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The final fantasy is in trouble, many have fallen victom of death from Shango (made up) the greatest mage. Shango is as powerful as no one would have believed. Now people are needed...what will happen? What will everone do?

Fill in your character info below.

Name: (your name)

Age: (optional, but age for your character)

Race: (what race do you want to be. Elven, Human, Rat, etc.)

Class: (What class. Classes listed below. 5 to max)

Classes: Alchemist: Combine items to create better item.

Berserker: Be unable to control your character during battle.

Black mage: be able to cast black magic such as Water, Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Shadow. Spells get upgraded by 30 posts.

Dark Knight: Be very powerful but slow, you are also able to use a skill called Darkness which sacrifces life to deal heavy damage.

Gun Mage: Be a gunner who can learn enemy abilities.

Gunner: Use guns as weapons and shoot the living hell out of enemies.

Gambler: Use skills that require reels and gamble.

Mascot:Where a costume and be a mascot for your party of fighters, can use black magic, and white magic. Black magic automatically cast shattering petrification.

Samurai: Use a heavy blade and deal Heavy damage, learn Budukai skills.

Singer: SING! SING FOR YOUR PARTY!!! Learn new dances and songs depending on where you go.

Theif: Steal Items for the group.

Trainer: Have a pet to train and fight in battles for you.

Warrior: Fight with a sword and the breaks such as Power, Mental, Power, etc.

White Mage: Cast white magic to heal your party members.

Special Classes: Only a few people can have special classes, if you want to have a special class, pm me and I will see if you qualify for it.

Default Class: (The class you like to walk around in.)

Biography: (you character's bio)

Personality: (your characters personality)

Description: (your character's description, or a photo will do)

Weapons: (depending on what classes you are)

Here is mine:

Name: Errow

Age: 18

Race: Half Human, Half Elf

Classes: 1. Theif
2. Black Mage
3. Gunner
4. Trainer
5. Mascot (Cait Sith)

Default Class: Theif

Special Class: Arising Anger

Bio: Errow was born within the Evergoing Forest, his father was one of the warriors within the war of many years. He is still fighting the war, Errow can feel his father's soul, still living. Now his mother is the Elder of the Elven Clan. Now he has left the forest and met up with some strangers that gave him a somewhat belt where can can change his powers. His journey starts now.

Personality:Happy when party is safe.

Descriprion: [IMG]http://div.dyndns.org/art/thief.jpg[/IMG]

Weapons: Theif: Twin daggers
Black mage: (none)
Gunner: Dual Guns...duh...
Trainer: Silver Dragon
Mascot: (none)
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Name: Kayin Cloud

Age: 19

Race: Human

1. Warrior
2. Black Mage
3. White Mage
4. Thief
5. Samurai

Default Class: Warrior

Special Class: Zeus? Strike

Bio: Kayin was raised in learning the arts of Bushido from the age of 11. He was a quick learner and first to surpass his master in a matter of 5 years. Upon surpassing him, he recieved the Shadow Katana and the hatred of his master for surpassing him. From 17 years old he continued to train himself alone in the forest. In the past year he was confronted by his master once again for a final duel, when the fight was interrupted by a fiend attack. The fiends defeated his master but Kayin was not defeated by these fiends, thanks to his own training.
Personality: Very protective towards allies, even sacrifically protective. Kayin is a very determined fighter and a very fast learner. He is very protective and gets along well with others. He is sometimes shy and does not always say what is on his mind.

Description: [img]http://www.myimgs.com/data/THova/KayinCloud.jpg[/img]

Warrior- Shadow Katana
Black Mage- Lightning Rod
White Mage- Fire Staff
Thief- Arm blade
Samurai- Hyoretsuzan(Ice Sword)
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Name: Narson

Age: 17

Race: Elven

Class: Trainer, Gunner, and Warrior

Special Class: Dragon Disciple

Default: Trainer

Biography: He grew up in a village which was made up comlpetely of Trainers. At the time he reached age thirteen, he began training with a red dragon to be his pet. He also took time to learn sword and gun skills after he proved to have no aptitude with magic. He recently left his village to go and kill Shango so that he would not attack his village.

Personality:He is generally very nice and polite, is fond of all animals. He gives trust lightly, however, and holds a grudge until the person who wronged him has somehow repented.

Description: [URL=http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/loth/m/k/mknelson/ewredwizard.jpg]Putting In A Picture Was Causing Me Issues,So CLICK ME[/URL]
Weapons: Trainer: Has the staff in the picture and a red dragon.
Warrior: A black rune covered broad-sword and a long dagger.
Gunner: If you couldn't guess......twin guns
Dragon Disciple: A large spear.
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Cool, I'll join:

Name: Jim Mishima
Age: 16
Race: Wizard

Class:White Mage
Dark Mage
Gun Mage

Biography:Jim'm father was a summoner when he was a child before Lasy Yuna stapped Sin, so he sacrificed his life and his wife to bring the calm after her father. Jim had taken up the art of magic like his father before him to stop any evil that might arrive, although he knew that day wouldn't come it wouldn't hurt to train. Now that fiends have come to the calm, Jim now has to put all of his hard and countless hours of training to work.

Description: [url]http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/ols/screencaps/1/8jim.JPG[/url]

Personality: Jim is very helpful to people who need it, and even those who are mean and nasty all the time. Jim only fights when he needs to, he doesn't like to fight much at all. Jim always tries to keep a smile on his face even when things look at their worst.

Weapons: Crystal Staff
Chaos Staff
Revival Gun
Iron Bo
Defult: White Mage
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Cool we need about 7 more characters. After that we need to choose if we want parties of 3 or 4, then we choose what parties we want. 1 or 2 people are going to have be alone if they want to, pm me if u wanna be alone. Oh yeah, if ur gonna be a trainer...your gonna need an animal pet instead if just a normal weapon.
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