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Final Fantasy: When Worlds Collide


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[SIZE=3][U][CENTER]Final Fantasy:
When Worlds Collide[/U][/SIZE]
~~~[/CENTER]Centuries ago, when the world was dark and men lived in fear, a cataclysmic battle was underway. Eight great men, four of good, four of evil had been drawn together to defeat a cataclysmic evil that threatened all universes, drawn together by the powerful multi-dimensional God Paralax. A great battle was fought, and thousands died across all plains of existence, until the eight found themselves separated and each destroying one 'sector' of this evil. With noone to rely on, each of the men fell, and Paralax was bound by the great evil into the core of a small planet in the Terra Dimension.

Here paralax slept, until one day, during a great war on the planet's surface, he awoke, his slumber broken by the great evil's proximity to himself. Using the power he had gathered over the millenia, he called out to his champions once more, in an effort to destroy the great evil once and for all. the champions each woke, one by one, on the planet, alone except for their weapon.
[CENTER][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=558723#post558723]Further Info[/URL] [/CENTER]
[CENTER]By the way, anyone feel free to take over Kuja for me.
[b]Mission 1: Find Cloud[/b]
[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial Narrow]Cloud awoke in a bustling metroplis, his sword lying uselessly on the ground beside him. He was in a dark, short alley, but, unlike the alleys of Midgar, it was pristine and clean. And not filled with bums. Picking up his sword he climbed to his feet, sniffing the air for the noxious smells of civilization. But there was none.
"Where have you sent me Paralax?" he demanded of the air. "Where am I?" no answer came to him, just an empty silence. He spat at the ground and stormed out of the alley, only to find himself in an ever moving stream of pedestrian traffic.
"How cute," he heard someone comment. "Cosplay." Cosplay? What the hell was cosplay? He reached into his pocked for some materia but found it empty. There was no way he was going to find the others in a relatively easy manner.
"Excuse me," he said to a passing person, "Where am I?"
"You're in Tokyo of course." Cloud stopped. Where the hell was Tokyo? He swung his sword in frustration, accidentally cleaving two people in half.
[i]****[/i] he thought to himself mere moments before the horrified screams began. Strapping his sword to his back he ran into the gathered people, quickly becoming just a face in the crowd.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=1][COLOR=Indigo]Kuja's head hurt. Slowly openning his eyes he found himself staring at a beautiful blue sky, white clouds scattered randomly across its canvas. Climbing to his feet he found he was in the middle of a large green expanse, with walking paths snaking through it in seemingly random directions. Taking one of these parks he soon found himself at a bubbling fountain, its bottom glittering with the coins of passer bys. Where had Paralax sent him that was so beautiful? He kept following the path until he could hear a low growl, like Lindblum but different somehow. Then he stopped dead. The people look at all the people. Everywhere, like a plague upon this fair planet. And, just across the road from him, large towers of glass and iron rose, disgusting marks on the other wise beautiful world. He ran out into the street, and immediately jumped back, as the blaring of horns snapped him back to reality. Then he realized the truth. The building wasn't out of the ordinary. The beautiful place had been. The beautiful place known as Central Park.
"Hey thong-boy! Get a life!" Kuja seethed.
"insolent nuisance!" he roared, suddenly angry at the deception of this world. His hand flew out and the boy found himself speared through a pillar of ice.
[i]Find Cloud[/i] Paralax sent him a mental message. Yes. That is what he would do. Sending his scrying powers out Kuja found the blade weilding maniac. Across the ocean, in a city called Tokyo. But how to get there? Using his magic he summoned his steed, immediately provoking screams.
"Come my silver dragon, let us find Cloud and learn what is going on."[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[COLOR=Navy]Tidus groaned and felt his head. There was a slight bump. He sat up slowly and looked around, this wasn't Spira. He looked to his right, his Caladbolg lay within arms reach. He turned his head to the other side and his jaw dropped. There was a wooden dock that he was on and at the end was the sea.

Tidus got up and grabbed his Caladbolg before racing to the end of the dock. He reached down and touched the water. It was real. He turned opposite of the sea and he gasped. There was a town there with stores and shacks.

He ran down the dock making small thumping sounds. He could hear the lapping of waves against the beach. Tidus turned to look at the beach and saw the white sand. Tears pricked his eyes as he thought of Besaid. He wiped them away with the back of her hand and continued to run into the old waterfront town.

He continued to run into he saw the main square. He approached a teenage girl and flashed his smile.

"Hi. Can you tell me where I am?" he asked.
"Duh! You're in Fremantle. Where are you from, Final Fantasy Freak!" she said, looking him up and down.
"I'm from Spira. What's Final Fantasy?" he asked.
"Whatever!" she said, before turning and walking away.

"What's going on here?" Tidus mumbled to himself.

Suddenly [I]'Find Cloud'[/I] came into his mind telepathically. He knew it was Paralax.

"What?! How am I supposed to find cloud when I don't even know what world I'm in!!" Tidus screamed at the air. There was no response.

Tidus screamed with frustration and ran a hand through his blonde hair. Suddenly he heard a chorus of screams from somewhere else in the town. He gripped his Caladbolg and ran off in the direction of the screams.[/COLOR]
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Sephiroth awoke with a teenager looking down at him, "Hey are you okay, mister?" Sephiroth sat up quickly. He looked up and over to the boy, "Where am I child?"

