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[U][B][CENTER]Shaman King: Reincarnation[/CENTER][/B][/U]

[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]It has been ten years since Yoh Asukura and Tao Ren engaged in a massive battle that took place within the confines of Kyoto. The battle had been so devastating that both of the then teenagers lost their bodies and their souls were lost to limbo where their ever-lasting battle continues to this day. But that was not the only damage that had been done, at least twenty other people lost their lives to that battle because of the energy from the blast that destroyed Yoh and Ren, except those innocent people were completely dead and instantly sent to the other world.

After a few years Yoh?s friends and his fiancé, Anna left Tokyo and went their separate ways. Manta on the other hand, stayed in Tokyo and remained hopeful that Yoh would return home and that he wasn?t dead, lost, or whatever it was that had happened. Manta graduated from high school where after that, he became a pupil under Anna, and so far both of them have been trying to at least communicate with Yoh in limbo.

Anna, the itako, has taken up residence in a secluded shrine in the mountains where she awaits the appearance of the next Shaman King, which Yoh had attained, but in the end Ren had become pure evil and that?s how the two became lost in limbo. Unfortunately though, Amidamaru and Bason had been lost in limbo too, never to enter heaven, hell, or reappear on earth. However, the Great Spirit knows that Yoh may never return so it must bestow the title of Shaman King upon another male or female. Either way, a Shaman King must soon be chosen for the fate of the world is at stake, or so the spirits say to her.

Ren?s sister returned to China, but instead of doing what her parents told her to do, she took to fighting the evil of her family and in the end killed her father for his treachery and for all the sins he had committed. Her mother, on the other hand had been a pawn and Jun soon forgave her mother. After that, she returned to Japan, but to Osaka where no one was really able to track her movements, though it has been rumored that a beautiful woman has been seen near one of the older temples that has long been abandoned.

Horohoro is still living in the mountains with the small people that live in the butter burr plants. He?s become the chief of his village and has managed to stop the continuous destruction of the forests where the small people live.

Most of the other competitors that fought in the Shaman King tournament either have returned to their homes to train more for the now soon approaching Shaman King tournament, or they have practically fallen off the face of the earth.

One person though, who isn?t too pleased about the tournament approaching so fast is Silva, when he saw his friend?s brutally murdered corpse that was done courtesy of Ren, Silva swore an oath that he would not watch the horror of the Shaman tournament. Instead, he has decided to be a mentor for those who should need guidance for fighting.

First off, this will be a lot like a manga. This will be in chapters where characters are introduced along with ghosts etc. I will say who we will need for the certain chapter so I definitely need for everyone to check the rpg so as to see if we haven?t moved onto the next chapter. Also, I?m going to request that you send me a post via PM, this will also decide if you are in. The post can consist of your character?s biography, or it can be a post from another rpg, just so long as it is a post. I will post a list of who is in at the end of the day and continue to update it, so please watch it instead of continuously asking ?Am I in??? if your name is not on the list then no. Another thing, if you don?t get in, I don?t want you to post again and whine about it, another thing that will guarantee you not getting in will be if you sign up and have a splendid sign up , but yet you fail to send me a post via PM, I will mention it when I post the list, and you?ll have about 48 hours to send it in. Also, I would greatly appreciate it that to those who get in, that you post consistently and at least stay dedicated to this rpg, because I have had to deal with my last rpg dropping clear down to a number of three. And I'll emphasize this, if you think I'm doing something wrong, please PM me and be polite. That's all I have to say now.

This is what I would like for your sign ups.

Age: Please be reasonable, I?d like 16-25 is the most, if you go over 25 and don?t change it after I ask you, you can be assured that I?ll not take you.


What kind of power you use: I.E.: Shaman powers, Mana, Necromancer (like faust), etc. But please stay within the limits of Shaman King.

Ghost?s Name: If you intergrate with your ghost companion or if you have an oversoul.

Ghost?s biography:
Oversoul look:
Character Picture/very detailed description:
Character Biography:

Here is my character

Name: Atasuke Kasamatsu
Age: 19
Country: Northern Japan
Power: Able to intergrate with his ghost, though he tends to be tempermental. He also is able to perform an oversoul.

Ghost: Demon Eyes Kyo

Kyo?s Bio: Demon Eyes, as Kyo was known throughout most of Japan was a blood crazed samurai who served no one but himself, he was famed for slaughtering over 1000 men in battle. The only person who surpassed Demon Eyes was the famous Hitokiri Battosai, but he faded out of the history books when the great battles ended. Demon Eyes however, remained as the historically popular samurai simply because he was a renegade and how many men he slaughtered.

