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Meet Manic...
Manic is an emancipated minor, currently living in The City and attending Local High School.
[color=darkblue]"What's its name?"[/color]
[color=darkblue]"What's the name of the local high school?"[/color]
Local. Local High School.
I don't make this stuff up, people!
[color=darkblue]"Fine, fine. Finish your narrative."[/color]
Gladly. *ahem* With graduation fast approaching, Manic searches frantically for a good college-- but will the colleges accept him? With his history of poor marks and less-than-acceptable attendance, his only option is to score well on the SAT's. But will he find the time to study with constant interruptions from his neighbors and the beautiful new building manager? Will Manic's test scores survive the walls of...
[center][size=4]MAISON OTAKU[/size][/center]

As you may have already guessed, this is a parody of the popular Takahashi manga/anime Maison Ikuko. For a change of pace, this RPG will be a comedy. I'll be playing the lead role of Manic (duh). All you guys have to do is sign up as the rambunctious cast of wacky characters. Building tenants, classmates, relatives, ect. Just make sure that your character tries desperately to make mine feel uncomfortable. Also, feel free to sign up as the attractive building manager my character will probably never become fully involved with.

"Unleash the obligatory sign-up form!"

Name: Make up a name or use your own. Your choice.
Gender: Male, female, and anything else you can think of
Age: Be creative. Kids, elderly, whatever.
Description: Describe your character. Pictures also accepted.
Life Story: What makes your character who they are?

[b]Name:[/b] Manic D'Presse
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 17, and loathing it
[b]Description:[/b] Roughly average height for anyone his age, Manic has short brown hair, brown eyes, white teeth, and a single strand of grey hair that may, one day, expand to the rest of his scalp.
[b]Life Story:[/b] Manic was born the second of three children-- forcing him to grow up with a lack of attention from his parents, siblings, and practically everyone else. After reaching the age of 16, Manic asked his parents if he could leave home and go to school in The City. Without really paying attention to Manic's request, his parents signed forms allowing him to rent an apartment in the inner-city and live legally without guardianship until he reaches 18.
The recession hasn't been treating Manic kindly, as he can never keep a job. In fact, conflicts with his work schedules usually cause him to miss his classes. Normally, the government would come into play to deal with such child labor issues, but this is The City-- this type of thing goes on all the time. Doesn't it?

I'll be accepting players based on sense of humor, post quality, and all that good stuff. I haven't decided how many characters I'll allow yet, but I guess I'll let in however many qualify.
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Heh, I've never seen the anime (what a shocker), but I'll give it a shot...humor happens to be my strong point (I'd like to think so, at least).

[b]Name:[/b] Shinmaru Lestrange (the name forced itself on me o_-)

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Description:[/b] About 5'9" tall, skinny, athletic build (though he's way too lazy to engage in athletics of any sort). He has short black hair and brown eyes that make you want to pinch his cheeks.

[b]Life Story:[/b] Shinmaru is the eldest child in his family and he recently moved to an apartment building in the inner-city because he basically did nothing to help out around the house, anyway. He recieved the attention that is usually given to the eldest child but also recieved the responsibilities, which he didn't take kindly to. When it comes to Shinmaru's life, laziness reigns supreme.

He barely tries at school, despite his above-average intelligence; he routinely gets B's (and A's on occasion) with little to no effort. However, his lax attitude towards school has forced him to do well on the SAT in order to get into the college of his dreams - which, basically means that Shinmaru is screwed, due to his aversion to studying. When he's not lazing around his apartment building, he's either working in the local fast food joint or sapping away the time that his neighbor, Manic, could be using for studying.

