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WWE Unforgiven


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[I]"In a stunning upset, Eddie Guerro has lost the WWE championship! A match against Bradshaw, the Latino heat couldn't pull it off after Bradshaw pulled Edie Guerro out of the ring and continually hit his head against the floor. Eddie suffered a concusion and is not expected to come back for another 5 months. In that time, 50 matches that lead up to that lead up to a special event will take place. This could be the time for a new star to rise. Bradshaw's WWE championship will be on the line many times."[/I]

Alright, this is how the RPG will work. You are set up in a match agaisnt a person. We will have about one match per 3 days. You and you're opponent will have to write about the match in your post, and then everybody will vote on who's post is best.

Sign ups:

Name: Choose a real wrestler. You can't be Eddie Guerro or JBL(John "Bradshaw" Layfield),
Finishing move/signature move: Write their finishing move
Tag Team partner: You don't have to have one, but you can choose with one of the other people who sing up. Existing tag teams are not going to be counted.
Description: Use a pic or write one. Most people will know what your wrestler looks like.

My sign up-
Name: John Cena
Weight:240 pounds
Finishing move/signature move: FU
Tag Team Partner: Tthe Phenominal' AJ Styles
Description: See the pic


Go [URL=http://www.wwe.com]here[/URL] for everything you need.
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Name: Rob Van Dam (RVD or Mr.[b]THURSDAY[/b] night :))
Height: 6''0'
Weight: 220
Finishing move/signature move: Vandaminator or Five star frog splash
Tag Team partner: I dunno. But I prefer someone that has Brock Lesnar, Goldburg, Undertaker, or anyone with brute strength that matches it. BUT NO BOOKER T! Rey Mysterio, or Edge would do also :).


Can we have more then 1 wrestler to choose from?
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Alright, things are looking good... Great sign-ups. I knew The Undertaker would go fast.
G/S/B Master, if you want, you can be your own tag team partner and therefor control two characters, but that would mean you would have to do twice as much writing if your other character is in a match.

[I]Also, I forgot one thing. If you're in a tag team match, pick either you or your partner to write it.[/I]
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Guest jkj
Height: 6 foot 2
Weight: 287 pounds
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Finishing Move: Mandible Claw
Favorite Quote: Have a nice day!
Career Highlights: WWE Champion, World Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion
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Well, seeing that there aren't too many people that have signed, everybody pick a seond wrestler. This is everybody we need. Once you post your second wrestler, this will start.Once everybody chooses their second wrestler, we will have a total of 10 wrestlers on the roster.
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Name: Shawn Michaels
Alias: The Showstopper
Height: 6'1
Weight: 225 lbs.
Finishing move/signature move: Sweet Chin Music
Tag Team partner: Edge or Mick Foley, Kevin Nash
Description: [img]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/hbk/images/hbk1.jpg[/img]
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Name: D'Lo Brown
Real Name:
Aliases: None
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Weight: 268 lbs.
Height: 6'3"
Favorite Quote: "You Better Recognize"
Finishing Move: 'Lo Down
Tag Team Partner: John Cena or AJ Styles.
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