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Dragonball: Legend of the Super Saiya-Jin


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[size=1][color=black][size=3][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black]Alright even though the play thread is up, sign ups are still being accepted. I'm afraid to say that the Internet Explorer on my PC has packed in leaving me unable to view the files relating to Otakuboards. If anyone has any ideas how I might fix this I would be very grateful as it will mean I can post more often. Anyway onto the first post...[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]Magnus shifted several times in his seat before finding a comfortable position, the bar was extremely dirty and Magnus often wondered why he came here. A bug eyed Bas-Jin (Guldo's race) was staring in his general area while slurping off a slimy colored beverage, it seemed this one had come off the worst in a fight as one of his four eyes had a nasty scar across it. Magnus was sipping away at a sweet juice concoction he had come to enjoy, he came here to watch people, the see how things worked and most importantly, to learn information. Magnus tilted his glass to the green skinned creature and motioned for him to come sit with him so they could talk, three of his four eyes narrowed as if scanning Magnus, before he made his way over.[/i][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]Magnus was taking in everything about his alien acquaintance, his demeanour, movements and body language. The Bas-Jin looked about carefully before breathing a sign of relief and guzzling back the rest of his drink, it saw the look of disgust on Magnus's face and almost seemed to scoff. Magnus was still watching the Bas-Jin and his once pleasant smile turned quickly to an angry glare, he lunged across the table knocking over the Alien and held his arm against it's neck. He spoke quietly and angrily to his once scoffing accomplice who's face had quickly drained of color.[/i][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Magnus:[/b] Alright Ferdo, now that the joke is over why don't you tell me what you learned ?[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Ferdo:[/b] [[i]In quick shallow breathes[/i]] Okay, okay, take your arm off my throat, I can't breathe.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Magnus:[/b] [[i]Letting up slightly[/i]] Oh no, I wouldn't want you running off on me with the Time Freeze move of yours, now tell me what you've learned or I'm going to blast you into the next dimension.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Ferdo:[/b] [[i]Still very afraid[/i]] Alright, alright that guy you were enquiring about goes by the name of Jai, he's been following you ever since he heard about you fighting off those bounty hunters on Arlus Prime.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Magnus:[/b] For your sake Ferdo you'd better know where he is.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Ferdo:[/b] I do, I do, I swear, he said the he wanted to meet with you in person so the two of you could talk. He's going to meet you at the Zeltan Fighting Arena, seat 25, row 3, he wants you to be there by 8:00.[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Magnus:[/b] Thanks for the message Ferdo, I won't be speaking to you again...[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]Magnus stepped up off the Bas-Jin and went to walk away, Ferdo was breathing deeply and rubbing his throat. He looked over at two large humanoid figures on the other side of the bar and nodded, the two left their seats and went to follow the Saiya-Jin Ferdo was talking to. Magnus had a head start but it was dark and on this planet nobody really gave a damn whether or not you killed someone, let alone the reason. Keltos was a dangerous planet but Magnus was a dangerous man, the two large humanoids caught up with Magnus and flung him against a nearby wall. One of them, very human looking chuckled loudly and stupidly before speaking to the downed Saiya-Jin.[/i][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][b]Attacker:[/b] Mr Ferdo says that it was nice doing business with you but that now is the time when it has to end, he says th-[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]Magnus has already risen himself and fired a blast of Ki in the face of his would be attackers, Ferdo you slime-ball he thought. He knew that Bas-Jin were arrogant and often foolish but he never thought Ferdo would be stupid enough to try and kill him. The second attacker charged in at Magnus attempting to avenge the death of his would-be comrade, Magnus's superior speed allowed him to deliver a roundhouse punch to the jaw of his assailant knocking him off balance for a moment. Magnus kicked out with his left leg tripping the blue skinned alien, but he wasn't fast enough that time, Magnus found the boot of his opponent lodged in his stomach send him back hard into the wall.[/i][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]Cursing he attempted to rise himself but his opponent had already reach him and was delivering a serious of blows to him lower ribs. Magnus cried out in anger and used one of his arms as leverage to catapult his feet into his attackers face, the alien moaned in pain as blood began to drip from it's hands that covered it's face. Magnus know had the advantage and he intended to press it for all that it was worth, he powered up a Ki ball in one of his hands and fired it into his opponent's unguarded leg. It fell down screaming in agony as it now attempted to hold the bleeding remains of it's right leg, Magnus walked forward and leaned down on it's chest, the blood was running a deep blue and Magnus held his gloved hand around it's throat. [/i][/color][/size][/font]

