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The Legend of Zelda: MultiForce

Anyu WhiteWolf

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Background: After Link was captured by Ganondorf and had scattered the Triforce, Ganondorf set out to find the pieces. When he found them, thinking he had destroyed them, he acctually split them into two parts each. Now with 2 1/2 Courage, 2 1/2 Wisdom, and 2 1/2 Power pieces, A young wolf girl named Miatatzu Mihyotto is in search of the triforce so save her freind Link.

Miatatzu, along with her fairy, Sasame, and her horse, Chrimson Lightning, floated around on a small log raft in the middle of Lake Hylia. Miatatzu sat fishing and thinking. Thinking how she was going to gather the triforce pieces. She couldn't see the pieces, only Link could. Well, him and Zelda. But somehow, Miatatzu knew she could find them, she had a feeling it would work out. Sasame bobbed around in the water over a fish and made a little tinging noise to tell Miatatzu. She held her rod over the fish and it took the bait. When Miatatzu had the fish she took the paddle from it's holister and padded her way back to shore. She ran up the bamks of the lake to a house/shack on the top of a cliff. Once she was there, she gave the fish to the old man that lived there and he fried it up. Miatatzu hated fish, though, she caught the fish for the old man and in return he gave her salads and vegitables. That was stange considering Miatatzu was a wolf demon.

Miatatzu was a young demon with long, white hair and fur along almost every part of her body. She had wolf ears and tail and a bad disposition. She was a bit of a brute, a tomboy, she didn't like people of any race. Didn't like crowds. She had absolutly no freinds except the old man, Sasame, and Chrimson.

When Miatatzu was done with her salad she returned to the lake. but this time she didn't go fishing. She just sat on the shore and watched the sun go down. Another day gone, and she was no closer to helping Link. Miatatzu put her face in her knees when she felt something strange. A wierd feeling like a strong presence around her. Miatatzu looked around, but couldn't find anyone except her horse and Sasame. Miatatzu shook her head and got on Chrimson. She trotted Chrimson around the lake a bit, but then headed out to Hyrule field in a canter.
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[COLOR=Navy]Chi sighed as she propped herself against the pitchfork she was holding. She wiped the back of her hand across her forehead, wiping away beads of sweat that had been rolling down her forehead as she mucked out the horse stalls of the inn. She looked behind her and saw all of her work. She had mucked out all the stores and replaced hay in them and put more food into them. She grinned happily.

"I'm finally done, Kai!" she called.

Her blue fairy hovered around her head.

"Well done. Is it our break now?" he asked with enthusiasm.
"Our?! You haven't done anything Kai." Chi huffed.
"Fine, is it [i]your[/i] break now?" he sighed.
"Yes it is. And I think [i]I[/i] deserve a good canter on Sakura." Chi said walking towards the stall that held her Strawberry Roan horse. Chi produced a carrot out of her pocket and fed the horse.
"You ready for some exercise?" Chi asked.

Chi grabbed the saddle from the side and placed all of the equipment onto the horse before grabbing the reins and leading her out of the stalls, Chi leaned back and locked the stall door before leading Sakura out of the inn and out of Hyrule Castle. Chi greeted the guard near the drawbridge as she was on her way out. Chi knew most of the inhabitants of Hyrule Castle.

As Chi crossed the drawbridge, she pushed the reins over Sakura's head and put her foot into one of the stirrups and hoisted herself over and slipped her other foot into the stirrup on the other side. Chi moved into a comfortable position and grabbed the reins. She squeezed her heels gently into Sakura's sides and took off at a trot. Soon she lightly kicked Sakura into a canter. They rode around Hyrule Field with joy and then Chi noticed another figure on a horse a distance away.

Chi looked at the figure and steered Sakura into the direction of the figure. Maybe this person was what she was waiting for. Maybe, just maybe, she could find out what her destiny held for her.[/COLOR]
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[B][I][color=teal]Lilly was siting near the river that lead stright to Zora Domain. Tee-Tee was happily wagging his tail next to her. He was an awfully larger wolf pup with many hidden powers that Lilly doesn't even know about. Lilly stood up and let out a sigh. Tee-Tee quickly trotted up next to her. Lilly's head was down.

