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22nd Century Mafia (R-17: Language/Violence/Possible Drug Content)


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The year is 2133. A time of great, worldwide bliss is upon the entire planet. Then, as a great cosmic joke, the almost forgotten art of terrorism reared its ugly head once more. And, what's more, it is all for no apparent reason. Unforseen attacks on all major national capitols all over the world send each country into unthinkable economic depression. And, no one claims responsibility for these atrosities.

Taxes and tariffs were strangling working class citizens while the rich get richer off of the "little man's" garnished wages. The time of the mafioso was upon the nation once more.

It has been five years since the unknown attackers plunged the world into darkness, which has been more than enough time for the crime bosses to establish their dominion. Originally "saviors of the poor", the strategic heirarchy of the several mafia families had repeated history. Greed overtook each one of them. Turning from helping the helpless to drug trade, money laundering and murder...

It did not help anyone that they were now fighting amongst themselves. The Canelli family destroyed 1/4 of the newly re-formed Ghost Shadows. Who, in turn, wiped out half of the Stelnitz Russians. But these groups are still too small to be of any real consequence. No, this tale follows the story of the Four.

What are the Four, you ask? The Four are the most powerful, wealthy and bloodthirsty crime groups in all of the U.S.A.. And, the contempt held between these Four is escalating into an all-out gang war.[/color][/size][/b]

[b]The Rules[/b]
What I need are seven people to join up. I will create the first crime group. Then I will need someone to be in my group. And I need three other people to create three other groups. The remaining three spots are for the followers of those other three groups.

Remember, this is two people controlling and entire crime family. Even though you will only need to (officially) create one character, an entire mafia is under your control. However, the first person to sign up for a group will have controlling interest over the entire group. There will have to be a lot of cooperation between all of you.

Plus, I've discovered that it's a lot easier to kill off a character if they're nameless and faceless. And, believe me, there'll be a LOT of dead people.

I want this RPG to be ethnically diverse. So, the four different groups will have to be, naturally, four different ethnicities.

This is the future, be creative. But, if your ideas are a little too "over the top" I will let you know so you can edit.

The terrorist aspect of the story will begin when I say so. The terrorists will actually be one of you, or possibly even me, unbeknownst to the rest of you. I will PM the person I decide to play the part of the terrorists.

If I planned this right, there should be a lot of "behind the scenes" action going on. For when the terrorist culprits reveal themselves, alliances will be made. Granted, your families must agree that you will ally through PM's.

If any of these instructions are too confusing, PM me and I will try to clarify.

Here's my sign-up: (all of these fields are mandatory)

Name: Don Guisseppi Vittorio (underlings must have a nickname)

Age: 38 (keep it above 25)

Group: Vittorio Mafia

Ethnicity: Italian

Description: 5'8 and built like a brick **** house. Black hair and tan skin. Wears only black silk suits and is always smoking a stogey.

Bio: Born in Chicago, Guiseppi had always been a leader. Whether it be sports or his childhood friends, he was the strongest and fastest. When the attacks started, he was the head of an up-and-coming textile corporation, but the depression forced him to close. With the money he had left, he grouped together his close friends and began providing for his community what they could not provide for themselves.

But, soon, he was made offers that he couldn't refuse. The possibilities for moneymaking were limitless. He thought he could provide even better for those poor folk. But, he became greedy. Then murderous. He connived and killed his way to the top of the fledgling mafia and made it one of the strongest in the nation. Never afraid to put himself in harm's way, he is one of the most active members in his entire family.

Weapons: (1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, 2 knife weapons) Modified Thompson Sub-machine gun w/ armor piercing bullets. SP12 Full-automatic entry shotgun w/ optional grenade rounds. Two stilletos in boots.
Well, if you've read down this far, I certainly hope you didn't waste your time.[/b]
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Name: Nari Kye

Age: 30

Group: Yang-guibisok A.K.A. Yang Mafia

Ethnicity: Korean/Japanese (East Asian)

Description: 5'7" and a slender form, toned from her intense lifestyle. Straight black hair that has been cut to her chinline, and light-brown eyes that are intensified by her dusky skin. Her hair is usually pulled back in a simple ponytail, though a few strands continually escape. She wears clean-cut dress suits in a casual fashion, usually leaving the jacket open, and the collar of the blouse over the jacket and untucked. Comfortably low heels complete the ensemble, while still enabling her to move quickly and quietly.

Bio: Nari Kye was born to a Korean mother, and a Japanese father. Raised in a middle-class family, Nari was always more interested in international policies and politics, rather than making a living. Her younger sister Yuri was born five years after, and they became quite close, Nari always protecting her. Nari as a child was always fierce and quick to anger, and other children learned to concede to her fiery will. Strong and stubborn, she always made an impression on everyone she met.

