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BloodMoon (R-Violence,Gore,Language,Adult Situattions.)


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[COLOR=DarkRed][I]The night of a full moon a couple went out for a walk. That evening they held hands and exchanged sweet kisses on a park bench. They were going back to his apartment when the glow of the moon changed. The moon seemed to bleed from everywhere. It spread across it's entire surface causing the light that reaced earth to become an eerie red color.

The next day the couple was found mutilated and mawed to death. Blood had been plattered across the grass. The mans intestins had been cut from his gut and was dragged into a tree. He hung with all of his blood pooled under him. The woman appeared to have been dragged while still alive. He blood followed a path that circled and and curved until it reached her body. Her arm was barley hanging on by strings of wet flesh. Both of there eyes had horrified looks in them. At least they would if the if they still had them. The only thing in common besides the fact that both of them were dead was that their eye sockets were empty.

This news reached across the entire world. Investigators insisted that this act was done by one or more very sick indaviduals that would likely strike again. The tabloids had a feild-day writing up hundereds of stories about cults and assasines that woulds do this for plessure, money, or revenge. They made connections that weren't even there. By the end of the day everyone believed ons story or another. They all came up with the same conclusion though. That whatever did this would strike again, and it did. The next night twelve more bodies were found, all killed in different ways. Each missing there eyes.

One month later the mysterious killer(s) has been found, but it wasn't anything that anyone expected. Video footage, live reports, and hundreds of sightings have all confirmed one thing, that the killings arn't being done by humans. Creatures that appear to be dead and decaying corpses are moving amoungst people ripping them appart and taking their eyes. More humaish creatures nawing on the necks of fresh victims. Wolves that stood on their hind legs exploded through bodies and destroyed small buildings. Many other things live there as well.

Now that the entire city seems to have been wipped out the fear of this spreading to other cities and to other states forces a military action to take place. They believe these to be some sort of new terrorist biological weapon. A group of the eight best soldiers in the military are going to be air lifted by helicopter to the center of the city and attempt to find any possible survivors in that have avoided the creatures. They would be emediatly evacuated by a group. After they were sure everyone was out then a surgical air strike will eliminate what's left in the city.[/I][/COLOR]

***Sign Up***

Your options are to be either a survivor or one of the eight military soldiers.

Name: (Can I make it any more obvious)
Age: (Duh)
Rank: (If a soldier)
Gender: (another Duh)
Description: (What do they look like. Pics and text both work)
History: (If a survivor then what have you been through since the killings began. If a soldier give a breif description of your service and reaction to this mission)
Weapon(s): (Make them real guns, knives, and grenades. Soldiers only *at first*)

And Remember No God Modeing! (|)
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Excellent >: D

[b]Name:[/b] Loki Menfis
[b]Age:[/b] 24
Gender: Male
Description: Long black cloak-like coat, some black Indiana Jones-like hat I can't remember the name of, cross necklace (he's a priest), rugged face, large boots, brown shirt and black pants.
History: The creatures had struck his church. Being a renegade priest, he was able to protect the monsters with ammo once they were outside God's house. He drove them out of the church with fire, but was brutally taken down by them once outdoors. He luckily escaped, but lost the church in his attempt. Many people were killed and all he did was run. He eventually got over his sorrow and sulked his way to get more ammo. He's determined to kill those monsters. "Whatever they are," he said, "They're pissin' God off." He locked and loaded and set off.
Weapon(s): Beretta 92fs

If you don't want my character to have the weapon, tell me. I'll change it.
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Name: shotoken
Age: Roughly 17
Rank: Is a survivor
Gender: male
Description: black hair with red streaks, and a blood soaked t-shirt and pair of pants.
History: Shotoken has been hiding in the apartment he was moving into right when the attacks began. By a stroke of luck, whatever the hell was doing this never came to his apartment, but he still stayed up every night the moon gained that blood red glow, clutching a large butcher knife he has attached a dagger to the handle of.
Weapon(s): A butcher knife with a dagger attached to the handle, and just about anything he gets his hands on.

Anything screwed up at all?
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Name: Deigo Memphis

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 154 lbs

Rank: Corparal

Gender: Male

Description: Wears a black SWAT type suit minus the body armor. Has a pair of night vision goggles on his head , with a mask that only covers his mouth and nose, reaveling his neck lenght black hair combed back. Green Jade eyes. Dark complexion. Skinny, muscualr build.

History: After hearing of the tragedy that befell the City, Deigo was one of the first volunteers. Member of a CIA hit squad, they are trained to take out the enemy, and save the hostage in one ,fast, attack, before the enemy even relizes what has happened. Trained in the use of small fireamrs and improvised weapons, he is also talented with an M-16 Assault Rifle. Deigo is also a talented exponent of the art of Tae Kwon Do.

After volunteering, Deigo now awaits what may be the mission of his life, or the mission to end his life....

Weapon: Deigo carries an M-16 Assault Rifle with a Grenade Launcher attachment and a pair of two silenced M9 Berrettas.

Hope this is exceptable.
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These are great so far. I love them all but from now on unless it makes sense and it is okay with me if you are a survivor please don't give him/her a gun. I would also like some women to join this.

A few more notes. I will be playing a character, but I also warn you that your characters may likely die. I will also be acting as all NPC's (None Player Characters) and as the GM (Game Master). I ask that you don't kill your character or any other character without PMing me for the okay first. One more rule is that you onlt have 48 hours to evacuate the city. After that you are presumed dead and the missiles will be launched. each day in the real world counts as one hour. After 48 days if you are not all dead or you havn't evacuated then it is over.
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[color=purple][font=arila][size=2]WWAAIITT for me!!!!!