If there's anything you'd like me to change, feel free to PM me or something ^_^
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Name: Xion (Hah!) Megalomana
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Description: See attachment (I don't know what the deal is with the mark on my nose is)
Life Story: Xion is a bored, brilliant, psychotic, egotistical, megalomaniacal (sp?), antisocial, anti-conformist who doesn't actually conform to some social group (unlike so many other self-proclaimed 'rebels') *gasp*. He is his own person in every way, scorning mindless sheep in all their guises, from preps to goths to punks to jocks to nerds to etc. He is known for his bizarre outbursts, brutal honesty, sarcasm, wit, and irritating acknowledgement that he is a smartass in every possible way. He's also confusing politically, hating Republicans for their sheer evilness, Democrats for their subservient whining, Third Parties for being losers who couldn't join a major party, and has enough evidence to shut down anyone willing to challange his political beliefs, which are that Bush should be shot, his children should be liqudated, and that the only working political systems are dictatorships and anarchy. Did I mention he loathes Bush? He also has strong religious beliefs, in the way that he has none but his own Eastern-style theological religion called Buddism (prenounce Bud-ism), named after his dog who he states has the perfect existance. He condemns extremeists of any religion and thinks that anyone claiming their religion is the 'one-way' should be boiled in a pot of pure cow fat and then fed to over-eating American psychos while uber-liberals are forced to watch (and then tell the over-eating slobs what they just ate. See if they don't go on the 'no-cal' diet). As stated, he has nothing for contempt for extremeists of any kind, thinking they need to tone things down. Liberal, conservative, feminist, religious, political, whatever, he hates 'em all. Anyway, his extremist (if rational) beliefs have made him an army of enemies, but also strong allies. He has found a rather accepting friend in Manic, even though his irrational rantings sometimes drive Manic to attempt an immediate Larynx-ectomy (I've found many times I'd wish to do this myself, though to others.)
That sound good?
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[color=green]I?ll try my hand at this:

[b]Name:[/b] Al K. Seltzer

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Age:[/b] 15


[img] http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=17921&stc=1[/img]

[b]Life Story:[/b] After his parents could no longer afford to send him to the prestigious [I]Little Ivy League Prep School[/I], Al moved to the city and resigned himself to finish high school at Local High School. He?s a sophomore this year, but talking mostly junior and senior classes.

Incredibly lazy, highly intelligent and laid back, Al doesn?t stick his neck out for anyone. He rarely does his homework, but manages to get Bs anyway. He rarely studies for anything but history, which is his favorite subject.

Al lives across the hall from Manic, and is rather annoying. Seeing as the apartment building is rented mostly to teenagers, the management doesn?t have much to fear in the way of complaints. This led them to put only one bathroom on each floor to save money. All eight apartment occupants on each floor are forced to compete for the same bathroom each morning. Al always seems to get in the bathroom first; he also takes a rather long time showering, shaving and brushing his teeth each morning. This forces Manic to rush as fast as he can to shower before school. Al seems oblivious to Manic?s furious glares each morning as he walks back to his room.

After school, Al works as a web designer from his apartment. He makes decent money and excellent websites, but doesn?t get out much.

Al also wears the same yellow sweatshirt every day, as it?s his favorite (and only) sweatshirt.[/color]
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[B]Name[/B]: Valerian Pietrangelo a.k.a [B]Valerie[/B]

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Age:[/B] Barely sweet 16

[B]Description:[/B] Average height, gray eyes, and straight black hair to her shoulders. She often brushes it behind her ears, and she has a bright smile. At first glance, she's charming and sweet...but that facade doesn't last too long.

[B]Life Story:[/B] The only child of doting parents, Valerie grew up with it all. Her mother was Japanese, and her father Italian. She grew up in a little villa in the countryside of Italy, but has been all over the world because of her father's rich lifestyle. Her hobbies include reading, coloring on walls with crayons and pastels, eating bread (she adores bread and pastries), and anything else that flits across her whimsical mind.
Her personality is just that - whimsical. Always having an air of levity around her, she seems to float through life with an almost irritating style. Valerie is quite bright, and her tongue is quick to match. She loves to lead other people in merry little dances of words, in which she twists and pulls their arguments from under them. Because of this, she is a wonder at debate.
Recently she moved to The City on her own, with no trouble from her parents, as they give her everything that her heart desires. She lives in the same apartment complex as Manic, but has just recently moved there. As they haven't met, he blissfully has no idea of the complete hell that Valerie is going to make of his life.:)
Charmingly bright and innocent in front of adults and other persons of importance, Valerie has a mischievous side which she doesn't reveal in front of them. But in fact, she is quite the little troublemaker, and if you get on her bad side, she can hold a grudge [I]forever.[/I] And not only that, but she will do as much as she can to make your life miserable. However, Manic is lucky. She's not going to hate him. In fact, when she meets Manic, she will adore him, and in the same sense, drive him crazy. Did I mention that she is excellent in school? And already a popular addition, as well as an elite member of the debate team. Valerie will haunt you everywhere.:D