"What's wrong," Tee-Tee asked telapathicly. Lilly shook her head and took out her sword. The beutiful blue blade was soothing sight. Tee-Tee looked a little upset as he looked up at Lilly. He slowed down and came up behind Lilly. He then knocked her onto his back.

"What are you doing Tee-Tee," Lilly asked as Tee-Tee started running into Hyrule Field. Lilly quickly put her sword away and held onto Tee-Tee with both hands. She spotted two figures that were on horses and looked as if they had fairies. Lilly thought that Tee-Tee thought they could help them out.[/color][/I][/B]
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With Miatatzu's large wolf ears, she could easily hear the two other figures approching. But she didn't stop. Miatatzu's hateful disposition took her over. She got out her longbow and fired it twice at the two approching figures, but just as a warning. That was Miatatzu's other weakness. She didn't kill. She hated the thought of death. Sasame bobbed around a bit after seeing the other two people dodge the arrows...
"I'll get them, Miatatzu!" he said. Sasame floated quickly towards the two fast aproching people. As he got to the first person he stopped. He noticed there was another fairy with her. The horse the girl was riding was also a strawberry type color, close to Chrimson's. Chrimson was acctually darker with white stripes. She also noticed the other girl was riding quite a large wolf. Sasame floated back to Miatatzu who was way ahead of the others now.
"Miatatzu!" He yelled," I have to show you something!" Miatatzu stopped her horse and waited for the others to catch up to her. She was amazed at what she saw. The smaller one was riding a wolf. Miatatzu priked up her ears and stared at it while sniffing the air just a bit. The girl on he horse said,
"I thought you weren't going to stop! Why did you fire that arrow? Oh, my name is Chi by the way." The smaller girl on the wolf waved and said,
"Yeah, i'm Lilly." Miatatzu hopped of her horse and stood in front of the two girls. She waghged her tail and wiggeled her ears as she said,
"What do you want with me? I have no buisness with either of you. I'm in the middle of something."
It was then that Miatatzu felt that weird feeling she had felt at the lake before.
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Goro's new goal ever since he had become posessed was to gain all of the Triforce pieces so his first choice was to go look in the Water Temple. When he fianally arrived at lake Hylia, he saw a few figures out in the distance and thought to himself.

[I]Those foolish children do they even know what theyre getting themselves into? I have lost once and that was because of that child Link, but it will never happen again!!![/I]

With that thought he rolled up into a ball and quickly rolled after the children. He did not want to let happen what occured before. If he let them roam free too long they would be able to beat him, and they would have newweapons to assist them, just like that accursed Link. Goro finally got from about 100 yards from some pathetic little girl and her dog, and he saw the rest of the riffraff finally meeting together.

[I]This shouldnt be too hard!!![/I]
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Shaharazod sat on a small branch, watching her woodland village.
She saw her twin brother Shun racing toward her on his horse.
"Shaharazod!"he yelled yelled out through the hard wind blowing.
"yeah, is something wrong?" Shaharazod called out.
"one of the chrildren is sick, she needs your help!"he answered back.

Shaharazod jumped down onto her brown horse Shinta and followed Shun to the last house of the edge of the town. She jumped of her horse and raced inside to where a small child lay. It was Naomi, she lay lifeless on the floor, with sweat pouring from her face.
"What happened?"shaharazod asked her mother who was trembling.
"I dont..i dont know.. I fond her like this."the mother answered.
Shaharazod could see evil spirits floating around Naomi.
"There after her spirit, I see.."shaharazod thought.
shaharazod graped some herbs and started chanting a spell..
After she was finished she got up and handed some herbs to her mother who was still shaking.
"If she is not back to normal color in the next 30 mins give her some herb remedy to drink. I need to go check outside."shaharazod answered and walked out the door.
Shun followed closely behind.
"what is it shaharazod?"he asked in fear.
"I feel a terrible force heading in our direction, get all the men ready for battle and the woman, and kids to safety."shaharazod answered.
Shaharazod got up on her horse and started riding to the powerful force, she didnt know what it was, but she knew she had to stop it before it reached her village, or it could be the end of the line for them.
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[B][I][color=teal]Lilly was looking at the two fairies that were gently hovering around her. She kind of felt like she was in the spotlight. Lilly started tapping her foot and looked down at Tee-Tee. Tee-Tee was her spirit guide and she couldn't ask for anything more. There was something bothering her though. This all happened the day she got Tee-Tee and the day right before she left.


