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Quest for the Earlif: Evil Returns


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ooc: before you begin to read below ... be warned... ITS PRETTY LONG! but it gets the point across! So please dont look over this and go straight to the bottom.. please read it all... Oh and please... dont NOT sign up just because you dont want to put in a little reading.../ [b]Warnings= launguage[/b]

Water dripped from the ceiling in a hidden and secret cave far below the surface. The echo of each drip carried through the tunnels and chambers like a yell through a canyon. Two red eyes seemed to glow in the shadows and they looked determined. The figure?s bright red hair flowed as they walked towards a low lit chamber at the end of a long cold tunnel. It seemed so quiet and peaceful down there... it made her sick to think about it as she stepped into the light. Her eyes were indeed red and like hells fire they were lit and forever did hates flame burn. The fire red hair between two twisted horns was that of the most malevolent of demons to ever escape the depths of hell. Inferna.

[i]?Did you find it yet?? The bright red haired Inferna growls as she stands in the middle of a bright and fancy room. A man in robes and velvet stood in front of her with an angered look on his face. He wore a crown indicating he was the king. ?Not yet my dear but when I find it you will be the most powerful and beautiful queen ever.? He says as quiet as he can as the servant boy dusts a nearby vase. His wings fluttering every once in a while as he preformed his daily duties.

?I am already beautiful... You twit.? She growled at his comment. ?Of course... May I ask why you need to Earlif to accomplish such things?? The kings questioning face hardly tickled Inferna?s protective wall. ?Because how else am I to control the land to my desire... being queen is not enough... but of course I have to kill that retched wife of yours...? Her eyes seemed pleased to hear of such an idea.

Suddenly the queen bursts through the chamber doors with two guards behind her striding in suit. Her first words erupted with her British anger that was held deep down inside. ?You wicked bitch!? The queen stomps feverishly towards Inferna. ?Guards... seize her and burn her in the courtyard for conspiring against the queen!? Inferna?s face lights up with pleasure ?Excuse me? Did you say fire? Ill show you fire!? And with a wave of her hand the two guards behind the queen burst into flames and soon became a pile of ashes on the floor. ?Now it?s your turn... Queen Yandra!? Inferna was in mid wave when suddenly the room?s temperature dropped immensely and Inferna?s hand is frozen with a mysterious ice.

The wall grew cold and the floor began to shake. Suddenly the wall caved in sending rocks and shards of ice flying in all directions. A large dragon steps through the hole and looks around. He stares at the king and slowly approches.

"Argh! I know what you have been doing... And I?m here to stop it before you ruin the earth!" The dragon growled as he pressed his claws into the soft carpet. His yellow eyes glanced over to the nearest movement which was Inferna who was still trying to free her hand from the ice. The dragon's jet black scales reflected the light as if just polished.

"Ah hah! Now I shall get you out of my way!" Inferna finally breaks her hand free from the strange ice shell and steps toward the dragon.

"Ah... The demon Inferna! You and the king shall both die for your crimes against the earth!" The dragon swung his tail and sent Inferna into the nearest wall.

Four guards burst through the doors with swords in hand. They took one look at the dragon and gasped but held their ground as did the dragon who just growled. The dragon openedh is mouth when facing the four guards and a cold wind came from his throat. Soon the four guards were completely frozen. With that the dragon shattered the guards frozen statues with his tail and returned to the king.

"You shall pay!" The dragon wrapped its tail around the king and slowly began to squeeze the kings life away. The king squirmed which made things worse but before he could muster up one las comment all life was squeezed out of him. The dragon threw the king across the room and turned towards Inferna.

The queen stepped forward now more angry than shocked, "Dragon! You are the last of the dragons... And for what you have done today... I SEND YOU TO YOUR TOMB" She held out her hand and began to chant some spell the dragon had never heard before. The dragon's body became slow and soon froze and became as hard as stone. In a short time it was stone. A statue prison that soon dissapered.

"That takes care of him but as for you Inferna... I banish you to hell!" The queen was infuriated and held out her hand again. A strange wind began to blow as the queen began to chant again. A strange hole opened up under the demon who was now regaining her conciousness. Flames erupted from the floor and demons grabed at Inferna... they pulled her under.

"You havent heard the last of me! I the all powerful Inferna shall come back and take my revenge and finish what i started!" With that she was pulled under and the hole closed up over her.

The queen stood there now unsure what to do. The king was dead but that hadnt bothered the queen so much anymore. Inferna and the Last dragon were imprisoned... but the problem at hand was now the artifact she had heard her husband and the demon talking about earlier.

The queen sighed and muttered quietly, "The... Earlif" [/i]

Inferna stood there in the damp chamber with a grin on her face. She was angered yet amused by the memory she had just tapped into. She stared up at a large statue of a dragon in the low lit chamber and laughed to herself.

