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[SIZE=3][I][B]The Shadow Of Man[/B][/I][/SIZE]

Humanity, the second sentient civilisation to inhabit the earth. The first civilisation, known only as ‘the Gods’, had existed on the planet since shortly after its creation, and, over time, brought every species on the planet into existence. Their technological awareness and spiritual energy far surpassed that of modern man. Over time, their life force became intertwined with that of the planet itself, and a cycle of energy formed – they were sustained by the planet’s life force, and the planet was sustained by their life force. And thus, the creation of mankind, a sentient race of like appearance to the Gods, brought about the death of all life.
The Gods, having created countless species, both of awesome majesty and quaint humility, began to tire of mere animal servants. As the bond with the planet grew, so their power grew beyond the bonds of imagination. Not even the grandest and most elegant of their previous creations could satisfy them. The Gods no longer wanted creatures that would mindlessly obey. They longed for beings that would learn, adapt and feel. They longed for a new species. A species that would mimic their own. A species that they could truly call ‘children of the Gods’. And so they created man.

For thousands of years, everything was perfect. The Gods would teach the humans, and they would learn. The environment would change, disasters would occur, yet still the humans would persist, creating new technology to deal with problems. And, most importantly to the Gods, the humans showed emotions. Love. Joy. Anger. Fear. Sadness. Regret.

Greed. As time progressed, the humans began to develop the same longing and lust for power as the Gods had, the longing that had lead the Gods to create mankind. However, one main difference existed between the longing of the Gods and the longing of Man. To mankind, the Gods were an obstacle in their path to power. And mankind decided that, like all hindrances to their evolution, the Gods would have to be removed. The Gods, never having expected that their creations would turn against them, fell all too easily to the human assault. In creating the human race they had reduced their power, passing on some of their energy to their ‘children’. The Gods had never sought to reproduce – they were practically immortal and did not anticipate a threat to their survival – and they were vastly outnumbered by their rebellious offspring. Their power, great as it may have been, was no match for the sheer numbers and determination of the humans, and they were quickly eliminated The humans celebrated their success, and prepared for the next stage in their evolution, that they had anticipated for nearly a millennia.

What then followed was an event unheard of among the prophecies of man. The Gods had never taught mankind about their link with the earth, in fact they themselves had never truly understood the link. With the Gods destroyed and the cycle broken, the life force of the earth began to wither and, gradually, the entire world began to fall into chaos. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions shook the globe, and clouds of dust and ash blocked out most light. The lack of sunlight and energy from the earth led to the death of most plant life, and the animals of the earth, the original servants of the Gods, soon followed. The air gradually increased in toxic content, forcing humans to abandon the surface, and use their technology to survive underground. The earth became uninhabitable; nothing could survive on the surface.

However, in this wasteland of death and destruction, a new life came to be. The Esrian race, the shadow of man; the true children of the Gods. The third civilisation of the Earth. Though the Gods physical bodies had been destroyed, their spiritual energy could never be destroyed. This energy came to inhabit this new race, and they to became part of the energy cycle – except unlike the Gods, the Esrians could draw energy from all life, not just the planet. The earth, however, was far from being restored. The humans had broken the cycle, and their continuing existence prevented its renewal. For the Earth to return to its previous state, mankind would have to be destroyed. And the Esrians sought renewal at any cost….

[B]The Humans[/B]
Forced underground after the earth’s degradation, mankind now resides beneath the crust of the earth, where their machines provide them with oxygen and water. They have created farms and crop fields further below the surface, where the planets life force is strongest, to provide them with adequate food. However, as the Esrians draw life from the earth, and all life, their crops are beginning to wither once again, and infant mortality rates are increasing. Paired with the frequent Esrian attacks on Human colonies, mankind’s only hope for survival is to eliminate this new threat. Humans rely on their technology in both day-to-day life and in battle. Though some choose traditional weapons, swords, staffs, etc., the majority will mainly use guns. Their usual abilities are no different than one would expect, though some possess extraordinary fighting abilities. Humans cannot use spells, as they lack in spiritual power, however they do have access to advanced technology. (Use your imagination)
Humans need breathing apparatus to survive on the surface.

