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RPG DragonBall Exile: The Story Begins at the End

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[SIZE=1][i]A long time ago, on planets throughout the universe, fear of dmination of the weaker planets by stronger races spread quickly. Unfortunately, to provoke this fear, the strongest of the races terrorized these planets for fun, even though the inhabitants had absolutely nothing to worry about. Though, they got the wrong message, and after a few years they decided it was time to strike back. Even though they were the weaker races, they had technological advances beyond the comprhension of the other stronger races who relied mainly on ki. Secretly, they created weapons of mass destruction. Then, one day, a small fleet of the stronger race decided to "attack" another planet... this is when the war really began. On first sight of them, the planet dragged out their arsenal and let out an all out assault on them. With the element of suprise, the weaker races quickly won that battle. The weaker races slowly but surely made more and more weapons, and it wasn't long before they were the stronger in the war. This war waged on for a few more years, until one fateful day, the once weaker races brought out their most secretive, most powerful weapon.... in the aftermath, only a handful of the once stronger warriors survived. They were captured and held prisoner. The now stronger races chose not to kill these remaining warriors, but exile them to a small, remote, deserted planet in the middle of nowhere; heavily guarded. It has been that way ever since...[/i]

[b]Present Time[/b]
[i]There are fewer remaining warriors than there once was... only about 30 now, instead of the original 137. Heavily armed guards led the procession of the prisoners to their bunkers... one warrior stumbles..[/i]

Guard: "Get back in line weakling!!"

[i]The guard jabs a rod in the warriors side bolting him with high amounts of energy... similar to electricuting...[/i]

Warrior: "AAAAAHH!!!!!!"

[i]The warrior grabs the rod and breaks it and punches the guard in the face only to be shot with sleeping drones- little things that attached to the body and made the body fall unconcious-[/i]

Platoon Leader: Get him up.. looks like we need to teach this one a lesson in manners..

[i]Two gaurds lift the body up and walk it to a separate building while the rest are led away and put in their chambers for the night...[/i]


To join I need:


Everyone starts off with a power level of 1,000. You have to be a normal form of your race. For example, if you're a Saiya-jin, you can't come in as a Super Saiya-jin. Once I get enough people, I'll announce when this actually starts. Ok? Join! Join! Join![/SIZE]

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*A lonely child warroir lays upon his cot*
Neil: [i]*thinking*[/i] That poor fighter. I hate to think of what'll happen to him. [i]*The child fingers the mark that still is on his chest. As he continues to think about the incident, he clenches a fist.[/i] He shouldn't have reacted like that...
Friend: [i]whispering[/i]You should better get to sleep before they catch you up...
Neil: Yeah...g'night...
[i]*The two friends fall asleep as soon as the guards come in to make sure everything is in order...*[/i]

Name: Neil
Age: 13
Race: Sayian

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[SIZE=1]Alright! We can begin now, this is enough to start with.
[i]In the interrogation room, the platoon commander confronts the rebel..[/i]

Commander: "You know you're going to be punished severely..."

"Really? I never would have guessed"

Commander: "Don't you get smart with me!!!"

[i]The commander pulls out a weapons and plants it on the rebels head...[/i]

Commander: "Let's see how smart you are now.. you see this? This will explode in 1 hour. If you can get out of here by then, I'll let you live for now.."

[i]The Commander and the others leave the room securing all the locks[/i]


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[i]*The boy wakes up with a feeling that something is wrong. He sees the warrior from before was still gone.*[/i]

Neil: I wonder where he is...Pssst! Guard!
Guard: What?
Neil: Where is that warrior? The commander should have finished torturing him already.
Guard: Kid, I'm afraid he won't be back this time...
Neil: [i]*Gets up*[/i] What?
Guard: Hey, stay back! [i]*The guard raises his energy taser*[/i]
Neil: Huh? Please, you thing I'm that stupid?
Guard: You were the last time, kid
Neil: [i]*Feels spot on left rips*[/i] [i]*Mutters*[/i] Shut up...
Guard: What did you say?!
Neil: Man, i gotta pee, that's what!
Guard: [i]*Looks around at other guards*[/i] Ok, let's go...
[i]Neil and the guard march to the bathroom, and the guard waits outside while Neil pretends to go do his buisness.*[/i]
Neil: [i]*Thinking*[/i] Man, i gotta save him...But how?
[i]Neil thinks inside while the story continues for those still asleep in the chambers*[/i]

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Craig lies in his cell, thinking.

Craig: How did we wind up in this mess. We were to foolish to see it coming.

A huge dark figure walks up to Craigs cell.

Guard: What was that? You scum.

Craig: Leave me alone!

Guard: You will answer when you are adressed!

The guard pulls out his tazer and zaps Craig! Craig cries in pain, that can be heard throughout the prison.

Craig: Enough!

Craig fires a beam that hits the guard in the face! It nocks the guard out. Several other guards rush in and start to beat Craig with their electricly charged night sticks. Thre guard gets up.

Guard: You'll think twice before messing with me again.

Craig: F@ck you!

Guard: You never learn do you? Take him to the torture room.