Can't wait to meet you all.:D
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Katerina Tabitha (Kat) Felin (Fell-IN)
Gender: Female
Age: 17, and loving it
Description: About 5'7" tall, with dark brown hair that she keeps braided. Kat loves to wear jeans and t-shirts with weird logos on them. (Her favorite, far and away, says 'You're just jealous 'cause the voices talk to ME!' Cliche, ne?
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]"Shut up and tell them more."[/COLOR])
Her eyes are a weird shade of brown that changes from light to dark depending on her mood, and her general aura is that of a sweet, innocent, playful girl... well, two out of three ain't bad, right? She's brainy, witty, and absolutely crazy.
Life Story: Unlike Manic, Kat was born the second of three kids, but was kept under close observation from the day she was born. This has created a few oddities in her nature, the least of which is her decision to wear cat ears and a collar all the time. She entered Local simply because her old school bored her to tears, and moved into an apartment to escape from a torturing elder brother and an annoying, boyfriend-stealing younger sister.
Kat lives next door to Al, and shares an English class with Manic and Valerie. Her hobbies include playing the piano (badly), singing in the shower, and cooking all the time. Her favorite anime are [I]Excel Saga, Trigun[/I], and [I]Cowboy Bebop, [/I] and depending on her mood, she has been known to dance into a room singing, "I'm a moron! I'm a major-league dumb***!", shouting "LOVE AND PEACE!" for no apparent reason, or gazing into space with a dreamy expression and humming [I]Blue[/I].
She deeply dislikes dogs, but loves cats with a passion, and wants to get a black one that she can call KuroNekoSama. :sweat:
Just remember two things: Never, ever call her Tabitha or Tabby, and [I]NEVER[/I] touch her braid. (Ala Turtle from [U]The Westing Game[/U])

Looking forward to meeting all y'all!

Love the names, by the way...[/FONT]
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[B]Name:[/B] Ayumi Akuma
[B]Age:[/B] just turned 17
[B] Description:[/B] Ayumi is unfortunately, a nerd gone hippie, and it shows. She has short brown hair that jist brushes her shoulders. She hates her natural hair colour and dyes it any colour of the spectrum whenever possible, much to her fathers dismay. She always wears bright flouresent colours or if not that, a dark grubby old burgundy hoodie and jeans. If you ever have the rare opportunity to actually see her eyes, they are a pair of rather intelligent hazel eyes. Though she always has them hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses that she wears even at night! She swears that she can see perfectly fine in them, but the number of times she manages to "miss the door" and smack into a wall makes one really wonder...

[B]Life Story:[/B] Having never had that much of a "real" family as a kid, and being the shy-and-nerdy-hide-your-face-in-a-book-kid when in elementary and early in high school. Because of that, she never mastered her social skills and pays dearly for it now. though in later grades nearing the end of her highschool years something in her snapped and she went from the soft-spoken paranoid Ayumi, to the, "colourful" girl she is now. Though she still can get rather tounge-tied when meeting new people.
Shes as ditzy as they come, and blind as a bat, though she denies both furiously. Which is why you're asking for death if you ever meantion either one in front of her.
Ayumi's hobbies include, listening to J-pop/rock "crazy american" bands as she likes to call them. Her problem is, she likes to share this music with the entire house and blares it at ungodly hours of the night and more importantly, when a certain someone is trying to study ^_~. That wouldnt be so bad, if she didnt decide to sing along in her high sshreiky off-key voice! Some are starting to believe shes a demon sent to make their nights loud and sleepless.
Ayumi moved out of her fathers house when things began to get bad for them financially. Her father stated that they had two options: "either the dog goes or you go honey" guess who went? Thats right! Both she and the dog went and headed into the inner city. Ayumi holds no grudges towards her beloved father, heck she had been dying to get out of that house for ages!
Aymui and her big old border collie, Makoto, are now tennants in the Masion. Ayumi works after school as a Waitress in one of the nearby "casual fine dining" places and gets rather good pay for it. Despite the fact that she can hardly talk to the customers nor get the orders quite right its a surprise they even keep her around.
Makoto has been in her family for generations apparently. With his shaggy brown and white coat and big brown eyes you would hardly suspect him of being so old. Ayumi has a deep love for this old dog and can be sometimes caught talking to the old mutt. Unfortunatly, Makoto has the dirty habit of getting a "taste" of the new tennants, and he seems to have developed quite a liking for Manics flesh...

