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To The Bitter End


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(Ok, everyone, this will be my first RPG so be nice, K?)

It is 2067. The world is savaged by war. It started out as just a minor dispute, a slight disagreement on the unfair government funding in the UN. Now, it has risen to nuclear war, and to an extreme no-one would gave dared to dream. Every country in the world is taking part in what might as well be the Apocolypse. Nuclear missles are slowly being replaced by new weapons of biological mass destruction, polluting the land of the country, and the heart of the people, sending them into a long, painful struggle to what will be the end of their innocent lives. It is nobody's fault, no-one wanted what the world has come to, yet every country blames another, to what becomes a paradox from which no living thing can escape...

Now to your part. Every country has resorted to conscription, and those not participating will be publically executed. It is now your 'duty' to defend the right of your country and your leader. You have been forced into this Godforsaken war, to perform the tasks of petty foot soldiers. Although weapons of mass destruction can 'solve' most problems that arise, there are some missions which require the common soldier, such as espionage, or the capture but not assassination of a polictical leader. There may be certain alliances between countries. Please PM me if you want to set up an alliance.

You will be one of these soldiers, as part of a rudimentary battalion or squad. You can be the leader, or a footsoldier, or a sniper, or even a communications expert (though this doesn't lead to much of a storyline). You can be any specific soldier rank, and be proficiant with any weapons available (be creative!). However, I DO NOT want any Arnold Schwarzenegger clones, walking throgh government property obliterating anything that moves with a huge assualt cannon. You must be realistic, so please get hurt at some point, even die if you want! So, here is the form to fil in, and I will send you right onto the battlefield. I may decide to pit certain countries in operations against each other if this is successful.

[B]NAME...[/B] [can be made up. keep it inkeeping with your nationality]

[B]AGE...[/B] [anything, really]

[B]GENDER...[/B] [yes, they would have conscripted women as well]

[B]NATIONALITY...[/B] [doesn't have to be your own. RACISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED]

[B]APPEARANCE...[/B] [either describe or send in a pic]

[B]SQUAD NAME...[/B] [PM people in advance if you want to be part of the same squad, it would be quite beneficial to the story]

[B]POSITION...[/B] [squad leader, heavy weapons, whatever!]

[B]WEAPONS...[/B] [must be inkeeping with you position]

[B]BIO...[/B] [how you joined, your thoughts on the war, your squad details, that sort of thing]

Good luck to all. Of course, I will be joining also, so here is who I will be:

[B]NAME...[/B] Kevin Smith

[B]AGE...[/B] 23

[B]GENDER...[/B] Male

[B]NATIONALITY...[/B] English

[B]APPEARANCE...[/B] [URL=http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=fmpanic&img=fmpanic14.jpg]Kevin[/URL]

[B]SQUAD NAME...[/B] 46th Lancaster Regiment (consists of twelve)

[B]POSITION... [/B] Covert Ops

[B]WEAPONS...[/B] 2x Silenced Pistol, stored in hip holsters. 1x Sten silenced Machine Gun, optional, when used hung over his shoulder.

[B]BIO...[/B] John was constripted into the war at age sixteen, and shipped to a tarining facility on the now British-controlled Falkland Islands, where he spent the next seven years in rigourous training to prepare him in the field of espionage. He has yet to start an actual mission. He personally hates the war, being a pacifist most of his life, yet does what he has to, to protect his family back home. He has also entered for several years in acting school, to perfect his various accents required in the field, and is also proficient with many languages. It is his job within the squad to enter the target building, and either assassinate the leader, or gather sufficent evidence to remove that leader from power. Once this is done, or he is discovered, the remainder of his squad, including his squad leader, posted around the complex, open fire on enemy targets, to capture the building for their own. Once capture, additional forces are moved in by parachute to continue the fight in that country.
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NAME... Misque J'Pual

AGE... 19
GENDER... Female

APPEARANCE... Misque is a simple looking girl.Accept that fact she is a well known foot/air soldier.Brown hair,blue eyes.Simple French look

