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Sign Up Ranma 1/2: No Peace in Nerima (Mature for language and references)


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[b][center][u]I do NOT include the ending of the anime series or the manga for plot purposes. This RPG is my way. Sorry, Madame Takahashi....[/b][/u][/center]

[i][color=teal][center][u][b]Tokyo, Japan. Nerima Ward. A small, peaceful neighborhood.....yeah right.[/i][/u][/b][/center]

As it happens, in Nerima, a small group of powerful martial artists duke it out daily. Normally, this wouldn't be surprising, with the exception that each of these martial artists bear superhuman capabilities. And that's the weakest of them!

[i]Now, say there was this young man, whose father could NOT resist putting him in arranged marriages right and left for a small amount of food, an okonomiyaki cart....or a dojo. Anyway, say this boy's father took him on a ten-year training trip, leaving the boy's mother with a written and signed promise that the boy would become the "manliest man" ever, or else the woman would aid the duo in committing seppuku. Well, this training trip took this boy and his father across the Asian countries, traning in all of the most arduous and rewarding martial arts styles. Such as the "Cat Fu", a painful technique taught by the father tying the young boy in a string of fish sausages and tossing him into a den of hungry cats. unfortunately, this did not work, and instead gave the boy a tremendous fear of cats. Daddy dearest attempted to cure this fear by tying the boy in a string of sardines and tossing him into a den of hungry cats. This didn't work. So he tried tuna. Didn't work. But the boy DID learn the "Cat Fu".....eventually.

They eventually reached the mostinfamous of all the great Asian land's training grounds. Unfortunately, being Japanese and not Chinese, they didn't know a damned thing about it! Immediately, father had son jumping atop the bamboo poles sticking out of the small springs below them. Son lost his concentration, so father decked him, landing him in a small spring.

And out popped....DAUGHTER?!?!

Yes, the boy had landed in the infamous Jusenkyo Cursed Springs' Nyannichuan, or Spring of Drowned Girl. Which means, when splashed with cold water, the poor little boy becomes a poor little girl! Of course, daughter gets vengeance and knocks father into a spring. Out pops Panda Dearest!

Now, on the way out for their training trip, Pops offered his son to the head of the most prodigious martial arts dojo in Tokyo to the man's daughters as a fiancee. Note: his SON. Poor little boy/girl and Panda-man arrive in Nerima...as a girl and a panda. They arrive at the dojo, the boy gets in a heap of trouble....and winds up engaged to the actual martial artist daughter of the clan. That is, the one that hates men...[/i]

Well, it really happened. The boy's name is Ranma Saotome, the father is named Genma Saotome. The martial artist and his daughters (daughters ordered from youngest to oldest) are Soun Tendo, Akane Tendo (Ranma's man-hating fiancee), money-hungry Nabiki Tendo, and ever-cheerful (and house-cleaning) Kasumi Tendo. Of course, Soun's wife was the best friend of Nodoka Saotome, Ranma's seppuku-enforcing mother. But you already knew that.

Let's skip ahead. Ranma's remet Ryouga Hibiki, the ever-lost Drowned-Pig-cursed boy with a crush on Akane and strength enough to lift a concrete wall, and Shampoo, an amazon warrior-girl cursed by the Spring of Drowned Cat dedicated to marrying Ranma, even if she has to KILL him. Ranma's battled Mousse, Shampoo's half-blind (never remembers his damned glasses) would-be suitor with a penchant for hidden weapons that don't make any sense (like a training toilet) and the curse of the Drowned Duck, and Cologne, Shampoo's knowledgeable and herbally-inclined grandmother that won't stop calling Ranma "Son-in-Law". Barely worthy of mention are Mikado and Azusa, the Golden Pair of Martial Arts skating.....of whom Mikado stole Ranma's first kiss. Poor girl/guy!!!!

