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School Daze


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this is actually my first RPG so excuse me for any faults in the story

Kiruna rolled out of bed and got dressed in his usual clothes, black zipoff pants with a blue shirt with a dragon emblem. He ate a small breakfast and combed his hair over so that it wouldn't stick up. then he grabbed his school supplies and said goodbye to his mom. then he started his walk to school.

it was a day like any other. in the small town that Kiruna came from, walking was not an option. Kiruna now had about a five minute walk to school. he pondered over the things he had to have accomplished today. He had to remember that there was a quiz in ms izumi's class and that his research for mr rush's class was due by the end of this week. Then Kiruna arrived at Taihena Junior High. He walked to the library where his friends hung out

"Hey guys. what's up"

Skye is always the first to respond. "Nothun much compadre!"

Kiruna smiles and then sighs. everyone had just got finished with skye's 13th birthday and Kiruna now had to focus on his work. School and Bodyguard.

OK guys if you have any questions about my thread, it is just like callmegoddess's. here is a diagram in case you forgot. i will add only one thing

Grade (this is just like a japanese high school, so if you are 13 then you are in the 4th {the equivilent of ninth} grade, 14 3rd {10th grade} so on and so forth.

We will meet at lunch and after school.
if you want to be in my grade but u r not the right age, then just PM me, Sesshomarufan.
i will let you if u have a good reason

Here is a sample for you
Name:Kiruna Etsune
Looks: middle sized, with brown hair. True hazel eyes, wears black zipoff pants with a blue shirt that has a dragon emblem on it.
Personality: quiet, shy around girls, but is a fighter, noble, but luvvvvvs to party^^.
Bio: I am from a small town in Japan. I moved to Shinjuku last year. right now i am in the 1st grade. i am friends with Skye because i helped her with a bully problem that she had. I am normally a quiet guy, but i like to enjoy myself. My father works in the miltary and my mom is a dentist.
Grade: 1st (12th grade)

thanx,Peice owt
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Japanese school, eh? Hmm...

Name: Jacob
Age: 13
Gender: male
Looks: 5'9'' (nearly 5'10'' ^_^) brown hair (very messy most of the time) blue eyes. Ummm... I wear just about anything that appears in my closet... so whatever.

Personality: T_T man, it's hard to judge yourself... uhh... pretty happy most of the time. Almost random bouts of depression... stupid zoloft doesn't work. Umm... a little shy around people I don't know... especialy girls... but you probably knew that.

Grade: 3rd, right?

Bio: Born in Houston, Texas (booya!) near most of my relatives. Had to move up to Missouri about six years ago. Never very popular in Missouri schools... maybe cause I'm from Texas or something... nah. Dad died a few months more than a year ago.

There... short and sweet, right?
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]Name: Skye Rennolds
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Looks: Chestnut hair down to the edges of her shoulderblades, hazel eyes, 5?6?, 132 lbs, sharp features, tan skin, wears low-ride jeans with purple cat whiskers, a black tan with white sparkles, a black hoodie with a black cat with a white bib, and the saying Bad Kat on it. Black and white Nike tennis shoes. Large silver hoop earrings, a soldi gold ring on her middle finger with a jade stone, cladagh ring on her pinky. Kitty socks.
Personality: Bubbly, funny, makes people happy no matter what mood they?re in. Very emotional, sudden mood changes.
Bio: She lives with her adoptive dad, and older brother and sister. She has a cat named Neko(LOL), a dog named Lance, and two snakes, Devi and Miro. She easily passes her tests, and is the smartest kid in a lot of her classes.
Grade: 3rd (Though in real life, I?m in 7th, not 9th.)[/color][/font][/size]
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Well, if this is a japanese school, I guess I'll have a japanese name.

Name: Miyakoji Kenji

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Looks: Dark Auburn hair, hazel eyes, a dark complexion. He has a tall build, and a bit skinny. 5'11". 137 lbs. Ugh.... I don't know what to wear since japanese schools usually involve wearing uniforms.... all of them... so.. what?

Bio: Kenji lives with his father, Miyakoji Sasuke, owner of a japanese Kempo school. Martial arts being his and his son's passion, Kenji loves the art and practices on his free time, aswell as being assisstant instructor at the school. Kenji makes moderate grades, only because he doesn't set his mind fully in school.

Personality: Full of spirit, happy, popular with freinds. Kenji isn't afraid to be funny and doesn't like to see those around him harmed, or confrontation with himself, but when push comes to shove, he fights. Kenji is a real ladies man and can rarily stay single. (wow, turns out alot like me....)

Grade: 3rd (8th Really)
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Name: Natsu Ayuhara
Age: 13

Looks:like a bully(lol)she has short blackish-bluish hair.She never wears her school uniform but wears her red volleyball team outift alot.She is 5'6'.Eyes are black and face,well never cracks a smile'
Bio:Natsu is the volleyball champ of the school.She serves unbloackable serves.She also is very protective of her teammates,whoever tries to pick on them gets a sever beating.This is why she has alot of female fans and less boy fans becuase they are afraid of her.
Personality:As in the bio she is very overprotective of her teammates.She isn't so happy all the time.She only shows her happy side when shes alone with her friends.She really is nice,but really mean.Depending on were she is comes out her peronality.
Grade: 3rd(8th grade)
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[FONT=Times New Roman](Font=Times New Roman)xxx(/FONT)[/FONT]

Name: Sonic

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Looks: Very tall for his age, standing at 6,1...brown hair which is under his blue baseball cap he always wears, Baggy jeans, and either a nice skating shirt of a grey shirt made of cotton

Personality: Very outgoing, nice, and is always happy even though he may not be on the inside, Always looks on the bright side, no matter what

Bio: Born on the planet mobius, but traves around through zone portals to different places. Never had parents, but lived with his uncle, grew up through school, and just travels around looking for adventure, and has a crush on Natsu

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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen]OK guy, you're obviously a noob, so nobody's gonna yell at you, but this is outragous.

First of all, this is realistic RP, so that means 1)no mythical video game characters 2)you can't be born on another planet, and 3) there deffinately aint no portals!

Any mod will tell you this.... STICK TO THE CONFINES AND RULES OF THE RP!

Oh, and this is only for members of callmegoddess's family, if you had bothered to read the first post.
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Name: Vahn Yuumura
sex: male
Age: 16
Personality: he is very quiet, and never talks. When he does, usually his words are a mix of torn indesision and remorse, as though he has done a lot he is not proud of.

appearence:He always wears black, no matter how small. He never takes off his black gloves, either. He has rather lengthy white hair, but it isn't by anymeans unattractive. His dark eyebrows suggest that he dies his hair, though he never has. His eyes are an unusual gold, but that is all that is strange about him.

bio: there's nothing to tell, he can't remember any of it.
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Well i guess that bio is acceptable...to let you know right now we are currently in Disneyland so if you wanted to be an emplyee there that so happens to go to teh same school we do *takes a long deep breath* i guess thats a very good story arc and i like to talk alot so be AFRAID!

Just kidding im Natsu by the way.*make steh sign "Call me"*
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