However though, Demon Eyes never entered heaven or hell. His spirit was too egotistical and he would not obey either God or Lucifer?s commands. So he remained on earth as a ghost. As time passed into the 19th century, Demon Eyes saw the Man Slayer, or Himura Kenshin. Impressed, Kyo followed him around until the day that the man slayer disposed of his sword of death and instead took up using a reversed blade sword. As soon as that had happened, Kyo decided that the man slayer had become weak and not worth his time watching. Restless, Demon Eyes headed to the northern part of Japan where he remained to this very day.

One day, Kyo had been drifting over the country side when he saw a young teenager who resembled the man slayer, but this boy was far to young besides he was using a rather wicked looking Katana. He approached the boy but something was wrong, the boy was staring right at him, Demon Eyes knew he couldn?t be seen or heard by humans or anything else so he still walked towards the boy. But something odd happened, the boy quickly drew his katana up and pointed it directly at Kyo. He then said something odd, he said. ?Who in the hell are you and what are you doing on our property!?? Demon Eyes was a little taken aback and stared right at the kid, his red eyes glinting rather dangerously. ?I could ask you the same, but since I?m dead I can?t do anything so I?ll just ask you this. How can you see me and understand me!?? It was then the boy?s turn to be shocked, at first he couldn?t believe that he was talking to this ghost, when he looked so real.

Dropping his katana to his side the boy looked at him jokingly.
?This is pretty weird, you are the only ghost I can see clearly and understand, well the only human ghost that is, cause I haven?t been around towns a lot, but if I were I?d probably see more human ghosts. However, you?re the first so..? And that is how the partnership began.

Atasuke?s biography: Atasuke is a young man of 19 who lives with his parents on their small farm in the mountains. His life was always a quiet one, until his 19th, Atasuke saw his family sword laying on his bed and beside it was a note that simply read. ?Happy Birthday son, this sword has been in the family for 100 years.? Atasuke knew that before he was born the blade of the sword had broken and his father had to have it repaired. As his family legend had it, his great grandfather had been a Yojimbo to a Shogun who had ruled over the area that extended from his family property to the very top of northern Japan. Before the Shogun had died, he gave Atasuke?s great grandfather all of his money and a decent chunk of land.

After receiving the katana, Atasuke asked his father if he could become the Murasame?s pupil and learn the Mumyou Jimpuu Ryuu fighting style. Atasuke?s father had become somewhat wary of the person his son had wanted to be taught by, because the only real famous person to actually use the Mumyou Jimpuu Ryuu style was Demon Eyes Kyo and Atasuke?s father did not want his son to become just like that blood crazed samurai of yore. However though, Atasuke?s mother gave his father some harsh words if he didn?t allow Atasuke to study the Mumyou Jimpuu, so that following day and with a look of utter defeat, Atasuke?s father allowed him to learn the style.

Right after school that day, Atasuke drove home, got his katana, and drove into town to start his lessons. When he arrived at the dojo he noticed that it was rather gothic looking and the interior was creepy as hell. But the thing that got him the most was he was the only person to sign up for the Mumyou Jimpuu style. The teacher on the other hand, who was called Murasame was a very nice person and proceeded to teach Atasuke.

The weeks went by and Atasuke became very deft with the Mumyou Jimpuu style. One day he had been practicing out in a clearing in the woods, he?d been out there for at least four hours when he heard something, when he turned to see what it was he saw a man standing there with a rather long sword, black robes, black hair, and blood red eyes. Deducing everything he?d read about Demon Eyes, Atasuke decided that he was now staring at a ghost! As soon as he found his voice he asked the ghost what he was doing on his property, Demon eyes of course, lived up to his reputation and was rather cocky and arrogant, but for some reason Atasuke was wanting him to become his partner.

Weapon: Katana.

Special Moves: Mizuchi: The technique to freely manipulate drifting water vapor in the air, and to constrict the oppnent until dead., Suzaku: Creates a large flaming bird that basically decimates the enemy, and the Satsujinken Shin- Red sillhouette. The ability to show your opponent a series of images in their mind that mentally decimates them and then it causes death.

