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RPG Phoenix Collective: Underworld Law [17+]

Manic Webb

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"The thing with evil, is that evil isn't without reason. Evil has a purpose. It's the opposite of good. See, evil's existance is already justified. But we're not talking about evil, here. We're talking about bad. Bad has no purpose. Bad is illogical. People like you and me, we exist in secret. Regardless of how evil you are, you should know better than to risk exposure. What you did, my friend, was bad. Now put down the gun, come quietly, and take your trial like a good vampire."

It was day. A young vampire named Frank Grell had slaughtered a small family of humans. He was fresh, just sired a few weeks prior. He had no idea there were laws against behaving like a horror film archtype. It also didn't help that he was only a teenager, impulsive, and strung-out on the blood of a druggie. After killing the family, he hid in their home for a full week; coming out only at night, of course. It didn't take long for him to attract the attention of the Phoenix Collective's exposure department, who promptly sent agent Theo Curry to arrest the failed Mr. Grell. Grell wasn't going quietly, however. He found a gun in the home, and likewise found himself in a stand-off with Curry.

"I'm not goin' out like this!" Grell shouted, the gun shaking in his hand. "It's day! Don't think I don't know what I am! You're gonna kill me. I'm gonna step outside of this house, and you're gonna kill me."

"Calm down." Curry steadily held his gun in Grell's direction. "We have a van. It's right outside the garage. We load you in, nobody gets vaporized."

"Then what? Huh, man?! You stake me? You dip me in holy water? You feed me garlic bread?"

"We have a court system. You'll go on trial, and you'll get jail time. You live forever, so you can survive the life sentences. You could even plea for underworld ignorance. It's slim, but you might get away with it. Garlic? Urban legend. Hollywood glamour."

"I don't wanna die, man. I don't wanna die." Grell started to cry. His arm slowly dropped and the gun's line of fire drifted away from Curry. Curry took this opportunity to walk toward him and grab the gun, but in a fit of confusion, Grell raised his hand and fired. Curry's black blazer had a rip in its shoulder.

"Damn." Curry rolled behind a table. "Don't make me do this, Grell! Don't make me do this!"

"You're not taking me, you son of a--"

"Tried to warn you..." Curry stood up and shot Grell square in the forehead. The bullets were blessed. As all vampires do, Grell's body shrivled to a pile of velvety skin and bone as his blood flowed from his wound and soaked into the shag carpet. When the final drop was drained, his remains turned to ash. Curry holstered his gun in the strap hidden behind his blazer, and walked outside.

"Somebody get a vaccum, carpet shampoo, and a good disinfectant spray. There's vampire all over the shag." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his sunglasses. Just as he put them on, an agent walked up to him with a mobile phone in hand.

"It's Director Moore. Says he has another case for you."

"Tell 'em the nymph's on his way."

[center][b][size=4]Phoenix Collective
Underworld Law[/size][/b]
[Rated R for language and violence][/center]

Demons, fairies, aliens...
Figures that exist only in literature, film, and our imaginations. Right?
Operating publicly and from the shadows is a law enforcement agency known as the Phoenix Collective. Composed of creatures from across this and other worlds, the PC is dedicated to upholding the laws of the Underworld and the Clandestine Federation that governs it. Completely unknown to the general public, the PC keeps lifeforms thought only to exist in myth in line.

Theodore Curry, a man born of a human father and a water nymph mother...

He walked through the halls of the Phoenix Collective headquarters. Actually, it was the San Bajo branch. It was another annonymous office building in downtown San Bajo, and as far as outsiders were concerned, they could be manufacturing paper. Curry approached the door to Director Moore's office. Shortly before knocking, Moore spoke from the other side, telling Curry to come in.

"It sucks having a precog for a boss," Curry remarked as he stepped through and sat down, "Takes all the fun out of barging in."

"No time for jokes, Kojak..."

"I [i]so[/i] wanna point out the irony of what you just said--" Curry quickly chimed in, pointing out Moore jokingly calling him Kojak.

"...There's a big one coming. You know Jonathan Tact?"

"Head of Tact Industries, right? Has friends in high places. Friends in low places, too, if I recall. Never met him personally."

"You probably know about Tact's bio division. They manufacture drugs." Moore opened one of the drawers to his desk and pulled out a blue folder. "It's usually standard Overworld pharmacueticals; pain relievers, anti-histamines, those social disorders the doctors keep making up to make more money. We've been suspicous of his activities for some time now, so we sent in a mole to keep watch."

