."

Frodo couldn't help but smile as his compainion as he once again looked out into Rivendell.

"Well, it seems the journey will start soon. We best find the others." And with that, Frodo and Sam went out of safeness they had been in for the last couple of weeks, and opened their lives to a completely new adventure.[/COLOR]
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[color=green]Soft sunlight danced through the window, and played across the small room. A bed was against one wall, and an oak nightstand was placed next to it. Across the room stood a dresser and a rocking chair, both looked barren an unused. Leaning against the wall near the doorway is a pike; it?s wickedly sharp blade gleaming in the early morning sunlight. In the bed, an older man stirred.

Jedgar opened his eyes and squinted at the sudden increase in light. There was something about Rivendell that made him instantly comfortable here. He slept easier, felt younger and seemed to be much happier here. Maybe it was the magical quality of the place, constructed by the elves eons ago, that rubbed off onto all who came. Perhaps simply the presence of so many elves in one place gave off some kind of magical presence. In any case, he felt great.

Rising, he dressed unhurriedly, making sure that each item of clothing sat on his body comfortably. He had learned long ago that before you confront an opponent, you must be completely comfortable in yourself. This pertained to everything he carried, from his well used pike to his crimson cloak that his all but his lower face. Several minutes later, dressed and armed, he walked out of his room and out into the morning sunlight that bathed the city.

It was going to be a beautiful day?[/color]
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[COLOR=darkblue]OOC: I suppose everyone's ready, I'll take the initiative and get us going. Also, I don?t think this should die considering we have such GODLIKE reference as LotR to work off.

Brunien's Vale, the dim limlight and the upper Greyflood shimmered in December warmth. Much like the mallorn forest of Lady Galadriel, Rivendell showed no sign of wheather besides the warm glow of elven magic. Elrond?s continued stay over the land, even as noldor and sindar migrated to the west bode welcome to the fellowship. Gimli was beginning to get impatient with elvish cooking and elven ?fluff couches? as he would name them, wishing more for stout rock than waning wood. The time was long, granting Gorin time to visit Rhadagast, and finding him away from Rhosgobel. Jedgar and Elrond?s sons had scoured as far as Tharbad with rangers, now returning with no tidings of the enemy. It was decided by Garin to make for the pass of Caradhas over the Misty Mountains before the Three Peak.

As the nine companions settled into their gear, the elves bid them farwell and the bells of Elrond?s vale rung. It was at this moment that Jedgar was given Andúril, Flame of the West. The Sword of Elendil was forged anew by Elvish smiths, and on its blade was traced a device of seven stars set between the crescent moon and the rayed son, and about them was written many runes; for Jedgar was going to war upon the marches of Mordor. Very bright was that sword when it was made whole again; the light of the sun shone redly in it, and the light of the moon shone cold, and its edge was hard and keen. White fire, the passions of the free peoples would carry its light to stay the hearts of allies.

The land of south Eriador opened up to them and the Misty Mountains loomed east, true to their namesake by being enshrouded in a powdery mist. The unpleasentness of the wheather seemed to take hold of the fellowship in their travels and soon even the playful word-games of the hobbits ceased. Gimli reached over to a small pack on the side of Bill the Pony, withdrawing a pack of pipe-weed which he lit up in a flat, stout pipe, much like his own peoples. As he smoked he couldn?t help but notice how everyone seemed so solmn looking into themselves and weary of the Jouney ahead.

?What ails such firm of heart? Why are our eyes downcast in such grumption?? Gimli chuckled.

?Perhaps you wouldn?t be so quick to descend grumption on one of us Dwarf if we were to march the lengths of Mirkwood forest?,? Boromir smirked,?We know not of the direction or it?s length.?

Gimli?s eyes lit up,?There is a land of where my fathers worked of old, and we have wrought the image of the mountains into many works of metal in stone, and into many songs and tales. They stand tall in our dreams: Baraz, Zirak, Sathûr! I know where we go by keen eye alone, and I know the length. Not many days of weary travel ahead, good man, yet we must keep on the path. It is a shame we cannot go through the Mines??

With this Gandalf gave him a glance, ?Nay dwarf, a shadow I?ve not seen has befallen those parts and the safest path is through the pass as the snow melts down Silvertine.?

Gimli huffed, taking a long draw from the pipe. Legolas looked over at the mention of song, ?You say dwarves have song of their realm??

?As most good folk do, assured,? Gimli smiled with pride, ?With such halls of stone that we construct only the sound of our voices could fill them!? The fellowship chuckled at that, Gimli?s full-chested laughter carrying over everyone elses.

?Will you sing for us?? Pippin encouraged and at first Gimli seemed reluctant. Yet he took a longer draw from his pipe and let it rest before letting his deep voice ring out like the very veins of earth he carved his life from.

(ooc: Improvising here)
O! Naught by winter or toil to stay,
Carry us to halls of stone,
Built by hands from stone were lay,
Voices of old, not effort?s moan.

Glittering halls, glittering halls
Erebor, Iron, Mithrim long!
Glittering halls, rock, and vein
Warmed by hearth and mountain-song [/I]

Gimli takes a puff

[I] Dark is the water of Dimrill Star
Bemoan our people?s plight
Look into the water right
To glance upon our land so far

To see the halls of old and new
Dwarves of the mountains,
Masters of Stone
Workers of old
Fewer and Few

As hammer and pick are brought up to bear
Not to battle as battle is won
In stone of Moria we beckoned the land
And wrought upon it the Zigil Stair

It looked upon the fountain?s light
Durin?s sons in awe
Too see the mirror free of fright
A treasure, glittering maw

?Seven sons, Seven years, Draw upon yourselves,?
Not Orc, but Iron we fought
It was here we came, stop ne?er we delved
And Khazad Dûm was wrought. [/I]

Gimli ended the song with another puff his hand shaking, ?I cannot go on. This song was before darkness befell our home. Garin I fear for my cousin Balin. No word from Moria, from anyone there? ?

As Gimli turned away in grief he felt the hand of Legolas on his shoulders, ?Well done master dwarf.? The soft tone came.
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