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The E.T.G.'s (extraordinary talent girls) must be made. The C.I.A. is looking for a group of girls who are in some way...different from other girls. Every member of the group must have a talent or skill that is different from everyone elses, that may help if say, you needed to spy on someone. Blakelee is the first member of the group and the scout to find everyone else, and she must find them soon, because a violent (and apparantly rich) group who has been given the name "Earth's most wanted"(aka, E.M.W) have been going from country to country robbing every castle, capital building, memorial, and landmark they come across. once the 7 members are discovered, E.T.G. must try and find a pattern to the robberies, spy to see where E.M.W. will strike next, and prevent them from fufilling their "duties", and if possible, lock them in jail.

All right, just so ya know, everyone is just a human, although some may have strange powers, like levitation or changing shape, but if it has to do with magic, it is your only magic.

Real Name:
Spy/Criminal name:
Age: (no younger than 15)
Position: (boys side, girl's side, or cia rep)
Weapon: (one only)
Talent: (computers and technology, chemistry, logic)
Power: (if any)
Other info:

My sign up:
real name: Blaklee Moss
spy name: Basil Thorn
age: 15
Position: E.T.G.
Weapon: her strength
Talents: logic and knowledge of marshall arts
Power: Intuition that is almost always right
Appearance: Boy short brown hair, boyish face, basically looks like a boy.
attitude/personality: She's a Stubborn, bossy, and independent tomboy.
Other info: She looks like a boy, can sound like a boy, sometimes acts like a boy, and has mostly boys for friends, which she has found is useful for sneaking into mens clubs with her friends when her friend's parents make the boys go.

I'll keep a count of the girls and CIA reps needed
Girls needed:4 CIA reps needed:3
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This sounds like it could be a cool RPG!

[color=magenta][u]Real Name:[/u] Kiki Adouine
[u]Spy Name:[/u] Psy Star
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]Position:[/u] ETG
[u]Weapon:[/u] A small but quite powerful laser
[u]Talents:[/u] Talking people into things or controlling them, good with a computer
[u]Power:[/u] Telekinesis
[u]Appearance:[/u] Kiki is about 5'2" and has long straight black hair with magenta streaks and violet eyes. She wears a black, long-sleeved shirt with a magenta and aqua star on it and a fairly long, black skirt with aqua on the rim. She also wears black tights and black boots.
[u]Personality:[/u] Kiki tends to be a loner and is also sassy, superstitious, and somewhat antisocial.
[u]Other Info:[/u] Many people think she's a witch, probably because she threatens to put spells on people sometimes. But she doesn't mind that at all...[/color]

I hope Kiki's in, and I hope her signup's OK...
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[color=purple][size=1]I know my sign up is a bit cliche, but it's supposed to be. Let me know if it needs to be changed at all.[/size]

[b]Real Name:[/b] Bethany "Beth" McKnight

[b]Spy name:[/b] Obsidian Rose

[b]Age:[/b] 16

[b]Position:[/b] E.T.G.

[b]Weapon:[/b] Sabre

[b]Talent:[/b] Fencing, and going unnoticed

[b]Power:[/b] Shadow form (Look in Other Info for an explanation.)

[b]Appearance:[/b] Beth, with her pale skin, waist length dyed black hair, (which was originally brown), and black rings around her blue eyes, looks like a stereotypical goth girl. But that's exactly what she's trying to look like. She usually wears a dark purple tanktop, black and purple striped armwarmers, a long black skirt with black tights, and black buckle-up platform boots.

[b]Attitude/Personality:[/b] Beth could have had friends, in fact she could have probably been a bit popular in her school, but she decided to close herself off from everyone. Without giving anyone a chance to get to know her, she told herself that they didn't care about her anyways. Beth tries hard not to talk to anyone that much, because she wants to feel sorry for herself. She also looks up to Kiki a bit, but she would deny it if she ever found out.

[b]Other info:[/b] One day, at school, when Beth was wishing that she could just disappear, she changed into some sort of shadow. She found out that while she was in this shadow form, no one could hear her move around, and she also found out that she could slip under doors as well. She does not like to use this form too often however, because she always feels so cold when she changes back to normal.[/color]
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