"This is Tokyo in Japan, sir," the boy replied as he watched Sephiroth arise from the ground. "Why, do you have amnesia or something?"

Sephiroth picked his sword up from the ground, "Where is this Japan you speak of, boy?"

"What, are you serious?! You've got to be crazy! I gotta go..." the said as he began to walk away.

"No one turns their back on me especially after asked you a question! You will be the first to fall!" before the boy could turn around Sephiroth severed his head with his Longsword. "I won't tolerate insolence as such...Hopefully for the citizens of...what was it...Tokyo aren't all like this boy...for their sake..." Sephiroth said as he sheathed his Longsword on his side.

"[I]Find Cloud...[/I]" a voice said in Sephiroth's head. [I]Paralax...Well, I sense Cloud is close by...why not? And why not get some practice in on the way there...[/I] Sephiroth began to travel to where he sensed Cloud, smiting anyone who was in his direct path.
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The mist of London filled the air as the people walked about their normal lives, Zidane joined them as they all gave his an eery look as he walked passed by some. Zidane stopped at a huge fountain in the middle of the street and sat down to think about where he was and how did he get there.

"These's people are all looking at me weird and all, wonder if I've done anything to upset them or something. Second of al....where is the world am I?" Zidane questioned to himself, at the moment a elderly couple approached him, Zidane got up to see what they wanted.

"Well hello there young fello, mighty strange clothing you got there" the elderly man said as he held hands with his wife. Zidane looked at himself and then back at them again, but he didn't want to be rude and stop them from talking.

"Now Herald don't be so rude...forgive my husband, the England fog must have gotten to his head again" the elderly lady spoak up.

"Its no trouble at all, but I must ask where is this London?" Zidane asked, with that they both gave a gasp and looked at eachother, then looked back at Zidane with a smile on both their faces.

"This is London lad, I presume you are not from here. Take this with you" the elderly man said as he handed Zidane a world map. Zidane took it and thanks the two as he walked away...he had a something on his mind while they were talking to find someone named Cloud. Zidane couldn't ignore it and he set off to find this person, as he walked away the elderly couple saw his tail he had behind him and it hanged out like a cats tail.

"Might strange, but such a nice boy" the elderly lady said as they walked away, they fog had gotten thicker now.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=1][COLOR=Indigo]As Cloud ran through the streets of 'Tokyo' his mind raced. He could feel his heart in his throat, a sign that he was guilty for killing the innocents. Then suddenly... WHUMP. He collided directly with a leather garbed chest.
"Sephiroth," he spat. "You are here too." The man laughed. Evil and haunting and possessing the knowledge of millions.
"What did you expect clone?" Cloud leapt at the man with sword in hand but a force separated them.
[i]Not yet[/i] Paralax didn't want it.
"You survived this day Sephiroth. Where are the others?"
Kuja's silver dragon was a large beast, easily bigger than any he had seen on Gaia. He was high over an ocean, which ocean he couldn't be sure, lazing nochalantly on the dragon's back. It was then that he sensed something far behind him, approaching closer. Standing he watched as a large airship, not even running on mist, came and drew level with him. Small glass portholes and a covered deck. He surveyed this with mild interest. He kept watching even as a door on its 'wing' opened and men came out brandishing staves.
"Who are you and what do you want?" said one of the men. Bah,lower life forms, no need to talk to them. "You were asked sir." the man proclaimed as fire shot out the end of his staff. Kuja suddenly found a burning pain in his shoulder, and realized this man had injured him.
"PAY!"he roared as a cloud of thick blackness gatherered around the airship. Electrical energy focused around the centtre of the cloud until...
ZAP. A huge bolt of lightning shot through the airship, bring it down with an explosive splash into the vast blue ocean.
[i]Humans,[/i] Kuja thought to himself.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[color=darkslateblue]Seymour: "Wha--?"
Seymour sat up slowly, surveying the area about him. He was still on the cliff on Mt. Gagazet, so it seemed.
Seymour: "Stupid boy and those rebellious guardians...and...the wonderous Lady Yuna..."
He reached up into the air in front of him, as if Yuna were there and he could touch her face. He snapped out of the trance when a mountain goat hopped onto a rock off to the side of the Guado leader.
Seymour: "Fiends!"
More mountain goats leapt and jumped from rock to rock, none missing a foothold, nor stubling where there were no footholds. The grace of the creatures made Seymour stand and bow to them. He signalled the prayer.
Seymour looked up into the eyes of one of the harmless goats, and something strange happened.
[i]"Find Cloud"[/i]
Seymour's eyes widenned as he gasped for breath. Something inside him seized up, making him choke on the cold mountain air.
This was not Mt. Gagazet.
Seymour: "Where am I?"
He stared into the eyes of the lead mountain goat, but it sent no more thoughts or words his way. All it did was turn and skip back the way it came. As it did, so did the other goats.
Seymour followed them, knowing that these creatures of utmost beauty and grace would lead him to where he must go.
Seymour: "Never would I have thought to follow a fiend to find my path, but it would seem Ixion's Fayth has sent me a gift..."
He stumbled on a pebble or two, but managed to follow the goats.[/color]
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