"It wouldn't be a celebrity mole, would it? It's always the model."

"Be serious, Curry." Moore opened the folder and revealed several documents and pictures of a large factory. "Tact has been working on a new drug that, if taken, will augment the magical powers of the user. Like all drugs, it takes a poll on the person's mind, but--"

"Whoa! Hold the phone there, sir. I work in the exposure department-- casually dabbling into homicide, not mystic narcotics."

"You don't know the rate he's producing this stuff. If even a small portion of this stuff hits the streets, we're dealing with major Underworld exposure. I've already assembled a team of select agents from the exposure, narcotics, and homicide departments. You'll be leading them in an investigation of Tact Bio."

"But why me? Shouldn't someone from narcotics being leading this?"

"I chose you to lead because-- well, let me show you." Moore reached back into his drawer, this time pulling out a small vile of a strange liquid. "You're half water nymph. What's this in my hand?"

"Hmm. I'm sensing a few mystic elements, some acidic ingredients, and a hint of cocaine for flavor. That the stuff?"

"Yes. Curry, you're the closest thing to a water nymph in this organization without the nymphomaniacal sex drive. You can sense this stuff, and you'll have to be the one to sniff it out... metaphorically. Don't actually sniff it." Moore handed Curry the blue folder. "Everything you need to know is in here. The team should be meeting for the first time tonight."


"The San Bajo pier. Don't let me down, Curry."

"You can count on me, chief."

"Don't call me chief! I won't have my agents using ridiculous Cockney slang and euphemisms to belittle my Director's title."

"Sure thing, boss."

"...just go, Curry."
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"What's goin on?"

She didn't answer.

"Young lady I know you hear me?"

No answer still, she was packing a small bag quickly and has no reason od permission to explain. All that went through her hea was the email that she had received earlier that day.

"Analee, stop what you are doin and answer me."

She let out a long breath and turned to answer her questioner. If was her mother, A pale excuse of a woman with dark hari and brilliant blue eyes. Well actually thier brilliance had been waning over the last 5 years or so. But in times of emotions their original sparkle always came back.

"Now," she said, "Where are you going?"

"Work." she replied curtly and went once again for her bag and threw it on her shoulders. "Now mom if you please, I can't explain but I have to go."

Her mome's eyes shined again once more.

"No you will not go, I mean damnit everytime I want to spend time with you, you have to run off to work. When..when is this going to end?"

"Look, mom." she said sighing before she continued. " I have to go okay. Please understand." With that last note she headed for the door, no explanation, no simpathy, nothing.

Her mom on the other hand was looking disappointed at usual and only stood in the doorway, looking after her as she left.

[I]Damnit, MOM!/[I] She said to herself. And quickly turned around and hugged her mom. "I'll call you later, now I really have to go."

She once again headed out the door quicker this time and went for her car. The small vehicle was perfect for her as she headed back to her office for a few things and then on to meet this..Curry. She had never met him in person but had heard of him a few times. Her new assignment leader. She couldn't wait to see what this was all about.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Silk Colubra was leaning on a folding chair, one leg curled up underneath her, the other stretched out delicately, her toe pointed and visible in the half soles she insisted on wearing when not trying to blend. Long thick brown hair, now short, curled around her face delicately. Curry walked out of Director Moore's office, looking slightly like a man who had been run over by a very large truck. Twice.

He exhauled slowly and she smiled. He was hot. As in seriously. Hot. And the beauty of it was... She had no idea what the beauty of it was. She blinked and looked at him, the silk of her clothing shivering slightly. He stopped in the hall and looked back at her. Something slithered out from behind her waist and he contained himself.

Of all her habbits, this was the most bizarre. She insisted on keeping one very large female ball python with her, sometimes disguised as a belt, sometimes freely exploring the territory. And right now it was looking at him like he was a steak. A big fresh juicy- Her voice slid right into his mind, drawing his attention away from the boid staring him down.[/i]

"Good morning Kojak."

"Theo." [i]He narrowed one eye playfully.[/i]

"Honey." [i]She simpered at him, making a feminine gesture with her right hand, showing delicate fingers and seashell tipped nails.[/i]

"Beter." [i]He grinned and she stood up, the snake freezing into place at her hips once more. The chair she was reclining against dissapeared in a flash of white dust and she walked next to him down the hall. She turned to him.[/i]

"So where are we going this time?"

