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Art Puss in Boots Sketch: Because I said so!

Dragon Warrior

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Well, this Dragon Warrior has been possessed by the Puss in Boots God. I are now obsessed with this character (not just because of Shrek 2). I've enjoyed drawing numerous pictures of him from Shrek2 Puss in Boots to the original one from the book. I'm very pleased to show you one of them (since the other three I've done are too big to scan in). I'm also including my exclusive crappy Puss in Boots banner I made within seconds after scanning my sketch.

Enjoy :^D


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[color=gray]The drawing be very 1337. Although it makes me want to [strike]throw a potatoe at him[/strike] hug it :< The piece of tree next to him [strike]reminds me of the fact that I can't surf[/strike] looks very kewl too..

The banner. Ahem. Okay here it goes. The little left cat should be made bigger ¬.¬
o.t.t, The name looks poopy, though the big text looks nice. Make name with less fat outlines...[/color]
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