Ranma's fought and learned from Happosai, Soun and Genma's teacher and master in the art of Anything Goes Martial Arts with an obsession for pilfering womens' panties. Herb, Mint, and Leaf, chinese warriors searching for a cure for Herb's locked Nyannichuan curse have also met defeat at Ranma's hands. As has, don't laugh, Pantyhose Taro, an ox-eel-yeti-swan-octopus cursed boy determined on getting the man who named him to CHANGE that name. Of course, Happosai named him....right after dipping the newborn boy in the aforementioned spring of Drowned Yeti-Riding-An-Ox-Carrying-A-Swan-and-Eel. Pantyhose later cursed himself with octopus-spring water in order to get revenge on Happosai.

And we can't forget Tatewaki and Kodachi Kuno, as well as their father Koucho. Tatewaki, determined to murder Ranma's boyfriend and "free" his pigtailed-goddess from him. That is, date Ranma's girl form after murdering boy-type Ranma. Impossible, ne? Kodachi has a similar plan in mind. Kill Ranma's girl form and be with Ranma's guy form. As for their father, Koucho...he's Ranma's principal, who's determined to give Ranma as well as the rest of the guys in the school buzz-cuts, and the girls bowl-cuts. It's also moot that he talks with a hawaiian accent to the "wahines and keikis" of Furinkan High School while he tries to keep them late (locking the gates and standing in front of them defiantly AIN'T gonna work against Ranma....) and hurl pineapple bombs at them.

Of course, we can't leave out Hinako Ninomiya, Ranma's child-like teacher with the ki-sucking coin attacks that turn her into one helluva hottie. Or Gosunkugi, another Akane-crushed boy whose hopelessly dedicated to nailing voodoo dolls to trees, wearing candles on his head, and chanting "DIE SAOTOME, DIE SAOTOME"......right outside the Tendo dojo. Or even Ukyou Kuonji, another of Ranma's fiancees, who carries a giant battle spatula and a portable grill for her okonimiyaki. For the longest time, Ranma thought "Ucchan" was a boy. Of course, now Ukyou is actively pursuing Ranma....to marry him!

Fiancees, curses, martial arts, ki energy, and pineapple-hurling principles. What's a half-girl, half-guy to do?

Well, that's about it. Now, here's another story about poor little Ranma.....I mean, Ranma and his girl-form, Ranma-chan........[/color]
[b][center]Required Information[/b][/center]
[color=crimson](YES, you can be an original character or returning star.)

[b]Name:[/b]Duh. Include nicknames such as Ryouga's "Charlotte" and "P-Chan"

[b]Age:[/b]Of course. Add two years to character's age if you look it up.

[b]Cursed:[/b]If yes, include the curse.

[b]Eyes:[/b]Why not?


[b]Weapon:[/b]If any. In Mousse's case, this is a moot point......

[b]Style:[/b]Martial Arts style, if any.

[b]Techniques:[/b]Character's signature attacks. Again, do research.....

[b]Personality:[/b]What's your person like?

[b]Appearance:[/b]If possible, give an example of your curse's appearance.

[b]Bio:[/b] Your character's history in brief. (If you pick an actual character, PLEASE do a little research on the character if you haven't seen the series....)

[b]Goal in Life:[/b]Be it marrying Ranma or just plain pinchin' panties.......[/color]

[b][center]My Stuff[/center][/b]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
[b]Name:[/b]Ranma Saotome, a.k.a. "The Pigtailed Girl", "Son-in-Law", and "Ranchan"

[b]Age:[/b]18 (Two years after settling in with the Tendo family)

[b]Cursed:[/b]Spring of Drowned Girl.


[b]Hair:[/b]Black as a boy, red as a girl. Always in a pigtail, though that might change with Ranma's fancy. Or Akane's....

[b]Weapon:[/b]Doesn't use one, though he's been trained with them all.

[b]Style:[/b]Saotome School of Anything Goes, with Amazon Warrior Arts, (M.A.) Figure Skating, Tea-Ceremony, Eating, and Rhythmic Gymnastics thrown in.