"We're investigating Tact Bio. You're coming."

"Oh joy. Oh rapture."

"Don't let it go to your head."[/COLOR]
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Revus opened an eye. He was resting on the rooftops of the city. Typically, this was frowned upon, but he didn't care. His compulsive nature, while annoying to most, made him perfectly suited for his job. Pulling out sun glasses, he left by the fire escape. When he finally got to the ground, he glanced around. Sniffing the air, he left at a quick trot to the payphones. A man was talking on one of them. Revus waited patiently, chatting with the woman behind him. When he finally got into the booth, he dialed the number.
" 'Bout time Revus. Was wondering if you even got the scent." Moore's voice filtered through the receiver. The scent was a message sent out to a specific location where he would go to get his next assignment. He rarely went to HQ, unless necessary or if he was bored and felt like nabbing some sleep. Revus's deep voice filled the phone.
"What is it this time?"
"You got a new assignment, and a new boss. Head to the piers in San Bajo."
"Is it narcotics again?"
"Not far from the truth. We got a problem with Tact Bio. Head to the piers. Your boss, Curry, will explain it."
"Curry? Huh...sounds familiar..."
"Shut up, and get moving! I didn't call to chat."
"Aw. Your breaking my heart!"
Hanging the phone up, he left the booth. He was in the Narcotic's Division. His amazing sense of smell helped him hunt down dealers with a familiar scent on them. Usually renegade vamps. His amazing strength and speed gave him an edge in physical combat. He tightened the gloves that covered his claws. Running a hand through his silver hair, the werewolf made his way to the docks.
"This should get interesting..."
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Guest Heezay
Another "exciting" day at the office.

Lee kicked back in his cubicle, watching a movie on his laptop and occasionally glancing around to make sure no one caught him at it. His boss was already angry at him for falling asleep at his desk. Plus he had already been caught watching a movie once. "One more time, Ziad-" that's what his boss had said.

Suddenly a beep issued from his pocket PC. He had mail.

Skimming over the email, Lee found that he had been assigned to a case (about time), the first meeting with the team was tonight (this team better be decent), and that it was located at the San Bajo Pier.

He skimmed over the names again. [I]Theo Curry[/I]... where did he hear that name from? He checked the case summary. This was supposed to be a investigation into the activities in the biological division of a Tact Industries. Which probably meant illegal drug manufacturing, but it had to be something really major for them to assemble such a large team for the job.

He didn't do drugs, though he very well could have, mostly because his father had shown him as a boy what they could do to you- slowly ruin your life. He remembered his father well- what he used to be like, what he used to say. He was dead now, having been shot in the line of duty. Lee's boss had worked with his father in the old days, which was probably the only reason Lee hadn't been fired. They had known each other well.

First meeting tonight.
Which was basically now. Time to get moving.
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Walking the streets. Such as every evening, he enjoyed following the ghostly paths of strangers, often changing his prey several times during the chase. So as to keep his victims safe. Safe, and not dead. For ultimately, if he followed one person too long, they would end up dead. Gone. Disappeared. Murdered. Tortured. Mutilated. Raped. The possibilities were endless, but life was not. The laws of Earth were not particularly kind to criminals of his nature - the laws of the Underworld were even more ruthless. He was no longer welcome there, but no bother. It was safer up top anyway.

[I]More of the helpless to play with...[/I] Cayn thought, brushing his fingers along the warm bricks of a building. He could almost taste the scent of the last person who had been there. Three humans, trying their hand at illegal substances. The smoke still clung to the sidewalk, and Cayn apathetically waved his hand, wafting the remainders away. A mere memory, but enough for him to pick up the trail. Faint lines ran through his world, leading him to the numberless, infinite chances in life. Chances to enjoy. Chances to savor and taste with every fiber of his being.

The cell phone rang, interrupting his narrow reverie. He snapped it out, irritated, but his supervisors required him to carry one, since he refused a tracker. [I]The lesser of two evils[/I], he thought dryly. "Yes?"

"[I]Chacal[/I] dearest?" The smug, sensuous, female voice was quite familiar. Much too familiar. His "supervisor" at Tact Bio, she kept him informed of his tasks. She went by the name of Lillian.

Cayn could only smile, his teeth showing in aggression. "Yes," he answered. He detested her. And she loved knowing that, and in return, called him [I]Chacal.[/I] Jackal. Grudgingly, he knew that it suited him.

