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The Night Before Murder (Rated R for adult situations, violence, and language)


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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2][I]BANG![/I] A young girls body rolled to the floor from her bed, silent. She made a small thud, and never moved. A shadowy figure in the window snapped out of the window as it heard footsteps down the hall. Screams sounded from the girl?s room. More screaming, and sirens raced down the street, never seeing the figure leaning against the back wall of the neighbor?s house.

The figure chuckled, and started off. Police cars had both houses surrounded, and the man froze as a searchlight hit him. Someone yelled, and he took off running. Cops came after him, and the chase went on ? then, the man abruptly disappeared. The cops stopped, and searched the area for an hour. They never found him.

[I][b] ?News report ? 14-year-old Tiffany Michaels was murdered in her sleep, last night at exactly midnight. Suspect is on the loose still, and his identity is unknown. If you have information, the police ask that they be informed of it. Civilians are warned, and advised to cover their windows, and to take all precautions. David Christianson.[/I][/b]

Windows are boarded up, and cellars are stocked. For a week, nothing happens ? then, as silent as before, the next attack happens. It is at exactly midnight again, and on another 14-year-old, Chelsea Davidson. The window and boards are shattered, and the girl again rolls off her bed, silent. More screaming, and again the searchlights. This time, the criminal isn?t even spotted.

At the other end of town, in the dumps, a teenaged gang, made up of four girls and three guys, wait, eyes searching. They know what has happened, and curse the man. They know him. He is not new to murder, or raping. He hides in a beaten up old house, chuckling to himself. If only the polic had checked closer, they would have seen. Seen that both girls had more than one bullet wound. Would have seen that both had been raped.

The search continues, and every week at exactly midnight, the days varying, another 14-year-old girl dies the same way. Every week at exactly midnight, the days varying, another 14-year-old girl is raped. Every week at exactly midnight, the days varying, the man evades the cops, and will continue to do so.[/color][/font][/size]

[color=orange][font=arial][size=2]Okays! Unlike my other RPG?s, this one will have NO MAGIC. Yup, thats right. NO MAGIC. We need regular civilians, the murderer, the teen gang, and a couple more girls. And boys, if you want. You should know the rules by now.

Sign Ups:

[b]Name[/b]: First and last
[b]Age[/b]: Be reasonable
[b]Gender[/b]: This is a ?duh?.
[b]Appearance[/b]: What the person looks like
[b]Personality[/b]: Another ?duh?.
[b]Willing to be killed[/b]: A simple yes or no will do it. Only for the 14 yr old girls And this means are YOU willing for your char to die.
[b]Bio[/b]: Not to short, but not to long. Atleast a paragraph(five sentances).
[b]Family[/b]: With the parents you don?t have to have both.
- [b]Mom[/b]:
- [b]Dad[/b]:
- [b]Siblings[/b]: If any
[b]Who[/b]: Who you are. If you are the murderer, if you are a relative of one of the killed girls, or if you are in the gang, or if you are just a civilian.
[b]Weapons[/b]: Max of four

I want to warn you: your character may be killed anyway. Here is mine:

[b]Name[/b]: Dezerea Jiae Collins (Uses her middle name; pronounced Jay)
[b]Age[/b]: 14
[b]Gender[/b]: Female
[b]Appearance[/b]: 5?6?, 132 lbs., tall, lanky, lean, wir muscles, glistening dark auburn(red-brown) hair to her waist, often in a braid or pony tail, dark green eyes, tan, wears brown cut-off shorts(very short), a brown tank top, a black hoodie with a black and white cartoon cat on it and the words ?Bad Kitty? on it, black Nike tennis shoes, black ankle socks, a black belt.
Personality: Dark, accusing, short temper, she is very good at hiding her feelings. Jiae will speak in a calm voice and say exactly what she means, and this often scares people.
[b]Willing to be killed[/b]: Yes
[b]Bio[/b]: Jiae has lived on the streets her whole life. She grew up there, because her rents were killed when she was born. She was taken in by Diana and Michelle, the two leaders of the local street gang, and they cared for her. She says that anyone who says that out on the streest, your on your own, those people have something wrong. Diana, Michelle, Chris, and Jason are like siblings to her. She would give her life for them, as they would do for her. When the killings started, Jiae was scared, for the first time in her life.
- [b]Mom[/b]: None
- [b]Dad[/b]: None
- [b]Siblings[/b]: None biological that are known of
[b]Who[/b]: Street gang girl
[b]Weapons[/b]: 3 throwing knives, 2 medium sized fighting knives, small hand gun

