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Art Talent or practice???


Talnt or practice?  

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  1. 1. Talnt or practice?

    • Talent all the way!
    • Practice,practice,practice
    • I think both makes a sucsessfull artist

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This post is all about opinion i dont want no fights breaking out, any way what do you think makes a good artist talent or pratice???, me myself believe that a little of both helps as to you get interested to draw by your own skill in the first place and this fuels your crave to become better and a more successfull at drawing.
but every body has there own opinions so please tell me yours.
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[color=gray]With Drawing I think its a little bit talent and the other part practice.

With graphics/designment I think its more likely practice than talent, since you just need a good program and thats it.
::EDIT:: Graphics/designment in the way of banners and such.
I mean, I havent got any talent at all in Graphics and still I aint the worst person around. Just alot of practicing with PSP.
And Hitokiri. I have the most crappy PC you can imagine (well almost) and about the program, I just meant leterally.

With both, its the question if you [i]like[/i] to do it. If you like drawing a lot, you are more inspired to draw something than when you don't like it at all and you just do it because you have to or something like that.
It probably hasnt got anything to do with talent at all. You just have to have fun doing it and then you eventually practice by just drawing constantly.

-thats my 2 pennies + an extra Edit penny.[/color]
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[color=darkblue]Practice is a big part of making good art (otherwise, how can you improve yourself?), but talent pretty much makes or breaks the entire thing if you ask me. A person can make art until their fingers are cramped and red, but if you don't have any sort of talent, well...you and your art may not get the sort of reception you're expecting.

Of course, there are those who never had any talent and yet still manage to make good art, so I suppose it really depends on the person. I mean, I've hardly ever taken an art class, but my original works (the few that I've done, lol) are somewhat decent. So, yeah. I'll go with "depends on the person," lol.[/color]
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[color=#808080][quote]With graphics/designment I think its more likely practice than talent, since you just need a good program and thats it.[/quote][/color]

[color=#808080]That's not the least bit true. You need more than a "good program" to be good at web designing. It really depends on white type of computer graphics your talking about some require more practice than they do talent while others it's the opposite. Take Digital Painting for example just having a good programming and practicing won't neccessarily make you good at it. What I can say atleast in most digital art rather than practicing alot or being talented you need to be creative and see things before they are finished. And KAOS work on your grammar bud o_O;[/color]
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I believe it takes a mixture of both talent and practise, for graphical art you do usually need a good program to create high quality work. But that isn't all you need, you still need the ability to be able to use the program efficiently, and harder programs are usually harder to use because of the extra features. You need imagination and the skill required to translate it into art, and even with large amounts of talent you will still need to practise.
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Well, I'm inclined to think it's a little bit to do with 'talent', but far more a matter of practice. I don't believe people are necessarily "bad artists" just because their work isn't perfectly accurate or presentable. Everyone has their own style - they may just focus more on it and become more familiar with it through practice. Some people I know don't even doodle frequently and when they do do a drawing it's perfectly respectable. I have found myself that practice has greatly benefited me. It's enabled me to find what styles I don't like and those which I'm most comfortable with. We all diverge in our art through practice and individual experiences - it would be unimaginable that everyone should have the exact same style.

Yeah, I'd say "individual experience" is actually king. You need something to drive a drawing, some outlook on the world, some life-changing, life-moulding presence which causes you to get things down on paper. In my art I make sense of what I think and feel, and I do not believe it to be a matter of talent - just a desire for self-expression. If you exercise that self-expression enough, you get more familiar with your style and yourself, and that's basically the practice.

My personal opinion is this - you can make a pretty picture because you're talented, but if there's nothing underlying it, no deep thought you've been exercising and sketching out for a long time, where is the true beauty of it in the context of life? That's just how I feel about art.
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Guest ScirosDarkblade
This is a bit more complex of a topic in reality. I'd definitely say it's a mix of talent and practice, but it also depends on what you mean by the word "artist." You see, there is a difference between being a good ARTIST and being a good ILLUSTRATOR. The latter needs a lot more practice. Both could stand to have talent, because practice is not as great an equalizer as some might hope, but illustrators, for all their technical skill, don't NEED any creativity nor do they put emotion or self-expression into their work. "Artists," on the other hand, need more than just technical skill; they have to be able to add feeling (or just SOMETHING other than pure realism) to their work. It takes a bit of talent and a lot of practice to draw a realistic swamp. But it takes something more to draw a spooky swamp that you would be afraid to venture into. And practice alone won't give you that.

I guess what I'm saying is that "artists" in the "what is art?" sense of the word NEED talent. Practice will improve everyone, always. But without talent, one can be no more than an illustrator.
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[size=1]This is rather simple. People need to practice their talent to become more talented at their practice. As long as one follows that little proverb, he or she will have no limits on what can be achieved.

That goes for things in general, not just art, but I could definitely see where one might bring this up about art. However, take any one person, regardless of their experience with whatever medium, they can learn to be rather proficient in what they are doing by practicing what talent they have, no matter how little it may seem.

The more one becomes talented at their practice, the better ways one can find to practice their talent.[/size]
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