"Darling little scavenger, [I][B]he's[/B][/I] asking for you. Better hurry home now." Lillian giggled savagely, and then promptly hung up.

He lowered the cell phone from his ear, closing it carefully. Looking at it for a few moments, Cayn suddenly threw it against the ground, smashing it quite successfully. His sixth phone in three months. It was getting worse. Lillian would not be happy. He smiled at that. And then, obeying her command, for it [I]was[/I] a command, he turned, returning to Tact Bio.

He might not be fond of Lillian, but the founder of Tact Bio was quite a different matter entirely.
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The sound of gunshots echoing throughout the target range, Elissa was completely unaware of the young man approaching her.
No response. Elissa had heard him alright, but she was in no mood for another one of his crude vampire jokes. She fired off another three rounds, making sure to avoid eye contact.
The human shouted again at the top of his voice. "ELISSA!!!!!"
For him to persist, Elissa knew that this had to be something more important than the usual immature jokes. Fitting the suppressor to her pistol, Elissa continued shooting.
"I'm busy Jones. If this is another one of your pranks, you'd might as well leave."
Jones simply stared. He seemed quite stung by Elissa's cold comment.
Jones, realising that he hadn't been paying attention, panicked and nearly lost his footing. Balancing himself, he answered her question,
"A message just came through from head office. You're being re-assigned to another team."
"Really? That's a relief. Who'll I be working with?"
Fumbling around in his pocket, Jones pulled out a small piece of paper. "Umm, they haven't given us many details. You'll be working with narcotics on this one. They're bringing agents in from all over the place. Your boss'll be Agent Theodore Curry, but that's about all we've been given" Seeing a small note right at the bottom, he added, "Meet the team at the pier tonight."
"What time?"
"......it doesn't say."
"Damnit!" Elissa emptied the remaining rounds in the pistol, and removed the cartridge, setting it down on a nearby desk. Detaching the suppressor, she holstered the pistol. She headed towards the exit at a hurried pace.
She made eye contact with Jones for the first time, and a smile began to creep over his face. "What?"
"Why did the vampire cross the road?"
"Don't push your luck."
Slamming the door behind her, Elissa sprinted down the corridor. This assignment sounded special, and she wasn't going to let it pass her by.
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[COLOR=Lime] She stepped into the building. The late afternnon sun leaving its late bit of warmth on her as she stepped inside the building. The cool air on her arms and legs made her wish she had worn something longer but she'd only be in and out had to pass by her desk for her pocket PC.

She flashed her badge to the security officer who was ready to stop her upon entering the building. He immediately backed off and she went her way down the long corridor to the elevators. Her skin getting cool as whe went. Her eyes adjusted quickly to the light in the building and she saw no one around. She stood against the wall as she waited for the elevator to take her downstairs.

Her mind when to her new assignment. What was going on and who this new leader of hers was.

The elevator light blinked and the bell rung she stepped on to it and it began to take her to one of the lower levels. She stood in silence as it went down and she exited and moved quickly into the large work area.

The labs were here and she could see everyone around her hard at work. A few people waved her way. Others stayed attentive to their work. Some were schocked to see her in so little. A sleeveless low cut shirt and a pair of shorts. Her body wasn't built but she still looked good with her petite size. Her long hair black silver-streaked her hitting her shoulders as her skin showed and even tanned complexion.

She reached her desk and found her pocket PC ad well as her laptop. She usually left it ther but decided to take it with her this time. This meeting was sure to be a quick one but she needed to type some things later and didnt want to return to the office.

"Working with Curry huh?" The guys voice startled her and she turned quickly.

"Oh hey Tom," she answered catching her breathe. "Yes I guess thats his name I already forgot it. Its in my brief in my car."

"Well either way have fun. Don't get to wild outside the lab, you know how ur dad gets."

"Sweety," she answered him,"... I'm a grown woman. He can worry all he wants, he should just be glad Im working. But if you'll excuse me I need to go."

With that she turned away and began back to the elveators.

"Alright Analee. See ya."[/COLOR]
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They came at her all at once. She ducked as one of the cretures threw a punch. She fired hitting it right in the head, it fell lifeless to the stone ground. Now five of them came, she shot hitting one. More of them coming now surrounding her she took out some but they quickly came back more and more each time she killed one. There was a mob of them now and she pulled out another pistol. Two fell, three but ten came back.