[B]The Esrians[/B]
Born of the Gods in death, the Esrians seek to return the earth to its original state, and thus claim their destiny as the new Gods of the Earth. As the actions of humanity led to the destruction of the Gods and the subsequent fall of the Earth, only the destruction of humanity will bring about its renewal. They see human life as a virus upon the Earth, so focused on their own survival that they would condemn all else to death. They hold a negative view of all humans, and are intent on wiping out every man, woman, and child who continue to plague the earth.
The Esrians are practically identical in appearance to humans, as both were created from the Gods. Esrians have an severe hatred of technology, as it is the one thing that prevented the humans from dying along with the planet. Thus all Esrians use traditional hand-to-hand weapons. As Esrians live off the Earth’s energy, they do not need to breathe, though they still do so, and so can survive both on the surface and underground with ease. Their link with the earth allows them to slowly regenerate, but this is a very slow process, useless in the heat of battle, and they will still die from serious wounds. It also allows them to use a form of magic, which compensates for their lack of technology. In the Earths current state, the lifespan of an Esrian is no different to that of a human.

Altogether, both races are evenly matched.

[B]Note[/B]: Esrians draw energy from living things very slowly. It cannot be used to drain the life out of their opponents in battle.


[B]Name[/B]: (whatever you want)

[B]Age[/B]: (appropriate please – remember, both races have the same lifespan)

[B]Gender[/B]: (applies to both races)

[B]Race[/B]: (Human or Esrian)

[B]Description[/B]: (Feel free to use a picture – remember that there is very little physical difference between the two races. Be as inventive as you like with Esrian clothing. DETAIL!!)

[B]Weapons[/B]: (See race descriptions)

[B]Tools[/B](humans): (shields, etc. techno stuff)
OR [B]Magic[/B](Esrians): (anything to match human offensive/defensive technology)

[B]Personality[/B]: (obvious stuff)

[B]Biography[/B]: (In detail. Remember that this generation would have been born after the fall of the earth, so don’t mention countries unless you’re talking about ancestors. Feel free to make up Human Colony numbers and Esrian Village names.)

Okay, to make this clear, I am not going to set much as regards to the plot at the moment. Most of the little things I’ll leave up to you guys, however I will PM you about major parts of the plot.
One thing I want to see a lot of in this one is [I][B]character development[/B][/I]. Put some thought and emotion into your characters actions, don’t just have them killing for the fun of it. Remember that they are fighting to survive, not necessarily because they want to.

I’ll enter my sign up shortly. 11 people (me not included) should do, but I’ll allow up to 15.

That’s all for now. Start signing up people!!

(signups close Saturday 12th June)
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Name: Shade

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Description: See picture. The girl is his daughter (natch).

Weapons: Longsword. He's a great swordsman, and can even block bullets with his blade. Unfortunatley, he cannot move while doing this.

Tools: Has several lockpicks, and an electric lock jammer, which doubles as a stun-gun. Also, a handgun with explosive rounds.

Personality: Calm, cold, heartless. Holds honor above anything else. A loving father as well, he fights for his daughter, and his wife's spirit.

Biography: Not much is known about Shade. He's an assassin, taking lives is his profession. Though he seems like nothing more then a cold hearted killer, his personality goes deeper. He became a professional assassin when an Esrian attack killed his wife. He now lives with his only daughter, Kera, in Colony 21. He became an assassin to avenge his wife's death, and is a highly skilled warrior. He uses stealth when it is necessary, and usually only uses his sword. The handgun is a backup weapon. While not a perfect marksman, he is good enough to kill with one shot.

EDIT: (im gonna add some info on Kera. It'll probably help later)
Age: 14
Personality: Headstrong, she is constantly trying to prove herself to Shade. She hopes he will take her on an attack someday. She practice daily with her daggers, and is skilled in using two at once. Though proud (father's side) she will obey him under any condition, no matter what the order. She shares a special connection with him, and tends to know what he feels, even if their a long way aways.
Weapons: Dual daggers, Bullpup Shotgun

((I tried to balance him around so he wouldnt be to strong. I dont know if its ok if he has a daughter. Hope this is up to scratch. PM if I should change anything))
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[color=orange][size=2][font=veranda][b]Name:[/b] Steffanie Melissa Jacobson

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Race:[/b] Human

[b]Description:[/b] Steffanie has mid-back length hair of a deep brown color. It has a dark red in it, and her eyes are a deep, warm brown. She wears [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/34-10.htm]this[/url] outfit along with black knee-boots that lace up. She wears a charm bracelet with a soccer ball, a microphone, and a cat on it, and a necklace with a star pendant. She has three rings ? on her index finger she has a gold ring with a jade stone, a silver ring with her birthstone, aquamarine, in it on her middle finger, and a pure silver cladagh ring on her pinky.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Steffanie uses projectiles ? i.e. throwing knives, stars, and a gun. She has 9 throwing knives well conceiled, 4 throwing stars, and a Glock 17.

