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RPG Animal Evolution


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[CENTER][SIZE=14][FONT=chiller][U]Animal Evolution.[/FONT][/SIZE][/U]

[SIZE=1]Who are we? What are we? Yes, most people think we are animals; in fact it?s true. We believe we are the more advanced animals, we believe we are better, but in all honesty we?re not. Animals are the same as us, but as time goes by, more and more animals become endangered by humans. Since we ?changed? so much and became the higher beings, animals no longer lived to survive in the wilderness they live to survive us. It?s not rocket science. Cruelty, being put against their will power and tortured is a normal everyday life for animals, but it must stop. Well, most humans think they?re doing nothing wrong? but what will the animals say in this?[/CENTER]

They?re going to have their say. A group of hunters were looking for some foxes, with their dogs and horses. They found a fox and its family, and straight away went to kill it. But something stopped them. One of their dogs bit the hunters, and soon the other dogs joined in. Then the horses, trampling the hunters into the ground. The hunter?s dogs and horses ran away, and the fox lived. This was happening all over the world. Any form of abuse to animals, and something would attack. No one knew what was going on.

In all truth, it was an Evolution. Animals all over became so smart, so brave they stood up against humans. Several humans were glad, others were okay with it, and others hated it. A group of hunters and cruel men gathered and made a team called ?AHS (Animal Hunting Squad)?. They wanted to make sure humans stayed the higher beings; they wanted to still be in command. So they gathered all the nuclear waste, all the horrible things you could imagine to kill off animals that attacked humans. And so it began? the Animals all over started dieing out from the chemicals the AHS spread all over the lands, mixing what they had affected most animals in the wild, but not those living with humans. Big mistakes.

Some animals survived. And you know what? They began to change. Animals grew much more smarter than humans, they could even speak to each other. They hated humans even more they could fight back now. Their strength improved and their skills, but all most animals wanted was to kill humans. The animals would attack humans coming near them, some even killed human. Only animals living with humans were not affected, even more of an excuse to kill off the human race and take back the earth. As time went by, two separate Animal kingdoms rose. The Antiasmel and the Amroth. Amroth was against killing all humans, and only wanted to take revenge on AHS, while Antiasmel was against all. The two kingdoms set out on their own path.

One thing was clear to the Amroth, if Antiasmel declared war on the humans; they would all be destroyed, one by one. So Amroth had one mission: To stop Antiasmel, to stop AHS, while saving the humans at the same time?


Welcome to RPG you've all been waiting for. Everyone is in, BUT, anyone who slips up once or has really bad spelling and grammer all the way through is out straight away, got it? Animal Evolution was an RPG I did alongtime ago on another Boards, and I twisted the plot this time. It went very well, and it's also the plot I'm using for one of my stories right now. But this RPG should go well, so anyone who messes up all the time will have to leave the RPG.

Here's who's who:

Dango Wulf - Vicky
Quentin Silverkin - Cloud Strife
Tusco (Scarlet Bolt) - SilverCyclone
Fenix - Arika
Kitsune(Fox) "Tsuki" - Ohkami
Miatatza - Anyu WhiteWolf
Brela - Gentle

Leeona - Inti

Due to there being only one Antiasmel, inti can also have leadership power alongside Sussoram, meaing you can also plan out things and attacks for the RPG. The sign-up's are still open, only for Antiasmel members. Plus, due to the lack of Antiasmel members again, Antiasmel will have more powerful Animals (i.e: Rhino's, evolved lizards looking like dinosaurs and huge snakes). So you get the idea. Onwards to the RPG!!! (Antiasmel can have a base anywhere) :

[B]The woods were dark with the lack of light coming in from the sun, and every day seemed like Mdnight there. The winds would howl day and night, and all would seem like a dark lifeless cave. But deeper in the woods, it was much lighter.

In the very heart of the woods, the trees would open out, leaving a large space of rocks and leaves were the light would come in. This was were Amroth normally met for meetings and talks. It was the only place in the woods that wasn't dark, the only place that seemed to be filled with life. Amroth was a team of Animals, who wanted to save humanity, who wanted to save Animals, who wanted peace, not a war. They were not driven by hate like all the other teams, they were driven by the will to make the world a better place. But they were not just Animals, they were part of the Evolution. They were part of the greatest thing yet to happen, part of a good and a bad thing. There leader, was a beautiful brown wolf, who had lived through betrayal and friendship, a young wolf, named Dango Wulf.

Dango was walking through the woods slowly, his paws crunching on the dead leaves below. It was the middle of summer, and soon it would be Fall. His blue eyes sparkled when he looked up, he had an innocent face of a wolf, but the power to fight in a never ending war. His fur was bushy and his tail was long, wth much rougher fur the further his tail went. Dango continued to walk through the woods, his ears twitching when he could here different sounds.
"This place makes me fell like home..." Dango sighed. "Though my home was with a traitor..." He said, quiet bitterally. His past was painful, knowing his best frend betrayed him, therefore, Dango was careful about the people he gave the title "friend". Though he was certain, the members of Amroth were his friends...