[/size][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black][i]It struggled for a few moments before finally laying still as Magnus went in search of Ferdo, if he thought he was going to get away with this then he was sorely wrong. He returned quickly to the bar he'd left him in but found no trace of the Bas-Jin, he cursed under his breathe before deciding that the best course of action would be to meet with this Konatsa-Jin in the Fighting Arena. He had another hour but time seemed to be slipping away rapidly, he knew that sooner or later Ferdo would find out about the two corpses on the street and that would not sit well with him. Magnus had to get off this sinking rock soon or else he'd be in trouble.[/i][/color][/size][/font][/color][/size][font=Verdana][size=1][color=black] [/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]Jai looked around quickly before he ducked into the low enterence into the bar. Upon entering his stood to his full hight and glanced around the bar, one pass told him that Ark had yet to show up so he walked toward the bar to grab a drink before he appeared and told him what he needed to know. Sitting at the down he ordered himself a beer [Of sorts] and mulled over the events of the past few days as he awaited Arcon. He'd got his first lead of this Saiya-Jin for a good few months and found out that he'd be hear for at least a day before going on to Earth and this was Jai's best chance of meeting him before they both got to Earth.

The drink he'd ordered was one of the most foul and bitter things he'd ever tasted, yet it may be his last drink for a very long time so he savoured every drop of it as finished it a little to fast for his liking. He sighed a little as he placed the glass on the bar top, things would have been much eaiser it he had stayed on Konats but that couldn't be so. He had to prove himself against the best the Universe had to offer instead of staying on some backwater world lording it over the feeble underlings. He checked the door and, sure enough, Ark was standing there. He was covered by a dark black robe as was common with the Arconia-Jin and he could catch the glint of two red eyes beneath the hood. Ark motioned for him to move to a table in the corner.

[I]Ark:[/I] Ah, Jai. Good of you to be hear on time, I have news of the Saiya-Jin you search for.

[I]Jai:[/I] Okay, Ark. Just cut the crap Ark and tell me when to meet him and where.

[I]Ark:[/I] [Chuckling slightly] Ah yes, stright to the point as usual Jai, very well. Fredo has said that the two of you shall meet at the Zeltan Fighting Arena, seat 25, row 3 and at 8:00 sharp, and I'd pay attention. It isn't wise to tick off a Saiya-Jin.

[I]Jai:[/I] [Getting up to leave] Okay then Ark, thanks for the information. I'll be seeing you.

Jai headed for the door way and went out as quickly and silently as it he'd not been there at all. He glanced around once more, you could never he safe with bounty hunters around, and checked a near by street sign to make sure he was on the right track for the Zeltan Arena and he was. He slid his sleeve down to check the time []5:32[] the face read in clear green, Jai looked up to check the distance to the arena on the sign. [I]'Shouldn't take me more that 15 minutes...unless I'm held up,' He thought, heading toward the arena, 'And if things go to plan that Saiya-Jin and I should be on our way to Earth by 6:15 at the latest'[/I][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Earth, 4:45 p.m. More precisely, West City, the Capsule Corp main office.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. It feels SO nice out here!"
"AKUMI! Get back to work!"

Rei Akumi grinned sheepishly at her boss and went back to working on the spaceship in front of her. She tapped a wrench against the side and listened for a *punkpunk* sound that would indicate that the ship was no longer space-sound. Finding nothing, she crawled on her stomach into the underside and made a few small adjustments, talking to herself as she did. "Wow, this ship is really advanced for being nearly twenty years old. The blueprints they found after the rebuilding of Cap. Corp. must have really been amazing for their time." She cracked her neck and mumbled a silent thank-you to the creators of reverse-blast engines.