"**** there's so many ," she cursed to herself. She dropped her guns and raised her hands above her. She uttered some words to her self as the ground begain to shake out of controll. Clouds rolled in and thunder boomed. They where closing in on her now, lighting striked and fell into her hands with an explotion the lighting went out of controll, it hit a whole row of monsters and took out a building. She opened her eyes and screamed
"Damnit!" trying to aim she almost hit a house and a car. The lighting hit a metal poll and bounced back heading stright for her, in seconds she was on the ground and the creatures were all around her. Game Over..........Flashed in front of her eyes as she took off the VR helmet. She unhooked the wires from her VR suit and hit the "Open Door" button. She cluched her arms as a rush of cold air blew on her bare arms. The VR suit was like a one piece bathing suit.
"Nice one May," Said a deep voice. "Like to see you take on 50 warewovles at a time Hilton," She said giving him a playfull glare. "Still cant get that damn lighting spell undercontroll, oh well guess Ill head over to the locker rooms." May had been working for Jon Tack for most of her short life and when she was not here or on an assiment she was at home or her side job at a small cafe.

She headed down the long corridoor of the Tack Bio building and turned into the girls locker room. She pealed off her VR suit and stepped into the shower. The hot water trickled off her far body. She turned the water off and wrapped a towel around her walking back to her locker. As she oppened her lock her pager was vibrating. She took it out and read the number. It was a cell phone and it was Lillian, her supervisor. "What is it now?" she said quickly getting dressed and grabbing her cell phone and calling her. "Whats up Lil?" "You need to report to the boss "Meetin i think" she giggled and hung up. She slid the phone into her cut off shorts and went toward Jons office.
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Darian sat in front of a beautiful fountain. The water was shooting high into the air and landing softly back into the pool of water. Even though his back was to it, he could still see it in his mind... behind all the technological mumbo jumbo that was coursing through.

He was a computer nerd of the highest standards. Of course it helps when you are alive and old enough to see the first of the computers being created. Then giving out subtle hints to people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobes as how to improve upon them.

The laptop in front of him is of his own design and make. Capable of wireless high speed internet from anywhere on the globe, DVD-Rom and burner... anything one could think of. Even with Diablo 2 on it.

Darian was exploring the internet when the e-mail came. He saw that it was from work and quickly read it. His services were required at the San Bajo pier tonight. Name of Theo Curry was team leader. The name sounded familiar. He did a quick reference check, a little bit of hacking and found out just about all information he could want.

Another e-mail.

This one told him to stop hacking the Phoenix Collective's network.

He looked up to the sky, "I shall defeat you one day!" he said with a shake of his fist.

He closed his laptop and stuffed it into his bag, then went after a taxi.
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[size=1][color=#999999]"Let the gods have mercy on you."

"And why is that?"

[i]A smirking woman who stood against a wall, pinned against it by a man of great strength, watched as the man slowly turned his head to look into the eyes of a fierce predator, who's eyes were menacing and bloodthirsty. This predator began to growl and with one swift move, Melanira, also known as Lady Grim, moved in close and had dug in one of her silver dual fans into the man's stomach. With a wince, the man groaned and fall limp on Lady Grim's arm. She pulled out her weapon and looked at it as she noticed the blood that had merged with the poison that was trickling down the bladed fan. Lady Grim looked to the woman and tilted her head in respect and went on her way. The smirking woman smiled as she looked to the limp man and began to feed on his blood.

Melanira, Lady Grim, walked in the darkness and looked to the moonlight. It was a clear night and the stars had shown upon the blackened sky. The moon looked larger than most days and full. A reddish orange tint had overtaken the clear, paleness of the moon. Melanira smiled and changed back into her human form before anyone could notice her. Her skeletal like armor had disappeared and it was replaced by a glimmering oceanic blue business suit.

With a deep breath in, Melanira began to walk to her modified black Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. As she did, a ringing began to tear the silence that hung in the air. She stopped and put in her ear piece to listen to the voice that spoke to her.[/i]

"Did our little dark vampire have a nice evening of tearing out her enemy's heart?"