[b]Tools(humans):[/b] Steff??s tools are: a small handheld computer with a purple laminated coat with the Pices sign on it, a pair of earrings that when you twist the right one they turn into goggles so that she doesn?t have to use her computer.

[b]Personality:[/b] Steffanie is usually happy-go-lucky, but underneath she is a sharp as the knives she carries. She has a bristley side, and sometimes becomes very quiet. He rmood varies.

[b]Biography:[/b] Steffanie was born to Mikael Jacobson and Sarah Jacobson. Her mother was a psychiatrist, and her father was a lawyer. She never really saw them much, but they were always there when she needed them. Steff?s best friend, Jason, was killed in an accident two days ago, and her boyfriend, Matt, is being tried for drug abuse. Steffanie doesn?t really have very many relatives, as all died not to long ago.

Steffanie has a twin ? her brother, Christopher. He is the older by three minutes. Steff also has two younger siblings ? David and Jessica. Both are 12 and Jessica is about to be 13.

Is this okay, Rei_Man?[/color][/font][/size]
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Good work guys, they'll do perfectly. Shade, I've got no problem at all with your character having a daughter. At least it gives a reason for him to fight.

Ok, I'll sort mine out now.

[B]Name[/B]: Saeri Luenus

[B]Age[/B]: 19

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Race[/B]: Esrian

[B]Description[/B]: About 5'9", Saeri is young and beatiful, and like all Esrians could be easily mistaken for a human. Her silvery-bronze hair is cut just short of shoulder length; She likes to keep it slightly messy at the front and neat at the back, often swept to the right(from her perspective). Her eyes are dark blue-green in colour.
[B]Picture now completed [/B] - see attachment

[B]Weapons[/B]: A pair of wrist blades - the longer one (right) for slashing, and the slightly shorter one (left) for stabbing, though this is just by Saeri's preference. Also carries a simple 5" fighting staff.

[B]Magic[/B]: Only adept in the simple spells, Saeri prefers magic that causes minimal harm to her opponents. She is particularly fond of;
[B][I]Energy spells [/I] [/B] - concentrating high levels of spirit energy into one focused point. This energy can then be used defensively or offensively or defensively.
[I]Offence[/I]: Not used.
[I]Defence[/I]: The point of energy can be expanded, creating a shield. The shield is not particularly strong - to try and block a sustained attack would be suicide

[B]Personality[/B]: Among other Esrians, Saeri is of an excitable, 'hyperactive' nature. She mingles easily with her peers, and has a tendency to make a fool of herself. In battle, she tries to remain calm. If she became unable to control her emotions, she would not be able to fight; though she, like all Esrians, has always been told that the humans must die if the planet is to be restored, she does not feel comfortable taking a life, whether Esrian or human.

[B]Biography[/B]: Saeri was born and raised in a relatively large Esrian community, located directly above Colony 34 of the humans. Due to its advantageous position, the villagers frequently raided the colony, slaughtering all who stood in their path. Even though Saeri was raised to hate humans, she never truly accepted the Esrian ideals, and would not condone the attacks on the Colony. At the age of 16, she was forced to join the Esrian armed forces, and, eventually, was given no choice but to participate in the raids. Her current position is as Second In Command of the Sietis Division. Though she gets along well with her comrades, none of them have been able to come to terms with her opinions.
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[COLOR=Pink][SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Luana Ezhno

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Description: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/9-6.htm]click[/URL]

Weapons: a Llama Mini MAx 45Acp (hand gun)

Tools: She carries extra rounds of ammuntion and he small case of work tools.

Personality: She is has a lose tongue and normally says whatever is on her mind. She sometimes starts to ramble about other topics. Luana is quiet and gentle but when provoked she is a fierce fighter and a fiery temper. she will do all she can to make her mother dying wish come to true and keep their memory alive.

Biography: She works as a mechanic to help keep the oxgen and water system operational. She lost her partents years ago by the Esrians on one of there raids. Her parents used to help keep the system operational as well and taught Luana everything she knows. During a raid of her colony the Erians got to the systems main room her parents depended it with there life. She watched from a hiding spot as the Ersians killed her family and a couple others. After the Esrian were pushed back she ran to her dying Mother who told her "Neverlet them win. Kepp fighting no matter what. YOu must help protect this life of ares." Luana is now helps withthe fighting as much as she can and keeps her mothers words with her.

