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Sagacious art - in Final Fantasy style, of course!


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It's been a looong time since I've been able to show-off my own original art, but now I'm back with brand new pictures - better than [I]ever[/I]!

There're five characters which I've made inspired by the Final Fantasy series, mostly by the newest games. There are many elements in the pics I've borrowed from the games' characters, but I want to stress that NO direct copying ever occurred. Here are the characters explained individually:

[B]Gale[/B] - a mercenary with blue hair and a serious attitude; he's the character I play in my RPG Final Fantasy Legends & Legacies at the Adventure Arena. Yes, his sword is very much alike to one of Tidus's swords - it's even named the Gilventure - but it is purposeful, and I'm not even trying to claim rights. ;)

[B]Kiev[/B] - a red mage with magical guns (which my cousin thought to be hair-dryers :rolleyes: ). My favorite of the bunch! :D

[B]Sierra[/B] - she's a dancer of some sort, probably a religious one. Her weapons are two balls, but despite their appereance those DIDN'T fall off a christmas tree!

[B]Yuan[/B] - his job is bit of a mystery, but he's a vagrant of some sort. He has a loin-cloth that resembles that of Jecht a lot, but the details are different, so nobody can sue me! :toothy:

[B]Telle[/B] - yes, a viera hunter! With garments resembling a lot Rikku's thief suit in FFX-2. But I really needed some inspiration on the clothes at that time - you wouldn't want to see the first version of her!

So, here they are; all attached! You'll be probably seeing quite a lot of them in the future if you're going to participate in my RPGs, as I intend to use them as my characters! ;)

Well, give me your opinions! Are they even any good? :smirk:
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[color=gray]All are very Final Fantastic lol.

But you seem to make necks a little too big and some heads are also a little bit on the big side.
I like the side view though.

O.t.t, you really recognize Final Fantasy in them. Especially in the viera Telle ^_~
Good job Sage man, very imaginative and fantasy full =P[/color]
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Sage those are fantastic. They really are good. I preferred Gale and Kiev but that's just me.

How long did those take to draw exactly? You've also inspired me to get back into drawing when I have the time after I've done all of my school work. I challenge you to draw my character in your RPG by the descriptions I put. ^_~
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Holy crap! Those are excellent! They're excellently excellent! *realises that using the word excellent in any form more than once in the same sentence is just plain lame...*
Just as Zidargh asked, would you mind drawing Logan? If you can't manage to draw him from my description, then I'll send you some more detail. (I hope I didn't post a picture in his description...)
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Well, Sage, I must admit I am very impressed. Damned if I can draw like that, I must say.

Seeing as how some of the others are doing it, I won't bother you with requests for artwork...right this minute, but I might consider asking later on if you're up to it.

Interestingly enough, I did recognize Gale's Gilventure as being from FFX. Lionheart, Ambitious...I think it went under names like that, t'was one of my favourites. Nice touch.
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Heh, thankies everybody! :blush:

I promise to give a shot at drawing other characters from FFLLCC as well.

Zid, I don't know the exact hours I dedicated to the drawings, but I did all of them in two or three parts (sketching, inking, coloring), which each took from half to one hour, so do your math. ;) I know it's a bit quick, and some of them (especially Telle) even look a bit hastily made. (with her big giant head...) But all in all I'm very satisfied with these fellows. :D

Wondershot, I'm not 100% sure if Gilventure was one of the names of the golden sword, but I think it is the best name for it. And both the name and the looks fit very well to mercenary's job (the sword will change when Gale changes his job).

Any more questions?
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