Over Soul look: Demon Eyes takes full possession of Atasuke?s body and initiates a reverse intergration. He then takes Atasuke?s soul and merges it into the katana, but since Atasuke is not dead yet, his soul is in a pure golden form which encases the sword. The blade, hilt, etc. become engulfed in his golden aura. Demon Eyes however, takes full control of Atasuke?s body, the hair spikes out and seems to stand out, his eyes go blood red and his voice becomes that of Demon Eyes himself. When this happens, Demon Eyes is able to maneuver faster and strike more critical blows. However, this over soul can only last for approximately twenty minutes.

Here are the pics in following order.

Atasuke: [IMG]http://server5.uploadit.org/files/BurningGundam-Kenshin.jpg[/IMG]

Demon Eyes Kyo: [IMG]http://server5.uploadit.org/files/BurningGundam-DemonEyes.jpg[/IMG]

Katana: [IMG]http://server5.uploadit.org/files/BurningGundam-katana.jpg[/IMG][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Name: KyoKaoru Kadanoe

Age: 19

Country: Kyoto, Japan

Power: Intergration and Oversoul

Ghost: Sakedomoni

Sakedomoni's Bio: In the nineteenth century, Sakedomoni was a professionally skilled female ninja. Though her power had become so immense, she butchered 600 men- for her own amusement; out of boredom. She loved to tease her victims with torturous pain, and sometimes gave others a quick death. She was swift, agile, and always smirked at the sight of one's blood. Heaven did not accept her spirit because of her misdeeds; thus she stayed on earth as a ghost, refusing to do otherwise. She then had wandered around, until reaching a forest in the countryside of Kyoto, and stayed near a small pond.

One day in our modern time, Sakedomoni had become immensely fed up with her location; she sat on a large rock near the pond. She as ready to go search for a more exciting place, though a rustling of foosteps made her head bolt in that direction. Through the forest, came a fairly young girl; she held a ninja star at her side, looking over the place, until she spotted Sakedomoni. They stared for the longest time, ever so quietly, until the pale girl spoke harshly. "Another human ghost. Great." Hearing this, Sakedomoni stood up on the rock she was sitting on, and clenched her fists. "Oh yeah? Can I ask how you know?" The girl responded, her eyes emotionless and her voice flat. "I have seen a couple before...though you are the most boring of the ones I have met." This of course angered Sakedomoni. Though she couldn't help but love the girl's cold attitude and spunk.

At first, the girl disliked Sakedomoni. But after an extended period of being aquaintances, they then became allies; thus they started their partnership together.

KyoKaoru's Bio: KyoKaoru Kadanoe hated the name her parents had given her, so she had chosen to be called "Kyou" for short. She was always either silent, or spoke coldly. She lived with her parents; near the city, yet close to the countryside of Kyoto. At the age of nine, she recieved her very first ninja star; though it was made of rubber. That way, she couldn't hurt herself. She practiced each day with full length wooden dolls, and soon her skills increased to earn a real ninja star at age twelve. She kept earning all her ninja stars from her father, who had taught her the ways of the ninja. At the coming age of eighteen, she then earned the ninja star she had her eyes set on the most. It was silver, with diamonds embedded in it, and was quite big for her stature.

"Kyou" had then practiced in various forests, considering her new ninja star had chopped the wooden doll figures to bits. She had trained with her father at first, then decided it more fun to travel the days into the familiar forests alone. One day, Kyou had taken a risk, and traveled even further than what she had done before. This was the day that she had discovered Sakedomoni.

Of course, Kyou had seen two human ghosts before, considering that she lived near busy towns. She had only spoke to the two ghosts to realize what they were; though she had come into contact with them at age fifteen, and never forgot it. When she walked into the forest area where Sakedomoni resided, she showed no fear, although she was actually quite startled. Kyou never liked to express her feelings in any way whatsoever, and taught herself to keep an emotionless face. Along with that came her cold attitude.

Upon meeting Sakedomoni, she learned what a true annoyance was. Yet, Kyou learned to become closer to her. Hence, the relationship of the two progressed to a partnership when Kyou surprisingly agreed.

Weapon: Ninja Star

[U]Special Moves[/U]

Bu-meran: The ability to launch the ninja star 30 yards, with it to come back to it's user in return. This attack brings forth the chance of more damage.

Kutsuu: The ninja star turns immensely hot, thus cutting through as many things as possible, as if they were butter.

Takusan: The user of this ability can make up to twenty illusions of themself, thus making an opponent bemused of the user's real position.