SQUAD NAME... 44th Air Regime of France,208th Foot Parron of Paris

POSITION... The General of the air regime of France
WEAPONS... A sniper,AK-47,a small dagger
BIO...the 44th Air Regime of France is one of the most powerful Airforce of France,Misque decided to join the war becuase her father was killied in it due to agression between England and France.(This sounds liek alopt of fun)
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[color=DarkSlateGray][size=1][b]NAME[/b]: [i]Lt. Gen. Natallia Lucerro[/i]

[b]AGE:[/b] [i]24[/i]

[b]GENDER:[/b][i] Female[/i]

[b]NATIONALITY:[/b][i] Italian, but defends the USA[/i]

[b]APPEARANCE:[/b] [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=ghostintheshell&image=2]Italian Bird[/url]

[b]SQUAD NAME[/b]: [i] 320th Air Force Infantry (Don't worry, I'll explain in my bio)[/i]

[b]POSITION:[/b][i] Commander of Ground Forces[/i]

[b]WEAPONS:[/b][i] Okay, I have no idea on what those weapons are in the pic, but that's what she has..use your imaginations..I'm going to say the guns in both holsters will be .45 Colts..um, the 6 inch blade, and that diesel riffle.[/i]

[b]BIO[/b]: [i]Not much is known about Natallia, other than what she has been doing in the past 6 years. At the age of 18 she joined the Air Force for whatever reason she doesn't even know. Perhaps to impress her father, make her family and country proud, whatever. She just wanted to be in the military to kill people and break stuff.

Why the Air Force? Isn't the Air Force the people who fly planes and sit in offices? Well, that was the case 50 years ago. Recent years have forced the air power onto the ground, due to lack of Army and Marine recruiting. The previous wars had passed a grim outlook on joining the armed forces, so there was a massive abundance of young men and women signing up for the Air Force. These young men and women joined thinking they did not have to go into battle. They were severly shocked at what the newly elected President of the United States had decided; Because of the lack of Army and Marine troops, the President had ordered the Air Force to develop an infantry.

This is where we discovered Natallia. She was the first female to sign up under this new command. She had to undergo a grueling 3 months of survival training, being beaten and treated like a POW (prisoner of war). On top of that, she had to undergo 9 months of physical and mental torture to become one of the Air Force's finest combatant (person in combat). She has trained with many prototypes of weapons and was classed best marksman in 25 years.

Natallia's bada$$ attitude and determination to prove herself aided her in climbing the chain of command in an unbelievable 4 year's time. For the past two years, Natallia has been in command of the 320th Air Force Infantry, leading her entire division into victorious battles and brought a great amount home. Natallia is the hardest of hardcore and does not faulter under any circumstances. I suggest you don't try her.

[/color]OOC: Okie dokie, let me know when you start..[/size][/i]
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Name : Asim Harith .

Age : 29 .

Gender : Male .

Nationality : Iraqi .

Appearance : A tall man , about 6 Ft 6 in height , he is strong framed and muscular , yet slender . He has black eyes , and straight brownish hair , his complexion is slightly tanned . His right eye is scarred , but he can still see with it . Wears a black uniform that is of his squadron , it consists of a black vest , and black army trousers . He wears black leather army boots , and over his vest he wears a long black coat . He also wears a pair of black gloves made of a strange durable fabric mixed with light titanium alloy . His uniform , and coat are also made of the same mixture of components , that his gloves are made of . He sometimes wears shades .

Military group : The 29th Black Serpents Air/ground Special Ops team ( consists of five members including Asim ) .
If anyone is interested in joining this squad , just Pm me .

Position : Team leader .

Code name : King cobra .

Rank : Unknown .

Weapons : A gunblade , that has a long titanium blade , and it also has a twirling cobra engraved on the handle of the weapon . He uses it for close range combat , in addition to it?s excellent long range capability , uses special customized 49 caliber APIT ( armor-piercing-incendiary-tracer ) russian bullets for it , he puts it in a black holster on his left side . A customized AK-47 long barrel assault rifle , that fires titanium tipped armor piercing rounds , and two large silver double barrel Mikarof 45 Russian automatic pistols , with Cyanide tipped bullets .

