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[b]Dragon Warrior[/b]
Name: Lars Laiden
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Crest: Crest of Element
Personality: Mr. Hero. Yep. He?s always trying to be the hero. He usually shows off for the girls at school and thinks he?s so cool. He once thought he started a whole new fashion statement with the fedora hat, but he never really did. He still wears it anyways. Nevertheless, put aside his stuck up ego and you?ll find a caring person who often goes way over his head. He can be humorous, but acts goofy in front of girls (as stated before).
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5?9??, 125 pounds, not big in muscles, but can eat a whole lot and not gain a pound. Clothing wise: regular old white t-shirt, baggy khaki pants, black vest, fedora (sometimes. It?s like an Indiana Jones hat), sneakers, wristband.
Basic Info: His life isn?t exciting. He lives in a boring town full of boring people and the most excitement he gets in his day is school. Now that?s sad. He does like to eat, but gets yelled at by friends because he?s never gains a pound for it. His rich Chicago accent (like Joey from Yu-Gi-Oh! :^D) makes people wonder if he once lived in the big city. He just simply replies that he?s always had it.

Name: Dezerea Michaels
Gender: Female (Yuppers.)
Age: Sweet 16
Crest: Crest of Health
Personality: Sweet, funny, lovable and ? doomed. Yup. She is so happy all the time, she never has time for reality. Oh, its nice that she can heal people, and make them happy no matter what, but she sometimes needs to be told flat out, ?Get a grip!?
Appearance: 5?6?, 132 lbs., wavy chestnut hair to her waist, either in a pony tail or loose, hazel eyes, but change to grey when mad, wears olive green cargo hip-huggers, a black tank top with silver sparkles, olive green hoodie, and about five scrunchies she wears as bracelets. Black Nike tennis shoes, silver hoop earrings, a sivler anklet.
Basic Info: Dez has a mild case of ADHD. Yes. And she is bisexual. She doesn?t mind, but is often caught by her friends watching girls, and they all laugh. She has a natural gift for mimicking people exactly, to the accent.

Name: Kyra Travis
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Like SO many others..)
Crest: Crest of Offense
Personality: Quiet and shy, she's not quick to trust others around her. She's quite emotional, but it's hard to tell why most of the time due to the fact that she keeps to herself too much. She's quite generous and lighthearted around those she feels are her friends, though. Though she looks and acts weak and timid, she's quite strong (due to her crest, I guess).
Appearance: See attachment. (I don't feel like describing it... -___-;;)
Basic Info: She enjoys drawing and reading, mostly. Strangely, when around friends, she begins acting really weird and goofy. She has lots of courage when with those she really trusts. She'll do things even her friends won't do. When not goofing around with eachother at the mall or something, her friends are talking about boys. They always make fun of Kyra because she rarely talks about the subject, and when she does, it's about a "mystery guy" that leaves notes in her locker at school.

[b]shadowofdeath13[/b] <--- cool dude because he's the only other guy
Name: Chyme "Chy" Haven
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Crest: Crest of Speed
Personality: He love causing trouble, playing pranks, making fun of people anything that gets him a laugh but he can sometimes be a hot head. He shouldnt be taken seriously if he pays a prank on you or make fun of you does he doesnt mean any harm. Most people like him alot but some hate him. Cant please everyone is something he says when someone say something. If your ever in any trouble you can count on him to be there to help. Loves to flirt and he is suprisingly quite charming with girls. He loves things that are fast and was a track star making him naturally fast. Also loves to lay out at night and think, most people think this is out of his character.
Appearance: see attachment except no guns.
Bio: He seldom goes to school but when he does is normally in a teachers room or the principals office. He loves playing around with the teachers who laugh it off most the time. Outside of school he is general hanging out with his friends getting into some kind of trouble or hanging out with girls. He and his friends love to drive around and yell random stuff at random people. He always seems to be doing something but he loves to just lay and look at the stars.