"You were not hard to find my friend!" The demon stared up at the statue and put a hand on its cold surface as she mummbled some works to quiet for anyone but herself to hear. A strange chat was heard all around her and the ground began to rumble.

Suddenly the dragon's statue began to shake and soon the rock casing began to crumble... the dragon was awakening from its prison and it all made Inferna smile in the most devious way she could muster.

"Who has freed me?" The dragon blinks a few times while his vison begins to return.

"It is I... The great Inferna!" The demon laughs.

"I.. Inferna! Demon... I will bite you in two!" The dragon stepped towards the red blurry figure in front of him.

"I dont think so..." Inferna pulled up her hand and whispered a spell that made the dragon stop.

"What... are... you doing to me...demon?" The dragon mummbles.

"You shall see my friend."

The dragons eyes seemed to glaze over for a bit and soon the dragon returned to normal except for one minor detail.

"Ah Inferna... What is your wish?" The dragon bows.

"Hehe... Search for the Earlif!"

(the italics were memories if you didnt catch on to that)

Sorry for ALL that reading... even if you didnt read it all or at all ill try to fill you all in someone...

Basicly a demon and the king were having an affair.. the queen found out and before she could do waht she wished about it a dragon showed up.. (the last dragon) and he killed the king... the queen was enraged so she sentanced the dragon to be encased in stone and hiddenaway... she sentanced the demon to hell...

but the demon has escaped and has taken control over the dragon... she dends him out in search of the earlif


The earlif will be explained a bit now but mostly later:

It is a strange stone that carries much power and is called the Earlif for it is known to have the power to destroy all life on earth.. or restor life on the earth depending on who is using it and how. (and its called earlif because i wasnt creative enough to call it anything else... EARTH + LIFE = EARLIF... lol)

This is kinda difficult...

Magic as powerfull as the queens and infernas has mostly drained from earth for most of it was lost in past times. Some minor magic is known by some races but most of the earth knows nothing but a simple life in their villages or cities.

Inferna and the controled dragon are in search of the earlif because inferan wasnt it to control the world. Who will find it first? Inferna? or perhaps some other race?

More will be explained later.. .right now i think this thing is long enough as it is.

so here is what is needed.






As a choise for speices and races you have





Demon[/b] (meaning you will most likely be on inferna's side)

[b]Forest Creatures[/b] (wich range from talking birds and reptiles to speechless (except for mind speech) animals with special powers)
You can make up the names for these species if you like... and if you play any of the other types of characters like a human or an elf or such you can have an anima companion if you like.

there are a few different regions to choose from...

There is :

[b]Forests of Isis

Desert Lands

High Mountains of Chaos[/b] (the top is unlivible because its a bunch of storms and to much snow.... but there are safe caves in the mountan's sides where people live.)

and you can choose any other little spots like beaches and such... you can name those as well...

Ill post mine later... to much reading for your poor eyes.

(im not sure how far this will go but i was willing to give it a try... i hope you all at least concider joining.)

[b]warnning: Language [/b]
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[color=green][u]Name:[/u] Chicadi
[u]Age:[/u] 15
[u]Species:[/u] Fairy
[u]Weapon:[/u] A katana-like sword
[u]Region:[/u] Forests of Isis
[u]Description:[/u] Chicadi is about 4'3" tall and has long, straight, greenish hair and green eyes. She wears a short-sleeved lime green shirt and baggy dark green pants, and also greenish-gray boots and an oversized green jacket (sleeves are usually rolled halfway up her arms). Her wings are large and butterflylike; they are pink and green in color.
[u]Bio:[/u] Chicadi lived in the forest all her life in peace and harmony, though she occasinally protected the people and animals from enemies. The rest of her history is boring and/or unknown, except that one day she met Inferna and lived in fear of her for the rest of her life...[/color]
Hope more people join; this might be an interesting RPG! (Chicadi is on the good side.)
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Umm.... non demons can be either good or bad but please remember the DRAGON is being controled by the demon Inferna so hes the bad guy too... untill later on in the story. I too hope more join...

[b]Name:[/b] Lidora

[b]Age:[/b] 152

[b]Species:[/b] Elf

[b]Weapon:[/b] A magic stone & Staff

[b]Region:[/b] High Mountains of Chaos (In Mondora Castle)

[b]Bio:[/b] Lives in the castle of Mondora at the base of the mountains and at the edge of the Forest of Isis. The castle once belonged to the King and Queen but after the kings death the kingdom had failed and the people had seperated to their own ways of life. Now lidora once again has taken claim of her old home. She is one of Two imortal beings with a twisted fate... If one dies the other suffers the same fate.

Looks: Coming Soon...

oh i forgot... you can add descriptions... bios and such if you like. I am also playing... Inferna.