[i]Melanira knew this to be Lillian, a woman who was known as the supervisor and a peon who worked under [i]his[/i] orders. Melanira and this peon, whom she called Collier, did not see eye-to-eye, nor did they understand each other at all. Melanira detested Lillian and Lillian knew this, she also feared her, for she was the only female who would defy [i]him[/i] and attack Lillian, by any means.[/i]

"Perhaps I did, wench. Why doest thou callst me? Doest thou thinkst me to be a mistress minion? Or perhaps your master calls so he may know what I do at this time of the hour? What'll it be, Collier?"

[i]Lillian's voice begain to tremble with anger as she spoke.[/i] "[i]He[/i] wishes to see you. Maybe you will learn your place once and for all, bastard child."

[i]A click had sounded and Melanira was standing beside her bike smirking with great satisfaction. She did not care for the insults that was thrown at her about the blood that flowed throughout her veins, nor did she care for the fact that Lillian would tell the man who assigned Melanira. She smirked once more and had gotten onto her seat and wore her helmet. Still smirking, Melanira started up her bike and rode off into the night.[/i]

"So, Collier thinks that I shall learn my place from the hands of her master? We shall soon see. If that brazen, ill-nurtured malt-worm does as she says, than it will not be me that knows my place, it shall be her. I will break her legs and make certain she shall never walk. Threatens me, does she? We shall soon see, Collier, we shall soon see."[/size][/color]
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Los Diablos, California
Tact Industries, Biology Branch Building

Jonathan Tact built Tact Industries from the ground up with nothing but hard work, determination, and a few connections in the Underworld. Always interested in the limits and varieties of magic that exist in the universe, Tact has spent the last two decades dabbling in several experiments that will achieve whatever goal it is he wants to achieve. Recently, he and his scientists have been working on a drug that will enhance the magical powers of whoever uses it. This project is in danger, and he knows it.

"Excuse me," the receptionist asked at the front desk of the lobby. "Do you have an appointment?" Tact turned and gave her a stern look. She didn't react.

"Do you know who I am?"

"No, sir. That's why I asked if you had an appointment."

"Just-- what does the owner of the company look like?" Tact motioned toward a photo of himself hanging on the wall on the other side of the lobby. The receptionist turned, looked at the photo, looked at Tact, the photo, Tact, the photo, Tact.

"Oh my God. Or rather, your God. I'm atheist. Anyway, [i]you're[/i] Jonathan Tack!" The receptionist stood up and shook Tact's hand.

"It's Tac-[i]t[/i]." Tact snatched his hand away from her. "And if you don't believe in some kind of mystical force, you're dead wrong." Tact walked to the elevators, accompanied by his personal assistant and a very large bodyguard. He turned to his assistant. "You're sure it's him, Lloyd?"

"Sure as the night is long in the winter," Lloyd replied.

"I'll thank you not to use anymore of those colorful little metaphors of yours, Lloyd." There was a ding as the elevator reached the building's sub-basement 4. The three stepped out and entered a meeting room. There they found the staff of scientists and loyal test volunteers waiting. Tact sat at the front of the table, sitting in dead slience for nearly a minute.

"You... called us here for something?" Virgil Fodder hesitated to ask, but the slience was beginning to bother him.

"Yes," Tact responded. "Yes I have. I wanted to remind you all that what we're doing here is very important. This formula is near perfection, and those of you testing it have shown satisfaction in our last two batches. However, prodution isn't going as quickly as it once was. I don't need to remind you all that what I'm running here is a business, and that as a business, I expect my employees to work and show me results. No results in the past month. I'm beginning to believe that not only are the whole lot of you slowing production to squeeze more money out of my pocket, but someone may have their own agenda. Isn't that right... Dr. Fodder?"

"Uh... what?" Fodder gulped. He had been sneaking behind Tact's back, but he was afraid Tact was accusing him of doing something he hadn't done.

"Carns," Tact said as he turned to his bodyguard. "Hold him." Carns stood behind Fodder's chair and held his shoulders down. "Doctor... your behavior has been the most erratic out of all my employees. Is there something you'd like to say?"

"N--no. No, of course not. What would I--?"

"Have you been trading secrets, Dr. Fodder?"

"Is that what you think? Trading secrets? No! God, no! The last thing on my mind is making extra money off of this drug."

"A drug, is it?"

"With all due respect, Tact, we're making the new LSD and giving it a magical boost. It's a drug."

"Who [i]have[/i] you been telling, Dr. Fodder?"

"The PC, alright? The Phoenix f***ing Collective! They know all about this little operation, and they're planning on how to take you down as we speak!"