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San-*looks up at ceiling and sighs*
I don't know why I'm here.....what did I do?
*looks around*
Guess I better find a way out....
(I'm not very good at this kind of stuff)

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[i]*Neil hears someone screaming in pain*[/i]
Neil: That's........it! I......won't.......let.......them......do......this......anymore!!
Guard: [i]*Rushes in*[/i] What the?!
[i]The Mega Blast hits the guard stright in the face, knocking him through the wall, and out*[/i]
[i]Neil zanzokens out to the adult prison, where the screams of pain comes from. Neil hides and creeps in the shadows, moving ever closer to the yelling warrior*[/i]

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The screeches of Craig voice send shudders down the other prisoners.

Neil: I feel sorry for that guy.

The guards stop, and stare at Craigs severly scared back. They start laughing at Craigs expence.

Craig: D@mn.............. you........... I'LL KILL YOU!

Guard: :laugh: Look at how pathetic he is.

Craig: :drunk:

Neil: I gotta help that guy.

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Neil: That's it! HAAAA!
[i]Neil's energy auora appears. It's completely white, like all the Z warriors in the begining of DBZ.[/i]
Guard: What?! Who's that?!
[i]*Neil disappears, and reappears in front of the guards, and in front of Craig*[/i]
Neil: Leave my him........ALONE!!!
[i]*Neil powers up again, and sends some power to his fellow Sayian. Craig stands up, not as strong, but strong enough*[/i]
Craig: You will pay!

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Forte: Heh the bars of this cell is completely over exzagerated...

[i] Forte twists it and he knocks out the guard but before he does the guard actives the cell break [/i]

Forte: Uh oh better go Solar....

[i] Forte starts screaming insanely and he destorys a part of the prison...[/i]

[i] Not too far off [/i]

Craig: Whoa... I guess Forte woke up...

Neil: Yes i think we should go to him now....

[i] The 2 start running toward Forte [/i]

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Neil launches at the lead guard, and punches him in the gut, then kicks him in the face. The guard hurdles towards some of his deputees, and knocks them off their feet! Craig them starts to fire loads of beams at the guards, causing huge explosions.

Craig: Now........ you........... DIE!

Craig glows a white aura, his power starts to skyrocket!

Craig: ULTIMA.......... CANNON!!!

Craig fires a large purple beam at the fallen guards, exploding on impact, and killing the guards.

Neil: Good job!

Neil flies at the last remaining guards, and throws a punch at a guards gut. Neils fist goes straight through the guard, and out the guards back. The guards starts bleeding very badly, and coughing up a lot of blood. Neil stares at him mercilessly. The other guards attempt to draw their tazera, but Neil fires a beam at the tazers, which make them explode, and zap the owners. Neil hold up both his hands, and points one hand at each of the 2 remaining guards.

Neil: This ones for my brother!

Neil shoots beams straight through the guards. They fall to the floor at Neils feet. Neil looks down, spits upon the guards, and helps his wounded brother out of the room.

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Ugh.... I need to edit the other post because [i] the rules wont lemme go Solar yet... [/i]

Forte: Hey guys....

[i] Forte looks at them [/i]

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[I]*Sirens sound after the last blast*[/I]
Neil: Let's go...
Forte: Yeah...Crap, more guards, with beam blasters...
Neil: I'll handle this, you take cover...
Craig: But there's too many!
Neil: Not for a Nuclear Fusion...
Craig: You can't do that; you'll kill yourself!
Neil: Mega Blast then!
Craig: Ok, then...
Neil: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Mega...
Forte: Heeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Xtreme...
[i]*Neil and Forte begin to power up for their ultimate attack*[/i]
[I]The warrior sits in the interrogration room only has about ten minutes left before the devise explodes...[/I]

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[i] Forte blasts to the top of the build and charges Xtreme Heat and sets the entire building in Flames and Ki [/i]

Forte: 4000 Degrees should do it! Now you will talk to me! Unless you die before but that is too bad for you then

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Name: AJ
Age: 13
Race: Human/Saiya-jin Hybrid, but treated as a saiya-jin (and a human traitor)[/color]

[i]AJ sits in his cell, thinking of home,...or what the definiton of home is...and of other things[/i]

AJ: (thoughts: ) Where the heart is? Where you're from? Your roots? No.. Where you have friends? No...What are friends? Your race? Your cell-mates? Family? No... What is.. family? What do they do? What is the purpose of a family?

[i]He hears a few shouts[/i]

AJ: (thoughts: ) We'll never get out, they should know that by now..

[i]He hears a guard shout something foreign[/i]

AJ: (thoughts: ) Always the same routine...

[i]He hears a gun blast go off, then an explosion,...followed by a metallic sound, and a grunt[/i]

AJ: (thoughts: ) Hmm...? Was that the guard?

[i]He stands up and walks to the cell bars..[/i]

AJ: Good God! They might actually do it...this time..


[i]He shields his eyes as a blue beam hits the cell and leaves a large hole for him to exit through[/i]

AJ: (thoughts: ) Mother..I hope you're watching me from up there...I'm scared...

[i]He runs off into the little crowd of aliens[/i][/b]

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