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Star Wars: Spy Games

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[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER]Star Wars: Spy Games[/CENTER]

Here the basic plot for the story. I?ll flesh it out a lot more IF it gets started. In recent RPGs, I?ve not had enough people join. I hope that won?t be the case here. Anyway, the imperials have control of the town of Geru, on the planet Redmeg IV. The main imports are food and supplies. The main exports are AT-ATs, AT-STs, and AT-PTs. (The walkers from The Empire Strikes Back.)

Your characters are rebels, imperials, or undercover imperials. The goal of the rebels is to halt or even destroy the factory, as well as the existing models, so the rebels can get in and liberate the people without those pesky walkers. The goal of the imperials is to stop the rebels. The goal of the imperial spy is to uncover the rebels. You may be any one of those three.

Characters! You can be anything but jedi. If you?re gun-ho about being a jedi, PM me and we can talk this over. Other than that, you can be anything. I need about five to eight people. If no one posts on this (or PMs me) in one week, I will assume it was (yet another) flop and forget it.

For skills, I'm trying something a little different. It's a point-based system. You get 27 points to spend on you character. The average for a skill is 3. Here?s what I request for sign-ups:

[B]Name:[/B] (What is your person called?)

[B]Gender:[/B] (Duh.)

[B]Age:[/B] (Keep it realistic.)


[B]Species:[/B] (Let's try to keep this within the ballpark. Here are a few of the more common ones. PM me if you want something else.)
[B]Human:[/B] +2 Skill points
[B]Rodian:[/B] +1 Ranged Combat, +1 Grace, -1 People-Skills
[B]Wookiee:[/B] +1 Health, +1 Strength of Body, Bad Temper
[B]Barabel:[/B] +1 Strength of Body, -1 Grace
[B]Bothan:[/B] +1 People-Skills, +1 Grace, -1 Health
[B]Gungan:[/B] +1 Health, -1 Grace, Aquatic
(These are only a few. If you want to be something different, PM me.)

[B]Class:[/B] (Jedi, noble, soldier, smuggler, etc.)

[B]Team: [/B] (Rebel, imperial, or imperial spy.)

[B]Disadvantages: [/B] (No one's perfect. Your character will be required to take one disadvantage at the beginning, but will get one additional point for each additional disadvantage. Disadvantages can range from 'bad temper' to something as bad as 'blind'.)

[B]Advantages: [/B] (You may pick one advantage instead of the extra point for disadvantages if you wish. They can be minor, but NOT extremely great.)

[B]Homeworld: [/B] (Where was your character born?)

[B]Bio:[/B] (Life story? Not all life stories have to be sad.)

[B]Equipment: [/B] (Weapons and gear. Limit of two weapons. You don?t want to get caught.)

[B]Skills that need points:[/B]
Ranged Combat: (Guns, slings, cestas, anything thrown.)
Melee: (Punching, lightsabers, vibro-blades, anything up-close.)
Stealth: (Hiding and sneaking.)
Grace: (Reflexes, movement. Characters with low grace will be clumsy.)
Health: (How much can your character take before dying?)
Strength of Body: (Physical strength.)
Strength of Mind: (Mental strength.)
Piloting: (The ability to fly a ship well.)
People-Skills: (How well you can get people to do things.)

[B]My character. He's an example.[/B]-------------------------------------------
Name: Jeraki

Gender: Male

Age: 32


Species: Gungan

Class: Soldier

Team: Rebel

Disadvantages: Stern, not mechanically adept

Advantages: Aquatic

Homeworld: Naboo

Bio: He was recruited on Corellia. Not much more in known about him, as he's a bit of a recluse.

Equipment: A blaster pistol and a gungan spear that doesn't work right.