Oversoul Appearance: When Sakedomoni and Kyou intergrate, Kyou's hair turns blonde, and only does that. Kyou's eyes also have a swirl of maroon in them, which is the color of Sakedomoni's eyes. Because Sakedomoni is a dead spirit, her aura is a pale white, and outlines Kyou's ninja star; the glow seems to have a pulse. Kyou's voice becomes even more harsh, and her attacks twice as vicious.[/SIZE]

[URL=http://rds.yahoo.com/S=96062883/K=beramode/v=2/l=IVS/*-http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/2001-06-10/f_beramode.jpg]Kyou's Pic[/URL]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Name: Shin

Age: 23

Country: Believed to be from China, but this is unconfirmed.

What kind of power you use: Oversoul

Ghost?s Name: The Blood Tiger

Ghost?s biography: The Blood Tiger is known in many legends. It is said to be one of the most deadly spiritual beings ever to grace the heavens or the earth. Some call it a harbringer of Doom, others a stealer of souls, and yet others call it a simple demon, here to wreak havoc and death upon all.
Tales of the exploits of Blood Tigers can be heard in most countries. It has many names, including Chi no Tora, Tigre de la Sangre, Tiger de Sang, Tiger des Bluts, Tigre di Anima, Tigre do Sangue, Tigar od Krv, Lokaj v livreji of Krev, Ddywalgi chan Chrau, and Tiger of Cruor. However, no matter what the name or country, all the tales state the same thing. Blood Tigers are bloodthirsy, ferocious, and relentless. They shall not rest until their quarry is dead. They serve no one, exept a powerful Shaman. Their might is so great that they can interact with the real world even without the help of a Shaman. They are spiritual beings with unfathomable strength, and are rarely seen without the seer suffering death.

Oversoul look: When Shin uses his oversoul, his hands are surrounded by Blood Tiger claws made of purple energy.

Character Picture/very detailed description:

Character Biography: Shin is a complete mystery to the world. No records of him exist in any hospital, census, or anything else. What is known, however, is horrifying.
Many rumors Shin. Rumors state various things, including that he was once a Yakuza boss, a Mob hitman, an assassin, a commando, a murderer. Some say he killed his mother for cutting of his allowance, others say he slaughtered an entire village out of boredom. His cruelty is legend, and his past is written in the blood of others.
The only rumors he ever dispells are those that do not tell of death. He is a being of pure malice and sadism, consumed with the desire to rule all and destroy all. He wishes to become the Shaman King so that he can rid the universe of all life, leaving the lands bathed in blood and death.

Weapon: An unusually long Switchblade.

Special Techniques: Blood Ripper-Shin sends blades of energy from his "claws" that hone in on the opponent.

Bleeding Mist-Shin creates a red mist that causes small scratches to form on anyone who enters the mist.

Spirit of Blood-Shin uses the power of Blood Tiger to attack the opponents Spirit with a powerful energy beam.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Domon][COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1] [B]Also, I?m going to request that you send me a post via PM, this will also decide if you are in. The post can consist of your character?s biography, or it can be a post from another rpg, just so long as it is a post.[/B][/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]