"Now listen," Lilly's adoptive father said as his sliver scales shimmered in the moonlight. He was talking to a half-boy half-wolf. The wolf boy's black tail swished back and forth as he put his hand on his hip. His clawed fingers started tapping on his hip as he closed his bright blue eyes. He grinned slightly to reveal some fangs. His long blond hair, that was up in a ponytail, clashed with the black fur bandanna wrapped around his head. His ears looked perrty normal. They were long and pointed, but the black fur starting at his ankles and ending a little before his knees wasn't normal. Lilly was keeping these things in mind as she watched and listened from afar.

"Don't worry about it," the wolf boy said as he brushed off his black fured flap that went completely around his waist and ended a liitle above his knees, "I'll do what you asked me to do." Lilly couldn't help but to think this wolf boy was interesting. She liked the silver armor like top with the black fur shoulder pads that he had on.

"I hope so," the silver Zora said with a smile, "I wouldn't want Lilly hurt. I'll give her a sword tommarow when she goes off on her own." The wolf boy nodded and turned toward Lilly. Lilly quickly stummbled around the corner. She closed her eyes and hoped the wolf boy wouldn't notice her.

[center]~End of Flashback~ [/center]

Lilly's flashback was interupted by Tee-Tee growling. His deep growl startled Miatatzu and Chi as well. All three girls got ready to pull their weapons as Tee-Tee continued to growl. Someone or something was close by and it wasn't to friendly.[/color][/I][/B]
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Goro continued to chase after the children but noticed they stopped moving. They also drew their weapons. Goro kept on rolling up to them and when he was about 20 feet away from the group he got up and said.

[I]Why how are y'all? Im doing great. I have been following you because you look like an interesting bunch. By the way why do you have your weapons drawn?[/I]

Lilly replied.
[I]Hello sir I guess you just kind of frightened us. We thought you were an enemy.[/I]

[I]Now why would you think that? Do I look mean or evil? Im only a nice big goron that would like to be your friend. And could you please tie up your dog he is kind of acting a little strange. You should train him better so that he doesn't hate everyone he meets.[/I]

Chi and Miatatzu both replied at the same time.
H[I]ow do we know we can trust you?[/I]

[I]Well I suppose youre just going to have to take my word for it. Besides what could I possiblydo to a well armed group of CHILDREN like yourselves?[/I]

Lilly's dog Tee-Tee stopped growling but started talking to Lilly with his telepathy instead.
[I]Lilly I dont think we can trust this beast I can sense great evil in IT. I think we should either run or fight this beast, but I know it will not end up being our friend![/I]

Lilly agreeing with her dog tells the group.
[I]I dont think we can trust this... thing I think it is made of pure evil![/I]

Everyone else in the party agreed and they started to eye Goro suspiciously

[I]Now why did you have to go and say these mean things about me? All I wanted was to become your friend but I guess I'll have to kill you all instead. Muahahaa[/I]

