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I saw someone wanted a banner for shrek 2, so I went looking. I didn't find the picture they wanted but I found this picture. I remembered the scene and thought I would make an avatar out of it.

What do you think?
Remember it is my first one :p

I just made this one:
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Another one
I am think about making a bunch more and submitting them :)

Would anyone ever use this in their sig?

Post someone :(
I want some suggestions :(
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[QUOTE=Mage15]OMG!!! I love the cat avitar soooo much!!! the gumdrop button thing is funny as well

~Laters[/QUOTE]It's appreciated if you go into a bit more detail in your posts in Art Studio, and explain such things as [i]why[/i] you love the cat avatar. Is it cute? Are the words funny? Was the text placed nicely? Stuff like that.

As for the topic itself, I think you're already off on a great foot making avatars. ^_^ The pictures are all clean and crisp, something that people who have been making avatars for months cometimes continually mess up. Not only that, but you were able to capture the image at such a great moment; very artistic.

However, I would like to suggest that you use a border in your avatars. It may be sort of a hassel at first, but the end result is deffinitely worth it, as borders tend to act as boundaries around the image, and overall just look better. The yellow text is also something that may need improving, since while it stands out, it just doesn't fit with any colors in the picture. If you used, say, the color of the gingerbread man for the text, it would make it look much better. Lastly, make sure that the text is some distance away from the edge. ;)

I really like your Kill Bill banner, too, but like the avatars, it would look even better with a border. It also seems like kind of a long animation; would the size fit in someone's signature?
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Wow thanks Syk3 for all the great comments
I just figured out how to make borders so I will be adding those to my lastest avatars ;)
I tested the Kill Bill banner and it worked
No one has to use it but it would work if someone wanted to :)
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