Name: Ingrid Ortega
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Crest: Crest of the Mind
Personality: Extreme smarts! Sometimes she acts arrogant; she is contemptuous of those who are not as intelligent as she is. If you can't keep up with her wit, you don't have a chance, so back off and don't even try. She has NEVER lost in verbal sparring, and she can become quite caustic and biting. She can manipulate with words to every extent, which in turn causes emotional turmoil to erupt in the feelings of her "victims" (the people who are less intelligent.) Ingrid does not give respect to anyone who cannot match wits with her. However, in serious situations, she is very directed and to the point, and fulfills her role to the fullest. A dependable teammate once the situation arises. Otherwise, keep away if you want to keep your dignity in check.
Appearance: Although most would expect her to look like a nerd, she's actually quite sophisticated. Sleek black hair falls to her chin, and her dark eyes are magnetic, with intelligence sparkling from within the mysterious depths. An odd, sarcastic smile barely touches her face, and she always looks like she has a secret to tell. Wears khakis and a blouse on any given day, with a dark jacket as well.
Basic Info: An absolute star at school, she's the president of many clubs, and the very much doted on favorite of all teachers. However, she even treats the teachers with contempt behind their backs. Many at school think that she is two-faced, as she will use any and everything to her advantage. However, no one can pull her down because when she boasts, it's quite well-backed; she excels in almost everything she attempts. She spends massive amounts of time in the libraries, teaching herself languages and other subjects. At the moment, she's using heightened diction in her usual speech, making her sound even more arrogant than she really is. Friends? She befriends college students and professors; no time for "regular" classmates, whom she almost considers lesser beings.

Name: Chimé "Chi" Iteki
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Crest: Crest of Defense
Personality: Chi is kind, caring and considerate. She's someone you can come to talk to easily without caring if she'll judge you or not. She loves to help people and she'll do anything to help her friends when they're in trouble, danger or if they just need a shoulder to lean on. Chi loves to make friends with people and is always willing to give people a chance to become her friend. One of her favourite quotes is the classic, "Never judge a Book by it's Cover." Chi is also strong minded. She never gives up and hates to admit to defeat, she goes by a Second quote too, "Quitters never Win and Winners never Quit." She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly.
Appearance: Here
Basic Info: Chi is just a people person and doesn't like to make big fusses over herself like the "popular" girls, which are the bimbos that act like they rule the school. Chi's anger flares whenever the "popular" girls do something to bug her, but she tries to keep it down if it isn't too serious. As said earlier, Chi loves making friends and has quite a large "gang", as she likes to call it. But Chi's friendship doesn't stop with students, she's friends with a lot of the teachers around the school and hardly ever gets into major trouble. Chi knows a boy at the school with a rich chicago accent and wishes she had one because she doesn't have an accent at all, she tries to make friends with him but he isn't very open, he's always with his friends that are always shouting at him because he doesn't put on weight. Sometimes chi gets into fights with the "popular" girls but she always defends instead of attacking and attacks when the girl is worn and tired.


[size=1]Lars pushed his back pack onto his back and closed his locker. He scrunched up his face at a nasty smell and reopened the door. He looked inside an old sack lunch and grimaced. "Woah! How long has that been in there?" He closed his locker once more and chucked the bag into the nearby trashcan. He shrugged the bag on his back again before making his way past some jocks and into the empty hallway. It was around 2:56 pm and school had gotten out only a few minutes earlier. You'd think there'd be more people, but most want to get away from school so they clear out fast.

Lars found nothing important to do after school since he wasn't in any clubs or sports teams. He was good at basketball, but always failed to get to tryouts on time. Didn't matter, though. He hated practices. Besides, at the moment, his mind was in his own world when he spotted a table full of doughnuts. "You've gotta be kiddin' me!" He looked around to see if anyone was watching and made his way over to the tray. "Doughnuts, you'll regret the day you ever crossed paths with Lars Laiden."


Obviously I started us all off at school so just post about leaving school for now or something (unless you're shadowofdeath13 and decided to skip school that day XD). We'll get to Nasska soon enough.

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[color=blue][size=1]Kyra waved "Good-bye" to her friends when she stopped at her locker. She opened it hurridly, hoping to see another note. "Nope," she said, disappointed, "Nothing today..."

She exchanged books and zipped up her backpack. She noticed one of her folders was quite full before shutting her locker. "What's this?" she asked herself, reaching in to grab it. It was full of drawings she'd done. She let out a soft giggle, realizing how long ago she'd made them. She never thought they were any good, so she never really showed anyone.

She put the folder back, locked her locker, and walked outside. [i]"I wonder where they went...."[/i] she thought, referring to her friends. She noticed a boy looking maliciously at a table of donuts. She laughed aloud. Her face turned pink, a little embarrased. She wasn't sure quite why she was embarrased, but she was, so she walked off towards the bus stop quickly.

:D I hope that's okay.[/color][/size]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Dezerea was practically skipping down the hall towards her locker, when a teacher said, ?Young lady! Walk, please!? Dez giggled, her face beaming, smiling, and slowed to a walk. ?Okay!? She made it to her locker, and opened it with no difficulty. She was singing, what she didn?t know. She had heard it on the radio one day, and it stuck.

Dez walked past a boy staring at some doughnuts, and skipped over. ?WALK, please, Miss Michaels!? Dezerea giggled, and walked over to the boy. ?Hiyas! I?m Dezerea. I see, those doughnuts do look good, don?t they??