Mouko Takabisha- Arrogant Tiger Blast. Summoned pride and confidence is ejected in a yellow ball at the enemy. In Ranma's case, NEVER in short supply. Invented by Ranma to battle Ryouga's Shi Shi Hokodan, which Ranma seems unable to use....

Shi Shi Hokodan- Depression Suicide Attack. Ejects a HUGE amount of depression energy into the air and falls back to earth, making one helluva crater. In Ranma's case, ALWAYS in short supply.

Cat Fu- Ranma begins to "yowl". To put it simply, when exposed to cats or a cat for an extended period of time (in the exceptional case of MANY cats at once, in which the effect is instantaneous), Ranma "becomes" a cat. He adopts the mindset of a feroicious cat, becoming nearly invincible. He moves, yowls, and acts like a cat. He even shreds things like a cat. The only person that can get him out of this reverie is Akane, in which case Ranma will curl into her lap, purr, and then revert to normal. Everyone else becomes saw-dust or shavings. Like Tatewaki Kuno's bokken.

Hiryu Shoten Ha- Heaven-Blast of the Dragon. By luring his opponent into a battle-rage while Ranma remains calm, collected, and cool, Ranma creates a spiral path. When Ranma and his opponent reach the center of the spiral, the cold currents of Ranma's "Body and Soul of Ice" conflict with the volcano-hot battle rage as Ranma uses a spiral uppercut. The conflicting temperatures, the spiral path, and the uppercut create a tornado of such power that the opponent is raised into the air and dropped violently and painfully much later. Increases in power according to how much battle-rage is exuded.

[b]Appearance:[/b]See attachment.

[b]Personality:[/b]Ever cheerful, carefree, and boisterous, Ranma's not exactly the serious type. He does sulk quite often, mainly blaming himself for everyone else's mistakes when people get hurt emotionally. He spends an especially large amount of time thinking about Akane Tendo. It's not like he WANTS to call her a macho chick...

[b]Bio:[/b]To make a long story short: Ranma's dad promised him to a few girls' fathers, took him on a training mission, got both of 'em cursed, and returned to the first promised one's dojo. now, Ranma's making up for a whole lot of other people's mistakes, as well as his own. And he's stuck as a girl half the time. Whoever thought he'd become such a water-magnet?

[b]Goal in Life:[/b]To find a cure for his curse.....and then, maybe figure out how he feels about Akane.....if she'll keep from pummelling him long enough![/color]

[b][center]Miscellaneous Stuff[/b][/center]

[color=teal]I'll be using a different color font for when Ranma's a girl. This is his boy font, [/color][color=pink]this is his girl font.[/color][color=teal] If you have a cursed character, please do the same in order to make it easier to understand.

Also, I would like to thank Rumiko Takahashi for such an original manga and anime series. I'd also like to wish all who join an enjoyable time![/color]
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Name: Nimimi Hokuno

Age: 16

Cursed: none

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Black

Weapon: Two swords

Style: Amazon Warrior Arts

Techniques: Mouko Takabisha- Arrogant Tiger Blast. Summoned pride and confidence is ejected in a yellow ball at the enemy.

Shi Shi Hokodan- Depression Suicide Attack. Ejects a HUGE amount of depression energy into the air and falls back to earth, making one helluva crater.

Personality: Quite becaues of her training to keep her feelings away yet she has a kind heart to animals.


Bio: Nimimi parents toke her away from the Amazon village when she was young to train her without distration.Both of her parents where killed later on and she retured to the Amazon village she came from.She quickly became the best fighter and the strongest.She left the village once again to train at the Legendary Acrused Springs.The guide told her that she was the only one that had come to train and not fall into any of the springs.She was happy of that and decied to stay and train more.She stayed with the guide at his house and told her all the legends of the springs.He also helped her train by throwing knives at her while she jumped from pole to pole.Nimimi decied that she wanted to go to Japen because the guide told her that most of the people that fell into the springs went there.Nimimi also wanted to go there because her parents told her that the strongest fighters lived there and that it would be a great place to settle.