Being part of this Evolution was not easy. AHS hated you, Antiasmel wanted to get rid of you, it seemed like everyone hated you. It seemed like Dango had no real friends, or family, but Amroth was his family, and he was the leader.
"You thought we forgot?" A stern, yet calm voice sniggered. Dango closed his eyes, and a smirk came across his snout. He turned around to see his friend, Drakoma stood under a tree. Drakoma... no one was sure what animal he was. His fur was shaggy and long, his snout was short and he was like a large wolf. Though over his left eye was a red slash, and Drakoma said it was a family trademark, but everyone knew it was a scar from some sort of battle.
"Forgot what?" Dango asked. Drakoma closed his eyes tightly. He sat down under the tree, and crossed his large paws over.
"We knew about it... I mean, you talked about it once." Drakoma replied. "Follow me." Drakoma stood up, and sped off into the trees. Dango raised his eyebrow. He didn't think nothing of it, so he pounced off into the shadows.

Drakoma came to a skidding stop. The dark trees were all around a large space, were the forest surrounded the only light spot in the forest. All of Amroth was there. What was this?
"You remember...?" Drakoma asked. "One year today, you started Amroth... so a special occassion, needs a special party!" Drakoma said, shouting the last words. The animals around let out their own roar of agreement, and Dango just laughed.[/B]

Thought we'd start off on a lighter note. ^_^[/SIZE]
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Miatatzu neighed happily and trotted around the group. She neighed again. She was happy to be part of this fun loving group. her heard back in the west never paid much attention to her, even with her lightning fast, even god-like, speed. Miatatzu was usualy very quiet. But the animals here were like family. They were always thoughtful and made her feel welcome. Once more, she neighed, also with all the dust she was kicking up, she snorted and sneezed a bit. \

Out of the corner of her eye, Miatatzu could see two animals sitting on a high rock overlooking the area. The Tiger seemed to be dozing off. Miatatzu cantered up to her and poked her with her velvet muzzle.

"Hey! Wake up, Brela, no sleeping at a gathering!" Miatatzu gave a toothy grin and bolted back to the group.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]A loud screech came from the sky as Veritas, also known as Fenix, came rushing in. She screeched once more as she saw that the animals were gathering. Dango looked to his friend and laughed. She looked around at the animals and chirped, but then coughed. Everyone laughed at this, even Veritas.[/i]

"Veritas, my friend. Come join us!"

[i]Still coughing, Veritas looked to Dango with anger.[/i] "Come [i]join you[/i]?" [i]Another loud screech came from Dango, but this was ear-splitting. The other animals began to howl.[/i]

[i]With a groan, Dango walked Veritas and tapped her on the head.[/i] "Calm yourself, Iago."

"Iago is the name of that idiotic crow who follows Sussoram around. Don't call me that again."

[i]Chuckling, Dango left it alone and turned to everyone else. Veritas ruffled her feathers and gazed around. She saw that not everyone was gathered, but did not mind. She then looked to the skies and saw that a group of crows were flying over. Her eyes focused on what they held and saw that they had food. She flew into the air and raced towards them. The crows saw her and began to attack. She dodged their every move and got close to the food. She wrenched it out of their grip and sped down towards the group. The crows followed, but when close enough to see that there were others, they left.

Veritas chirped and flew towards a nest where little chicklets were chirping in. She gave the food to the mother and nodded. She then flew back to her spot and ruffled her feathers once more.[/size][/color][/i]
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The hunt was on.
Through the woods, over and under hanging vines and huge roots from half dead trees, sticking out of the ground. There was no life outside the hunt. This was it. This hunt was what made the mountain lioness what she was. She had to hunt to feed herself and her two cubs. There was no choice. It was deadly work, blood and guts would eventually splatter everywhere, but she loved it. She lived for the hunt. For the sound of a squealing boar's bones crunching under her teeth. For the---

[COLOR=Sienna]"Wake up Leeona! Hurry, it is AHS! They have found the base, we must eliminate as many of them as possible!" squawked Iago, Sussoram's pet idiot.
"You fool! I was having a dream of dreams! This time I saw more than last. Slowly, the hunt is being revealed to me. Night by night...But it is [i]you[/i], you stupid beak-faced twit, who interrupts every single time!" the cougar roared back at him, and the small bird was blown back by Leeona's ferocity.
She lept up from her resting place and began to head for the base, a secluded canyon in southern Africa. She had no idea how she had made her way there from North America, but when she had awoken after the toxic dumpings near her home, done by AHS, she had found herself under a fierce sunlight that burned her fur.
Her coat shone in the light of the moon, and she prepared herself for the battle ahead. Those AHS fools had picked the wrong cat to fight with.
Sussoram should be able to take half of the AHS squad she expected to find in Antiasmel's canyon base, but he would eventually be shot by one of the pesky human runts.
"Look out you foolish human scum! Leeona's on the loose!" the roar was as loud as it got, and Sussoram heard the call loud and clear.[/color]