How is that?[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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That's cool.
Just remember that, ideally, I'm going to want even numbers of each race by the time we begin. The maximum for this RPG is 16 - including myself - that means 8 each. At the moment its 3 to 1. So [B]PLEASE [/B] can we have a few signups to the Esrian race next. Thankyou.

[B]Note[/B]: This doesn't mean that anybody has to change their signups. Also, if you want to sign up as a human, I'm fine with that. Just so long as we have even numbers by the end, I don't really mind who you choose.
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[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Name: Lucid Azrian[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Age: 18[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Gender: Male[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Race: Esrian[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Decription: [/color][/font][url="http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=8"][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Here[/color][/font][/url][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred], He is 6'2" and about 165 lbs.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Weapon: Sword seen in pic also carries a large fighting dagger and 10 kunai.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Magic: He can manipulate air/wind to almost any extent. Though it isnt that lethal of a force in itself he can use it to aid himself in many ways from pushing objects and people to preotecting himself or traveling.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Wind/Air Spells- Concentrating his spirit energy to wind allows him to manipulate it freely.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Offensive/Defensive: He can create gusts of wind that can be use to send objects or people flying, Speed up his movement in any direction, to hover or to create a wall of wind.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Offensive: He can create small tornados to shoot.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Pesonality: Lucid is generally easy going and calm though he borders on the pessemistic side. He is sociable and fairly talkative. He has a tendance to become quiet for periods of time. Lucid gets annoyed by little things easily. He is a flirt though he is really playful when he does. He is very intelegent and a good strategist though he likes thinking on his feet better. In battle his personalty changes alot he becomes cold and heartless almost to the point of going berserk.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Bio: He was born in the same village as Saeri above Colony 34. They became close friends even though Saeri is a year older than Lucid. While Saeri never really like the raids on the colonies Lucid loved them. He joined the Armed forces at 16 like everyone else, suprisingly Saeri was in the Sietis division, the same division he was assigned to. He moved quickly up the ranks and soon found himself Commanding the unit with Saeri as his second in command. He thinks Saeri should be the leader her ideals are holding her back.[/color][/font]

I hope this is ok Rei_man, if not let me know and i'll edit it.
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[b]Name:[/b] Cerra Westenra

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Gender:[/b] female

[b]Race:[/b] Esrian

[b]Description:[/b] Cerra's most noticeable facial features are a long-ish nose and calm gray eyes. Her hair is long and black, and glints a purplish-blue in the light. She stands at 5'7", but with a self-confidence that almost makes her appear taller, and always with excellent posture.

[b]Weapons:[/b] She's an expert with a bow and arrow, but greatly prefers her sword, a long, light weapon made especially for her by her mother. The sword is plain and unadorned. She also generally has a dagger strapped to her ankle for emergencies.

[b]Magic[/b]: By practicing over the years under her mother's tutelage, Cerra has developed a certain talent with magic that not many Esrians have, that of changing the atmosphere of the area around her. She does not possess any strictly defensive or offensive spells, only these, which usually have effects that its recipients find a bit difficult to describe.
One of her skills is in causing her allies to appear stronger, larger, and much more deadly to their enemies.
Another spell creates an unfounded tiredness in her enemies that may interfere with their ability to function. Similarly, she can refresh her allies by making each of them feel as if they are in sunlight and fresh air, though in reality their surroundings have not changed at all.

[b]Personality:[/b] Cerra is tactically gifted, and is a great strategic asset before battle. She is quite calm and calculating outside of battle, and thinks quickly and moves efficiently. However, she has a certain bloodlust that comes out during a fight, and has even been known to forget her own directives and attack at will. That is the extreme case, but she certainly loses her cool, and noticeably so, and it would be understatement to say she enjoys a good fight.

Cerra is not kind and she is not merciful, but nor is she unnecessarily cruel. She is of the opinion that humans do not deserve to be on Earth. She does not see the Esrian military as a social structure and comes off as slightly standoffish to newcomers, but almost unknowingly has formed many strong friendships with the members of her unit.