Skills that need points:
Ranged Combat: +2
Melee: +9
Stealth: +0
Grace: +3
Health: +5
Strength of Body: +4
Strength of Mind: +3
Piloting: +0
People-Skills: +2
I hope you think this is a decent idea. I thought it might be. PM me if you have questions or comments. [B]Even negative feedback is ok.[/B] Thanks.[/COLOR]
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Name: Melee Leliana

Gender: female

Age: 19

Appearance: 5'9", blue skin, violet eyes. usually wears black ribbon around her twin tails, a black tank top, and loosely fitted tan pants.

Species: Twi'lek

Class: smuggler

Team: Rebel

Disadvantages: Stubborn

Advantages: graceful because she used to be a dancer for some hutts

Homeworld: Ryloth

Bio: Four years after being born on Ryloth, she was taken to Tatooine where she learned to dance for and preform for the Hutts. At the age of six, she escaped the Hutts and was found by a band of smugglers, who took her in and taught her how to do things and not get caught. She then accelled in the art of smuggleing and soon opened up her own smuggleing company.

Equipment: Pistol and cross-bow gun.

Skills that need points:
Ranged Combat: +2
Melee: +2
Stealth: +3
Grace: +7
Health: +5
Strength of Body: +3
Strength of Mind: +2
Piloting: +3
People-Skills: +1

(tell me if the points are too much or not, still getting used to this system.)
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Sorry it took so long to get this up. Hope this thing gets off the ground because the last one was great.

Name: Zuulan

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Species: Gran +1 Stealth, +1 People-Skills, -1 Health

Class: Fighter pilot/ mole

Team: Rebel

Disadvantages: overconfident, stim reliant

Advantages: none

Homeworld: Corusont(sp?)

Bio: Zuulan joined the imperial army when he was younger and became an accomplished fighter pilot. Several years ago when he was stationed on the Star Destroyer ?The Marauder? one of the mechanics converted him to the rebel cause. He is currently stationed on Redmeg IV and will attempt to meet the rebel strike team and guide them to the factory.

Equipment: A custom ecchani pistol and his access card to the base

Skills that need points:
Ranged Combat: 3
Melee: 0
Stealth: 1+1 total 2
Grace: 3
Health: 3 -1 total. 2
Strength of Body: 2
Strength of Mind: 4
Piloting: 10
People-Skills: 2+1 total 3
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Name: Liout

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Appearance: Tall, black haired and good looking

Species: human

Class: officer

Team: Rebel

Disadvantages: Loves carousing and wenching when the opportunity presents itself

Homeworld: Naboo

Bio: One of the most diligent and dedicated members of his Rebel squad, he is rising quickly through the ranks, and is along on this mission as a commanding officer.

Equipment: A blaster pistol and state of the art datapad

Skills that need points:
Ranged Combat: +5
Melee: +2
Stealth: +3
Grace: +3
Health: +4
Strength of Body: +3
Strength of Mind: +3
Piloting: +0
People-Skills: +4
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Here I come to save the thread... Farto made me! haha.
Name: Lepiro(I picked consonants... mom picked vowels... put em together for...)

Gender: Not sure right now(ok ok! male)

Age: As old as time (that is, if time is only 21 years old)

Appearance: Hairy... and big... how else do you describe a wookie... seriously

Species: Wookiee

Class: Jedi(what the heck... I can do the whole noble fighter thing!)

Team: Rebel

Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Paranoid,

Advantages: I'm a wookie... what can be better?

Homeworld: Naboo

Bio: My mother and father were fleeing from the Emperial forces, and they landed on Naboo, where I was born.

There I was aquainted with a man by the name of Tarpals... I worshipped him!

He taught me the ways of the force and how to speak in the common tounge, so when I was ready, I left to join the rebellion.

Equipment: Blue Lightsaber(oh yea... specific!) and a Blaster Rifle

Skills that need points:
Ranged Combat: +5
Melee: +5
Stealth: +4
Grace: +2
Health:+5(the plus one is free right?)
Strength of Body: +5(ditto above)
Strength of Mind: +4
Piloting: +1
People-Skills: +0
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Name : Count Asim .