[color=darkslateblue]"Human filth! Trying to take our lives as trophies! Tearing our skin from our bodies for furs to keep [i]them[/i] warm! Now they come to take yet again! Our base will not be taken! Attack!" bellowed Sussoram, silverback gorilla, Alpha male of Antiasmel. The leader of the animal faction known as the "Earth Clensers" by some, and "Savage Killers" by others. Either worked for the huge ape, as long as Antiasmel's message got across to the rest of the planet.
"Leeona is coming! Leeona is coming!" came the cries of war from the front line.
Not only was this a message for Sussoram, but also a morale raiser.
AHS had sent in over 500 men for this battle, and Antiasmel's forces were few, for they were here to establish a new base in the southern African region. The animal warriors would need all the courage they could muster for the upcoming fight, and Leeona somehow gave them that courage by just being there.
"Do not hold back! We will triumph over the humans once more! If they take our base, we will have to start over! DO NOT LET THEM TAKE FROM US AGAIN!" called Sussoram. Roars of anger and war came up from all of Antiasmel's forces as they charged head on into the small AHS army.[/color]

Through the brush and over rocks, under low-hanging branches and through the tall grass. The cougar was queen of this land now. Nothing would stop her from achieving her goal of total human anihilation as she ripped through AHS soldiers towards Antiasmel's front lines to lead the battle.

OOC: Thought I'd give different colours for different areas of writing. [color=sienna]Sienna[/color] is Leeona, [color=darkslateblue]Dark Blue[/color] is Sussoram, and Black is for a "narrator" or dream effect.
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[COLOR=Navy]Tsuki sighed, flicking her tail from side to side. She looked at the celebrations around her. It was hard to believe that it had already been a year since Dango had started Amroth. Tsuki weaved her way swiftly between the other animals to a flat rock on the other side. Tsuki hopped on and sprawled out onto it. The rock was quite warm from the sun's heat and the sun was shining on her back. Tsuki opened her jaws widely, revealing her sharp teeth in a yawn, before resting her head on her paws. She had hunted late, last night and didn't catch much because she had to dodge a squad of AHS who were hanging around the area where she usually hunted. Tsuki's mind started drift and soon she was back in the old days.

It was dusk and the nocturnal animals were starting to awaken to forage for food. Tsuki and Kit had just emerged from their den. Kit had moved into Tsuki's den two weeks earlier and they were very close, like sisters. Tsuki and Kit were going hunting. Their sensitive ears twitched at every sound. They heard the rustle of leaves as gusts of wind blew through the trees. Tsuki's eyes spotted some mice running around under some bushes. Tsuki whispered to Kit and they slinked over to the area. Kit counted quietly and then they sprung. They caught two mice each. They laughed at how small they were and decided to let them go. They'd find better food, they mice were still young anyway and wouldn't have much meat. That night they had a supper of pheasants.

~Next Memory~
Tsuki and Kit awoke. They were still full from the last night's feast. They talked about it as they lay down on their sides. Suddenly they smelled humans and quickly hurried towards the back hole they used as an exit. They scampered out and ran into the thicker part of the woods. Thinking they were fine they chuckled. Then gun shots rang out. Animals scurried and hid in their homes. Bullets flew at the vixens and one hit Kit's paw.

"Quick Tsuki, get out of here." Kit said as she collapsed.
"No. We swore we'd stay together." Tsuki said nudging Kit to get up.
"Go, please, it's too late for me, I'll never make it, go before they get you too."

Tsuki stared at Kit sadly and ran towards their den. A few days later, the AHS came back and released chemicals around the woods and many animals, friends of hers, died. She passed out, thinking she was dying. But she woke a week later, realising there were changes to her, good changes. Tsuki promised she'd avenge Kit and left her den to find other animals to help or to find the AHS.
~End Memories~

Tsuki woke up growling angrily at her memories. Her hatred for the AHS flared incredibly. She saw that some of the members that didn't know her well were looking at her strangely. Tsuki breathed deeply and calmed down. She needed to get away, so she hopped off the rock and slunk away into the shadows and off into the woods.[/COLOR]
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The calm eyes of Tusco watched the fox as she walked off. He watched her a little ways, then turned back towards Dango. A small smile crossed his muzzle. He walked over to the wolf, leaping onto his back. The wolf glanced back, smiling when he realized who it was.
Tusco: "Having fun? Hope so. We took alot of trouble to get this ready."
The red muzzle of Tusco rose slightly. He sniffed the air lightly. The smells were wonderful to his keen nose. Then he landed on the ground as Dango shook his shoulders. Tusco leapt up again, landing near a tiger, still dozing. Tusco curled up near her, wrapping his tail around his body. He had always been quiet around others, rarely speaking unless directly addressed. He glanced around again, noting where the food was when he awoke. Taking one last glance, he nudged closer to the tiger, yawning. [I]This truly is...*yawn*....paradise here....[/I] He was soon snoozing near the tiger, using her as a pillow.
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