"AKUMI! C'mere!"
"Congratulations, Akumi." Her boss leaned back against one of the smaller capsule-type ships. "You've been selected to begin the training for the space-exploration program. Can't say I'll really miss ya, but we'll get along."
"Thank you, sir." As her boss turned to leave, she muttered "I won't miss you either, you big dumb ape."[/FONT]
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[SIZE=1][B]Yamuri moved his bag over his shoulder a little more. He sighed heavily and began walking again in the city. He had just finished a little bit of training from the woods, and he was back in the city once more. Yamuri had little money in his pocket right now, but he was more than likely to win some for fighting. That or it would magically appear in his hands. Yamuri was broke, and he knew he should have stayed home.

"No use trying back now..." He mumbled to himself. He kept walking a fairly fast pace. His mind kept racing on about what he could have done with his life instead of this... but since hearing the stories of Yamcha and his friends, he wanted to be known too, but Yamuri wanted a much bigger role in this tale. Yamuri caught the prices of things on sale nearby, they were so damn cheap. The only thing worth selling he had was himself.

Yamuri came up to a small wall, and sat down still looking sad. Everything seemed wrong in his life, the fact that his strength and ki where over powering every other ability in his body. Yamuri planned to train and keep things in his life equal, so far he was way off that. He ran his hand through his spiky black hair and sighed once more, then looking up at the sky.

"For once I want some adventure..." He muttered to himself. "A real challenge for once... nothing more..." He added. "What more could I ask for...?" Yamuri pulled his bag back over his shoulder, and set off again, still looking at the sky as if he knew something didn't seem... right...[/SIZE][/B]
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Guest Heezay

Akiro looked at the forest around him, ready for the day's training. Now that school was out for the holidays, he should have more time to himself. Which he hadn't had much of lately. The next Tenkaichi Budokai would begin soon, and his mother had granted him permission to fight.

He had won the Junior division in the last tournament. The one before that he had lost, due mostly to a lack of confidence in the ring. But Akiro kept getting stronger as the days went by.

Akiro grinned and got into a fighting stance. Using his speed he leaped up into the air and hovered. He shot away throught the trees delivering rapid punches and kicks.

He came to a dead stop, and flew up a tree, circling around it. He landed back on the ground, and leaped at the tree, knocking most of it off and leaving the stump with a single punch. Then, he jumped in the tree's way, using his strength to catch it and throw it off to the side. He continued that for a while.

Finally, he groaned and landed on the ground, covered in sweat. He lay back and shut his eyes, exhausted.
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[i]Kotan pressed the button on top of the smal silver caspsule and threw it onto the grass at the back of his house. A large cloud of smoke blew out of the small capsule and a large silver dome-shaped building, instantly erected before him. This was amazing to watch the first 50 times he seen it but the novelty of this soon war off for Kotan. He no longer wondered or cared how his training facility, which was so large, could fit into the capsule which was so small. He typed in his secutiry code on the door panel and the door slowly dropped to the floor and Kotan walked up the ramp and into the room.

He walked through the main training room, which consisted of a huge open space which had nothing in but a small cabinet which held all the capsules that Kotan needed for training. He walked through the room and into the control room which was jst behind a small window overlooking the training room. He put down his bad and got changed into a grey red pair white pair of trousers which he held up using a thick rope. He walked over to the huge, lifeless control panel which was full of buttons switches and levers. He flicked a switch and with a low humming noise, the control panel came to life with all the buttons becoming illumenated joined by a number of beeps. Kotan typed in his security code and password, which logged him onto to all of his personalised settings.

He walked through the door which opened in front of him automatically and he walked into the training area and started his stetches, stretching each muscle fully.

[b]Kotan:[/b] Computer, start training programme.

[b]Computer:[/b] Starting trainin programme. Prepare for jump to 500 times normal earth gravity.

