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Demons of Netherhan

Dragon Warrior

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[b]Demons of Netherhan[/b] actually is a title I've been kicking around for my manga, but meh... I may end up naming the manga after my arch angel in it. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me at least explain the plotline to my comic thingy :<

In ancient time, there was many worlds including earth and the demon realm of Netherhan. In Netherhan, demons awaited escape to the other worlds to torment and make them their own. A plan was made for escape and the demons gave birth to a new lord: Necrobane. Necrobane would be their demon king and when he was old enough as well as strong enough, he'd lead them out of Netherhan with his staff of darkness. Upon the time he was strong enough, he broke a rift through Netherhan and earth and emerged on the other side.

There, he found he could unleash the demons into the world easily with his staff. And not just any demons. The ten most powerful ones of all time: The Demons of Netherhan. Unfortunately for Necrobane, an angel known to be the ultimate demon slayer called Addikel was sent to earth to slay the warlord. A glorious battle was fought until Necrobane unsheathed his flaming sword. Not even Addikel's sword with the angelic light could withstand its awesome power and he soon fell, engulfed in dark flames.

But Addikel didn't give. He took up his sword while Necrobane admired his work and sliced off the demon lord's head. Addikel was aware this wasn't the last he'd see of Necrobane. Necrobane had died in the human world, which means he'll be sent back to Netherhan to be reborn over thousands of years. He'd then return once more.

After Necrobane's "death," Addikel drank a potion left by Necrobane that would heal any angel or demon. It revived his strength, but not without consequences. His wings grew black; his soul dried. He was an arch angel, one that had lost plenty of the strength he use to bare. His sword no longer shined the angelic gleam it did before. He then left the earth realm.

[i]Present Day...[/i]

Necrobane's return. After reincarnating over many centuries, he finally has returned to exact what he wished to pursue before. His strength, like Addikel's, was weakened from the fight so his staff could no longer unleash its great power. He had to open portals so the ten Demons of Netherhan could come into the human realm one by one. It'd take more time, but this time around, there was no one to stop him.

Or is there?

Mercutio, a priest in a local church, had read about and witnessed Necrobane's return. Gathering his research that he'd been doing for some time, he summoned Addikel, the weakened arch angel, back to the realm of humans. Once more must Addikel go into battle, but this time, he must stem the dark tide forever...[/size]


Yeah, so that's my idea for a manga. Necrobane, the demon lord, wishes to open ten individual portals to Netherhan in different unholy places on earth so he can bring the ten different Demons of Netherhan into the earth realm so they can make our world into a demon one. Yays! But Addikel, an arch angel, must go out and kick some demon bum! Drawings are still being done, but more or less, planning ideas is what I'm doing as of now.

A big thing is deciding my arch angel's name. I used the name "Addikel" above for him, but I'm not sure if that'll be it. Here are some other choice ones I thought of:

-Addikel (naturally, I like this one a little too)

I'm also plotting a title. Possibly with the arch angel's name in it, but Demons of Netherhan... maybe.

Anything you wish to comment on, please do tell ^_^
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[color=darkblue]It's a very nice plotline, Gavvers. I like how it leaves room for a lot of different things to happen.

I'll go out on a limb here. Would the priest would end up being a sort of "sidekick" to the archangel? It could very possibly leave some room for comedy, but I don't even know if that's the direction you'd want to go in. ^^;

I'm really interested in seeing exactly what would happen with this idea of yours. You must keep us updated. I demand it. lol ^_~[/color]
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I really like where the plot is headed. I'm also curious to see if this will be slightly comedic, but there just doesn't seem to be room for it in this plotline. However, you've always struck me as being more creative, so...
Is your manga going to start in the past, or in the present with hints towards the past?
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I'll start off by answering Lady Katana. Mercutio (the priest) does actually end up being some sort of a sidekick, but I'd rather not refer to him as such since he'll never really go into battle with guns and swords like Addikel does. He'll do research and such on the demons and keep Addikel updated on what he's up against and eventually will supply the arch angel with som techniques and/or weapons. But he never actually fights.

And hey, don't I always do some comedy? :D Naturally I will have some. I thought of one silly joke a couple of days ago for later on in the plot. [spoiler]When Addikel (or whatever his name is gonna be) has to fight a load of possessed humans, he kills or injures most of them. This would be a mission Mercutio is with him and upon seeing him do this, he yells at Addikel and says "You harmed all those innocent people." Naturally, Addikel is a bad *** and smirks and replies "Hey, I'm an arch angel, not a saint."[/spoiler]

Now for your question, klinanime1. The first manga will start out by showing what I said in my first post with the whole ancient battle between Necrobane and Addikel. Then it'll show Mercutio summoning him and pretty much, the first manga book will be about Addikel getting adjusted to the 21st century as well as getting loaded with guns (he's never used a gun before or even heard of one, but he's a frickin' good shot). At the end of that manga, the first of the ten Demons of Netherhan will get through its portal.

I'm currently doodling some pics of Addikel so it'll be up soon. Also, if any of you have any comments on an arch angel name, please tell XD
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Sweet, an angel decked out with guns. This is definitely going to be worth reading. ^ -- ^. As for the name of the angel, I've always been partial to starting angels' names off with a vowel or a softer sounding consenant (sp?). Names beginning with A are usually good, but I can't see an angel about to save the world named Zebedee or Zebediah. I don't know... that would just irk me.
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