Bio : He became a soldier from the age of 15 , through time he witnessed countless wars , and proved himself to be a natural born soldier . His IQ was way above average , and his combat skills were very great , which gave him the position of team leader in the 29th Black Serpents Special ops team , but before he was given the position he was sent to train in Japan , Russia , and Germany . Time passed , and with it Asim?s skills grew even greater than they were before . Extremely experienced in both martial arts , and weaponry , he truly became a great soldier , he handled assassinations , field combat , and espionage . He was even trained as a fighter pilot , so he also handled air strike missions .
When this war broke loose his team was assigned for all large scale missions on the front , and beyond . His opinion of this war is that it is pointless , but he will give every last drop of blood that runs in his veins to defend his country , and he will break down the enemy no matter what the cost . He is a strong willed man , that knows not the meaning of fear , nor failure . He is a man of his word , and he always maintains a state stragtegic thinking .
His Team members like him are extremely loyal to their country , and were also carefully selected , and trained for the special Ops team .

If there is anything you want me to change , just let me know .
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Guest Midnight Rush
NAME:Supreme Admiral James Beam



NATIONALITY:3/4ths Western (German/English/Scottish) 1/4th Asian (Unknown)

APPEARANCE:6'3", Bright green eyes, jet black hair, very athletic build, weathered skin, feral demeanor, Aberdeen face, deep tan from exposure and a posture of readiness at all times.

SQUAD NAME:The United States Navy

POSITION:Master of all United States friendly ships on the sea.

WEAPONS: Two jet black Glock Model 18s with carbine kit and high velocity hollowpoint shells. These guns he has named "Cottonmouth" and "Snakecharmer"; he recieved them from his father the day his father died.

PERSONALITY:This guy is a bad ***. He has been described as "One cold blodded ************" by his enemies. He is ultra rational yet completely devoid of mercy, compassion, or forgiveness. He is extremely understanding, and hard to piss off, but if you do piss him off, Snake Charmer's bullets will be found in your head.

BIO: The son of an illegitimate son, James Beam is unsure of his past. He knows that his father was the son of his grandfather and an unknown Asian woman (he never knew his real grandmother). He joined the navy at the tender age of 17. Since then he has risen quickly, becoming the Supreme Naval Commander of the Free World. His talent in strategy, tactics, personal combat, and logistics are legendary, rivaling the great Nelson. He has many friends in Germany, England and Israel because of his Grandfather's business. He doesn't know it, but in Singapore, Japan, and China many are sympathetic to him. His grandmother and grandfather were legends in Asia, and the mere fact that he bears his name gives him clout there. These nations are currently occupied by hostile forces, but the United States is ready for an all out war!
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[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=2][b]NAME[/b]... Steffanie Littlebird Johnson

[b]AGE[/b]... 23

[b]GENDER[/b]... Female

[b]NATIONALITY[/b]... Native American/White American/Celtic

[b]APPEARANCE[/b]... [url=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=magnacarta&image=5]Littlebird[/url]

[b]SQUAD NAME[/b]... 320th Air Force Infantry

[b]POSITION[/b]... Luitenent (sp?)

[b]WEAPONS[/b]... She fights with fans. Fans with blades attached to them. She also carries a couple small fans for throwing. She is deadly with them, and has killed many people with them. Carries a small hand gun for 'emergencies'.

[b]BIO[/b]... Steffanie joined when she was eighteen, and has undergone hard training. She is very good, and signed up right after Natallia. She never knew Natallia, and maybe never will. Steffanie was used to tough orders, due to her father being in the Navy. Steff was a Navy brat, and went a lot of places. She isn't sure why she joined, maybe just to follow in ehr fathers footsteps, or maybe to prove ehr father wrong - that she could do what she wanted to.

SHe hates boats, and thus, she wouldn't join the Navy. Steffanie is a professional fighter, due to the hard training for months on end. One of the Air Forces finest combatents, though not as good as Natallia, Steffanie endured torture, but she endured it in silence, and learned more than would seem possible.

Steffanie is a silent person, usually, but has a temper quick to flare. When she bites, she bites hard, and leaves a big bruise. Never get in her way, and you might even become 'friends'. SHe has no true friends, and never has had any. Steffanie nevers smiles(almost), except in the face of danger. Any danger. She has trained hard and long to achieve recognition. Her endless silence drives her enemies mad, because she will not talk, under torture, or an threat.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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