Kotan quickly tensed up whilst the gravity jumper to 100 times gravity, then 200, 300,400 and finally 500. Without waiting for his body to adjust to the graivty, Kotan set out at a sprint in laps around the room, reaching fifty in his fastest time yet, then fifty laps of forwards flips, and then fifty laps of backward flips, breaking his personal bests in both. He then moved into the middle of the floor and started done a 1000 press ups, then 2,000 alternating one arm press ups. He then done a handstand and done 1000 vertical press ups and then again done a thousand reps on each hand.

[b]Kotan:[/b] Computer, end of warm up, now onto stage two of training.[/i]
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[I]Darkness fell across the already dim sky. The lights of the nearby city seemed to have no effect on the ominous darkness. Within the bulging black, a blue projectile came bursting through a smashed into the ground in the outskirts of the city. The orb’s door suddenly opened and a shadowy figured rose from the ashes of the crash site.

Horror struck when it’s hand rose and a pure black energy ball formed. This is when Ageta was aware of himself. He floated a little over the skyline in nothing more than tight fitting Black boxers. The figure hovered quickly above the city and began focusing its energy into the ball. Its power was tremendous! With a laugh and a retort, the figure launched the ball directly at the centre of the city.

Ageta let out a frustrated grunt and flew quickly in the path of the large ball and began to push it back towards the mysterious sender. It suddenly became apparent to Ageta that the city wasn’t the balls target as it began to consume him. Suddenly, darkness once again. Ageta, now fully consumed by the blast was fighting for his very life, growling and writhing with agony. Suddenly the ball began to close itself upon him and then there was nothing.[/I]

[I]Suddenly the red numbers [B][COLOR=Red]03:04[/COLOR][/B] came into view. Ageta was lying, sweating and breathing heavily in his own bed. Although he was not one to usually dream, that felt more like a vision to Ageta than a dream. A grin spread across his face as the reality of a challenge entered his mind.

He turned to his other side and noticed that his wife beside him was sleeping peacefully in her own dreamland. Ageta slowly slid out of bed and headed to the long since used gravity room. Ageta assumed that the vision was his own subconscious warning him that he was not quite strong enough to face the challenge ahead of him.

The Capsule Corporation building was quiet, even for this time of night and this made Ageta feel very uneasy. [B]No matter[/B], He thought to himself, [B]The silence will be perfect for training![/B] With that thought Ageta entered the gravity room and strolled right to the centre of the room and sat.

His body was out of practice and so began his meditation to regain his it’s former perfection.[/I]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Officer:Great job Stryder. Weve been trying to catch this one for weeks.

Ten:No problem...poor basterd never saw me coming.

Another night has gone bye and another mad man put to justice. Ten makes his way back to his apartment. Leaping from wall to wall, rooftop to rooftop. Ten opens his door. Puts his outfit in the closet and wears his pj's. he lays i bed and looks at his picture of his past wife.

Ten:I miss you babe...

Ten kisses the picture. He closes his eyes. His mind drifting off to sleep. Tens ki power tends to fuel his dreams. He begins to feel certain peoples power lvls, on Earth and the Universe. He feels an evil energy, dark and pure anger. He sees the two figures killing and destroying the people he swore to protect...

Ten:No! i must stop those--those monsters from taking over the earth. I know now what my true destiny is..i KNOW why i have this power. I must meditate on this.

Ten prepares his vacant room for his ritual. His mind dives into the past, back when goku and vegeta fought agaisnt the forces of evil. He sees the many sacrifices they both made to stop evil dead in its tracks. Ten now slowly comes to, his body in a sweat his muscles ache. His rage...rising until his ki energy spills out from his body and fills the room with light and flames.

Ten looks at each hand brimming with rage and fire. He now is a Saiya-jin. With this new ability he trains, trains for the time where he wll fight evil. His only driving force is jini...his love.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]After returning home, Rei turned on the shower and hopped in, humming a bit off-key. She stayed in the shower for nearly an hour, relaxing from her day under spaceships and celebrating a little for her new promotion. "Space exploration! Can you believe it, Akumi? You're moving up in life!"

Rei walked into the kitchen of her small Capsule Corp apartment and fixed herself a cup of tea, smiling at a picture of her nineteen-times-great-grandmother Bra. "Can you believe me, Bra? This really is a stroke of luck... too bad the company isn't our family's any more, huh?" She shrugged and drank her tea, then went to her bedroom and lay down, staring at the ceiling.

