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Gaming Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II

Guest Crimson Spider

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Anyone here play it?

For those of you who don't, it is possibly the best game for the gamecube out there! I haven't been able to put the thing down for over 2 weeks! And I don't even have it online! This game is as fun as it gets. You get to make your own character. I mean MAKE your own character. I made mine kinda like that guy from Devil May Cry. Except with short, spiky hair. There are so many options, so many different things you could do in the game.

I can only imagine what it would be like online. Talkin' with people, adventuring with people... slaughtering other people... swearing when someone stupidly hacks your player... being able to cheat, which you can only do online. Just imagine going to meet up a fellow one of your favorite otakuties to go slaughter a dragon? Fun, no?

Right now, for those of you who actually know the game, and what I'm talking about, I'm a FOmar with a red/black robe, a short, spikey hair style that has a minature tail on the back-left side, tall, thin, and have a silverish-blueish, white hair.
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I used to have it on DC. I never bothered to go online with it.

I had a lot of fun with it for a few weeks, and never touched it again. It was a fun game, but just got too repetitive.

I'm sure this would have been corrected by going online or having the multiplayer mode that was added to the GCN version, though. I just don't like the idea of paying for a game and then paying more.
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The key to enjoying this game and keeping the near infinite replay value is to [I]NEVER[/I] take a step back for a second and realize what you have been doing for hours: pressing a button three consecutive times. The only "skill" involved was the timing, which took about five minutes to get down. Besides that, there's very little depth involved.

What really made the game last was just the random comments people would shout out. Haha, I remember that my friend was the best at it:

*friend logs in*
Me: Yo.
Player 2: Hey.
Player 3: Hiya.
Friend: I lost my left nut on the battlefield.

Other times, people were good at random actions, such as leave a trail of items to lead them back and not get lost, or help the guy who came late catch up without taking a wrong turn.

Ah.. good times...
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I do, and I also made a topic almost exactly like this one some time ago.

Right now, I have a level 122 FOmar who weilds a Sorcerers Cane, Summit Moon, Caduceus, and occasionally a Grass-assassins arms.

He wears a brightness circle with 4 god/mind units attached, and my Nidra Mag has a 101 level in mind.
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Crimson Spider, where'd you get the god items??? lol

I think I posted in your PSO thread but I'm not sure, it has been a while (also has been a while since I've been on!).

Well, I have a level 146 Hunter, or to be more specific a HUmar (Yes, I know, how original :rolleyes: ).
The rarest item I have would probably be the Sealed J-sword
And BTW, does any of you know how to unlock its special?

"Ancient sword with its power sealed by an unknown stamp. The seal opens when all techniques are used."

It has me very stumped. "All techniques"... Only Forces can learn all of the techniques and they can't use swords... wierd...

The Weapon that I use would be the Ancient Saber a.k.a. Link's Sword!!!:D (Max Grind) and Inferno Bazooka (Max Grind).

The Shield that I use is the Tripolic Shield and the Armor is Chu Chu Fever (even though it's weak, I use it because the mice come out of no where:love: )

The slotted items - 1 Perfect Resist, 1 Cure Paralysis, 1 HP/revival and TP/revival.

And I have an even out Mag (50 power, 50 mind, 50 dexterity, and 50 defense) too bad I forgot what it's called. I think it was Deva.. not sure...:p
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I got the god/mind from the V-hard Nar lilies in the caves for my Pinkal ID. I got God/arm from the Pan-arms in V-hard with my redria character. I got the god/power units in V-hard temple from So Demenian with Redria characters. I got the God/Defense from the V-hard Nar lily's in the caves from my Redria.


has a list of all the little rares and trinkets that you could find. Too bad I'm not online, though.

The sealed J sword so far has no way of unsealing. Many have tried over and over to try and seal it for years, and there has been only 1 instance of which it was actually unsealed, and no one can explain why.

This guy was in VS mode against a friend of his, who was a FOmar. After batteling for some time, he eventually came up onto his friend again, and sliced him. To his suprise, his friend died in one hit. Then he heard the grinding sound like when you use a photon blast. And then he had the Tsumaki J sword.

Don't ask about Olga Flow DNA and Red ring.

I'm using my Attribute wall as my sheild. I'm not quite far enough for the Tripolic sheild, and that thing is VERY elusive.

That was before I learned to dupe, anyway.

Now I max-mat my character. He wasn't too far away from what I was going for anyway, so I decided to just speed up the process.
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[font=tahoma][size=1]I play it... It was the best online game I've ever played, and probably ever will, when it was at it's prime; mostly because it was the first online game I had ever played.

I have some interesting stories from that game. Did anyone here know someone named Natar? hehe...