^-^ hope you liked my wacky character as much as I have had making her!
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[color=red][b]Name:[/b]Ranma Saotome


[b]Description:[/b]The (self-proclaimed) best martial artist in the world, Ranma is one hell of a wild card in the game of life. He's arrogant, EXTREMELY proud, and willing to do ANYTHING to be the best. Of course, as a result of this as well as quite a few bashes to the head, he's not all that smart. Ranma also has a bit of a quirk....when he's splashed with cold water, HE becomes a SHE. Because of a curse inflicted upon him at the infamous Jusenkyou Springs, he's stuck with a gender-shifting curse. Of course, its not like he hasn't made any FRIENDS. He has four fiancess.....and he likes only one of them. But he's WAY too damned honorable to let the other three down. What's a half-girl, half-guy gonna do? Move away!

[b]Life Story:[/b]Naturally, none of this would make sense without a bio.

Genma Saotome, master of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, dragged his son, Ranma (who was already engaged to the three Tendo sisters thorugh an agreement by his father), away from his mother at the age of six, signing an agreement that if Genma did not return when and only when Ranma was the manliest man in the world, both father and son would commit seppuku. Of course, the ten-year trip was a hell of a ride. Alog the way, Ranma befriended a young girl, whom he thought was a GUY, named Ukyou Kuonji. Genma decided to promise Ranma's hand in marriage to Ukyou in return for the Kuonji Okonomiyaki cart. Genma ran off with the cart, leaving an enraged Ukyou behind. Genma enlisted Ranma in an all-boys school, where a war broke out for the last piece of bread every day. Ryoga, who had to be helped to school every day by Ranma due to his EXTREME lack of ANY sense of direction, never got the bread. Ranma always did, and he also shared it with Ryoga. Who, in turn, took it as a slight and challenged Ranma. Ryoga was, as usual, four days late for the challenge. It so happened that on the fourth day, Genma dragged Ranma to China. Ryoga fumed about yet another imagined slight when it was he who was at fault. In any case, genma dragged his son all over CHina to different training grounds, eventually reaching Jusenkyo. Ranma thwacked Genma into a spring, and out came a panda. Ranma, wondering at this, ended up thwacked into a spring by his father, hwo was holding a sign that said something about never being distracted in a fight. Ranma came out a girl. Later on, hthey found a village called Joketsuzoku, where they interrupted a duel for food. Ranma, in girl form, defeated the Amazon girl Xian Pu (Ranma can't pronounce it any way other than "Shampoo") and ended up with the kiss of death. Which later turned into the kiss of marriage!

Of course, this didn't sit too well with Soun Tendo (or Ranma for that matter), the father of the girls whom Ranma would have to choose from as a fiancee. Upon realizing their fiancee was a cursed individual, they forced Akane, the youngest, into the engagement.

Ranma, though sorely tempted to thousands of times from beatings and whatnot, never gave in. He eventually fell in love with Akane, who also loved him back. But Ranma has vowed not to allow Akane to marry a ronin, and so, after two years, has begun studying for college. He has taken up residence at Maison Otaku in hopes that he could study without the pressures of his four fiancees Akane, Shampoo, Ukyou (yeah, yeah, she came back and fell in love with him), and Kodachi Kuno (****, Ranma's in trouble here.....). Howev-



[b]Genma:[/b]BOY!!! I'LL SHOW YOU RESPECT!!!!

