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This is in the Warhammer style, as indicated by the title. The possible species you can be are as follows. High elf, dwarf, halfling, bretonnian (sp?), imperial, lizardman, mercenary (Must have my ok before. I must know species, too.),wood elf, or dark elf. If you don't know what they are, read below:

High elf: Typical noble elf.
Dwarf: Like on LotR.
Halfling: Kind of a rip-off of the hobbits.
Bretonnians: Like the knights of europe.
Imperial: A greedier version of ancient Rome.
Lidardmen: Giant lizards dressed like Aztecs. Very primitive.
Mercenary: Paid soldier.
Wood elf: Stealthy elf, but weaker than high elves.
Dark elf: Fallen high elves, obsessed by revenge.

The enemies are as follows. Beasts of chaos, hordes of chaos, orcs (of course), skaven (rat-men), tomb kings, and vampire counts. They are bad. And evil.

The basic plot goes like this: you're a band of people that are called to the imperial capital by the king. He wants you to recover an artifact from an ancient tomb, deep in the mountains. The artifact is a sword. It's big and evil. The sword is notorious for breaking opponents' blades in combat. He wants you to find a way to destroy it.

Sign-up Sheets:
Class: (Soldier, rogue, wizard, shamen,or barbarian.)
Abilities: (Up to three.)
Magic: (Wizards only. Up to four.)
Arms and equipment: (Up to three.)
Description: (Pictures help, descriptions are still good.)
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Name: Shadowblade
Age: 134
Gender: Male
Species: Dark Elf
Class: Rogue/Assasian
Abilities: Dance of Doom, Touch of Death, Hand of Khaine
Weapons: 2 blades coated with Dark Venom
Bio/Personality:[I] He has no opinions about the murders he committed for his mistress, only that he had been ordered to carry them out and that he enjoyed nothing more.He like the way a body went limp as a poisioned dagger was slipped between its ribs. He took pleasure in the contorted expressions of indescribablepain his victims exhibited under the effects of the agonising Black Venom.[/I]

[I]Quite simly, he loved his work. And he was loyal. The only thing he valued more than being able to kill was loyalty, a quality indoctinated into him from childhood during his harsh upbringing in the Temple of Khaine, ever since he was stolen from his parents' home on Death Night many, many years ago.[/I]

[I]In the temple he hadn learnt the deadly martial arts of the assassins of Khaine, studied the powers of poison, learnt how to move without making a sound and slip through shadows unseen, and that there was none more important than the Hag Queen, except the Witch King himself.[/I]

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