Name: Kamika (Mika) Tomoe

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: See attachments(most often in the last one)

History: When the killings started, Mika was dead scared, even when her brother insisted that it only happened with couples. She and her boyfriend, Caleb, broke up, scared for one another, and never met anywhere. Mika soon started having a normal life, always on the look out. She went to karaoke with her buds on Friday nights, soccer practice on Wednesdays, and homework in between trips to the ice cream parlor. Everynight, she invokes the Goddess, Artemis, into herself, praying, asking to be saved from this evil.

Weapon(s): Her hands and feet, soccer ball, baseball bat

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Now For Me

Name: Lee Madison


Gender: Male

Rank: Private

Description: A young man with the classic military hair cut. He is muscular and is wearing infantry armor and helmet.

History: Inlisted in the military at the age of eighteen and was imediatly reconized as a sharpshooter in both distance and close ranged combat. After he heard about the first killings this worried him since he had a friend living in the area. As soon as the monsters broke loose and the mission was put together he volenteered to become the ace gunman of the group of eight. He did this mostly in hopes that he will find his friend.

Weapon(s): Colt Python, Baretta Sniper, 6 Flak Grenades, 2 Implant Explosives

We need the rest of the rescue squad and if at all possible I would like for someone to play Lee's friend if no one that's joined already wants to, but you will have to be a survivor. More Women please?
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Guest Midnight Rush
Name: Mick Jagger
Age: 60ish
Rank: Lead singer... er General
Gender: male
Description: see attachment
History: Mick joined the army nearly 30 years ago after his hotel "The House of the Rising Sun" went under when he publicly expressed sympathy for the devil. After this he simply couldn't get no satisfaction, but his friend Steven Tyler (who is dead) told him to dream on and not get jaded. He then joined the army because of the encouragement Tyler's sweet emotion had gave him. He rose in the ranks steadily and finally became a general. He was horrified at the attacks and decided that someone had to save the victims, at least for his imaginary angel's sake. He wanted to make sure all the back street girls got out, so they didn't have to walk a moonlight mile and get all mixed up, going the whole way down and dieing. When asked why he volunteered to lead this dangerous, nearly certain death operation, he replied "I ain't superstitious, I can't help that I can see whats going on. I'll ge those people out in 48 hours or I'll put my heart up for sale!" And that was that, they gave him seven guys to lead and he went into the city to save some survivors.

Weapon(s): Glock Model 18 Carbine Full Auto, modified .75 caliber, armor piercing explosive shells, clip holds 30.
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I will probably end up posting the rest of the charcters and making them onto NPCs (Non-PLayer Characters) if enough people don't sign up. I promise to start this by the week from friday. From now until then people can still join.

More Military
More Women
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Name : Asimovich Petrofkin .
Age : 29
Military rank : Captain
Appearance : He has yellow eyes , black hair , and is generally hawk faced . About 6 ft 6 in height . Wears a pair of black military trousers , and a black T-shirt , with a vest over it . He is muscular yet still light in his movement .
History : Was sent to investigate the accidents , and rescue the remaining survivors . He was involved in a similar incident years ago when he was a young cadet in Russia , but on an extremely smaller scale . He was the only one that survived from his class . Experienced in combat , and remains cool under the most chaotic of circumstances . Never leaves anyone behind , but believes that sacrifices must be made sometimes for the good of the group . Has a lot of guilt inside , because he lost a girl close to his heart in Russia to the hellish creatures , her name was Eliza Demorkif . Hates these creatures endlessly , and would give anything to redeem himself from that guilt . Now he has at last found the chance to get his revenge .
Weapon(s) : Two extremely large custom made Magnum 45 revolvers of black steel in two holsters on his sides , carries their ammunition in the diagonally placed belts on his waist . An AS12 shotgun with a belt of R.slug shells for it hanging on his back , two 9 millimeter Glocks in his shoulder holster , and 6 fragmentation grenades .
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This is who we have so far.

Asimovich Petrofkin / Asim / military
Mick Jagger / Undefeated / military
Lee Madison / Me / military
Kamika (Mika) Tomoe / callmegoddess04 / survivior
Deigo Memphis / ReFlux / military
shotoken / yalborap / survivor
Loki Menfis / Dragon Warrior / survivor

Now I'm adding four more military that will be NCP's.

Kenny / M-16
Jason / Glock-20
Meridith / Desert Eagle
Betty / MG-03
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OK... I'm here bogger3k... for the rest of you, he asked me to join... doesn't seem like you need any more people though... oh well.

Name: Darren Teloha

Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearence: 6'0'' with blue eyes and short brown hair. He has a sturdy build and a knowing expression. He wears a dark blue shirt, a grey jacket, and black jeans. (sorry for the short description)

History: Darren spent most of his time on a computer, as he specialized in making 'MIDI' files. It wasn't a real occupation for most people, so he worked part time at the local Wal-Mart(lol). His life was relatively un-interesting until the day hell broke loose. Now he's only managed to survive by running and hiding. His constant fight to live has led him far away from his own home, witch means he has no idea what part of the city he's in. Bad news for Darren.

Weapon(s): A knife he was able to pick up off the streets.
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Guest Midnight Rush
"..." I said. DIDN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND!?!?!?! NO one recognized my Rolling Stones jokes? OMG! Come on someone tell me that you did......
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[quote name='Undefeated']"..." I said. DIDN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND!?!?!?! NO one recognized my Rolling Stones jokes? OMG! Come on someone tell me that you did......[/quote]

I understood the Rolling Stones jokes. I just never said anything. I laughed at home a bit though.

Anyways I'm starting this now.
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