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[font=Courier New]Well, instead of always signing up for RPG's I'm going to create my own. So here's the story. [b][u]All characters are between 16 and 18.[/u][/b][/font]

[center][b][u][font=Courier New]The Story[/font][/u][/b][/center]

[left][font=Courier New]A warp opened in the Digital World, as a huge monster flew out. There stood 6 of the digidestined who found themselves fighting a new monster, but it wasn't a digimon. The monster sent out an attack and they were sucked into a warp and woke up in another world where everything was strange, the first thing they noticed was that their digimon had disappeared and they now felt energy flowing through them. They saw 6 people staring down at them, they all had weapons and strange clothes. They introduced themselves, first the digidestined, [b][u]Tai[/u][/b], [b][u]Matt[/u][/b], [b][u]Sora[/u][/b], [b][u]Izzy[/u][/b], [b][u]Mimi[/u][/b], and [b][u]Joe[/u][/b] , then the new people, who are [b][u]Squall[/u][/b], [b][u]Zell[/u][/b], [b][u]Rinoa[/u][/b], [b][u]Selphie,[/u][/b] [b][u]Irvine[i],[/i][/u][/b] and [b][u]Quistis[/u][/b][i].[/i] The FF8 people explained where the digidestined were and gave each one a weapon and G.F. Now they must find their ways back home before Ultimecia and Daemon fuse into one being to destroy both worlds.( With help from the powerful slaves of course[/font][/left]

[font=Courier New]In their quest to defeat the two evils and get back home, they will have to fight dangerous battles,upgrade their weapons and abilities and learn new spells. Together, can they overcome these tremendous feats or will they be destroyed one by one? To find out join![/font]
[center][b][u][font=Courier New]Sign-up Sheet[/font][/u][/b][/center]

[left][font=Courier New][b]Name:[/b] (One of the twelve listed above)[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Appearance: [/b](They have different clothes now that they are older)[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Age:[/b] (16-18)[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Weapon:[/b] ( Guns,swords,bow and arrows, etc.)Oh create a special name for it. See my sign-up[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Weapon Upgrades:[/b] (up to three and the last one must have some relation to your element)[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]G.F.:[/b] (Ifrit, Shiva, Quezacotyl, Brothers, Diablos, Alexander, Bahamut, Eden, Levianthan, Pandemona, Doomtrain, Cerberus)[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Element:[/b] (In the same order as G.F.'s, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Earth, Dark, Holy, Air, Space, Water, Wind, Poison, Non-elemental[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Special Ability:[/b] (What your weapon does to power up your character)[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Bio:[/b] (What they did till their worlds crossed)[/font][/left]

[center][font=Courier New][b][u]My Sign-up sheet[/u][/b][/font][/center]

[left][font=Courier New][b]Name: [/b]Squall[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Appearance:[/b]Wears baggy black pants, wears a white T-shirt with a red slash going across it diagnally and a black jacket over it.[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Age:[/b] 17[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Weapon:[/b] Eclipse Blade[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Weapon Upgrades:[/b] Terra Blade, Lunar Sword, and Solar Slasher[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]G.F.: [/b]Ifrit[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Element:[/b] Fire[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Special Ability:[/b] Healing Strike-Will heal a damaged ally once during a battle[/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b]Bio: [/b]Squall spent much of his time being alone. Then he met the other FF8 cahracters and began to open up. Now, he fears what would make the two worlds combine and what could have such power.[/font][/left]

[left][font=Courier New]Well that's it I guess. I hope many people get interested in this, but all I need is twelve. So I guess I'll check back later.[/font][/left]

[left][b][u][font=Courier New]FF8 Characters[/font][/u][/b][/left]

[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=red]Squall: [color=red]Cysword6(me[/color])[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=green]Zell:[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=silver]Rinoa:[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=yellow]Selphie:[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][font=Courier New][color=blue][u]Irvine: shadowofdeath13[/u][/color][/font][/b][/left]
[left][b][font=Courier New][color=purple][u]Quistis:[/u][/color][/font][/b][/left]

[left][b][font=Courier New][u]Digimon Characters[/u][/font][/b][/left]

[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=darkslategray]Tai:[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=sienna]Matt: Meggido[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=navy]Sora:[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=darkorange]Izzy:[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][color=deepskyblue][b][u]Mimi:[/u][/b][/color][/font][/left]
[left][font=Courier New][b][u]Joe:[/u][/b][/font][/left]

[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=black]G.F.'s taken[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]

[color=red][b][u][font=Courier New]Ifrit[/font][/u][/b][/color]
[color=red][b][u][/b][/u][/color][font=Courier New][color=blue][b][u]Diablos[/u][/b][/color][/font]
[b][u][font=Courier New][color=sienna]Bahamut[/color][/font][/u][/b]
[left][b][u][font=Courier New][color=black]Later on I'll tell you how the G.F. and character you picked will choose the upgrades and spells you get awarded in every battle. And I'm srry if you would like to be a villain, but then the story wouldn't work as good the whole RPG is about getting past tons of obstacles and traps and battles, to get to the two evils, Ultimecia and Daemon, and defeat them to restore both worlds back to normal. What I think is the best part is that the world now is only half of the FF8 world and is also half of the digital world, so now you have a new landscape to fight on.[/color][/font][/u][/b][/left]

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[size=1][color=#8b0000][color=darkred][left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Name: Irvine[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Appearance: He wears dark blue denim pants with black button up shirt and a tan leather jacket[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Age: 17[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Weapon: Predator[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Weapon Upgrades: Ambitious, Death Penalty (Vincent Valentine FFVII), Dark Promise[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]G.F.: Diablos[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Element: Dark[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Special Ability: Yippie Kai Yay-Casts haste on all party members once during a battle[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]Bio: Irvine spends most of his time socializing, practicing his shooting or causing trouble and hanging out with Selphie. He doesnt really care what made the worlds fuse together he just knows the need to beat it.[/size][/font][/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2][/size][/font] [/left]
[left][font=Century Gothic][size=2]I hope this is ok if not let me know any I'll edit[/size][/font][/left]
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Name: Matt
Appearance: He wears black tracksuit pants that have a blue stripe running down the outside. His shirt is red with the words "The only definite thing in life is death" written in black letters.
Age: 17
Weapon: swords: Scion
Weapon Upgrades: Bloodlust, Crash Crisis, Ultima
G.F.: Bahamut
Element: Non-Elemental
Special Ability: Sinful - deal triple damage for two hits but can only use once every five battles.
Bio: Matt had been on and off with Sora constantly. He is currently a part of a band which he is hoping will go far. He hangs with his brother a lot as he always feels that he can lend him a helping hand. It was the recent meeting with Daemon that led to him being dragged into a new world, again.
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