OOC: Don?t worry, she isn?t stupid, she just acts that way at school. It creeps the bullies out enough so they don?t beat her up. ^^[/color][/font][/size]
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Lars nearly leapt a foot into the air. He turned and saw Dezerea, a girl he didn't really know. "Uh... what doughnuts? Doughnuts? I see no doughnuts."

Dezerea looked behind him and pointed. "What are those then?"

Lars slowly looked behind himself at the doughnuts. "Ah! Those doughnuts. Yeah. I remember now. Heh heh." There was an awkward silence where he began to sweat under Dezerea's uncanny grin. He finally shouted, "I didn't eat any of them!" He then quickly hid the ones he bit into.

"It's okay," she beamed. "I'm not one of the hall patrol, ya know." Lars felt a little more relieved.

"Phew. That's good." He looked around and then held out a pastry. "Doughnut?"
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Dezerea took it, and relaxed. SHe dropped the stupid act, and smiled. "Thanks. Sorry if I creeped you out, I just had to be sure the bullies, Devvin and Matt, weren't around. They like to beat me up, because I am supposedly weak." Her voice was low.

Dezerea bit into the doughnut. Boston Creme, her favorite. "So, whatcha doing, anyway?" she asked after finishing. "Oh, BTW, my names Dezerea. WHo are you?"

"Lars. Nice to meet you." He flashed a smile. Dezerea smiled back.[/color][/font][/size]
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"I was just... er... well..." He looked behind himself at the doughnuts again.

"Yeah, that's right," Dezerea said. "I noticed you had some kind of accent and that hat isn't really that popular around here." Lars put a hand to his hat, feeling the smooth leather. "You from somewhere else?"

"No," he said, smiling. "I've always had them." He looked at his watch. "Well, I must be going. I've got to be home so I can watch my little sis. See ya." With that, Lars left Dezerea, but not without snatching a few doughnuts. Not too long after Lars left, voices were heard down the hall.

"I'm ready for some doughnuts, how about you?"

"Ready as always." Dezerea looked down at the one she was holding and her eyes went wide. She scurried off just as two teachers came around the corner.

"Wha-what?! What happened to our doughnuts?!"


Lars made it home in no time flat by taking a local bus. He didn't prefer the school bus since he didn't think it was "cool." Besides, the conversations on a town bus were much more interesting. The school bus was all about who liked who at school or what homework assignments they had. Lars wasn't up for that. Instead, he enjoyed sitting in the back of a town bus, eating doughnuts, and listening to what had happened at the office that day.

He made it home just as the school bus dropped off his little sister. She was about seven years old. They both lived with their mother. Their father... well... they're not sure where he is. Somewhere out there, Lars supposed. Nevertheless, Lars always looked out for his little sister, even if she was growing up and hated it sometimes. After his sister walked into their house, he followed and closed the door.
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[color=blue][size=1]After the bus dropped her off at her house, Kyra immediatly locked herself in her room. She pulled out a bag of Fritos from underneath her desk, turned on her computer, and sat down in her comfy chair. She looked around, noticing that she had almost everything in her room. "All I need is a mini-fridge and a T.V.," she said to herself.

It was a boring afternoon. There wasn't anything important on any of her websites or anything, there wasn't anything on the radio, and she didn't get any calls (not that she wanted any). She sighed and looked out the window. It was nice outside. Not to hot, not to cool, there were few clouds, and her neighbor had let out his dog. "Luffy!" she said, opening the window.

He ran to her happily. She jumped out of her window (luckily, she lived in a one-story house) and began playing with him. After an hour went by, Luffy had to go back inside, and it was about time she started on her homework.

She wasn't bad at it, really. Kyra's grades were A's and B's. She never got anything below that, which was satisfactory to both her and her parents. "If you ever get a C or below on anything, you're grounded, and we'll take your computer out of your room," her parents had said to her a few years ago. She sighed again and pulled out her math book. "Ughh..." she moaned.

Math was her LEAST favorite subject. She only did half the work, as long as it filled up the front side of her paper. Her teacher was so idiotic about that. He'd only check the front side and assume you did the rest on the back. But, Kyra was glad he did that. It meant less math homework. Her phone began ringing all of a sudden. She had her own line, so if HER phone was ringing, it was definatly for her. She picked it up, hesitantly.

"H-hello?" she asked in a shaky voice. She hated talking on the phone.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]Chy had just woken up and was still laying down in bed. Sitting up he scratched his head, then rubbed his eyes. He got up and walked to his bathroom. Turning on the hot water he stretched and yawned. He ajusted the temperature of the water then hopped in the shower.

"Ahhhhh that feels good" He said to himself while he shampoed his hair.

