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Jurassic Park 4

Farto the Magic

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[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]In the late eighties and early ninties, a rich man by the name of John Hammond, aided by his company, INGEN, did the impossible: he cloned dinosaurs from DNA found in the amber found around fossilized misquitos (sp?). They then turned it into a theme park. During the night they first tested the theme park, a hurricane knocked out the power and the creatures went free. The people on the islands were attacked and many of them died. That was Isla Nublar. Isla Nublar was hit with napalm shortly after.
Isla Sorna was the island used by the INGEN company to grow the creatures from synthetic eggs. The four island used by INGEN were wiped out and humans never returned, except for a few small parties. For the most part, the islands went untouched. (Except by them damn hunters!)

The year is 2005. A group of scientists have worked tirelessly for months to gain access to Isla Sorna. After ten months, their persistence has paid off. With the signing of a few wavers and forms explaining that, if they die, it is of their own accord, they are sent off to the island, via boat, the least intrusive way of transportation. They find the island a jungle and a mess. The trees are wild and gnarled in some places and flattened in others. The only sign of life is a skeletal hand of a raptor and a plastic lighter. The place, at first glance, looks deserted.

The mission is simple: research the creatures and bring back samples. This will eventually go horribly wrong and everyone's lives will be at stake. (For-warning.)Basically, bring back a few dinosaurs. The creatures will be sold to rich people and museums for millions and the research could spark interest in the field of paleontology again.

Just to inform you all, the object will be survival in the future. Things always go wrong here. Just so you all know.[/CENTER]

Here's what I need:

Age: (Within reason.)
Class: (What position your person is. Researcher, scientist, paleontologist, guide. There can be more than one of each, within reason.)
Skills: (What are they good at: shooting, tracking, survival, knowledge, etc. Up to two.)
Equipment: (Weapons and useful items.)
Bio: (Where they came from.)

[B]My Character: [/B] (Hooray for my character!)
[B]Name:[/B] Chris Kane
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Age:[/B] 34
[B]Class:[/B] Paleontologist (Specializes in herbavore behavior.)
[B]Skills: [/B] Knowledge and writing.
[B]Equipment: [/B] A set of simple tools and the book [I]Mesezoic Vertebrate Life[/I].
[B]Bio:[/B] A veteran paleontologist from Montana, he has traveled the world in search of dinosaur fossils and such, trying to find out about their behavior. One day, during a conversation with a person interested in funding a dig, they stumbled upon the topic of Isla Sorna. The venture seemed, to him, to be a good idea and he tried to fund an expedition to the island. Due to certain legal reasons, the trip took months to get on it's feet. He has heard that the trip has the go-ahead and is packed and ready to go.
Pretty simple. I'll probably start the post when there's seven people. I seriously hope that people join, seeing as how they never join my other adventures.[/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]Please flesh the story out a bit more. While I'm sure everybody and their mother has heard of Jurassic Park, perhaps you might want to explain the principles behind that, or how Isla Sorna came to be, how much the island has changed since it was last visited, that sort of thing. If you wanted to keep changes on the island a secret for the actual RPG, I could understand that, but you should be able to include more without really giving any of your ideas away.

Just add a few more details and you should be good to go.

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Well, I like this one. I think I just may sign up for it

Name: Miatatzu Mihyotto
Gender: female
Age: 25
Class: Researcher, art designer
Skills: Tracking, survival, knowledge of dinosaur behavior
Equipment: Shotgun, a few 1st aid kits, a pencil and paperpad.
Bio: Miatatzu was born in Kyoto, Japan. She recently moved to Germany and then to America in search of a good job as an animal researcher. Miatatzu has a love of the arts and always carries a scketchpad with her, just in case she finds insperation in a strange place.
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