"Carns?" Tact nodded his head at Carns. Carns nodded in return, and placed his hands firmly around Fodder's head. "I'm very disappointed in you, Dr. Fodder. Very disappointed and very [i]very[/i] cross."

"You can kill me if you want," he said bravely, "but I've alreay told them everything. You know the rules, Tact, and this all could blow open the secrets of the Underworld."

"If it suits my needs... then maybe I want the Underworld exposed. For the time being, however, I have to brief the rest of the staff on how we're going to deal with this little Phoenix problems you've caused."

"What about me?"

"You won't be hearing the briefing, Dr. Fodder. I'm afraid you won't be here in spirit or mind. However, you will be here in body. Carns? Snap him."
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May quicked her pace she passed the many testing rooms and labs on her way to the main meeting room. Her cell phone began to ring again. She picked it up, Lillian "You best hurry yourself, he's ready for you now,"
"I'm on my way girl you better cool the tone of yours or you wont have a voice at all," May said hanging up the phone. "Why doesnt he fire her, she's a little brat," She turned the corner and was stopped by a man. "Where yah going May?" It was one of the sciencetist thats been givng her a hard time. He was jelous that she got to work in the lab and on missions.
"Why do you need to know Gill?"
"Your going to see him arnt you, maybe you could tell him he's doing a hell of a job keeping me out of feild work," he said in a mocking tone.
She stepped side ways to avoid him but he swiftly moved in front of her.
"Get out of my way Gill, I have little nerve for your ******** right now,"
"Oh and what are you gonna do about it hummm, you cant touch me you'll get booted," he said with a smirk.
"Oh really, well if you dont move im gonna have to do something about it,"
"Come on May, you dont kill people your to afraid to, let alone fight,"
she clenched her fists "I do when i have to and your making it hard for me not to knock your lights out,"
She pushed him into a garbage can and made her way to the basement.b "I feel much better now," she giggled.
She arrived at the doors to the main meeting room, two husky men stood in front of the door.
She stepped up to them,"Im here to see the boss"
"Who are you?"
"May, now move," They moved out of the way and opened the big doors and May stepped in......
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All these security issues were quite bothersome, really. As Cayn walked through the glass doors, he was immediately approached by guards in uniform, who were ready to take down any possible threats. Cayn stopped, fumbling through his pockets until he came up with a rumpled, creased card, barely legible. He had thought of burning it a few times, but since the card gained him access to Tact Bio without the usual fanfare of gore, he kept it. But it was a narrow decision.

[I]After all, if they don't know me, what right do they have to live? Death would only remove the stupid ones, and let the smarter ones keep me in better memory.[/I] Oh yes, fulfilling the petty procedures of the top world was very irritating. It was amazing how...[I]human[/I] he seemed to be getting, but he brushed the thought away. After all, it was all part of the facade, the delusion allowed to the beings of this world.

"Disgusting," he muttered, as he took the stairs. The elevators made him...uncomfortable. Down to the basements he went, feeling at home as the air, sterile as it was, became more damp. Imperceptible to humans, but again, he was not human. Thankfully.

Coming to sub-basement 4, Cayn heard a slight commotion of disagreement ahead of him. Tuning into the inviting sound, he heard another vaguely familiar voice commanding the security guards to give her immediate access. Cayn chuckled quietly, amused by the imperious, no-nonsense tone of the voice. It was May, another employee of Tact Bio. Useful in her own, Cayn usually did not encounter her, and did not expect her here. However, in the overall plot, he considered her...pushy. And going further on, Cayn would call her weak.

But that was not the matter at hand, and as the dissonance died away, it was obvious that May had had her way. Walking quietly again, Cayn heard the doors open, and May's steps led inside. He followed her path, wondering who else had been invited to their little gathering.
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Melanira had arrived at the garage basement, which led to a sub-basement. She parked her bike and took her helmet off. She flipped her hair so that it was not cramped and was breathing. Melanira's eyes glimmered for a moment and she placed her helmet in cabinet that ws under the seat of the bike. She then walked towards the automatic doors and walked through them. A glimpse of scraggly, blonde hair swept through the doors that led to him. She knew that person to be Cayn Destrante, whom she called Medieval, for he had many elven relatives. She smirked and walked to the doors and followed in his steps.

Approaching the doors now, the two security guards that had let Cayn in, quickly glanced at Melanira and opened the doors once she had reached them. They bowed their heads as she walked through the doors.[/i]

"Good timing, gentlemen. I am in good humor that you remember my face."