Getting out of the shower he dried himself off and put a towel on. He walked over to his bed which was a mess and sat down. He was starting to dress when his doorbell rang. It was his best friend Jake.

"Hey you arent ready yet." Jake asked.
"hahaha ya, I'll be ready in a sec." Chy laughed.

5 minutes later Chy came out to find Jake going through his fridge with a sandwich in his mouth.

"Lets go bub" Chy said with a laugh.
"MMMM wha.. ok" Jake aswered suprised my Chys quick appearance.

They walked out of Chys house heading for thier souped up van. It was black with red neon lights with a killer sound system. They got in and started driving down the street.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]"Hey Kyra. You okay? You sound anxious," said a familiar voice over the phone. Kyra breathed a sigh of relief after recognizing the one on the other end. "Hey Molly. Yeah, I'm fine. Why'd you call?" she asked.

"I went home sick today." "Oh," Kyra said, "I wondered where you were during lunch. Well, you doing better?"

"Mmhm. But.. my mom's making me call a few of my classmates to get any homework I missed. So, any science?" she asked, a little giggly.

"Nope. You didn't miss anything. He went over exactly what we did yesterday. It was sooo boring. He didn't get to the homework, so he didn't give us anything," she told her friend. Molly thanked her, said good-bye, and hung up.

Kyra picked up her mathbook and opened it to the homework page. "Hmm..." she mumbled, resting her hand on her pencil. [i]"Should I..?"[/i] she asked herself. [i]"He probably won't check it. So what? It won't matter if I miss one assignment,"[/i] she thought, packing up quickly.

She pulled out a portable CD player, headphones, a book, and a mini-backpack, and set out. On her way outside, her mother stopped her. "Where are you going? Didn't you have homework today?" "Uh.. I finished real fast. It was only a few math problems. Yeah, well, bye!" she said quickly, running out.

"Wait a minute! I'll use dad's car!!" she realized, almost about to walk downtown. She ran to the garage, made sure she had her license, and turned it on. She pulled out of the driveway carefully, but drove quite fast down the street. "Downtown, here I come!" she said, pulling out a CD. She popped it in and turned the volume way up. Driving was a thrill for her.[/color][/size]
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5 pm. Lars scarfed down some leftover dinner and watched some TV. What a day. He felt like going somewhere, but where could he go? All his friends were gone on some field trip for a week. He decided it'd be best just to go to the park. Sure it was boring, but it had some peace to it at least.

Upon getting there, he looked around finding nothing in particular. "Oy, what a boring day. I have no homework and for the first time ever, I wish I had. This place can be so lame." Sitting down on a park bench, he took off his guitar from his back (he brought it with) and began to strum the strings. He was working on a song. He continued playing until the sun above was way behind the horizon. It was getting dark. "Well, I best get back home. Mom'll kill me if I'm late." He stood up and strapped on his guitar and began heading back.
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BAM! One of her teammates slammed the ball down in frustration.

"Hey! Cool it!" Ingrid called. "It's just practice! You'll get it this time." Passing her the basketball once more, they spread out for another scrimmage. The coach watched; it was one of the days when the girls coached themselves. Besides, he was having more trouble with the boys, who were doing some weight conditioning today. Not that they were really conditioning; watching the girls' bball team was much more interesting to them.

"Ingrid! Go!" At the call, Ingrid shot off like a bullet, taking a wide arc around her opposing teammates. They followed in surprise, and she quickly changed directions, looking for the pass. It came, and not well. [I]D***, too high[/I], she thought, but still ran to receive it. Jumping high, she grasped the ball barely with her fingertips, and then took off dribbling. Another fake, and she called to the girl she was concentrating on at the moment, "Annie!" The girl was ready, and took the pass, paused, and then twisted around one of her opponents. [I]Shoot, she waited too long[/I], Ingrid thought, and then opened up for another pass. "Drop to me!" The ball followed her words, and she dribbled once more, waiting for her teammate to get in a better position once more. "Annie! Go go!" Ingrid's words spurred the other girl on, and without a pause, she shot the ball.

[I]Perfect[/I], Ingrid thought, watching its arc through the air. The ball swished the net. Their side of the team erupted in cheers; the coach blew the whistle; Annie blew a kiss to her boyfriend who was watching; and the girls switched around the scrimmage teams. Ingrid sighed, retying her ponytail. It was all so...[I]boring[/I].
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On Lars' way home, he stopped at the local bakery to pick up some bread. It wasn't for him to snack on! Yeesh. How could you think such a thing? He bought a small pastry to eat instead. The bread was for tomorrow. His mom wanted to make some special meal that needed it. Possibly another surprise meatloaf.

"Oh yuck," he found himself saying out loud. "Not even I'd eat that!"