I will only take the good ones. I will reject sign-ups if I think they aren?t good enough. Remember: NO MAGIC. Go! [/color][/font][/size]
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Name: Ricky Waek
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black hair, evergreen eyes, tan skin, gray beanie, a tacky black sweater, baggy camo pants with a rip in the left knee cap area.
Personality: Usually dependent upon others, he is shy and alot of the time quiet. Really likes people who think something of him besides an orphane.
Willing to be killed: N/A
Bio: Born in the town that the murders happened. His parents were killed when he was young so he went to a foster home and there he ran off. He scrounged up an outfit. He searched around the streets for food every day and somedays he would go without a meal but he decided that he would try to apply for a job and was succesful but he did not know much so he quitafter a few days. After this he met the gang of friends he grew to hang out with.
- Mom: Shaila Deer.
- Dad: Wessly Waek
- Siblings: None
Who: One of the gang
Weapons: He found a tattered hocky stick in a dumpster and has kept it with him as a defensive weapon. He also knows some defensive fighting techniques.
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[color=purple][font=arial][size=2]WHOA!!!!!!! Whoawhoawhoawhoa! Hold on a sec! ^^; Okay, for one thing, I think you were typing to fast, because the grammar SUCKS. Second of all, this is kinda... short. Improvement, please![/color][/font][/size]
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I could swear I've seen [I]this[/I] set up somewhere before.... lol... never get's old.
Hey, you said there were three boys in the gang, right? Ya...

Name: Rodney Sonisan (friends call him Rod)

Age: 15

Gender: male

Appearance: He's 5'9'' with a slender, but strong build. He looks, to be blunt, kind of like a girl. At first glance, he could be mistaken for a very, very, very tom-boyish girl... with a small chest. He wears a black cap because of this, witch covers much of his face. He also wears a beaten-up grey shirt, under a dark blue jacket, black jeans, and shoes that are obviously hand-me-downs.

Personality: A little seclusive, mostly due to his tendancy to be mistaken for a girl by really stupid guys. He only smiles when there's something funny, he only sleeps when he's tired, and he doesn't dance unless there's some music. ((heh, sorry for usin Remember the Titans quote))

Willing to be killed: ... ... uh... No.

Bio: Rodney grew up in the not-so-good part of town. He never knew his mother (he assumes she either ran off or died) and his father, well, aint the best father. For most of his life, his brother took care of him, despite his numerous 'activities'. Disgusted by his brother, even, he left home about half a year ago. There wasn't much to do, and his life was in danger several times (once because some drunk guy tried to rape him...). Having no alternative, he looked for some kind of gang, though he prefered solitude. Luckily, he met what had to be the best d*** gang in the city. Ironicaly, it's because one of the boys in the gang mistakenly tried to hit on him.

Family: Mom: ???
Dad: Frank Sonisan
Siblings: David Sonisan
Who: Street gang guy
Weapons: A rather larg kitchen knife, and a lighter if he's desperate enough to use it.

[COLOR=DimGray]EDIT: Here's a quick little example of wha he [B]might[/B] look like...[/COLOR] [img]http://susanooh.anime.net/Art/Class/02/face1_05.gif[/img]
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[COLOR=DeepPink]Name: Joanne (aka Joey) Blackshadow (She made it up.)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: (They are URLS)
[URL=http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/General/General-00156.jpg]Neat Clothes[/URL]
[URL=http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/General/General-00162.jpg]Night Gear[/URL]
[URL=http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/General/General-00163.jpg]Normal Outfit[/URL]
Personality: Gun fetish, and blood obsessed makes her a cold, and oddly happy child in a gang. She has a good poker face so know one really knows what she?s thinking. Joey speaks her mind, but stays calm.
Willing to be killed: Eh? Don?t care.
Bio: Joey, Blackshadow, Thief, Joanne, whatever you may know her as was normal, until she found out she was adopted, then her adopted mother left because Joey was unhappy, and she couldn?t take it. Her father beat her out of rage for his wife?s departure, and Joey took it, excuse the phrasing, like a man, she didn?t deny that she went a little crazy, or that it was her fault her adoptive mother left. Joey ran away because she started to go crazy again, and didn?t want to hurt anyone. She teamed up with a local gang and made them almost unstoppable. But after a few years and she turned 13, she decided, that the memories she had of her childhood didn?t belong to her, but to another girl, one in the past, so she used her powers on herself, so the memories would be pushed back, only available if she actually spent time to call them from her memory.
- Mom: Unknown
- Dad: Unknown (Adopted father beat her, so she ran away.)
- Siblings: Unknown
Who: A girl in the gang and Jiae?s best friend.
Weapons: A small black pistol and a silver dagger also her power of telepathy may be used as a weapon, but not often, usually for communication with Jiae.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Name: Chyme Lock (his friends call him Chy)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=3]Here[/URL]
Personality: He is very loud and hot headed, quick to pick a fight with anyone. He is generally cocky and a show off. He is very flirtacious but, is really deep and protective when it comes to girls. He is kinda a tease especially to girls and love playing pranks. He hold girls in high respect because of being raised by his mom. He doesnt trust people right off the bat but once he has your back hes got it for life and would do anything to help. When it comes to a fight his mouth stops moving and his fists or whatever he's using as a weapon does. He plays with his butterfly knife constantly and he always has it with him.
Bio: His mom and his dad got a divorce before he was born. He lived with his mom and his brother and seldom saw his dad. He grew up with out really knowing his father. He started getting in fight because of his anger toward his father and to prove himself to people. He joined a local gang from there eager to take out his frustrations an anyone who crossed thier path. They watch your back and you have theirs, if someone shoots at you, you shoot back an eye for an eye. He likes the streets because life is simple, dangerous but simple. Everything was good with his relationship with his mother but she started becoming an alcoholic and is rarily home, neither is Chy though. He is almost always in his gang and returns home only to sleep or sometimes eat or seldom check on his mom.
Mom- Mary Fletcher currently living with
Dad- Dave Lock living in another state
Siblings- Rone Lock
Who: Guy in street gang
Weapons- 2 Glock 9mm's, 2 throwing knives and a butterfly knife[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
*EDIT* No more machete and added info about mom. Hope this is ok if not please tell me :) .
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[color=orange][font=arial][size=2]Okay, those who are in are:


[b]Shadowofdeath13[/b]: Marvolous! I love it! ^^ The personality is kickass, the bio is VERY nice. One thing, though. Is his mom still alive? That?s all you should add. (I do think the machete is over the top, though.)

[b]FirePheonix727[/b]: Hun, I didn?t see anything wrong with it. Oh, except that I said the willing to be killed was for the girls. ^^ You live on the streets in a gang that fights, theres always the risk.

[b]Ryu_Sakura[/b]: ^^ Just awaitin?, babe. Just awaitin?. (If anybody wants to know, we arranged something through PM?s, so NO STEALING HER SPOT!)

Okays, we have two of the three guys. One more is allowed. And we have two of the four girls, so two more. I do need civilians, and the bad guy is crucial! I can NPC(non-player character) him, but I would prefer not to.[/color][/font][/size]
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Guest the_phoenix_05
[COLOR=Green][SIZE=2][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Name: Tyrone Lock (friends call him Rone)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: [URL=http://users.animanga.com/cgi-bin/picture2?bilder/dai_goggles.jpg]Here[/URL]
Personality: He is very laid back/happy go lucky because half the time he is high on weed. He tends to say alot of random stuff because of this. When he is not high he is very high strung and is normally bouncing off the walls, so poeple tend to like him better high. He is generally easy to get along with, and is willing to die for his fellow gang members and is very loyal he is very protective of his brother almost to protective. He is really smart but doesnt show it unless needs be.
Bio: He is the twin brother of Chy. His mom and dad got a divorce before he was born. His dad left the state and he lived with his mom and his brother. With his father being gone Rone didnt take out his anger on people he found an escape which was drugs. He joined the gang shortly after his brother. He fights when he needs to but would much rather get high.His loyal nature has helped him have alot of connections and friends on the street making him very useful
willing to be killed:yes
Mother- Mary Fletcher
Father- David Lock lives out of state
Siblings- Chy Lock
Who: member of street gang
Weapons: 2 magnum revolvers, a crowbar and a switchblade[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Here's the bad guy profile .
Name : Asim Hairath .
Age :15
Gender : Male
Appearance : ( Should be attached )
Personality : Keeps everything to himself , and does not trust himself to do anything , driven by a bit of insanity that is covered by his coolness . Always an expressionless face . Hate , and guilt consume his soul . He seriously dislikes himself . He only knew love once , but she disappeared one night , leaving him confused . He searches for a girl that can replace her in his heart , but does not force himself over women . Death is seeking him , and he is seeking it . He went wrong somewhere along the way . He knows this , and hopes that someday his death will purify his past . He’ll go berserk for seeing a child being beaten , but can kill an adult with a smile on his face . He is extremely intelligent .
Bio : His country was torn by wars , so his family forced him to leave , in order for him to escape the disturbing environment , but he wanted to stay with them . In the end they convinced him to leave . Has a bloodlust , and just wants an excuse to beat the hell out of anyone . Still he is quite an extraordinary student , he excels at all subjects . Knows many languages .
Father : Hairath Yasif .
Mother : Sophia Alexander .
Siblings : Kadurik , and Aboudor ( His brothers ) .
Who : No one around him stayed alive long enough to know for sure .
Weapon(s) : A large curved dagger , a large automatic pistol in which he customized to fit his left hand shooting style , and for extra bullet capacity , he is quite a good sharpshooter with it , and a long chain around his left arm . He is also a formidable kick boxer .
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Nice! And if you could space out the lines. ^^ Nice, though! We have:

The bad guy
Two girl gangsters(2 spots left)
Three guy gangsters

We need the rest of the girls, and the stupid civilians!!!!

EDIT- ^^; Uh, guys? I guess we will have four guys. NO MORE!!!![/color][/font][/size]
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