Her ambitions led her to attend the best university in Seoul, South Korea, where she graduated with honors. However, at this time, her sister Yuri tested positive for leukemia, and died within the year, but not before she made her last dying wish: that Nari marry. Nari fulfilled her sister's wish, marrying a childhood friend of hers, Yang. Neither of them knew, however, the crowd that Yang ran with. He was already embroiled in the Korean mafia, leading a small gang that was fighting a turf war over control of a number of companies in the country. Nari became aware of this when Yang returned home one night with bullet wounds.

Concerned, she forced Yang to reveal all, and was soon involved in their group as well. Nari proved invaluable, her political skills shining through as she quickly and artfully manipulated their group into power. Soon, she rose in the ranks, leaving Yang far behind. Even though they were married, they remained just simple friends, and soon they weren't even living together anymore. She had never loved him, and he hadn't loved her - they had just married to fulfill Yuri's dying wish.

Soon after the attacks, Nari rose to power, a rebel and leader that people flocked to. As a female, she was the first of her kind, for none of her gender had ever been in the leading position. She was driven by her countrymen's needs, whose lives were slowly being overtaken by foreign companies and imports. She led one of the groups that was devoted to making Asia the major world market itself, and soon united the other groups under her vision. Firmly, she cut hard deals with the foreign companies, not above using underhand dealings and blackmail. Soon, even the government of Korea was filled with her people, as well as the rising political parties of Japan. Many people, even politicians, saw her like an Asian Joan of Arc, ready to lead the people to overthrow the oppressive power of foreign industries.

However, fate dealt Nari another hard hand, killing Yang in a drug feud. For revenge, Nari overthrew the most powerful druglords of eastern Asia, and took over their business. She moved her base of operations to the U.S., becoming fluent in English in just six months, and making her connections everywhere. She still has many connections in Asia, and basically is able to run Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and some of China if she so wishes. Her mafia group became known as the Yang-guibisok, or the Yang Mafia for short, partly in memory of her husband, and partly just from the public outlook on the group. The name was well given, meaning "poppy," and in truth Nari controls the largest drug-trafficking of opium and other drugs in most of Asia. She is now extending her operations to the U.S. and the western world, threatening the very power of the heads of some of the other mafia families.

Weapons: Two small modified semi-automatics, which have specially made armor-piercing explosive bullets. She keeps these only for self-defense, but rarely uses them, preferring hand-to-hand combat (of which she is very skilled), and small explosives. She also has two blades made of laser-cut obsidian, and are laced with liquid mercury, poisoning the blood on contact.
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Guest wrestlemaniac40
This sounds kick ***! Here we go:

Name: Dan Vendetti (my real name, I'm Italian)

Age: 30

Group: The Vendetti Mafia

Ethnicity: Italian and Spanish

Description: 6'0. Built Ford tough. 235 lbs. Short dark brown hair. Dark grey eyes. Turns red when angry. (Get's pissed easily). Goatee. Usually wears Suit, but no tie. Also wears Sneakers. (Don't ask why) No belt.

Bio: Was born in Sicily. Went to jail at 14 for publicly beating two cops. Got out at the age of 20. Very smart in astronomy, and philosophy. Knows alot about technology, and can buid a super-computer from scratch. Is married, but wife is hiding in Germany from the cops. She is wanted for big time credit card fraud. Dan currently resides in Long Island, New York.

Weapons: Primary weapon- Uzi gun w/armor piercing bullets (Keeps inside coat). Secondary weapon- Handgun that can shoot 50 bullets in 5 seconds (Keeps in holster). Knives: 10 in. Dagger with serrated blade & 7 in. Pocket knife with hook curve. (Keeps in hidden schin and ankle holsters.
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Name: Sophitia (The Songbird) Mariani

Age: 27

Group: Vittorio Mafia

Ethnicity: Italian/Mexican mix

Description: 5'6"-ish, tends to wear skirts and blouses when working with the Family, but will carry out assignments in jeans/khakis and a black jacket. Her long black hair conceals a stiletto when in a chignon, and her brown eyes are mysteriously warm to everyone.

Bio: The soft-spoken child of a former Mafioso, Sophie is quietly working to keep the Vittorio Mafia in the shadows. Her greatest strength, learned from an old 'family friend', is an ability to charm anyone.

Born in Colorado, Sophitia took off when pressure from her family became too high. She loved astrology and different types of fortune-telling, and has a side business as "Madame Azonka, Gypsy Fortune-Teller". This also allows her to learn many secrets of the Don's enemies and be his right-hand lady.

She is against getting married right now, and is a perfect lady to every man she meets: cold, polite, and coolly appraising.

Weapons: Primary: A hidden stiletto. Secondary: a 9mm (kept in chest holster, as according to the Colorado concealed weapons law). Knives: 2 five-inch switchblades kept in pockets down the legs of her jeans.
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So far, everything looks good. I just need one more leader to sign up. Then the other three underlings. I'm not quite sure how long that will take, though. Hopefully very soon. I'm anxious to get this started. [/b][/size][/color]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Lina Sung-Eun Kang

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Group:[/B] Kang mafia

[B]Ethnicity:[/B] Korean

[B]Description:[/B] See attachment- for now

[B]Bio:[/B] It was hard for Lina to live a life of danger and crime. It was hard for her to live the life that took the lives of her mother and father.