I know this sounds odd, but I did somewhat enjoy the story... or at least Dark Falz. I liked how they showed that evil is just an opinion. You can tell if you fight his/her third form.

My old character was a short HUmar named Neo, but I lost the memory card. Me and a friend used to run a wannabe trade center called Neo & Lock's Trade/Shop... We still kinda do, but since I lost my memory card, and Lock was corrupted, we have different names.[/size][/font]
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I don't play Episode I & II anymore because it turned into Version 1 near its death. Can't handle the idiots.

So, now I play Episode III. I think it's better than the previous three installments.
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[color=darkred][SIZE=1]Well, I remember playing this when it first came out. I ran around with three friends. . It was a lot of fun, but after a while, most of my friends got burned out, and we moved on to other games. . I recently started playing this again. . I have a level 33 umm. . Humar? (the caster guy?) . . lol, I will make sure in a bit I guess. .

He has basic gear. . nothing too special. I don't know how or where to find anything good. . He has a 3 socket armor. . and I thought that was pretty sweet. I recently started again, but it took most of my time playing just to get used to the game again (and that isn't even saying I am re-used to it). When I used to run around with my friends. . I was the 'cleric' . . I healed quite a bit, but basically sat back with my little hand gun and shot the whole time. . I knew most of my spells, and could cycle through all my different spells in a matter of just a few seconds. . I never really thought much about looting anything, and would pretty much just take what no one else wanted, with the exception of new spells. I always got them first, since I was the caster of the group.

We had a pretty rounded group. . one long range gunner, two tanks, and me, the caster =) Oh well. . gonna have to try and play it again. . just for fun really. [/SIZE][/color]
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[COLOR=Green][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]WOW, hehe, im obsessed with it, Im a [B][U]SHORT[/U][/B] Fomar, with a white/purple/yellow robe, i have the hair where it's the small hat, and the long hair, and its pure white, and my name is Nimbus, I have the ruins up to V-Hard, im to lazy to beat it and unlock ultimate, im level 46 or so i think, and my primary weps are.....ummm......Red Saber, Bringers rifle, and Slicer of Assasin,I have only a basic solid frame(my level isnt high enough for the other stuff i have...he a nu char.) with four slots, in which i equip 2 god hp's, 1 god ability, and 1 god battle,My other Character is Kumari Keos, you have to have seen me at least once, hehe, I dont like ep. 3, and i dont play online with it, yet, lol, look for me in the Ep. I&II lobbies, Nimbus, I'll talk to anyone, lol, and Bio, im pretty sure i've seen u around the lobbies, but i might just be an idio[/COLOR]t[QUOTE]My old character was a short HUmar named Neo[/QUOTE] [COLOR=Green], I havent been on in a while, but i'll be on today^_^ look for me, probobly with Art or Rune in Vega 1,2, or 3, can't tell u the exact lobby though, we skip alot...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR] :laugh:

[COLOR=Green]O, P.S. , Ninj4 Monkey[/COLOR]
[QUOTE]with a holy beam-thing (i always forget its name)[/QUOTE] That sounds like [COLOR=Green]Heavens Punisher, i had it b4 i lost my mem card, lol, am i right?[/COLOR]
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[font=Verdana][color=blue]I played this game for a while and me and a couple friends are thinking of starting it back up again. I have a level 123 hunter (Don't remember what the other name is) and a whole bunch of rare items that I just got from playing long enough. I also have a level 81 (I think, I know it's above 80) ranger. I usually use a Lavis Cannon on the hunter (I have three with different percents) and the Heaven Punisher when it works and then usually the Snow Queen when it doesn't on the ranger. Oh and by the way, Crimson Spider, you can't kill other people online though there are pleanty of cheaters.[/color][/font]
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I use to play PSO online on the GameCube until my BB connection was disembarked for financial reasons, so I quit at about level 90.

Really, I'd prefer to play multiplayer than online. I didn't feel that I was missing out on anything when I was offline except for the four-way split-screen, which is always a pain up the rear.

Anyway, when I was online, I got bombarded with the type of people who latch around you just for the sake of getting whatever good items or weapons you'd come across after destroying crates and monsters. Because of that, the only real weapon I ever got was a maxed out Soul Eater... four to be precise.

As for the MAGS, I never enjoyed them for a second. They may be good for when you're in a bind, but after that they just become a chore to look after, and the frustration you have to endure for when they transform to something lesser than what they were is endless. They took years off my life.

I'm looking forward to PSU though, even if I don't get to go online. Hopefully there'll be a better system of communicating for the GameCube and PS2 versions of it. The Xbox Live headset seemed to work really well.
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