[b]Biography:[/b] Cerra was born in the village of Mayern, which her father had founded ten years before. The village was and is quite small, having begun quite recently, and Cerra hated it. Hearing stories of the rest of the Esrian race and their battles against the humans made her blood race, but since her father was the mayor, she was expected to stay in the village for her whole life, assisting him with his duties. The village was exempt from sending its youth to the armed forces, as the Esrians saw the need for the cultivation of more areas for its population growth.

The unexpected birth of a young brother to the family when Cerra was 14 saved her from what she thought was a horrible fate, and two years later she left to travel to a much bigger city, Wyva, and join the Esrian forces there. Her mother had trained her in combat since she was a child on the off chance invading humans would ever discover their village, so she was found to be quite skilled. Through the years she has worked her way up in the ranks so that she is now second-in-command of one of the smaller elite raiding forces, especially trained to surround and eliminate smaller pockets of human resistance. Their group of twenty-five Esrians is known as Unit Ternecin.

-- Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to change. I'm going out of town for the next few days, though. :)
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:sweat: Oh well. Guess this is the most we're going to get then. Never mind, we'll start anyway. All of you who have signed up are in. I'll start the thread in the adventure arena tomorrow, and I'll PM all of you then. [B]I'm going to leave signups open for a couple of days after I start it, just in case anyone else decides to join up[/B], but that's probably just wishful thinking on my part.

Anyway, I'm going to be away for about 4 weeks in the summer, so I've come to the decision of splitting the RPG into 2 parts. In the first part the main focus, as I've already said, will be on character development, leading up to a large-scale confrontation between the Human and Esrian forces. Basically, the leading-up-to part is completely up to you guys, just make sure you don't go OTT. The first part will end near the end of July, because that's when I'll be leaving, so I will PM all of you when you should start drawing it to a close.
The second part will have more of a fixed plot, though I'll still want you to focus on your characters. This will start at the beginning of September, and I'll set up a new recruitment thread then incase new people wish to join, or if some wish to drop out.
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[B]Name:[/B] Elazar Kerbasi

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Description:[/B] see attachment - all credits go to the artist

[B]Weapons:[/B] Mainly a large pike with a rusty blade, Elazar carries various knick-knacks around with him, and other various blades remain hidden. He also carries several lengths of wire with him.

[B]Tools:[/B] Wire, pocket knives, a gritty mirror

[B]Magic:[/B] Can breathe above-ground without a device - connected to Ezra.

[B]Personality:[/B] Wary and silent, his aura and demeanor often make others mistake him for an Esrian. He has been an outcast for most of his known life, and accepts it as it is. Not one to smile much, he's alert to everything around him, cautious but unpredictable. When willing, he can slip through anywhere, and none will remember seeing him. He fades into the background easily, and can go unnoticed until he deems to change the situation. For now, all he cares for is survival.

[B]Biography:[/B] His family was one of the last ones to come below ground to escape the earth's degradation. Even when they came down and settled, they kept very much to themselves, staying away from other humans. The reason was because they were Esrian sympathizers, and had decided not to mingle with the humans who feared the Esrians. Despite the fact that the Esrians were willing to wipe out the human race, Elazar's family accepted this; their conciences would not allow them to do otherwise.

One day, when Elazar was around the age of 17, they found a wounded Esrian that had somehow made her way to their underground village. Elazar's family took the wounded Esrian in, healing and taking care of it while it recovered. The Esrian, although wary and very aggressive at first, after a time accepted their help. The mysterious Esrian spoke nothing of its past, only staying with Elazar's family even after all wounds had healed. The Esrian, looking very like a human, blended well with their family. Elazar and the Esrian started to become friends, and more and more often took to spending time together, teaching each other their various cultures, and training with each other. The two became close enough that they declared each other as blood siblings, slitting their wrists and mingling their blood together. Thus, Elazar's human blood became mixed with Esrian blood, and vice versa.

However, soon after, the humans somehow heard rumors of the Esrian staying in Elazar's family, and came to investigate. When reports were confirmed by watchers, the humans came en masse to kill the Esrian. However, Elazar and his family stood up for the Esrian, and in the process of the chaos that erupted, his family was killed. Elazar was ready to go down fighting, but the Esrian pulled him to the surface after a brief escape. Expecting to die above ground, Elazar was entirely surprised when he found that he could breathe... It was the result of the mixing of blood. Since then, the pair have been together, always traveling and wandering, outcasts of both their societies. They seek to find a balance that is not possible.