Gender : Male .

Age : 26 .

Appearance : A tall strong framed man , He has black eyes , and black hair . He has a diagonal scar , that marks his face . Always wears his gray imperial uniform , but does not wear the hat . His black boots are always polished , and around his waist there is a thick black leather belt , it has a circular shaped metallic buckle , plus two holstered silver buckled belts , that are placed in a tilted sort of way , forming an X ( Think the belts that Squall wears in FF8 , but with holsters ) . Over his uniform he wears a short black jacket , with slightly wide sleeves . He also wears a pair of black leather gloves , and near the polished silver ranks on his shoulders , theirs a strange symbol . It is the symbol of his noble family . He sometimes wears his black hooded cloak to conceal his appearance when he is in field missions .

Species : Human .

Class : Noble/Seth .

Team : Imperial .

Disadvantage : Vengeance consumes his soul , he’s too loyal to the empire , and at last pride .

Advantage : He can use the force .

Home world : Kamino ( It lies in the outer-rim ) .

Bio : He is the only surviving member of the nobles of Kamino , his family he doesn’t remember a lot about , he was told that they were killed by a group of raiding mercenaries . He was only 5 years old when he was taken in by a Seth warrior , who saw the boy’s potential powers so he raised him like a son , and trained him in some of the arts of the force , making Asim his student , but after 6 years he died at the hands of a Jedi . Therefore the Seth was unable to complete the Count’s training . Being only a child at the time The young Count watched from the darkness he hid himself in , as his master was killed in the battle , and somehow the Jedi did not sense The Count's presence . Asim then started to hate the Jedi , and swore vengeance upon them , he took the path of the Seth , and continued his training by himself .
When he reached the age of 19 he joined the imperial army . His high intelligence , and skills were recognized by the emperor , and soon Count Asim became one of the finest of the imperial army , his rank was going up rapidly , but he did not announce himself a Seth , though the emperor knew what the man was . Asim wanted his powers to remain hidden , until the right time , so he also trained himself in gun fighting , which he excelled at , combined his skills to excel at both gun , and light saber fighting .
He joined the empire to satisfy his vengeance , and destroy the Jedi and anyone who stands by their side . None shall rise against the empire anymore he decided . Although their he is somewhat evil , he is still quite an honorable man .
He was now assigned to ensure the safety of an imperial weapon factory , because their were rumors of a rebel group planning to destroy it . The emperor sent the Count to give a helping hand to the imperial forces there , and even lead them . The soldiers , and officers fear Asim , and respect him , because he was considered to be one of the emperor's top special guards . He was sent to a Star Destroyer hovering over the designated planet , to start the mission .
The scar on his face came from one of the many battles he had fought .
There was a lost love in his life , a girl he met as a teenager , but he was somehow separated from her along the way , he found her again in Tatooine , but she died in his arms from a blast that was meant for him , but she incedently got in the way . The assassination attempt by the rebels failed , but his heart was now filled with darkness , and hatred for them , as well as the Jedi order . He blamed them both for the losses he had suffered from in his life , this made him accept the current mission to destroy , and crush the rebels on this planet .

Equipment :

Customized Blaster : A large custom made blaster pistol ( it’s as powerful as a beam rifle ) , he’s one of the fastest quick draws around , and is indeed a great marksman with it . He puts it in his right side holster .

Light saber : A long red light saber , that has a one handed curved handle , that can be extended to fit a two handed style , this also gives extra length and power to the generated light saber . He puts it in his left side holster , and the extension hilt in a small holster in the back of his belt .

Skills :

Ranged : 7 .
Melee : 7 .
Stealth : 0 ( He doesn’t need to be stealthy ) .
Grace : 3 .
Health : 3 .
Body strength : 3 .
Mind strength : 4 .
Piloting : 4 .
People skills : 0 ( He commands everyone , whether they like it or not ) .

Sorry if the Bio is too long , if there is something you want me to change let me know .
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