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Sign Up Day of Destruction

Drizzt Do'urden

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On the distant planet of Faria, a planet very similar to Earth....

The war had raged for over a decade....all the races of Faria sought after the 7 orbs of power....each orb contained the essence of an element, Earth, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Water, Spirit and the most destructive...Darkness. Finally the Arwins, the foulest race of Faria obtained the orb of Earth, The Hecklites the mightiest warriors on the planet gained the orb of fire. The serpentines gained the essence of the wind increasing their swiftness and amplifying thier thieves and assassins skills. The Marlins, the strongest magic users on the planet gained the orb of water, The Phelaxians, the most human like of the races gained the orb of lightining...The orb of spirit was lost in the battle....the war continued to rage for many centuries each race using its orb to the fullest bringing Faria to the brink of destruction.

Just when it seemed the planet was doomed, a God descended into the mortal world to show all races the error of their ways and bring them to piece....I'm sorry I have to log off I'll finish this tommorow...please don't let this influence ur decision.
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I apologize for how this is going to look because I just spent an hour posting this and after replying it said I was not logged in and deleted it all so this is going to be a really quick overview.

The war ended thanks to the gods influence. 5demon apostles from the underworld stole the orb of darkness and utilized it to destroy faria. The god, seeing how the clans were once again warring to obtain the orbs used all his power to seal the apostles away. Piece was once again restored in Faria. 999 years later the sides are warring again and is where the story begins.

The Hecklites are basically barbarians

The Arwins- are sort of evil rangers

The Serpentines- are thieves and assassins

The Marlins- are mages both white and dark

The Phelexians- are engineers who are also very mighty warriors

The story takes place during the largest battle of the war. For the story I need 5 heros one from each race, as well as 5 Demon apostles, anybody else is more than welcome to join as a support character, or if you want a major part talk to me I have some ideas to where I could work you in.

Please have fun with this, there are so many ways to take this story. Ex. a Marlin who doesn't know magic but knows how to fight, a Hecklite whose to small to be a warrior so is an assassin.

The only stipulation with that is whover wants to be the Arwin I'd like to get with you before the story starts because I want to use you a certain way before the story gets started. Thanks alot and again I apologize for the poor quality of this, but I'm a little upset after spending an hour on this and then it not taking it.
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[color=DarkSlateGray][i][size=1]Hey bud, I know you are new (I helped ya find this place), but there are certain rules we must abide by here. One of which is "Double posting". If you would like to add on to your original post, just click "Edit" and add on ^_^. Just for future reference.

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[quote name='annie']Hey bud, I know you are new (I helped ya find this place), but there are certain rules we must abide by here.[/quote]
Hey, Annie. Yes. There ARE rules we must abide by here. You should PM messages like that. Just letting you know! No hard feelings!

Ok... Let me see.

Name: "Orange" Maxamillian
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: Phelexian

Weapon: Pole
Style: Red Dragon (made up)

Eyes: Reddish Orange
Hair: Bright Orange
Skin: Tanned
Build: Muscular
Clothing: Mostly bright attire, very loose fitting

Attitude: Outgoing, and always smiling
Bio: Called "Orange" because of his hair and eyes. He's been called that so long that he's forgotten his real name and decided that it really isn't that important. He likes to flirt with girls, but knows when to draw the line. He really is only in the war for the adventure, as he is a very adventurous youth. Laughs often, and likes to joke around and keep people in a good mood. His pole style is almost unmatched. He can utilize soft spots on the body to cause a great deal of damage to the opponent. Quite good at making small explosive charges, and likes small details.
Hobbies: Animals, collecting things, wandering.
Likes: Animals, kids, girls, attention to detail.
Dislikes: Strict rules, limitations.
All in all: The Carefree Protagonist (may be spelled wrong :sweat: )

Alright. There's a charcter for ya, pal. PM me with any questions you may have! Hope to see you around!
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Guest Deathsapproach
Hey drizzt,

Well I would like to join, no real preference as to what race I am.

