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First banner and Avi(Yoko Kurama)


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[color=gray]The quality of the pictures is terrible. Do not save them on MSpaint as GIF. That screws up color.
Secondly, it could use a border.

And thats it for the beginning heh.
I guesse because its your first banner/avy set, that it aint bad, but well, with saying "OmG t3h 4M4z1nGn3z" you will never improve ^_^[/color]
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Well the quality of the picture could be better. I like the color though, such a pretty shade of blue. And like Boo said, a boarder would add a certain something to it. As for the banner, maybe you could make it bigger and use a different font for the quote, it might be more eye-catching. :) It's nice for a first, keep working on it and you'll be sure to improve.
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I'll try and help you make this better for a Paint banner. :)

First, I think the picture is cropped too low. It looks awkward to have his face cut off at the bottom while, at the same time, showing so much of the top of his head.

For the text, I would say to use a dark blue color and a much more attractive font. Also, the placement of the text looks slapped on. Try to work with better positioning.

Borders aren't always necessary on banners, but if you want to add one it wouldn't hurt. If you are using Paint, just zoom in and draw a one pixel black border, or you can try and mess with the rectangle tool.

After all of that, save the file as a jpg. Even though it will still be grainy, it should look better than a gif. EDIT: Actually, the boards now allows bmps as attachments so use that extension instead.

With some time spent, you can make good Paint banners.
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