Goro drew his warhammer and asked [I]who wants to "dance" first :devil:[/I]
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Shaharazod could feel Shinta getting tired, so she slowed her down and walked her over to the stream by Hyrle. She got of her horse while Shinta drank and walked up the hill a ways. She could some figures of in the distance, but she couldnt tell who it was. Something wasnt right though, a group of them were standing a bit far from one figure alone facing them.
"hmm. thats odd, shinta lets go check it out!"shaharazod replied slowly as her horse came over to her.
Her horse whined w/what it sounded like fear.
Maybe shaharazod thought that maybe that lone figure is what the negative force is coming from.
Shaharazod jumped on her horse and started toward the far of distance figures, not aware of who they were.
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Miatatzu scowled at the goron.
"Your dead my freind." Sasame bobbed up and down.
"Miatatzu! Don't kill him!" Miatatzu almost fell over.
"How can you possibly believe that I would do that?" Miatatzu smiled an evilish smile.
"I'm mearly going to send him through hell on earth!" She swished her katana about her. Sasame and Kei floated away behind the horses trying not to get slashed through. Miatatzu's movements were getting slower now. She started to chant a small spell, but thet spell grew with stronger chanting and faster, harder swings of her Katana. Finnaly Miatatzu flung her sword into the air, it spun around a few times then it started to glow a silvery blue color. The blade was comming down right towards Miatatzu's face.
"Shiri, neha-san....SA!" She yelled. The blade slowly came to a stop. In started to spin. All of a sudden the group felt warm. Very warm. The heat around them was rising. There was a small ring of fire around them that slowly grew with more chanting.
"Siha--Sha!" Suddenly, a bright light surrounded everyone except for the fairys and Goro. The grup rose and the tempature around them went back to normal. The group meanwhile had been marveling at Miatatzu's work. As Miatatzu floated, she grabbed her sword. She quickly took her eyes down to match Goro's. She held the sword down towards him and yelled
"Sirah--Manataka! Kana--san!
The flames that were once surrounding the group now surrounded Goro. Miatatzu put the group down. She could hear the sound of Goro's screams comming from inside the flames. She smiled.
The group got on thier horses, well in the case of Lilly, her wolf. They all looked at Miatatzu in surprize. "Hey! that will only last another 3 minutes, we have to get away from here now!"
"Where are we going?" Lilly asked.
"Just follow me. I'll show you!" Miatatzu headed of in the direction of the Kokiri Forest. When they got behind the Lon Lon Ranch, Miatatzu rebounded and started off into the direction of the Gerudo Fortress.
"Where are we going?" Lilly asked again.
"Gerudo Fortress. he won't be comming to anyplace hot for quite a while. I know Gerudos there. They wont hurt us. Expecially because were all girls. Well accept for Sasame and Kei."
"Why did we go this way?" Chi asked.
"I caught Goro watching us as we left. I had to make him beleve we were going there. Going behind the hills and the ranch did a good job of leading him on."
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Shaharazod saw a blue light far of in the distance go off for a couple of minutes, she sat on her horse staring at it. She didnt know what the heck it was or what happend to it. She moved her horse the direction it came from very slowly, and causious just in case it was danger.
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[I]Hmm! Pathetic children. That retarded child seriously thought that fire could hurt me? hahhaa. That's a laugh. I control the body of a goron who is resiliant to heat and, to make things worse for them I cant feel REAL pain. If I die I will just come back in another form. Nonetheless, The CHILD was talented in what she did. I will have to watch out for her in the future.[/I]

Goro watched as the children dissapeared behind the ranch.

[I]Hmm, I wonder why those CHILDREN would want to go to the forest. Very interesting. Well I guess since they're out of the way I might as well check the Water Temple.[/I]

As Goro was wading into the water he saw a figure creeping towards him in the distance. Wondering what or who it might be he lie in wait. ready to pounce on what came.

As Shaharazod and her horse trotted up to the area where the battle had been she wondered to her self.

[I]I wonder where that creature went to.[/I]

With that thought Goro jumped out of the water and ambushed her.

:devil: [I]Why hello little missy how are you doing today? Im doing just great even though I just got mugged by some really mean and evil children. They thought they could steal my only posession, my family heirloom. Its a great hammer and they tried to steal it from me. You must have seen the encounter form the distance could you please help me defeat them so they wont do this to anyone else?[/I] :devil:
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OOC: sorry, my CPU is down right now so bare with me

Kayin was walking Kyo through Gerudo Forest searching for something to eat. Kayin telpathically contaced Kyo, "[I]I don't know about you, Kyo, but I'm starving we need to find some food somewhere...[/I]"

"[I]I'm probably not quite as hungry as you are, Kayin, but I would like something to eat...[/I]" Kyo replied. He stopped walking since he heard footsteps approaching.