General Bio;

Name: Merc'har Fellio

Sex: male

Age: 27

Physical description: A tall and lonely individual Merc'har really has no clue as to his own appearance. He prefers to wander about the farther regions of woodland and plain, often without food or sleep for long periods of time. Another might take him to be skinny and "drawn out", dirty as he has no real habits of bathing. He has short hair, as he does not like the feel of it brushing against him in the wind when it is long. Tan because of his wanderings and toned in muscle because of his constant exercise.

Weapons: A short javelin to hunt with and a sword should any intruders pester him for a fancied item.

Personality: Merc'har has a tendency to talk to himself though often in a mutter as he remembers some form of society calling talking to ones-self wrong. He prefers to behave as his prey might, a natural killer and yet intelligent being. He prefers solitude to crowds and will visit the town only to get new gear or weaponry.

If i need a Bio than I will at a later time, but for now I am off to bed!

Basically think Simon from lord of the flies only...a killer, lol.
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Thanks for reminding me about forgetting to post my character Neko, Deathsapproach if you don't mind, be the Ashwin, b/c I'd like your character and mine to be sort of intertwined(I'll get with you on that next time I'm on)...

Name: Saito
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Weapon: Twin Scimitars/ long bow and arrow

Hair: Brown, Hair Style: Short
Skin: Tan
Height 6'3
Build: Lean and muscular

Bio: For the past 2years Saito has wandered Faria, knowning not of his origins or even what clan he is from or where he belongs. Always seeming to be an outkast Saito finally enlisted into the Phelexian army for personal reasons. The only memory Saito has is from his youth, probably from when he was around 5 or 6 years old, but his only memory is vauge. He remembers being chased by some Arwins in the forest, his mother, father, and himself....the memory cuts out just after an arwin archer slays both of his parents, since them he has sworn vengence on the Arwins and believes the Phelexians will help him achieve that goal.
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Guest Deathsapproach
Yeah Drizzt, i'll be the Arwin. I'm off to jamaica for a week so i'll see you after then. If you can get on tonight (Sunday) then please do, otherwise we won't talk for a week. Did you want me to expand on my bio?
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[size=1][color=darkslateblue]All right, just to get some things straight.. First of all, Drizzt, while your RPG is a good start, there are some things you might want to add - most notably, more of what you expect from those who wish to join. If you take a look around, most use some sort of sign-up sheet. It makes things easy and straightforward for everyone. Also, to save future potential deletions of things you've written up, start typing in a word program and save it there, then just copy and paste it onto OB. This way you don't have to worry about losing information or wasting time and you can go over everything you want to include very thoroughly.

Second, while I understand that both Annie and OberOn were just trying to help, I want to make it clear that neither of them have the authority to be posting those sort of things, nor does anyone else who is not a Moderator. Please let us do our jobs.

Third, things like double-posting and spam are strictly against the rules. For more information on that, please read over OB's rules (which are located on the menu to the left) and also Harlequin's sticky (which is at the top of this forum). Both go over each point in detail.

If you've still got questions or concerns after you've all caught yourselves up, please don't hesitate to PM myself or one of the other Arena mods - we'll be more than glad to assist you.

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Ok as far as a sign up sheet, I think Neko hit everything with his post

Favorite Weapon:

*Both of the fields marked with astrickes are optional also any additional info I did not post is an opptional as well, anybody wishing to participate as one of the demon apostoles make a post here so that we know how many there are and I will PM you the data needed for your character(The reason behind that is I want the Demons to remain a secret for alil while, but I'll fill those in who need to know)
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Guest got issues


i cant believe you've done this.

you've created a rip-off ambar, for a rip-off setup, for your rip-off story of day of destruction.

for a start, what was wrong with the first one. did it satisfy you so little that you felt the need to do it again?
have you completely run out of all original ideas?

comon man, use some sense!

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