*throws a kitten into the room*


*latches onto Ranma's face*



[b]Akane:[/b]RANMA NO BAKA!!!!!!!!!!
Uhh.......yeah. Let's leave it there for now......needless to say, his old life moved with him.....[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Name: Celestrial "Cela Femme" Duvet (translated "that woman" in French)

Gender: Female...very female indeed
Age: 23
Description: Quicktempered, fiesty, and downright evil would describe her...and not to forget flirty, comedic and seductive. This hard-core feminist might look all peachy, but in actuality, she's not.

Life Story: Celestrial was born and raised in Paris, France. She lived with her mother, 'Jacqueline Duvet'. Life hasn't been easy for her, considering that her mother was "on the lamb" from the FBI in the States...so she moved there when she was pregnant with her...and she was basically raised to be a paranoid about the world as she could be. Her mother despised men, and in turn, Cela despised them also. She was a splitting image of her mother, especially when she turned 15. They looked exactly alike. Cela, unfortunately for her mother, took a "liking" towards boys...and men. She had a motto: "All men are to be used in some way, shape or form...if not, they should be decimated."

When she turned 21, 'Jacqueline' had enough of her daughter's "antics" and decided it was time for her daughter to see America. So she sold everything she could (except her apartment), gave the money to Cela, and sent her away. Cela when to live with her American grandmother, went to college, and worked part-time as a bartender. She hated her job, seeing as men would grab and squeeze her in certain places...and she often hit them or curse them which, unfortunately for her, they liked. She had many flings and became popular at the bar for her smart mouth and flashy clothing.

After that, two years passed...and her grandmother decided to help her get a job...as a building manager. The old B.M. took a liking to her and decided to hire her to take over. She also applied to Local High School for a History teacher position, which happened to be open since one of the teachers quit. The principal, during the interview, came face-to-face with Cela...and hired her on the spot becuase he thought that she would be a "refreshing person" to interact with the "children"...and that was that.

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Name: Smokey Nag Champa McBurnout

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Description: Tall, skinny, blonde hair. Almost always wears a short sleeved t-shirt over a plain grey long sleeved shirt. Also always wears black jeans.

Life Story: Through almost semi-hourly use of powerful hallucinogenics for three years, Smokey has permanently altered his brain chemistry. This alteration caused severe auditory and visual hallucinations. His condition, not "officially" considered schizophrenia, is not covered by his insurance. So, now his simply stabilized condition has spiraled out of control.

Though he has now stopped using drugs, his life has been irreparably damaged. Whenever he goes outside, people call the police on him, thinking that he is insane. Constantly talking about cheese logs riding flying unicorns inside his eyeballs. So, he usually stays inside his apartment building. Luckily, he has found a successful career as a comic book artist and writer.

Don't get him wrong, he is a very intelligent person. And through extensive research in holistic medicine, has found a way to supress most of his hallucinations. Now, he can, at least, carry on a conversation without raving like a lunatic.[/color][/b][/size]
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Guest Rem Saverem
Name: Palomasierra Del Rio

Gender: Female

Age: About three weeks away from her eighteenth birthday

Description: [IMG]http://lunatic.deep-ice.com/pics/other/sakura02.jpg[/IMG]

Life Story: Paloma was born on the outskirts of the city. When she turned seventeen, her mother and father gave her two options: get a job, or be tossed out of the house on her behind. She took a combination of the two: her parents signed a release that semi-emancipated her (with weekly check-ins by a case-manager >_<) and she left for her own apartment.

Living on her own was a lot tougher than Paloma had thought, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? She got a job at the Starbucks on the corner, since she enjoys their products, and consequently, she's constantly jazzed on caffeine. Paranoia, anxiety, and jumpiness are her constant traits, but she still doesn't believe it's from the coffee, blaming it on school stress. *shifty eyes* Tell her to give it up, and you're asking for a swift right to the jaw.

Paloma is extremely bright, but as a result of constant caffeine overload, she can no longer sit still, and her grades are [i]EXTREMELY[/i] bad as a result. Her motto is "Grades have nothing to do with brains." Now if only her caseworker thought that way...