Her eyes drifted closed slowly, and she yawned. "I'm gonna sleep... so tired..."

[i]A bright red car zipped down the road, filled with packages from numerous stores in the mall. A black-haired man drove, with a green-haired, red-outfitted teen girl next to him.
"Come on, Daddy, let's get home so I can show Mom these clothes!"
"The speed limit is 65, Bra. I can't go any faster."

A shadow floated into the sky in front of their car, and Vegeta slammed on the brakes. "Gohan? Is that you?"[/i]

Rei sat up, drenched in sweat. "Whoa... weird dream. Wonder..." She was asleep before she could finish the thought.[/FONT]
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[I]During the time that Ageta’s meditation had taken place, his Ki had slid up slowly, just enough to begin his session. By the time his eyes snapped open and he was in his conscious mind again, Ageta’s light blue aura was encircling him faintly. From his floating position Ageta dashed to the far wall and landed on it throwing himself back in the other direction with his powerful leg muscles. He hit the other wall with his arms and then forced himself towards the ceiling, spinning in all directions as he went.

Suddenly, he stopped in mid-air and floated slowly down to the floor. Still only in his boxers Ageta casually walked over to the controls for the room and began tapping away. The machine began to hum slowly as if it were a living being. Ageta grinned, as he typed in the gravity level. [B]400x[/B]. As the numbers on the display gradually rose to their destination Ageta hunched slightly and held his arms while focusing on his stance, rather than the large gravity force working down on him. Ageta’s eyes closed and his grin vanished, as he leapt to the centre of the room.[/I]

[B]Computer:[/B] [I]In a mechanised voice[/I] Droid number DN-31624 activated. Sparring level three to begin when gravity reaches 400 times. Droid will activate in five...

[I]Ageta clicked the bones in each of his fingers.[/I]


[I]He clicked his neck on each side[/I]


[I]Ageta began rotating his arms in alternating directions.[/I]


[I]Ageta took his stance and stared at the dead droid[/I]


[B]Ageta:[/B] YAAAAAAAA!

[I]Ageta’s aura burst around him as he charged the robot. They began to spar fiercely, Ageta carrying out a vicious offensive while the robot dodged every single attack. The robot began countering Ageta’s attack and they both gradually began to strike faster. Just as the droid was about to strike at Ageta’s face with it’s right hand Ageta spun in a way that he ended up side down and brought his right foot down on to the Droid’s face. It fell backwards but instantly got back up and began pummelling Ageta who had no memory of the droids ever recovering this fast.

The robot’s offensive was quick and fierce and Ageta was fairly battered by the end of it. Despite this, Ageta began to slowly recover, using his greatest quality (his speed) to dodge the droid’s leg and use it’s momentum to throw it into the wall with immense force.

Ageta suddenly turned behind him as he saw the outline of a figure. He gasped as he saw the likeness in the figure but was stopped short by the robot’s retaliation.[/I]

[B]Ageta:[/B] Computer! Stop the android!

[I]The machine went limp instantly while Ageta circled the room frantically looking for the figure.[/I]

[B]Ageta:[/B]...Computer, search for all life signs...

[I]There was a beep and a thin beam of light scanned every inch of the room and all other rooms in the nearby area. There was another beep to signal that it had finished, Ageta still looking stunned[/I]

[B]Computer:[/B] Scan complete! Life signs show that the only living person in this entire area of the building is Ageta.

[I]Ageta punched the wall, leaving a huge dent, as he started to turn for the door.[/I]

[B]Ageta:[/B] DAMN! Computer, disengage gravity and power down...

[I]When Ageta was clear of the training room he stopped and leaned back on the nearest wall. He was somewhat bruised but nothing too serious, but that wasn’t his concern. He thought for sure that the figure he had seen looked like the person he had seen on all the databanks and photos that were in the building. He was sure that this figure was his legendary ancestor, Vegeta!

