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Hearts of War

Kayin Cloud

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Story Line
Eons ago when the world was young...entities who shared characteristics of humans and animals existed on a faraway planet. All of these entities had control over at least two elements. There were 4 legendary beings at the time: Anubis-?, Gryffin-Griffin, Pegasus-Unicorn, and Dragoon-Blue Dragon; who ruled at the time. For years a war went on pitting race against race. Gold Beak the Phoenix and Drago the Dragon were two who opposed them. In secret, Dragoon, was also an ally to the two rebels. These two warriors were once enemies yet learned to get along to defeat the four legends, since they too were legendaries but kept it secret. Drago and Goldbeak were killed but upon dying they self-destructed destroying all beings of the planet.

Ki is expressed stongly in present day earth. Fighters train to be warriors. A man by the name of Sibuna(is Anubis in human form) has been offering warriors the spirits of entities to improve their Ki. The two to first receive these spirits received the spirits of Drago and Goldbeak. These two warriors were Keiji and Ryukou Hanasei. "Brother these spirits have added a great deal of an increase to our Ki." Keiji said to his younger brother. "Yeah and they've also added to our elemental abilities." Ryukou replied. "What!?" Ryukou began to go through a transformation and became Goldbeak and simultaneously Keiji began to change into Drago. Although the spirits are ancient they do carry memories of the war. Keiji and Ryukou have found out what they must do: find help from others like themselves and defeat the four legendaries and their warriors.

If you need any info then go [U][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=569017#post569017]here[/URL][/U].

"Thunder Current!" Keiji yelled as he released a wave of Thunder at Ryukou.

"Yeah right, Keiji..." Ryukou dodged the attack and returned fire by firing a Ki blast back. Keiji leapt right into the Ki blast head first and knocked back and continued forward and headbutted Ryukou in the stomach. "Ugh....Kyaaa!" Ryukou spiked Keiji downward driving him into the earth. "C'mon, Keiji! Stop hiding!" Ryukou yelled down into the hole.

Keiji came flying out of the ground with a ball of thunder in his hand, "Zeus' Thunder!" Keiji yelled as he tossed it at Ryukou which damaged him but barely since he defended the strike. "Good move, brother. Try another one!" He exclaimed as he charged another blast.
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[COLOR=Navy]A young girl in her teens lay on the grass at the bank of a river. Her hands were tucked behind her head. Her eyes were closed as she listened to the gentle trickling of the water. Her quiet, even breath indicated that she was asleep. She leaf fluttered down from a tree and tickled her nose. She scrunched up her nose and sneezed, sitting up with a start. She looked around and remembered that she had fallen asleep during meditation.

"Get a grip of yourself, Chi. You need to train to beat Keiji and Kitsune next time." she mumbled to herself, sitting up straight.

Chi crossed her legs and placed her palms on her knees. She breathed in. '1..2..3..4..5..6..7', hold '1..2..3..4..5..6..7', breathe out '1..2..3..4..5..6..7' Chi repeated the pattern as she started to build her ki. She would do her physical and magical training after her ki was built up and she was mentally prepared. Soon enough, she would be ready, and she would meet with Keiji and Kitsune, and she was determined to win the next time they met.[/COLOR]
[B]OOC:[/B] Sorry about the length, my bro's pushing me to get off.
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Keiji unleashed a stronger Zeus' Strike, but Ryukou had his own attack to counter it. "Reflect Boundary!" The technique sent the attack back at Keiji twice as strong. "You won't dodge this as easily, brother!" Ryukou laughed malevolently.

"I'll prove you wrong!" Keiji pushed off the ground with his Ki and punched the attack back at Ryukou. He caught up to it before Ryukou could reflect it again and then knocked it to the side, "Dragon Skull!" Keiji yelled as he headbutted Ryukou, but this time, using Ki behind it as well as Fire. "Dragon Slash!" Keiji followed his stunning blow with a Ki forged sword but Ryukou recovered and countered swiftly with his own Phoenix Slash. The strike knocked Keiji far back just as the timer went off. Keiji landed on the ground on his feet and Ryukou landed as well.

"Time's up already?! It only seemed like 2 hours instead of 4! Are we training later on today or what?!" Ryukou exclaimed to his brother.

"After we rest maybe, but I planned on training with Chi today. I guess you can either come watch or stay here and work on your transformation. It's up to you since I've had more time in my Spirit Form so you are behind a couple of days of Spirit training." Keiji explained to him. "Another option is to rest for a while and meditate."

"I think I'll work on Spirit training...Yeah. Tell Chi I said 'hi' and don't go losing to her badly." Ryukou said sarcastically.

"Yeah I will. Make sure you get some rest, too okay? I have to leave so I'll catch you later...Oh! One more thing: if Kitsune shows up just tell her I'm training with Chi if she wants to know. Thanks. See ya!" Keiji said as he took off in Chi's direction. [I]I hope she didn't forget...[/I]
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Jiae, on Jessemea, rode across the meadow. The grass came up to Jiae's shoulder, even when she was on the tall spirit-fox. SHe lay down on her friend, and breathed in. "You smell good. What did you do?" The fox looked back at her. "Nothing. BEsides use the rose hip that is." Jiae slid off.