Goal in Life: To find the perfect man to respect her and animals and to be a vet.

OOC: Yaaa I finshed it!!!!Tell me if I need to change anything.
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[color=indigo][size=1]Wow, this is exciting to have a Ranma 1/2 RPG. ^_^

[b]Name:[/b] Shampoo. Also known as Sha-Chan.

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Cursed:[/b] Curse of the Drowned Cat.

[b]Eyes:[/b] Fuschia.

[b]Hair:[/b] Long and indigo-colored. In the front she has little bells.


[b]Style:[/b] Martial Arts. She is an Amazon Warrior.

[b]Techniques:[/b] She's pretty handy with her bicycle, blades, and nifty little fans. She can also fight with a staff.

[b]Personality:[/b] Very aggressive when it comes to Ranma. She is very rude to his other fiances, but caters to Ranma's every wish and desire. She speaks in a very high pitched voice.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Long indigo hair and big fuschia eyes. She wears traditional Chinese clothing. Her kitten form is violet colored with little bells on her ears, bearing a striking resemblance to Shampoo's human form.


[b]Bio:[/b] She became engaged to Ranma quite by accident. She challenged him after he had eaten her food, a reward for her victory. Male-type Ranma defeated her and therefore she was to be engaged to him, unless she could one day defeat him. She followed him to Japan, some how getting cursed along the way, and runs a Ramen shop with her grandmother, Cologne, who will do practically anything to get her granddaughter and Ranma together. She also is followed around by Mousse, a boy from her Amazon tribe, who has been in love with her since their childhood. He's never been able to defeat her and therefore he's never been ever to win her over, despite his many challenges to Ranma for her sake.

[b]Goal in Life:[/b] To obliterate Girl-Type Ranma and be betrothed to Male-Type Ranma.[/color][/size]
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Name: Tatewaki Kuno

Age:I think Kuno was 17 in the anime, so 19.

Eyes: Black

Hair: Dark Brown.

Weapon: Wooden Katana.

Techniques: I have no idea what his techniques are. Please tell me them by Private Message.

Personality: Arrogant and loving himself, Talks with a bit off an english accent.

Appearance: Has Brown hair and black eyes, wears a blue set of robes sometimes

Bio: Kuno is the eldest child of the principal of Furinkan high and lives with his sister Kodachi in a big house, Kuno doesn't know that Principal Kuno is his father.
Kuno is insane about Akane and Ranma-chan and will constantly challenge Ranma-kun to a duel for Akane or sometimes even for the pig-tailed girl.

Goal in Life: He wishes for Ranma-chan or Akane to fall in love with him.Preety fat chance considering he has only been kissed once in the anime and dressed up as a girl in an episode from, I think season 4
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1] This seems interesting. ^_^

[b]Name[/b]: Enrai Raikiri

[b]Age[/b]: 24

[b]Cursed[/b]: Curse Of The Drowned Wolf

[b]Eyes[/b]: Crystal Blue

[b]Hair[/b]: Black

[b]Weapon[/b]: Lotus Fan

[b]Style[/b]: Tekken-fu .


[b]Ikkatsu[/b]- A lightning attack modified so it won?t be as powerful as normal. Transmitting lighting from within his body into his hand, it course through the fan that he holds. With a swift swing of the opened fan, it sends a shock wave at the opponent in the form of many claws. If this was done to a nearby building, and if Enrai wished it, the power would only leave nothing but a crater that looks like a wolf?s paw.

[b]Hiraishin[/b]-Another lightning technique modified so it won?t be as powerful as normal. This time, Enrai transmits concentrated chi into his fan, and once he swings his weapon, a ball of pure energy is released from it. From there, it launches straight toward the target.

[b]Seiteki[/b]- A simple attack, with a swing of his fan, Enrai can trap his opponent in a force field of static electricity.