[i]The two still had their heads bowed and Melanira walked in. They closed the doors behind her and waited for other to arrive. Melanira wondered who arrived, other than Cayn and Lillian. She entered and had seen that another employee of Tact Bio. arrived. A cyborg, as Melanira calls her, by the name of May was there before anyone else along with Cayn Destrante. No expression approached Melanira's face as she walked in. She merely gave a quick glance at each and stood against a darkened wall. Her eyes glimmered once more as they had done in the garage.[/size][/color][/i]
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[I]San Bajo Pier [/I] - 7:30 p.m.

Darian sat on a bench, the sun was very much set. His laptop was on and he was intently playing Diablo 2. Currently he was fighting off Durial, a nasty slug thing. Darian smiled. He loved to call it the nasty slug thing.

After defeating the slug thing Darian waited throughout Tyreal's long dialog. He looked at his watch and saw that it was already 7:30. He couldn't understand what was taking everyone so long. He had been there for two hours already. Did no one know about punctuality?

He sighed and continued playing his game. Hopefully someone would show up, if not, he would file a complaint with HQ. "Doubtful," he said to himself. He enjoyed downtime like this, gave him time to improve his mad Diablo 2 skills.

He saw a pair of headlights. They drew closer, and he stoped his gameplay. He pulled out his pistol, because one could never be too sure.

He aimed with a steady hand towards the lights and waited.

[B]Did not know if this meeting was outside or not. So I chose outside. Opening for a PC to show.[/B]
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[COLOR=Lime]She had been eying the guy at the benh for the last 20 minutes as he sat there seemingly interested in whatever he was playing with. She knew his face from work, but she wasn't quite sure if he was going to be one of the ones she worked with.

She stood, in relative silence, no thoughts running threw her head, just existing, for those 20 minutes. 7:30... she glanced at her wach and decided it was time to walk over to him. She what was going on.He also stopped with his computer work and held up a pistol. It was pointing at a car moving slowly in his general direction. She was moving hin from his right.

She stopped in her tracks about 50 feet from the guy. She didn't want to disturb him just in case she was at the wrong area. She stopped for a moment, and she saw the man and his gun swing quickly for her.

She held her hands out as his eyes shifted between her and the car.

"WHO ARE YOU? WHY ARE YOU HERE?" he said rashly his gun aimed dirctly at her forhead.

"From PC here for a meeting. I think that's all you need to know. But what about you?"

"Same, been waiting here for 2 hours though. You know that car." he stated still holding his gun on her and moved with her as she moved.

She knew he didn't trust her just yet, so she kept her hands in the open, in front of her person.

"No," she answered simply. "BUt.. the license plate on the fron does have one of the PC tags."

Sh kept moving towrds him until she was about 15 feet away. He no longer saw a threat from he but the car that also stopped and kept its distance. She also looked towards, the lights were still on and no one yet emerged from the car.

"Wonder how much longer you'll be kept waiting holding that gun?" her tone very much sarcastic, as he still held out the gun.

He ignored her tone yet still answered the question. "As long as needed."[/COLOR]
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Revus stared down at the two from his perch on a roof. He knew they were PC, but he always liked surprises. Narrowing his eyes, he stared at the car.
"And then there were four..."
Leaping down, he landed softly behind the man with the laptop. He swung the gun around, aiming it at Revus's eyes. The werewolf cracked a grin.
"You can fire, but unless the bullets are blessed, wont do much. Im from PC."
Glancing at the girl, he winked. Her blank expression never changed. Shrugging, Revus turned his attention back to the laptop guy.
"I am assuming your all here to meet this Curry fella?"
The gun never left his forehead. Another grin broke out.
"Not the friendly type? Who's in the car?"
"We dont know"
"Pity...anywho, aim the gun a little lower if your going for a killshot. At the range your at, I wont have much trouble dodging a headshot."
The gun wielder stared a little longer, obviously doubting what he said. The werewolf smiled. Suddenly, his head whipped to the side, leaving several after-images. The gun wielder found him staring at very large fangs, the barrel of the gun behind the werewolf's head.
"I have trouble moving my body that fast. Aim for my heart. Nothing more"
The gun lowered to chest level. Revus smiled again, then glanced back at the car. He didnt really care if the other two percieved him as a threat or not. Raising a hand, he waved at the car.
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