"You used my rose hip? How many times do I have to tell you to ask me first?!" Jiae cocked her head at Jessemea.

"I did. You were alseep."

Jiae laughed. "Oh. Yeah. Oops.." They walked along in silence, Jiaes hand on Jessemea's back, gripping the red fur tightly.
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[I]I gotta pick up the pace! Chi's not one to wait forever. I'm late as is now...Whoa![/I] Keiji thought as he ran to the meeting point. He was caught off gaurd when he almost ran into what seemed to be a large fox ridden by a girl. "I'm really sorry you two. I should have been paying more attention." Keiji bowed his head in apology.

"It's fine! It's not like you did run into us or anything. I'm surprised a giant fox didn't scare you to death." the girl answered.

"What was that supposed to mean, Jiae?!" the fox retorted.

"Well, no one sees a fox as big as you everyday." Jiae answered.

"Actually I do. She's one of my best friends actually." Keiji replied. "Oh! My name is Keiji. You two have high levels of Ki what are your names, please?"

"I'm Jiae and she's called Jessemea. So how do you know such a fox? Is she a spirit?!" Jiae asked intrigued.

"Well, yeah she is. Actually I am one with a spirit as well. Hold on." Keiji concentrated all of his Ki and transformed into his spirit form, Drago.

"Drago!? But how?!" Jessemea said in shock.

Drago receded to Keiji's form, "I don't know how. some guy just offered me a spirit to become united with. It's really odd...Why do you ask?"
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Jessemee squinted. "Because, Drago isn't one to be controlled. What I want to know is how the guy who gave you Drago managed to control him." Jiae nodded, knowing what she ment.

Jiae sighed. "Well, he showed us what he could do, so I guess we should show him. Fair trade?" Jessemee shrugged. Jiae placed a hand on Jessemee's shoulder, and her breathing matched the fox-spirits. They seemed to meld together, becoming a three tailed fox that stood on its hind legs, tall, and with a face mask. She spoke. "THis is us. We are much strongert this way." You could hear the two different voices in it, but it seemed like one voice.

A little while later, Jiae stood seperate from Jessemee, and was preening. "How did you meet Drago?" Jiae started by the sudden question. Jessemee looked the boy straight in the eyes. "We are both spirits. I met him in a different world, a world that was older than this one. The sun was huge, red, and everything was dieing. It was scary... Drago and I were the only ones who lived through it... I came to another world where I met Jiae. Only then, she was called Tanji. And we came to this world together when we died."
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Jim was walking along side of Gikos in a valley of trees that were begining to fall, soft cherry blossum peddles dropped on the rubble ground path they walked on. They had just finished training all morning and decided to go to the nearest village to rest and relax before they meet Keiji and Chi at their training points. Jim was now in wrags after their training session but he would get some new cloths and supply's at the village. Gikos and Jim didn't really talk that much when they were along together, nothing was even interesting to talk about anyways.

"Do you think we might get there soon....I dont wanna be late for our meeting" Jim said with some concern, Gikos just looked forward at the village about to approach. He was a strong lion spirit that kept to himself, but when he was Jim's fathers spitit....they would have a ball. Now that he's dead Gikos was depressed and didn't see the fighting spitit inside Jim at all. Jim knew this as well but still wanted to train so he could leave his home and explore...also to be better friends with Gikos but it looked like that was going to be impossible.

"Do not worry...it is up ahead. We will not miss our rendevous with the others" Gikos replied as he looked at Jim, he was hot from the sun and heat and stumbled every other step. He hadn't eaten anything all morning, he just stuck to his training with his Ki. Gikos used his tail to wrapp around Jim's weist and put him on his back, Jim blushed a bit and scratched Gikos ears which made him purr loud.

"Thank you" Jim smiled as they entered the village, ervyone looked at the child riding a 7 foot white and green stripped lion. Jim giggled a bit at the thought.
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"Oh I think I understand this now. Oh crap! I'm sorry I have to run, but I have someone to meet okay? If you wish to follow come on, but if you don't, contact me with your Ki. Let's stay in touch..." Keiji said but had already left to meet Chi.

"Yes let's keep in touch, Keiji..." Jiae said as she got on Jessemea and began to resume their walk.

"I'm gonna be late. Chi's gonna kill me in training if I don't hurry." Keiji said to himself. He raised his Ki and he increased his speed, leaving a lightning trail behind him. I'm on my way, Chi. Keiji was nearing the place where he usually met Chi and he could tell by Chi's aura being near. Keiji saw seated on the ground waiting for Kitsune, Jim and Keiji and to arrive. "Chi!" Keiji called out.

Chi looked up and waved, "What took you so long to arrive?" she asked as she stood up to greet him.

"So sorry...I met someone else with a spirit along the way here. Her spirit gave me some information about Drago." Keiji explained and told Chi about this new acquaintance.

"So her name's Jiae? I'll have to meet her one day. Where are Jim and Kitsune anyways?" Chi replied.

"Good question...I think I sense Jim nearby now." Keiji responded.
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