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[color=purple]Faye's gone......Jet's gone.....Ed's gone......even Ein's gone. Where is everyone? No data on them in the international space ID center. Its like they were never born. Spike was released from the mars national hospital this evening. No money, no clue as to were the Bebop is, or any of his crew members are. They told him he was in a crash. They said he must have fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a building. He had been in a coma for a week. No one came to visit him no cards or flowers. All he has is his space ship and himself. After the first day Spike tried to find out about where Jet was by asking one of Jets close friends Bob, he acted like he never new him. What the hell was going on here. Spike desided to lie low for awhile. He stayed at a pub slash apartment. Working part time for the owner. It wasnt to bad, he got the news on some badies that had big bounties on their heads. But could he live like this forever?

"Hey Spike you can take your break now," said the burly man behind the counter. Spike waved and stepped outside. Just as he was about to light up he heard someone step behind him.
"Where are they," he said as the flame licked the end of the cigaret.
"You want answers, I can give them to you..but we can't talk here. It's too dangerous," said the smooth voice of a women.
"Meet me at this address at midnight,"slidding a paper on the ground next to him.
"If your a minute late I'll leave,"
Picking up the paper he slipped it into his pocket, took a long drag of his cigaret and turned around. She was gone.

He was to meet her at an old abandoned apartment building. Spike got there right at twelve and went up to appartment 15. The door was slightly cracked. The sent of rose's hung in the air. He stuck his head in to see the women sitting at a table with two chairs.
"Come in Spike, your right on time," She said gestering to the other chair across from hers.
He sat down and looked at her "You never told me you name,"
"Jill...Jill Rouge,"
"Are you a bounty hunter?"
"You could say that, I work for a retired bounty hunter. But thats not whats important right now. Have you ever heard of a gang called Hypnos?"
"Nope," he said lighting a cigaret.
by al "Well my team and I have been tracking them for quite some time. Resently they have been kidnapping bounthunters. All we know so far is that they are testing a new drug on them. They wipe the memmories of the hunters families,friends all clean. Even their national space ID's are erased," She said handing Spike a folder. He opened it and skimmed through the reports.
"So they got Faye, Ed, and Jet. But why would they go through all the trouble to make them seem as if they were never born," he said closing the folder.
"We dont know why yet, but we do know that the drug is a weapon."
"So are you asking me to join with you and you team?" he said his eyes closed.
"Yes, we need all the help we can get. And with you i know we can stop them and save your friends......Your a legend you know......your known most every bounty hunter and bounty........The lone Cowboy,"
He smiled,"Guess i cant work at a bar forever,"

Ok kitties here is the low down on the Hypnos gang. They are lead by an x-millary sciencetist who goes by the name of, Psyco Dango. They wernt to much trouble until resent when some of Dangos agents started to kindnap hunters. Now there is word that they are testing a new drug on them. All we know is it is dangreous and we need to stop them before the drug hits the blackmartket.

Now for the good guys. Jill works for a retiered bounty hunter who now owns an underground hunter agentcy called Halo. They try to stop the top badies and for the most part have done a good job. But with this new case its proving to be a challenge. Jill is on a special team called Angel. The Angel team takes care of the grusome badies. They are the top agents in the Halo corp. (Ps. the retiered bounty hunters name is Bill Halo)

Ok here is the sigh up sheets!

Name: any name you please
Age: 19 and up
sex: male or female
organisation: Hypnos or Halo corp.
weapon: nothing that can wipe out a building no magick
Bio: not to short and not to long

Ok here is the hard part im not going to be playing Spike. I will be playing Psyco Dango and Jill. So if you want to be Spike its who ever sighs up as him first.

Heres Jills Info ( I will not give info on Dango)

Name:Jill Rouge
sex: female
Organisation: Halo corp.
weapon: two atomatic hand guns and a pocket knife. She also knows jet kun doe and tie chi
apperence:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/6-5.htm]Click me![/URL]

Bio: Jills father and Bill where like brothers. After Jills father retired Bill let them stay with him. Every thing was going great untill Jills father made a deal with the wrong people. Jill woke up one morning to find her father dead. She was to young to understand why someone would do that. So Bill took her under his wing. When she became 18 he told her about the Halo corparation and she desided that she wanted to become an agent. She trained for about 2 years and worked her way up to the Angels team by the age of 21. She is forever searching for her fathers killer and tries to catch anyone with a bounty on their head.[/color]
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Name: Grim Delince
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Organization: Halo Corps
Weapon: Barret Sniper, Smith & Wessen M629, can throw a good stiff left punch
Appearence:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/guy/5-2.htm]Click Here[/URL]

Bio: Grim meet Bill near the end of one of the jobs that Grim used to do. Grim took up the family buisness, his father being a theif and ace gunman for a mob called the Mualville Strikers. Grim found himself doing dirty work and having to put his sharpshooter skills that his father taught him to the test. Grim was ready to do the worst job yet. He had the man's head in his crosshairs when Bill spoke to him and asked him if he really thought that this was how he should live his life. Grim agreed that it wasn't but he knew nothing else. He was wanted except Bill made those things dissappear when Grim said he would join. Ever since then Bill has been like a father to him unlike that man that was taken in by some cop named Jet Black.
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Guest cesar906
Name: Cesar Eusebio
organization:Halo corp
Weapons:double edge sword an Ak 47 and any melee weapon
Bio: He is cool like to talk and is a big shot also likes to do things his ways :devil: :flaming:
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[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=blue]Name: May Turner
Age: 20
sex: female
organisation: Halo corp.
weapon: [url="http://students.juniata.edu/kochecc2/images/anime%20girl.jpg"][color=blue]The gun in the picture[/color][/url]
apperence: [url="http://students.juniata.edu/kochecc2/images/anime%20girl.jpg"][color=blue]Um...Same pic[/color][/url]
Bio: May had learned about Halo corp when she was thirteen and so she started training since then to become a part of it. She worked her way up in a matter of years, and she had finally reached it when she was 19. She has no sappy story, like her parents died. Her father is a retired agent, and thats whom she learned about the Halo corp from. Her mother was the one who had trained her, since her father had a few too many injuries to. Her mother was also a retired Bounty Hunter.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#0000ff]--------[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][size=1][color=#0000ff]Cowboy Bebop rocks![/color][/size][/font]
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