First he had been haunted the past few nights with visions of someone looking a lot like Vegeta coming from a space pod and destroying the planet and now he had seen a figure that looked exactly like Vegeta![/I] [B]What was going on?[/B]

[B]Ageta:[/B] [I]Through a mental link Ageta is able to communicate with people.[/I] To all those family members in the Capsule Corporation area or who can reach the area within a day or so, would you please come here, I would like to speak to you on important matters.

[I]With that said, or thought even, Ageta pulled on a pair of bottoms and left the building and floated a few hundred feet about the building and waited. Even though it was the early hours of the morning, Ageta waited.[/I]

[B]Ageta’s current stats:[/B]
[B]Strength:[/B] [I]4,500,000[/I]
[B]Defense:[/B] [I]4,000,000[/I]
[B]Agility:[/B] [I]8,000,000[/I]
[B]Speed:[/B] [I]8,000,000[/I]
[B]Ki:[/B] [I]4,500,000[/I]
[B]Intelligence:[/B] [I]7,000,000[/I]
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[i][b]Computer:[/b]Entering stage two of training programme. Prepare for jump to 1000 times earth's normal gravity.

Kotan braced himself for the jump in gravity. The room was filled by another humming noise as the gravity increased. Kotan felt himself being forced downwards, towards the floor. Kotan planted his feet firmly apart but his upper body was still being pressed downwards, his knees bending further towards the floor. Kotan let out a short low scream and his electric blue aura flared brightly around him, enabling him to stand up right. He let his aura die down when he was used to the intense gravity. He attached 500lbs weights to each of his limbs.

[b]Kotan:[/b] Computer, engage turrets!

8 Double-barrelled laser cannon turrets emerged from holes that opened up in the floor.

[b]Computer:[/b] Initiating turret training programme in 3...2...1...initiate!

Kotan back flipped just in time to avoid the blood red beam that came rushing towards him. All 8 turrets started firing rapidly at Kotan, the room wash filled with flashes of crimson. Kotan bounced from wall to wall, flipped in and out of the turrets dodging every shot. Kotan flipped into the middle of the eights turrets, and shot a small orb of ki from each hand taking out two of the turrets with small explosions. He then flipped dodging another barrage of shots landing on top of one of the turrets, ripping it out of the floor, and smashing it against another turret taking out the second pair. He then appeared next to another of the turrets bending the barrel of the laser cannon around pointing it back at the turret, which shot, blowing itself up. He somersaulted off landing in the middle of the room. Two of the three remaining turrets, which were opposite each other, shot at Kotan, who moved just as the beams were about to hit him, which meant that the turrets shot each other. The last remaining turret was destroyed with a quick beam.

[b]Kotan:[/b] Computer, start up the training druids

Two druids shot out of holes in the wall on either side of the room, one with his fist forward ready to punch Kotan, the other shooting at him ready to kick. Kotan was about to move when:-

[b]Ageta:[/b] Through a mental link Ageta is able to communicate with people. To all those family members in the Capsule Corporation area or who can reach the area within a day or so, would you please come here, I would like to speak to you on important matters.

This distracted kotan who paid for his lack of focus with a foot and fist to either side of his face.

[b]Kotan:[/b] computer, end training session.

With that, exited the training room, pressed a button which shrunk the room back into it?s small capsule, put the capsule in his pocket, and shot off towards the capsule corp building[/I]
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Verageta slamed her fist into the ground, making it shake.
She wasnt happy, she couldnt control her powers yet beyond supersaiyenfour.
Her Grandfather Vegeta taught her every move, because her own father Trunks was to busy w/his life. She slid her hand over her silky black hair to get it out of her face.
"Dang why cant anyone help me anymore, everyone is to busy now w/their own life now i guess."verageta mumbled to herslef. She got up and straped her sword on her back. She picked up her shcool bag and jumped of the mountainside and started flying towards CapsuleCorps to visit her fathers side of the family.She didnt have anything else to do, afterall she trained enough that day and she hadnt seen any of them for a couple of years, even though she still went to collage, she only had this year to finish though.
"Well i hope they recongnize me, afterall 3 yrs of training does go by fast."Verageta thought as she flew through the trees.
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