OOC: Everything will be clearer later on, and with Inari's post as well. I hope this is ok.
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[B]Name: [/B] Ezra Leiswer

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Esrian

[B]Description:[/B] Ezra is 5' 7" and 125lb. She has bronze colored skin, short brown hair (just above her ears), and sparkling green eyes. Ezra wears comfortable clothing modeled after human designs. She generally wears a green lightweight tunic under her long tan robes. Her shoes are molded to fit her feet, with lace up strings that wrap around her calves until just below her knees. Ezra wears an emerald on a silver chain around her neck. The necklace was a gift from her mother, and she likes to keep it close to her heart. She also has a small tattoo on her right hand in the old Esrian language meaning hope.

[B]Weapons:[/B] She carries an ancient Katana forged in the fiery core of the earth. The blade is engraved with the Esrian words [I]Fight for Truth, Justice and Peace,[/I] and the handle is encrusted with emeralds. Many Esrian priests and priestesses blessed this sword to increase its accuracy and swiftness, and it has been past down for generations.

[B]Magic: [/B] Ezra is still able to use basic Esrian magic, but mixing her blood with Elazar has weakened her abilities.
[B]Heal:[/B] One of the only abilities she can use now is her healing spell, which transfer her own life energy into a fallen comrade. This spell is quite dangerous, for if she heals a person for too long she risks her own death. Ezra can heal herself by draining life energy from living things around her, but because she is opposed to killing without a just cause she has vowed to never drain a human or Esrian of their entire life forces.
[B]Lightning:[/B] Ezra is out of practice, but she once was able to channel electricity in the atmosphere. Basically Ezra can conjure lightning bolts during a storm and direct them to a target. She can also use this ability to destroy anything electronic such as energy weapons.

[B]Tools:[/B] Ezra learned to use essential human tools for survival. Ezra carries human eating utensils (pots, bowls, and spoons) and also a small book containing maps of the human colonies.

[B]Personality: [/B] Ezra is driven and rarely lets anyone get in her way. She will fight for what she believes in and voice her own opinions if she feels an injustice is being committed. Ezra is quiet around strangers until she feels comfortable with them. She is very loyal and committed to Elazar. They are like siblings, and Ezra wont let anything get in the way of their cause for peace. She generally is non-violent and would much rather talk over a dispute than fight, but under certain circumstances she will draw her deadly blade for Justice.

[B]Biography:[/B] Ezra came from the ruling family in her village Masrite. Her mother governed the colony to her best abilities. Her family felt strongly about coexisting peacefully with the humans, so she was brought up with respect and love for the human culture. When Ezra was sixteen she began to speak publicly about the benefits of peace between the Esrians and humans. She spoke against the war mongrels and advocated education about the human culture, proposing trade alliances between the colony #654 and Masrite. This angered many of the Esrian villagers and out of this tension sprang forth resistance groups.

One clear October evening the rebels performed a coup-de-eta on her family. They burn their home and massacred Ezra's entire family along with some of her mother's supporters. Ezra was taken captive and beaten, left to die. While bound on the floor and heavily wounded, Ezra managed to cut her restraints and escape with only a few possessions: her katana and her emerald necklace.

Ezra wandered all through the night finally seeking refuge from the harsh environment in a crack in the earth's crust. She crawled deep into the earth until she found a human colony. Hiding in the out-skirts of the colony, Ezra watched the beautiful colony flourish. She prepared herself to die, with her precious humans as the last thing she would ever see. After some time Ezra slipped into unconsciousness, but was found by a young human boy before dieing. He carried her into his village where his family nursed her back to health.

Ezra was wary of this kind gesture from the human family, and tried to escape on several occasions, only slowing the healing process. After some time she came to trust the humans, especially the one called Elazar Kerbasi. The two developed a deep bond, and shared knowledge of both of their cultures. The two became such close friends that they decided to perform a blood mixing ritual. This tied them closer together and changed them both in many ways that they may never fully understand. Ezra adopted Elazar as a brother and cared greatly for his family.

Once rumors of Ezra's presence in the human colony were confirmed, a group of humans came to kill her. Elazar's family fought bravely for Ezra, but perished in the process. Ezra could not bear to see another person she cared for die, and dragged Elazar away from the gore. They ran to the surface for refuge, and found that through mixing their blood, Elazar could breath with out his human machinery. Now the two orphans roam the planet, looking for peace where no one wants it.

Hope this is okay. And if you haven?t figured it out Ezra is the mysterious Esrian that Elazar found.
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