Lina was born in Seoul, South Korea. She was youngest child of the Kang family. She and her older brother, Alex Jin-Hoo Kang, lived a normal life outside of the family business. Not many people knew that they were the children of the leaders of one of the largest mafia in Korea. It was a life that Lina wanted to hide, for people did not understand the ways of her world, like she did not understand the ways of mankind.

Lina moved to America when she was 3. Her father thought that it would be a nice change to move to America and put his mafia there as well as Korea. It was also there that she learned that she could not be poisonsed. It was a "defaulted gene" as the doctors say, but it was a miracle and an incredible thing for Lina. She could not die from poisons and she was able to withstand many thing.

At the age of 10, her mother and father died an unexpected death. The death was unknown and she and her brother were left alone. It was then that Lina began to trust no one and learn to fight for herself, it was then that Lina learned to become the distant, tough, violent, and feared Leader of a great mafia.

"No man shall ever own you, but you will own him and everything he own." Her mother had once said to her. And she made it true. No man will ever own her and no man shall take her life, no man and no one.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Two silver modified Desert Eagles with a .50 caliber that are in holsters where her rib cage is, but rarely uses them for she prefers hand-to-hand combat, the true fighting technique of the asian mafia, and a [URL=http://www.cbswords.com/images/samurai3000katana.jpg]katana[/URL] that is poisoned at the tip. She also has two silver dual fans that have a poison injected in the silver. The poison is unknown and contains many different kinds of venom and chemicals. Lina is immune to poison though.[/size][/color]
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Everything looks great. I have all of the crimebosses and now I just need three more second's in command. Everyone, so far, is accepted. I will PM one of you after everyone has posted at least once, to let you know who will be the terrorists.

Chop, chop OB'ers. Time's a wastin'. We still need three more before we can get this off the ground. Happy posting.[/b][/color][/size]
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Name: Paulie Vendetti
Age: 26
Group: The Vendetti Mafia
Ethcinity: Maltese / Italian
Description: 5'6 and farely well built,Brown hair and lightish brown skin, wears a black trenchcoat, leather pants and a black shirt.
Bio: A man bred to be a hitman that was born in Sicily with an Italian mother and a maltese father. he got his first gun at 13 years old and began to kill teenagers until the age of 17 when he began to take work with Vendetti Mafia rising to being one of the cheif assassians.
Weapons: a small knife hidden in his boot, a remade Colt 11 pistol and a remade 2167 Tommy Gun. Paulie will sometimes wield a hand-crossbow with poisen tipped darts which he recived when he came of age.
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[color=orange][font=arial][size=2][b]Name:[/b] Tanya (Moonshine) Danielle Jacob

[b]Age:[/b] 29

[b]Group:[/b] Vittorio Mafia

[b]Ethnicity:[/b] Aisan/Cherokee/African American

[b]Description:[/b] 5?6?, 132 lbs. She is quite slim, and very tan, with an oval face, and a slight olive tinge to her skin. She ahs dark chestnut hair to her waist, often in corn-rows, with gold beads at the end. Dark brown, almost black, eyes, oval shaped. Always wears a pleated brown mini-skirt, a reniesance shirt, a brown vest(halfway buttoned), white knee socks, black school shoes.

[b]Bio:[/b] Tanya was born in Southeast Asia, to an African mother, and a Aisan and Cherokee Indian father. Raised in a relatively poor family, she learned to live with the beatings, and the rapings, that came with her poverty and beauty. Tanya became an older sister when she was ten, to a half-brother, Carlos. They had the same father, but not the same mother. Tanya wanted to live with her mother, Calista Jacob, but her father, Daniel Jacob, would not give her custody.

And so it went. Tanya managed to spend the summers with her mother, who was sweet and gentle, but, when she turned thirteen, her mother was killed in a ?accidental? car wreck. Years later, she found out that her father had arranged someone to kill her mother, and Tanya ran away. Tanya worked her way into a college, and graduated.

Tanya?s father found her, and decided to ask for legal custody. By then, Tanya was 24, and old enough to be without her father. Her father held cases against her, and Tanya paid dearly. She knew that the only reason that he wanted her back was as a play toy. He loved the power, and loved her body. Then the next surprise came ? Carlos killed his father, and, before being killed himself, set Tanya free.

Tanya fell in love with Songbird when she first set eyes on her. She was beautiful, and had rank. This scared Tanya. She had never loved anyone but her mother, and that was through blood. Loving another female scared her. So Tanya denied, and still denies, the fact that she adores Songbird. Tanya is loyal, and will kill anyone for Songbird, or their leader, Vittorio. Not because she is frightened of them, but because she cares for them.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Pocket-sized silver hand-gun(primary), nun-chu-ku(secondary), two medium sized fighting knives[/color][/font][/size]

Is this okay, sublime?
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