"Soo...hungry!" Kayin said as his stomach growled. He hadn't noticed the sound of people coming his way and he ran into a trio of people, literally, who seemed to be around his age who were accompanied by other beings. "I'm very sorry...I wasn't paying any attention. Please forgive me..." Kayin apologized, bowing his head to them.
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Shahahrazod felt an odd strange feeling from the creature in front of her, it wasnt any normal feeling it was a feeling of confussion. She had never been confussed about someones spirit before, afterall she was a pristiss.
Shaharazod stoped her horse and stared at the creatures eyes. The eyes made shivers go down her back, but yet she decided to help because thats her duty was to help those in need. And this creature didnt seem evil to her.
"What type of help do u need?" shaharazod asked slightly still a sure if she was right to help or not.
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Miatatzu shifted in her seat upon her mare. She took out her bow and yelled
"GIT"as she pointed the arrow at the boy in front of her. The boy look startled but not intimidated.
"Oh, Miatatzu, please, the boy was just apologizing! leave him alone." Sasame cried.
"Shut up already, your pathetic" Miatatzu walked her horse in the direction of the first wall of the fortress. There she got off Chrimson, leaned her back up against the wall and closed her eyes. The gerudos around her eyed Miatatzu wearily but didn't say a word.
"Wow," Lilly said,"Do you think that they are afraid of Miatatzu?"
"I don't know,"replied Chi,"They do look a bit caucious." The group blinked.
"Well of course they are afraid of her" Sasame yelled. "everyone is afraid or a bit weary of Miatatzu. Did you not see what she did back there? Miatatzu may be a kid, but she has some mad abilities with that sword." Obviously the group agreed and nodded. Even Kayin who seemed to carfully keep an eye on the opposing fairy.
"what are we going to do now?"Lilly asked." Why do you think we were attacked? It most have some reason behind it."
Miatatzu opened one eye and said.
"They're after me. I'm caught up in a big ordeal trying to save a legendary hero and a good freind of mine."
The group was obviously confused.
"My freind Link,"Miatatzu continued,"Saved the world by defeating Ganaondorf and sealing him away in the Evil realm of the Temple of Time. Link was captured when he let his guard down, but he did something strange to the triforce before they sealed him away, but i'm not so sure of what that is just yet. I guess i'm searching for the trifoce peices, but I have no idea where they are."
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Fei hovered around a bit as Makura and Ralience lounged around a fruit tree. She then saw a group of Hylians and a wolf go into the Gerudo Castle. They were looking for the triforce pieces as well. Fei teleported herself to Ralience. Once she was with Ralience, Fei had told Ralience what she had seen.[/i]

"Li, Li! Rallie!"

[i]Makura groaned and sat up, as did Ralience. She looked to Fei and wondered what all the commotion was about. Fei glowed a bright white and silver, her wings were tinted with gold. She was a rare fairy and none were as fierce as she. But at this moment, she was hopping around happily.[/i]

"What is it, Fei?"

"I just saw Kai with some other fairies and they were with other people, Hylians! They were going into the Gerudo castle!"

"What? Then, let's go!"

[i]Makura stood up as did Ralience and she leapt onto his back. Fei sat on Makura's head as he flew high into the sky and sped towards the Gerudo castle. A shape of a castle was seen in the sky and figures were seen entering the castle. Ralience pointed down to the entrance and Makura landed there. His landing caused the people to turn and see who had been following them.[/size][/color][/i]
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[U]Back aT Lake Hylia[/U]

[I]The reason I need your help is because of those children the Water Temple has been tainted by dark spirits!! I want to cleanse it so it wont progress and eventually get worse. I think those children plan to steal all of triforce pieces and use them for evil. All I want to do is stop them from causing harm to the good people of the lands.[/I]