Since Paloma never seems to sleep, she gets along fine with those who play J-Pop at three a.m. Her all-night study sessions are known to have good results, even though she never seems to benefit. :sweat:
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Name:Girkon MacNally



Looks:Tall yet pudgey, wears a pair of thin frame, thick lens glasses.

Story:ever since he could walk Girkon has always wanted one thing. To be an evil mastermind. While he has tried and tried, using his genious to make many neat inventions. It never seemed to pan out well.

His smarts let him progress through school easy enough, but he kept suffering through a social dilemma. But he never let it get to him anyway as he saw it as a typical standard of being evil. Now on the verge of finishing his online college courses he seeks to be at the peak of his skill. By defeating his longtime rival and arch enemy Manic. Even though by scale manic couldn't beat him brains wise, Girkon still ended up being beatene in terms of anything else. So in this he bares a deep grudge and resentment which he hides by acting like a dork (which he is anyway but he doesn't seem to know the difference). That and his inventions keep breaking, lord help him if he ever actually had an invention that works.
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Name: Shila
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Tall with well toned mucles. Slightly tanned with waist lenght white hair with burgundy streaks. Dark red eyes and odd red markings on her left cheek that circle down her body in a spiral to end on her right ankle. She also wears a snake shaped arm band on her upper right arm.
About Shila: Shila is shy when she first meets someone, but once you've befrended her, she sticks by your side through thik and think.. And probably anything else you try to do to pry her from your side... She's only been betrayed twice in her life, so it makes her catious, and she is slightly more mature than one would think from the way she acts most of the time. Fun lovine and eager to learn anything, Shila's a bit of a book worm and likes peacful solutions to anything... Often plays the roll of mediator, people often like her for who she is...Because Shila is a bit of a bookworm, many think she's smart, but in reality she's just slightly smarter than average (meaning she gets a mixture of A's and B's instead of B's and C's).. Because of this so-called intelligence, Shila tends to be quiet and sit in the back of the classroom, usually hoping the class will be able to think for itself, but will usually end up raising her hand and answering the question when the class fails to rise to the challenge. Shila will tease anyone she want's to ruthlessly, usually until the teasee is on the brink of tears before she lightens up and goes off to tease some one else. PS, she really really is a perfectionist!!
That's pretty much all I can think of for the moment, and by the way it's Maison IKKOKU!!.. Sorry I'm a stickler for perfection.. Oh... Shila needs that too...
PSS I think it's pretty obvious that she goes to Local High School. Uhh... She doesn't live in Maison Otaku, just right next door (which is really across the street) with her friends.
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I'll give this a shot. Be my first comedy RPG.

[B]Name:[/B] "Sleepy" Mike Stukosis
[B]Nickname:[/B] "Sandman"

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Male


A Light tan with a dark complexion. He has dark auburn hair and deep hazel eyes that are hard to see due to his sleepy facial expression. 5'11"/141 lbs. Wears Hip Hop style clothes. Baggy jeans, usually plain tee's or with basic graphics and with a matching cap and basketball shoes. Very skinny, he has very low body fat, with mostly muscle in his body, due to his martial arts passion.

[B]Life Story:[/B]

Mike or Sandman or Sleepy Mike is pretty well like kinda guy. He has moved around alot in life, because his father is in was in the Military. He grew up fast and attained tastes for most things in life (epecially musci). He enjoys rapping, singing (horribly), and very much so dancing (pop n' lock, See-Walk (as in Tennessee walk). One thing Mike finds necessary to say to everyone he meets is that he is "4/8ths Greek, 1/8th Indian, and 3/8ths Caucasian." For some reason, he needs to say that to those he meets.

He is called "Sandman" for one reason. His composure. Mike looks eternally high on weed (which he is never) or like he hasn't sleeped in days, but his live wire personality contraries it and makes him a very interesting a well like character. Michael enjoys classic rock, hip hop, techno, and most music forms and has a taste for anime and martial arts (aswell as a deep thinking into philosophy). Mike tries not to be arrogant, but sometimes he can't help himself. His positive few on life keeps him going and he can't be happy without his friends. And Mike's biggest flaw is.... his flirtatious attitude, which gets him in eternal trouble. Mike now lives in The City and hangs around Local High School and lives at Maison Otaku, where he and his best friend and roomate live and produce songs in aswell as training in martial arts and attending college at Local University. But other than that, he and his closer freinds job in life is simple, loiter wher ever they may drift, which is usually the high school or outside the Maison Otaku Building, and what a life it is.