[b]Name:[/b] Inferna

[b]Age:[/b] 152

[b]Species:[/b] Demon

[b]Weapon:[/b] Heavy magic & OoLong the Black Dragon

[b]Region:[/b] Waste Lands of Doom. (In Brimstone Castle)

[b]Bio:[/b] Was once using the king to get the earlif so she could do with the earth what she wanted... but was sentenced to Hell by the queen... Now she has escaped and taken control of her enemy the dragon and is now taking revenge. She is again in search of the Earlif.

[b]Looks:[/b] [img]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?s=&postid=542234[/img]
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Name: Fera
Age: 102
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Elf
Region: Desert Lands

Description: About 5'5", Fera is slender and very strong. Living in the desert gives her dusty, darker skin color than most elves. Her hair is a burnished bronze/gold color from all the time in the sun, and her eyes are the same. She has high, sharp cheek bones, smooth skin, and almost no body fat.
She wears a soft, supple tunic that is long-sleeved and goes down to lower/mid-thigh. Over that is a darker brown knotted netting, which is looser, and she has a dark sash around her waist. Sometimes she'll wear long boots that are made out of the same material as her tunic, but usually goes barefoot.
In her burnished hair is woven and braided many items made out of gold, which include beads, small discs, ornaments, rings, chained links, and random pieces.


Scimitar: instead of the heavily rounded curve of seamen and pirates, Fera's scimitar is softly curved in the fashion of desert nomads. It's blade is actually made out of a rare kind of wood called Sorge found only in certain desert regions. It is a light brown with streaks of gold, and always stays razor sharp. Even though it is wood, it is stronger than any metal, and can delicately cleave through almost any known material.
The handle is made out of the same wood, and has supple leather as a grip. Thin pieces hang down from the handle, and some have gold trinkets braided or woven into them as well.

Whip: for opponents farther away, a whip has been made with braided strands of a mixture between Sorge and leather. The Sorge was pounded paper thin, twisted and twined tightly with the leather, and then braided. It's kept well-oiled and cleaned. It's length is about twenty feet, and in it's handle is a core of gold. However, Fera usually doesn't use the full length, and instead she'll hold the whip in loops with the handle.

Bio: Fera is the princess of one of the elfen desert tribes. The tribe's entire wealth in gold is braided and woven into Fera's hair, while some trinkets are on her scimitar and in her whip. She's basically the wealth and entire value of the tribe. She's still kind of young for an elf, but has entirely mastered her unique scimitar and whip. She's a fierce protector of her people, a beautiful and exotic tigress. She refuses to marry anyone who cannot beat her in combat, and thus still remains unwed, and free to roam at her will.
She leads the security of her tribe, while her father is the chieftan. Often she will lead hunts on foot, although sometimes they will ride their sleek Arabians to fly across the sands even faster. She is strong-willed, in body and mind, and famous throughout the desert.
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Name: Flaid

Age: 89

Species/race: demon

Weapon: Druinle (drooin-ley), cursed sword of the dark flame (basically a scimitar wreathed in black flame that glows red when good is near).

Region: Uriai (yuree-eye), the lonely mountain of the desert lands.

Description: Black skinned, blood red eyes, flaming red hair.

Bio: A demon turned good by the monks who dwell atop Mt. Uriai. The monks took him in after he appeared in a tree with his sword and started cutting and burning the trees. He had done this to show the grand demon of hell that he was evil enough to go back to hell. Flaid is now good, and I am becoming repetitive.

the attached image is of a scimitar (imagine it flaming with a black fire)
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Great at least three people have signed up... i would have preffered a few more but eh... Ill start this in a day or so... Please dont forget about it by then. I have ltos of homework at times and heh yeah.. Anyways.... Ill be coloring that inferna picture here soon. just so you all know. I might draw the Earlif as well.
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Hey yo don't start without me. Seems like me and Skitto can't be seperatd. Anyway. Do you mind if this is part of a big compliation of Stories I'm writing called the Legends of Myrith. Here's my bio.

Name: Lex Airedale

Age: 15

Species/race: I am a small Elf. I have black hair and sliver eyes. I am 3? 9?. I wear a cloak, black pants and a blue shirt.

Weapon: Buster Sword

Region: Forests of Isis

Bio- Lex was a small elf you never really was expected of anything. He eventually left his home of Isis and went off in serach of edventure. he didn't have to look far because one day he heard of the legend of Inferna. Rumors were spreading that she was to return and get revenge on the queen. Lex set off to offer his aid to her.
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Hehe all of your are welcome... Now i have started the rpg and posted my fist post so heh there you all go. Enjoy posting and the sign ups are still open.

BTW: No one knows MUCH about inferna nad no one knows of Oolong because he was gond long before msot of you were born.. and he WAS the last dragon... one that everyone had forgotten about...

Know one knows about lidora.
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