[b]Hyakurai (Hundred Thunderclaps)[/b]- When angry enough, or when wanting to see how long his opponent will last, Enrai uses this technique. After setting up with the Seiteki attack, Enrai chants a few things, and then the Seiteki starts to react. Soon the Seiteki begins to gather up energy, and once the energy is collected, Enrai says the final part of the hymn: ?Here, taste the wrath of the heavens!? Of course, he adds in a few things into that.
From there, the opponent within the Seiteki is bombarded with strikes of lightning. No one has survived past ten shocks.

[b]Personality[/b]: Generally cheerful with no type of worries. At times (meaning all of the time) he is a pervert, and at times is somewhat weird.


[b]In Wolf Form[/b]: When in this form, he is of course smaller, but for some reason doesn't normally walk on all fours. He stands on his hin-legs, he still wearing the same clothing he wore as a human but they are small enough to fit his cute little body. Hair color is the same as well.

[b]Bio[/b]: To make a very long story short, when he was young woman always surrounded him, he grew around them so much that he forgot about his father who didn?t get any type of attention. Seeking revenge, his father threw him into a cursed river, thinking that the curse itself would turn him into a hideous wolf beast. But instead, it only turned him into a cute little wolf cub. As the years went by, Enrai decided to move away from these women who have grown age, to find more fit for him. The women he left, simply being too much like family for him to be serious with any of them. So, he and his skill left his old home, and now he lives in a little shrine near the Tendo Dojo.
Now living in this city, his perverted ness has spread throughout town, and most young girls watch out for this handsome pervert. ^.-

OOC: This is a brief profile, I didn?t mention on how he learned the things he did, so if I need to make it longer please PM me.

[b]Goal in Life[/b]: To hit on every pretty woman he can spot! Oh, and marry a few of them. ^.^!!

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Guest MetalSonic700
Name: Ryouga Hibiki

Age: 18 (i think)

Cursed: Curse of drowned pig

Eyes: cant tell in manga.... brown?

hair:black as boy, pink as pig

style: beat-crap-out-of-people-with-weapons

techniques: umbrella-swing, headband throws, lifting heavy objects

Personality: kinda dumb, ultra stong, never knows where the hell hes going, he took 4 days to walk 500 meters....

Appearance: working on that....

Bio: He went to school with Ranma in younger days. At their school, the lunch people would take a piece of bread and throw it in the air to see who would catch them. Ryouga and Ranma would always jump but Ranma always won. When Ryouga challenged Ranma to a fight 500 meters from his home, he waited 3 days. On the 4th, Ranma left and Ryouga arrived. Ryouga was so angry he sets out to find Ranma, but his sense of direction was so bad, it took him like 2 years to find Tokyo and Ranma. When he finally arrived, he claimed he had been threw Hell and challenged Ranma with ultra-powerfull weapons and suer human strength.

Goal in life: kill Ranma Saotome
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Guest MetalSonic700
Oops...hehehe... sorry about that, to tell the complete truth ive only read vlume 1 BUT I KNOW ALOT ABOUT IT!

I am getting vol. 2 in 2 days though so Ill give more then!
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[color=teal]No, MS700, you won't. I apologize, but your post quality and haphazard throwing of a martial arts style conflict with the SOUL of my RPG. I cannot accept you. Please forgive me.

Beat-the-crap-out-of-people isn't a martial arts style. And QA, thank you for your information. Maybe you can help me when other people need some information.

Valen should be here soon....[/color]
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Sorry I'm late. Here's the stuff.

[color=royalblue][b]Name:[/b] Ryouga Hibiki, a.k.a. "P-Chan" and "Charlotte".

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Cursed:[/b] Spring of Drowned Pig

[b]Eyes:[/b] Hazel

[b]Hair:[/b] Black

[b]Weapon:[/b] 200lb. Umbrella, headbands.

[b]Style:[/b] Various, but mainly techniques involving shattered rocks.