[I]But one thing before we go. Im am the only one who can go into the main chamber of the temples. It is of my bloodline. I am, the only one with the real key. There is a key inside of the temple jsut in case mine gets lost but I have the original. With this key it can only allow me to go inside the chamber but, I need your help to get there in the first place. You need to help me get in unscathed so I can perform the rituals needed to ban the spirits out of the temple. So please help me with this it is probably the most important thing you could ever do to help the existance of good.[/I]

OOC: If you hadn't noticed he is obviously trying to trick Shaharazod into helping him but its up to her. It would probably make things interesting when the groups have their real confrontations :wigout:
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[B][I][color=teal]When Makura landed, Tee-Tee quickly pulled Lilly behind a rock. Lilly shielded her face from all of the dust that clouded in front of her. Tee-Tee looked a little worried as the others went to talk to the newcomer. Lilly shook some dust from her hair and turned around to face Tee-Tee.

"Did you hear what Miatatzu said about Link," Lilly asked with a stern look on her face, "I know what I heard was true. This makes me want to say my brother even more." Lilly was really excited and upset all at the same time. She wanted to save her brother with fun in the mix, but she was upset that her brother was captured in the first place. Lilly let out a sigh and sat down. Tee-Tee walked over to her and sat down. His bright blue eyes reminded Lilly of the handsome wolf boy. Lilly let out another sigh. This one sounded more like she was day dreaming then in distress. Tee-Tee was getting inpatcient. He could hide the truth from Lilly any more.

"Lilly," Tee-Tee said as he stood up, "I've got something to show and tell you." Lilly looked at Tee-Tee and stood up as a bluish wind started to whirl around Tee-Tee. Lilly slightly backed up against the rock they were behind. She was getting slightly scared. She was confused. What was Tee-Tee doing? She never seen him do this before.

"What's going on Tee-Tee," Lilly asked as Tee-Tee completely disappeared into the wind. Lilly put her hand over her eyes so that she could continue to look at the wind. Suddenly the wind cleared and the same wolf boy that Lilly had seen eairlier floated down to the ground. He open his bright blue eyes and walked up to Lilly. Lilly looked up at him slightly and turned a light pink.

"My name's Tai-Tika or Tee-Tee for short," the wolf boy said as he looked down at Lilly, "I'm your loyal guardian that your Zora father asked to protect you. I wasn't going to reveal my true form to you just yet, but it was ripping me apart inside. I also have something to tell you which might benifit you and your new friends." Lilly looked at Tee-Tee and nodded. She wasn't to sure of what to make of this.

"What might help Tai," Lilly said with a bright red face. Tee-Tee or Tai was shocked at what Lilly called him. He shook his head and put his hands on Lilly's shoulders. Lilly's blue eyes met Tai's. Tai shook his head again.

"Since you're Link's twin sister," Tai said as he stared into Lilly's eyes, "you have the ability to see the Triforce. Please use that abillity to your advantage." Lilly nodded and quickly turned to her right. Someone was walking over to her and Tai. She quickly shoved Tai away.

"Hide," Lilly whispered as Tai backed up. "I don't want anyone to see you like this." Tai nodded and started hideing in the shadows. Lilly smiled and turned toward whoever was coming.

OOC: I have a question? Can I have Tai/Tee-Tee as a character too. If so, I'll change my sign-up. (I'm going to change one thing anywho) I just thought it would be interesting for Tai to be in there. It makes Lilly's life more interesting. If not, I'll just change him back to his wolf pup form and keep him there. ^_^[/color][/I][/B]
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Shaharazod stroked her horses maine as she listened to Theodore explain on what it needed help for. After Theodore was done talking, Shaharazod still was confussed on his spirit, she didnt know if was the uneasy feeling that made her decide to help or not.
Shaharazod jumped on her horse still watching Theodore, she still didnt know if she could trust this creature, but.. it would help her find out what was going on and who was behind the power that she felt at her home village.
"I'll help, only if you could tell me whats going on around out here. And one more thing, when do we start?"Shaharazod asked with a gleam in her eye.