After finishing off his pastry, he noticed it was almost 6 pm and he was near school again. "What the... how did I get back here? Oh man, I know Mr. Jakens stays late on Mondays! I've gotta get outta here before-" Just then, Mr. Jakens appeared. If he found Lars, he'd give him a whole speech on studying. Lars had to escape. He took off down the sidewalk and hid in some bushes near the basketball court. "Phew... I'll just sit here and wait 'til he's gone. Mmm... bread."
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CRASH! One of the basketballs flew through the window, shattering the glass as it escaped the gym. Ingrid watched its flight with minor interest; on the other hand, one of the boys was getting screamed at by the coach. [I]God, the idiotic show-offs. [/I] She walked outside the gym, the sweat steaming off of her body. Unfortunately, she could still hear the coach's megaphone voice bellowing remonstrations.

Lars had been quietly eating his bread, when a loud crash surprised him out of his bush. As soon as he stood up, a basketball had hit him on the head, and then bounced into his hands, knocking away the bread. Mr. Jakens was looking in the direction of the gym, but quickly noticed Lars. "Lars! Stay there! I need to speak to you young man..." Lars was debating on whether to take his chances on running and surviving, or just staying and hearing the lecture for the fortieth time.

Suddenly a girl walked over. Spotting the ball, she immediately called to Lars, "Hey! Over here!" Motioning with her arm, she waited for the ball to be passed to her. And it wasn't. Lars stared at her, and then back to Mr. Jakens.

Ingrid shook her head with annoyance; [I]dumb students[/I]. She walked over, and then saw that the boy was getting a lecture from one of her least favorite teachers: Mr. Jakens. She put on a charming smile, and immediately jumped into the conversation. "Mr. Jakens! What are you doing here? I haven't seen you for a while!" Mr. Jakens had been one of her teachers last year, and she hadn't exactly relished on meeting him more than was necessary.

Mr. Jakens in turn relaxed into a smile at the seeing of one of his star students, "Oh, well, Ingrid, how are you?" The conversation continued, and Lars looked back and forth at them as he was completely forgotten and ignored. Finally, Ingrid turned to Lars, "Oh, and I see you got our ball back. Well, Mr. Jakens, we'd better get going - Coach is going to wonder where we are."

Mr. Jakens looked at Lars, "Lars is on the basketball team? I don't remember seeing him in practice."

Ingrid shrugged and put on a cool smile, "Oh, well not exactly on the team. [I]Lars[/I] is one of the managers for us, and does a wonderful job of it. Bye Mr. Jakens!" With that, she steered Lars in the direction of the gym, and didn't stop until they were out of sight. "Hey, ball please." She took it from his deadened fingers, and walked back inside the gym, not even glancing to see where Lars went. As for saving him from Mr. Jakens, she figured that those younger students needed all the help they could get.
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[color=orange][size=2][font=arial]Dezerea was now walking towards the park, soccer ball under her arm. She was still wearing the hip-huggers, but now wore a tank-top that she had put up with a scrunchie. She hummed, and started bouncing the ball on her wrists.

Dezerea?s mind was elsewhere, and she made it to the park. She went to the huge field, and started kicking the ball around, chasing after it while waiting for the rest of the team to show up. She kneed the ball into the air, bouncing it off her knees. [I]5? 6? 7? 8?.[/I] She ran back, trying to catch the ball.

And ran smack into a boy she didn?t know.

She caught the ball, and moved aside. ?Sorry!? He picked himself up. ?That?s okay? hey! Your from my Algebra 2 class!? Dez blinked, and then she recognized him. ?Oh! Your that Chy kid!? She scrunched up her forehead. ?Were have you been? Your never in class anymore??

Chy glanced around, and saw hiw friend, Jake, waiting for him. ?Come on!? Chy ran off, ?Sorry!?

Dezerea sighed, and went back to practicing. Her team-mates got there, and practice went smoothly. ?Melissa! Pass!? The ball flew from Melissa Jameson?s foot to Dezerea?s, and she ran down the field, dodging Kelsi. She feinted to the right, and passed behind Kelsi to Melissa, who passed to Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn ran down the field, and Kelsi stole the ball back, turning, and rocketing towards their goal. Kendra, the only African American on the team, shot next to her, and kicked the from in front of her, passing to Dezerea. Dezerea ran with the ball, and shot it into the goal. The whole team grouped up, and high-fived one another. Kelsi grinned. ?Nice. Very, nice, Kendra, Dez.?[/color][/font][/size]
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[color=blue][size=1]Kyra had spent at least an hour driving around, stopping at a couple gameshops. When she'd found what she wanted, she started towards her car only to be stopped by a girl who recognized her from school.