[u]Bokusai Tenketsu[/u] - "Shattering Point Strike", Ryouga strikes a hard object, shattering it to a thousand (or more) pieces. Not as effective against a human, but still very painful.

[u]Shi Shi Hokodan[/u] - Depression assault. A large ball of depression aura is launched, greatly injuring the opponent. When Ryouga's around Akane Tendo, this seems to be an extremely deadly attack.

[u]Headband Throw[/u] - Ryouga stiffens his headband (of which there appear to be very many....somehow) and hurls it. The headband now acts like a buzz-saw. Akane's current haircut can be blamed on this technique.

Ryoga is the one standing up, and P-Chan is the little black piglet.

[b]Personality:[/b] Ryouga's a nice enough guy......when he's not insulted. He takes any slight, real or imagined, to the next level. Meaning he's a very vengeful person. He's been chasing Ranma various reasons for about three years. Of course, as the only person who can fight on Ranma's terms, this might have been over with years ago. But there's the thing about Ryouga's sense of direction. Which makes any task involving walking one helluva chore.

The sun is setting behind the Tendo Dojo and it's dinner time. Ryoga and Ranma have been forced to eat her cooking. The two are totally dreading this entire thing, when in walks Akane.

"Ready to eat?"

The two look at each other and swallow hard. [i]This would be nice, except for the small fact that AKANE CAN'T COOK![/i] Ryoga thought to himself. He looked at Ranma as if to see if Ranma had a plan. Ranma returned the same look of worry and helplessness as he had recieved. This worried him.

Akane walked back into the kitchen and Ranma and Ryoga sighed a sigh of relief.[i]Maybe she was just joking.[/i] Just as he thought that, Akane emerged from the kitchen carrying a platter of... what the heck was it?! It looked like a green blob with an orange blob next to it, then a reddish-looking roll-type thing.

[i]What's this? ...It... actually.. smells edible! ....but it looks disgusting![/i] They both thought as Akane set it on the table in front of them. Akane looked very delighted at the fact that this has to be the best she has ever done.

Ranma was lucky enough to be Akane's taste-tester. Ranma hesitantly reached over with his chop stick and tried to get a little of the green blob, but there was a problem! The stick wouldn't go in! Ryoga watched with a certain pleasure that maybe they wouldn't have to eat it after all. Ranma decided that maybe it was just him being paranoid that made it seem that hard. He jabbed the stick into the blob when something terrible happened. The chop stick BROKE!

Akane's eyes widened as she noticed this, then slumped down on the floor. [i]Real nice, Ranma... you made her cry now.[/i] Ryoga thought as he decided to take a taste of the green blob just to make him look like the nice one. Ryoga's face turned expressionless as he fell backward.

Ranma jumped up as he noticed Akane's posture and tried to console her by promising to give her tips on cooking. Ryoga got up, his face very red, and glared at Ranma.

"You know, Ranma, her food isn't [i]that[/i] bad. You should at least give her credit for trying to make something... even if it breaks the chop sticks." Ryoga told Ranma, hoping to make Akane feel better.

Akane shot up and smiled. "You liked it!? Really!? Yay!"

"Well....erm... I...uh... that is... uh...." Was all Ryoga could say. Ranma smirked at this. "Uh... could... uh... can I be excused?" Ryoga shot up from the table and tried to find the bathroom, but to no avail. The minute he stepped out of the dining area, he was lost...

"Oh! And don't go getting lost, Ryoga! Remember what happened last time!" Ranma added just as he stepped out.

And so starts his journey... to find the bathroom and get Akane's food [i]out[/i] of his system...

[b]Goal in Life:[/b] Avenge himself upon Ranma and then marry Akane..... if he can handle seeing a girl for more than four seconds without getting a nosebleed.[/color]

When played as Ryoga, the text will be [color=royalblue]this color[/color], and when as P-Chan, [color=orange] this color.[/color]
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