[I]One way or another, if this Theodore claims the children are behind this massive power, and there not, then most likely its him. [/I] Shaharazod thought while grinning at herself.
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[QUOTE=shaharazod]Shaharazod stroked her horses maine as she listened to Theodore explain on what it needed help for. After Theodore was done talking, Shaharazod still was confussed on his spirit, she didnt know if was the uneasy feeling that made her decide to help or not.
Shaharazod jumped on her horse still watching Theodore, she still didnt know if she could trust this creature, but.. it would help her find out what was going on and who was behind the power that she felt at her home village.
"I'll help, only if you could tell me whats going on around out here. And one more thing, when do we start?"Shaharazod asked with a gleam in her eye.

[I]One way or another, if this Theodore claims the children are behind this massive power, and there not, then most likely its him. [/I] Shaharazod thought while grinning at herself.[/QUOTE]

OOC: By the way dont forget my names Goro
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[I]Well, I thank you for your gracious help. By the way, to answer youra question about what is going on. There was once an evil and devious spirit. This MAN who once walked the land searched for the legendary power for his own riches. This man eventually found the triforce and wished for an evil land that he controlled. The legendary warrior Link, stopped Ganandorf frome destroying the world by slaying him and banishing him to and outer realm outside of time itself. These children want to bring Ganondorf back to life so that they can be endowed with his riches. That is why I need your help to stop them. When they suceed in corrupting all of the temples and the find all of the triforce pieces all will be like tit was when Ganon ruled. They must be stopped and now, we can enter the temple.[/I]

Goro and Shaharazod slowly walk into the temple. Since Goro has the key, a path was opened before him. Once they were inside they met with many guardians, that Goro convinced Shaharazod were evil. When they finally reached the main chamber, making sure not to get chopped up by the defensive traps, Goro entered alone.

[I]Now Shaharazod, you must wait out here until I am finished then I will retrieve you and we will leave together underestand?[/I]

[I]Yes I do I suppose.... [/I]

When Goro walked in and shut the door behind him, he found the keeper of the water temple. It was a Zora who would protect it through all time. But Goro who had put the keepers to sleep before knew how to do it again. He performed the ritual, and the Zora was frozen in time never to wake unless the taint that Goro was going to set on the temple was removed. After his incantation Goro summoned the ancient water beast once again to keep the keeper asleep. To his dismay he did not find any of the triforce pieces. He then left with Shaharazod who wanted a favor in return for helping Goro. She wanted them to go to Gerudo Fortress for some strange reason but just to seem like a good guy Goro agreed.\

As they started on their journey Goro thought to himself.
[I]One down only seven more to go. Muahahaha[/I]
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Miatatzu twitched a bit. Sasame floated around her head and asked
"So Link didn't give you any clues as to where he hid the triforce?" Miatatzu shook her head.
"I already told you he didn't. He didn't have time, he was stripped of his weapons and carried into the Lost Woods. That's what the Kokiri say anyway." Chrimson whinnied and neighed a bit. Something was bugging her.
"What's wrong?"Miatatzu asked her horse. All of a sudden there was a loud flapping sound. Above the group was a large bird. An owl.
"Not you again" Miatatzu growled and swished her tail, "Keabora Geabora..."
"Not now, Miatatzu, I have some news for you." The owl chirped.
"well spill it!"
"Alright...I just recently flew over the Lost Woods. I came upon a large area of cleared trees and some thick underbrush. I heard this strange clanking sound. I swooped in for a closer look. You'll be surprized at what i saw." Miatatzu looked overly annoyed.
"I saw Link. He was surrounded by bars and hard walls. A strange man was chipping away at the sword. I suspected this to be the Master Sword. I could not identify the man at all he looked nothing like Ganaondorf. I suspected that he was a recruted assasin or a missionairy. he seemed to be guarding Link's cell. Link was alive, but barely. He looked exausted and underfed."
Miatatzu cringed. She hated to hear of her friends misfortune.
"One more bit of information for you, Miatatzu" Geabora went on, "I waited untill nighfall came and the guard fell asleep. I landed on a branch close to Link's cell and asked him what he did to the triforce. he said 'I only seperated them from my body and hid them in my favorite temples, but ganondorf found them. He said he destroyed them, but i can still feel the presence of them somewhere out there. it's fain but it's there.'"
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Ralience walked to the gate to enter the castle but was stopped by Gerudo guards. She sighed and lifted her cloak hood to reveal herself. They were stunned to see her here and they immediatley allowed her entrance to this castle. She nodded to them and she, Fei, and Makura entered.