"Hey, you! Yeah, you. I've seen you around school. Do you know who I am?" she asked. Kyra knew she was popular at school since she was surrounded by snickering girls and wore skimpy clothes.

"Yeah. I-I know you. What do you want?"

"I want you to take this to one of my teachers. It's a report that I didn't turn in today. I just found it in my car, but I don't want to go back to school. It'd be wasting valuable shopping time," she explained, dropping a folder in Kyra's hands.

"I-I see. But why not one of your friends? Wh-why me?" Kyra pointed out.

"They don't feel like it either. And, since you aren't as popular, or normal, as we are, I think you'd have plenty of time to run back to school and hand it in for me. So, give this to Mrs. Issacs. Please and thank you," the popular girl said, walking away with her 'possy'.

"Great. Just... great." She dropped it sullenly into the passenger seat and drove off towards the school. As she arrived, she realized that she didn't know what room Mrs. Issacs was in and whether or not she stayed this late after school. She walked past the gates, holding the report in front of her, and looked around. She noticed a large crowd near the gym.

"Huh? I guess there's some sports event or something. Hey! Maybe Mrs. Issacs is watching!" she told herself enthusiastically, heading towards the mass of cheering classmates and staff.[/color][/size]
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Lars made his way out of the school courtyard shallowly, not even bothering to thank the kind stranger for his escape. It wasn't to be cruel. He just couldn't chance being caught. Besides, he lost his bread! His mom wouldn't be happy, but he did after all eat part of it. Darn hunger. After doing some ninja moves of his own, he made it back home at a quick run.

It was closing in on 7 pm and his mom would want him in bed by 9. Like he went to bed then anyways. But he's gotta at least make it seem like he did. He luckily wasn't scolded for being late since his mom and sister were watching TV when he came in. They didn't bother to turn away from their television program. So, taking up the opprotunity, Lars made his way slyly up the stairs to his room where he didn't plan on leaving for the rest of the night.

[B]ATTENTION ALL PLAYERS![/b] Start wrapping things up people! We all need to go to sleepy so we can be zapped into Nasska now XD Hopefully Ohkami posts hers soon :<
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[color=blue][size=1]Kyra reached the court and saw a student from one of her classes. The game was in time-out or something; Kyra wasn't paying attention. She tugged at the boy's sweater. "Huh?" "Hey Josh, remember me? I'm in your English class," she told him.

"English... Oh! Yeah, I know you. What's up?" he asked her, recognizing who she was.

"Do you know who Mrs. Issacs? I've got this to give her and I'm not sure where to find her," Kyra told him. "I think that's her. She came just a few minutes ago," he said, pointing to a tall woman with a sharp nose and tight suit.

"Thanks. See you tomorrow," she said, waving as she walked away. He waved, too, and started watching the game again.

"Mrs. Issacs?" Kyra asked anxiously. The serious woman turned towards her. "Yes?" she asked in a strict voice.

"Uh.. One o-of your students didn't t-turn in a report, and she couldn't come by. So... she gave it to me to g-give to you," Kyra said to her. The teacher took the folder Kyra held out to her. "Thank you.. uh.. Ms.?" "Travis. Kyra Travis." The uptight teacher suddenly softened, thanking Kyra and smiled. She went back towards the main building; Kyra assumed that's where her classroom was.

Kyra checked her watch. "It's already 7?! Where'd the time go?" she asked herself, squeezing through the crowd. She reached her car parked in the street and quickly drove off, not wanting to anger her mother by missing dinner.[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=2][FONT=Century Gothic]"Hey Chy who was that?" Jake asked.
"Uhhhhh a girl from math" Chy said shrugging.
"Shes pretty hot" Jake said while grinning.
"Ya think" Chy laughed, "She is hot though"
"We better get going" Chy said grabbing Jake.

They ran back to thier van got in and started driving off. "Eh where are we going now?" Jake asked with a sigh as Chy's cell rang.

"Hey Chy" "Hey, Whats up?" "Not much just going to the movies and wanted to see if youd like ta go?" " Sure why not hahaha, well meet ya there"

Jake looked at Chy "Who was that?" "Dana we going to a movie with them" "What movie?" "I dunno" "It better not be a chick flick" Chy looked at Jake and bust out laughing "You and me both". They pull into the movie parking lot and get out of the van. After lookin around the see Dana and Katie. "Lets go" Chy said with a laugh. [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[B]OOC:[/B] Wahhh!!! GOMEN! GOMEN! I haven't been able to get online lately. Been working hard ^_~. Urmm...I might not be posting for the next week. It's my term break and I'm gonna be going away. Sorry!!
[COLOR=Navy]Chi arrived home tired. She had had a very busy day.