Good I hope....

PS- If you havn't noticed, this is a near exact description of me in real life.[/size][/color]
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Name: Suzuki Malizuma
Nickname(s): Weirdo, Crazy, Loner, and Voo-Doo Girl

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Description: See attachment

Life Story: "I feel there might be a spirt flying around looking for a host...." I am Suzuki Malizuma. I am a person who can SEE and FEEL the spirt's all around us. I am a loner at school, for people do not understand my greatness....

Suzuki moved from a little privet school to Local High School for reasons unknowen. As a little girl she would climb on the roof at night and howl like a wolf at the moon. She belived that the moon god was calling her, so she answered him. She is a only child and her parents own a little flower shop. They live on the 2nd floor of it. Suzuki doesn't act like a normal girl at school either. She curses all the kids who make fun of her, she carries voo-doo dolls of the teachers and pokes needles into their heads, chants "THE SPIRT'S WILL ONCE AGAIN RISE FROM THE DEAD TO TAKE OVER US ALL!!!!" in the hallways of the school, and she has a crystal ball in her desk.

She spends most of her time in the libray in a dark corner tweeking out over the books she reads, like "How Much Voo-Doo Can You Do?" and "101 Ways To Curse Your Classmates" or "How To Call The Dead In 10 Easy Steps". People perfer to her as weirdo, crazy, and Voo-Doo girl. What she calls "greatness" is her "gift" to "feel and see" the dead. She scares most people out of their mind. Others just make fun of her. She has a crush on someone and tries to make him hers, but it never works.

"I see, I see, I see, that you are going to die this afternoon! By, by, by, a stray cat--I mean, WILD TIGER!!!! Be careful, for this might be your last meal.....muhahahahahahahah........."
Good enough?
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Guest Pirate Sharp
Name: Hali Samantha Sharp
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Description: Short for her age, Hali is only 5'3". She has long, naturally red-brown hair that must be pulled back into pigtails at all times just to keep it out of her face. She has deep blue eyes, ((nevermind that the pic is brown)) and fair skin. Her personality varies depending on how she feels towards the person, but for the most part she is fun loving and ready to help whenever she can.

Life Story: Hali is the youngest of four children in her family. All her siblings have already graduated high school and are either currently working or in the process of starting a career. Her mother and father are constantly away on buisness trips for the clothing store they own, which usually leaves Hali at home alone.

On her sixteenth birthday, Hali asked her parents if she could live on her own. Her reasonings were that she already practically lived by herself, and she wanted to figure out what to do with [I]her[/I] life. Her parents agreed, and Hali set out into The City.

She eventually got a small apartment in the same complex as Manic, and enrolled herself in Local High School. Hali doesn't know too much about actually living without any help from her family, though and she isn't quite sure how to go about it. So, she seeks the help of her fellow tenants. Too bad they all seem a little eccentric.

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Name: Alex , Proffesional wrestling name Dynamite Garcia
Gender Male
Description: Short black hair , about six foot , medium muscle tone, a little grown gotee.

Life story: It's 9:00 you turn on the Tv to watch the Otaku Wrestling Federation you see this charismatic kind of cute wrestler speaking about how he wants a title shot next month. Soon you relize that the wrestler is Alex Garcia the guy who lives in room 23. Alex Garcia an oustanding wrestler who curently is the Heavy weight champion. Don't take Alex for a stupit wrestler! Alex can be seen at the high school every other day as the high schools histroy teacher , only on Mondays there is a sub in that class. Unlike his alter ego Dynamite Garica in the wrestling ring that is arrogent and stuck up ! Alex is an nice going man that is easy to talk too and get along with. What ever you do don't touch the Heavy Weight Title , or Alex might transform into Dynamite Garcia and know one wants that.
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