Once inside the castle walls, Gerudo people were rushing everywhere. Fei flew on to find Kai and maybe some other fairies and Makura stayed with Ralience. She intended on finding the ones who were looking for the Multiforce, for one had resided within her Moon Blade. She also needed to find the others for she knew where another was.[/i]

"I wonder if we can find them. Makura, fly and search for a wolf that walks on two legs. When you do, tell her that the White Ninja came to speak to her. Understood?"

[i]Just as Makura left, Fei came hovering down at a fast pace and began to flitter around Ralience's head. It had caused her to become dizzy and nearly fall into her hands. Ralience was staring at her fairy guide and needed to know what was going on.

Fei had gathered her senses and began to hover in front of Ralience once more. She had some great news to tell and could not wait to tell it either.[/i]

"Ok, Fei. What seems to be causing you all this....happiness?"

"I found her! I FOUND HER!"

"Found who?"

"The one who looks like Link!"[/size][/color]
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[B][I][color=teal]Lilly peeked around the rock, but no one was there. She let out a sigh of relieve as Tai walked out from the shadows. Lilly turned to face him. Tai's tail was swishing back and forth and his arms were crossed. Lilly let out a sigh and sat down. She put her back to the rock. Suddenly Tai turned around. His ears were twitching.

"What is it Tai," Lilly asked in a whisper. Tai quickly jumped up on the rock and looked up at the cliff. His bright blue eyes had caught sight of a glimmering light.

"We have company," Tai said as the fluttered down to him. The light was a turqouise fairy with black wings. Tai shook his head and the fairy followed. Lilly looked at the fairy with wonder.

"A fairy," Lilly questioned with a wondering look. Tai sat down next to Lilly as the fairy landed in her hair. Lilly giggled slightly and looked over at Tai. Tai was staring at the fairy.

"I see that that Zora sent you too Nit," Tai said as he looked at the fairy. Nit got off of Lilly's head and floated down in front of her. He put his hand to his face.

"If she really is Link's sister," Nit said as he went into indian style, "then why do we have to protect her?" A tension mark appeared on the side of Tai's forehead. He went to go grab Nit, but someone clearing their throat stopped him. Lilly, Tai, and Nit all turned around toward the rock.

"I finally found you," a female voice said from atop the rock. Lilly didn't like this. Who could this person be?[/color][/I][/B]
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Appearantly all had forgotten Miatatzu, who was still resting after chasing off the annoying owl. She noticed Lilly and a strange looking wolf boy sitting with a black and tealish color fiary. They were staring at something Miatatzu couldn'y see with just one eye open. She got up and sniffed the air. She felt a weird presence in the air, she smelled a different sort of smell. Miatatzu slowly walked over across the sands to where lilly and the other wolf were sitting. As she looked to what they were looking at, a white glow came from her face. It was where her "symbol" was.

Miatatzu has had a strange symbol of a tringle with an arrow through it ever since she had encountered Link. her freind had told her not to pay any attention to it, but a stange light will spark anyone's attention.

The light subsided. Miatatzu could see the person standing in front of her. her blade was shimmering just as Miatatzu's face had done. This girl must also have a symbol on her blade. Miatatzu swished her tail about excidedly. Her ears seemed to wiggle with anticipation. But something made her a bit worried. OH GREAT, she thought to herself, one more party member. Ah crap. How many people are going to flock after me anyway? I mearly want to save Link, making more freinds will get in the way. There are only 3 triforce peices, it doesn't take 50,000,000 just to find them all. Miatatzu's exited behavior turned to nervous twitching. She lowered her head, closed her eyes and crossed her arms.
"No way,"She said aloud,"...no way..."
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