Chi was at school. It was fourth period. So far, she had had an essay due in English; first period, a Science test; second period, a Social Studies assignment due in; third session and now she had Maths, her least favourite subject. She sighed and listened to her teacher ramble on about how to get perimeters, areas and circumferences, when they had learned that years before.

Chi got out of Maths, finally and went to her locker. She quickly grabbed her lunch from inside and shoved her un-needed books in before anything could fall out of her overly packed locker. Chi slammed the door and leaned against it.

"I have to clean that out sometime." she mumbled to herself. She ate a quick lunch and remembered that she had a Sports with a large group of "popular" girls that hated her. Chi groaned and debated if she should skip the class, but then she decided to go, just to beat another "popular" girl.

As Chi had guessed, a "popular" girl decided to fight her and the girl lost. After that they had been let out and Chi headed home.

Chi flopped on the bed. It was still early. Chi did her large stack of homework and she was a third through it when her mother came home and made dinner. Chi looked out of her window and saw the the sun had almost fully disappeared under the horizon. Chi stretched and stood, her knees buckled from sitting for so long and her hands cramped. Chi walked to her bathroom and splashed cold water on her face before heading downstairs. Chi ate dinner before resting. Then she finished her homework and saw that it was late. Chi yawned and took a quick shower before falling on the bed, she fell asleep before her head hit the pillow.[/COLOR]
[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry Gav! Can you keep me around so I got something to come back to when I coome back? The flashback was based on my day today.
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Lars was laying on his back in bed, throwing a basketball up and down. He once hit the ceiling and it came whaling back down to smack him in the face. He washed out that bloody nose. "Dumb ball," he groaned, walking through the upstairs hallway from the bathroom.

"Lars, you want some dinner?" his mom called.

"I already had some when I went out," he grimaced as he closed his room's door. "Though it was just some bread," he grumbled. Then he recalled the doughnuts. "Mmm... pastry." He plopped back down on his bed and soon enough fell asleep, dreaming of sugar plums... well... what he [i]thought[/i] were sugar plums.
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Ingrid walked home slowly from basketball practice. She sighed...tired as always, but...there was something more this time. Everything seemed to bore her...the world was becoming tiring, merely something that she had to take on everyday. She wanted to go out and do something, feel like she was really needed, or really accomplishing something. Instead, she was here, surrounded by idiots who had no thoughts except to get good grades and graduate. [I]Life isn't about that!![/I] It was surprising that Ingrid felt that way; she was one of the top students in the school, and her grades were perfect. But, she didn't put any effort into it; it just seemed to come naturally.

She kept walking, watching as the sky darkened and then burst into color, the sunset a bright mix in the deepening evening. [I]Why am I here? Why am I even alive?[/I] She felt like she had no purpose, no real reason for living or being here. And...she felt that she didn't care anymore. She wanted to leave. [I]Dead or alive, I want to get away from this place. I'm so tired...of doing nothing; of being nothing.[/I]

Reaching her house, she didn't even bother going inside the house. Her parents would already be finished with dinner, and watching TV. She hardly even spoke to them anymore; they weren't needed as parents, and they knew that. But that didn't make it any easier, watching them draw away from her, leave her on her own more and more. Maybe if they cared...but it didn't matter. No matter what she did, they just seemed to turn away more, shamed by their own failure to be needed by her. She wanted to scream. Instead, she climbed up onto her roof, setting herself against the thick, brick chimney. The bricks were warm from the sun, and she started to relax. Gazing at the sunset, she felt an immense sense of relief...and despair. She fell asleep.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial][COLOR=Orange]Dezerea waved to her friends, and started home after practice. She started singing. She thought it was Naughty Girl by Beyonce, but then, she never really paid attention to those things.

Tonight i'll be your naughty girl
I'm callin all my girls
We're gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body
Tonight i'll be your naughty girl
I'm callin all my girls
I see you look me up and down
And i came to party

That was about all she could remeber of the words, but new the tune very well. Dezerea brushed a lock of hair back, and tossed the soccer ball in the air, catching it as it came down. When Dezerea got home, she waved to her mom. "Hey, mom!" Her mom smiled. "Hello, Dezerea. I got your dad to bake some of his bread, to go with the soup." Dezerea grinned. Her dads bread was the best.

Dezerea ran upstairs, calling back,"I'm going to take a shower first, mom!" SHe ran in her room, grabbed a couple towels, and hit the bathroom. Her abthroom was a dark purple, and had black everything in it. After stripping, she made the water the right tempurature, and stepped in, letting the water rinse the grime from soccer practice off her.

Half an hour later, Dez came down, wrapped in a fuzzy robe, clean and fresh. After eating, she went upstairs, hopped into her PJ's, and trned off the lights. SHe slipped in bed, and as soon as her head the hit the pillow, she was out like a light.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[color=blue][size=1]Her mother was "creative" with dinner. She just cooked up some ravioli with extra cheese on top, but stuffed it with a secret ingredient. When Kyra arrived home to the awkward smell of her mother's experimenting, she knew that she'd end up ill if she ate dinner (she can't [i]stand[/i] her mother's "secret ingredient" because she always gets queezy).

"I've already had dinner, mom, so I'll pass," she said, opening the door to her room. Her mother leaned into the hallway just enough for Kyra to catch a glimpse of her disappointed look. "Yeah... Thanks for the guilt trip.." she whispered to herself, locking the door behind her.

Since, in reality, she [i]hadn't[/i] eaten anything since lunch, her stomach was growling. She jumped onto her bed and pulled out a Butterfinger from her bag. She engulfed it quickly, but it was enough to satisfy her tiny appatite.

The CD she'd used in her car was now placed in her stereo and played at a low volume so she wouldn't disturb her parents. She pulled out a comic from her bag (yes, she has almost all the necesities in there) and lay up against a pile of pillows. It only took about half an hour for her to become sleepy. She got up, changed into PJ's, put her things away, turned off the stereo and lights, and fell back onto her bed.

But before she could fall asleep, she heard scratching at her window. "...Huh?" she said groggily. She went to the window and saw a cat. "Hello there," she said in a tired voice, opening the window. "Meow." Kyra smiled and hopped outside. She began petting the cat and it curled in her lap. She fell asleep outside against her house, a purring cat in her lap.[/color][/size]
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"I can't believe you brought me to a chick flick" Jake said as they left the movies.
"Its not my fault I didnt know and you coulda just left" Chy said snickering.
"You're horrible" Jake answered.

They got in the Van and left the theater honking the horn and yelling things at random people. They stopped at a red light and Chy looked at Jake and asked.

"What time is it?"
"Uhhhh 10:10 Jake answered.
"Well you better get home" Chy said as he made the turn to Jake's street.
"Yeah, Well ill call you tomorrow." Jake said getting out.
"Ok, later bro" Chy responded as Jake walked up to his house.

"Chy where have you been?" His mom asked apon his return.
"I went to the movies with Jake" He answered.
"You missed dinner again" She replied.
"Eh my bad" Chy said shrugging.
"You dont change" His mom laughed.
"Well Im goin to bed" Chy said.
"See you in the morning"

Chy ran down the stair and took a right. His room was a mess clothes everywhere a bunch of junk in the corners, he could barely see the carpet. He took of his shirt then his pants and jumped on his bed. He had no problem getting to sleep.
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When Lars woke up, he felt him on a hard surface. Upon opening his eyes, he only saw bright light. He rolled over, but met bright light once more. He decided to sit up against his will of actually wanting to. "Mom, turn off the lights," he mumbled.

"Mom?" A voice asked. It didn't sound like anyone he knew. He tried opening his eyes again, this time being able to actually see. Not being in his own room was the first thing he noticed. He peered around, still a bit sleepy, but awake enough to notice things weren't right.

"What's going on?" He said in his annoyed accent.

"Got me," said the voice again. He spun his head around to see a girl standing not too far away from him.

"We've been trying to figure that out while you slept," said a voice that didn't come from the girl.

"Eh?" Lars looked around and saw yet another girl sitting on a block of stone.

"Looks like a temple," said the first girl. Lars finally stood up and spoke something of interest.

"Ruins," he said. He scratched his head and the first girl approached him.

"I think I know you from school," she said as he turned to her. "I'm Chi."

"Uhh... Lars," he smiled, but still was dazed from what was happening. "Funny dream, huh?"

"I don't think this is a dream," said the second girl. She laid her head in her hands and sighed. "I'm Ingrid. We met yesturday... well... whenever it was. I'm not too sure anymore." Lars rose an eyebrow. He did know who she was, but this all seemed too strange. Real life mixed with some kind of fantasy. Lars turned away and looked at the stone walls. It was an open area with an evening sky above, but it was some kind of wrecked ruin.

[i]This is an odd dream. I'm with two pretty girls and no one else in an isolated area. Where is this going? I'm hungry. Wait... can I get hungry in a dream?[/i] Lars scratched at his head in confusion, then noticed something. "I'm not wearing my hat! Oh man!"


Okay, people. I have seperated the six of us into two groups. I'm with Ohkami and Cyriel. Shadowofdeath13, kitty, and callmegoddess04 are together. We're not in the same area. A forest surrounds this ruin so the other group could probably be in the forest. Stick together because we'll eventually meet up after adjusting to the newfound setting :) Oh, and yeah, you're in Nasska.
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