This is just a reminder, but please send me a post from a previous rpg or something, this greatly determines if you are in or not. So Unborn Lord Xion, please PM me with a post from a previous rpg that you participated in, thanks.
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[color=navy][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Name[/u]: Kazu Hanari[/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Age[/u]: 18[/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Country[/u]: Okinawa Japan[/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]What kind of power you use[/u]: Integration(Possession) and Oversoul[/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Ghost?s Name[/u]: Nobunaga[/size][/font][/color][color=navy]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Ghost?s biography[/u]: Oda Kazusanosuke Nobunaga ([color=#000000] [/color][color=navy]June 23, 1534 - June 21, 1582[/color]). Self described Dai Roukuten Mao(The Great 6th heaven Deamon King[/size][/font][/color][color=navy][font=Book Antiqua][size=2]) . He was evil, but he was a millitary genius. Nobunaga nearly took over all of Japan before he was assinated by one of his vassals, Akechi Matsuhide, in 1582. However, nobunaga was much to stubborn for his dark soul to be extinguished. Nobunaga returned to life 18 years later, only to be defeated again by Deamon Eyes Kyo [spoiler]and Mibu Kyoshiro.[/spoiler] Finally defeated, he lingered in hell for centuries, too powerful to be controlled even by Lucifer himself. Only the inticing call of a powerfull Itako was enough to bring him back to the land of the living. [/size][/font][/color]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Oversoul look[/u]: ([/size][/font][url="http://img2.imagetown.net/56461511.jpg"][font=Book Antiqua][size=2]Here[/size][/font][/url][font=Book Antiqua][size=2], [/size][/font][url="http://img2.imagetown.net/82147457.jpg"][font=Book Antiqua][size=2]Here[/size][/font][/url][font=Book Antiqua][size=2], and [url="http://img2.imagetown.net/43636742.jpg"]Here[/url]) Since is still living, his soul is supressed(the little white part in the second picture) and the immense energy in it is fed on by Nobunaga.this type of integration can only be kept up for about twenty minutes at a time, or else it will start to harm Kazu.
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Character Picture[/u]: ([/size][/font][url="http://img2.imagetown.net/7458478.jpg"][font=Book Antiqua][size=2]Here[/size][/font][/url][font=Book Antiqua][size=2])[/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Character Biography[/u]: Kazu is an itako, son of Asuka Hachirobei, a powerful necromancer, and Ieyasu Hanari, a shaman and a descendant of powerful mystic Abeno Seimei. With his lineage, it seemed inevitable that he would become some sort of shaman. Kazu progressed quickly in his studies, and he soon became a powerful itako. The only problem was that Kazu would often summon ghosts that would take the combined effort of both of his parents to banish. As he grew, Kazu learned to partially controll his powers. One day while Kazu was training, he summoned Nobunaga from the underworld, the worst spirit imaginable. Nobunaga saw his chance and tried to possess the boy, but Kazu's immense latent spiritual power kept him at bay. Much of Nobunaga's power was spent in trying to possess Kazu, so he made a pact with the boy to become his guardian ghost in return for existance.[/size][/font][/color]
[color=navy][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Weapon[/u]: Twin swords[/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Special Techniques[/u]: [/size][/font][/color]
[color=navy][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Tenma Mukurode[/u] - Hand of Devil. A large hand created out of the materials of the surrounding area (fire, tree roots, stone, metal) is created and rushes foreward to attack Nobunaga and Kazu's foe.[/size][/font][/color]
[color=navy][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Assimilation[/u] - During battle Nobunaga can absorb absorb an attack (only one time per attack) and be able to use it for the duration of the battle. [/size][/font][/color]
[color=navy][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][u]Hikaru Ha[/u]-[u]Suzaku[/u] - Shining Attack Suzaku. The secrect technique exactly identical to Mumyou Jinpuu Ryou Ohkhi-Suzaku that Kyo used It was burned into Nobunaga's memory, so he will forever be able to use it. It turns the user into a huge flaming bird to decimate it's opponent. [/size][/font][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed] [I]
Name: Yarin Senik

Age: 15

Country: Japan

Powers He uses: Necromancy,

Ghost's name: Meti Kyrogi- goes by Ky

Ghost's biography:
Ky was a Japanise swordsman that used to be a free assassin. The reason he was so good, is because his innocent looks fooled his targets. This was to be his downfall.
His new target was a young theif that had stolen the empeor's favorite sword, Shei Shiken, or White Thunder. He had been given a picture of his target and soon sighted her. Her picture had not done her justice. He stood frozen, mouth gaping.
She noticed him and told him his name. Her name was Kitune. A hour or two later, he was about to make the kill, when he was gutted. She said, "I have heard about you. You are what they call 'The charming killer'. He grasped Shei Shiken as he died, taking it to hell with him. Many years later, he was awoken by Yarin

Ghost's appearance:[URL=http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/~b90109018/work/gg/guest/BLACK_KY_KISKE.jpg]Ain't it evil?[/URL]

[URL=http://www.angelfire.com/anime3/animeempire/images/ggx/18.jpg]This is what he looks like before death.[/URL]

Charater Appearance:[URL=http://www.doupe.cz/vaulty/finalfantasy/pictures/ff7cloudf.jpg]This is him.[/URL]

Charater Bio: Yarin was born into a family of sucessful shamans, as they were almost always the Shaman King, but had it sliped by the last opponent. A heavy burden lies on Yarin's shoulders. His mother died at an early age, and he dearly wanted to see her again, so he sought Faust. Faust, knowing Yarin's pains, took him under his wing and tought him Necromancy. He soon outgrew Faust in power. His mother had gone too far by the time he could preform the spell. He remembered his goal, to see his mother, and saw it fade away. He soon realized his goal was evil and sought a spirit to keep him company.

Yarin trodded the weather beaten path leading to Hosi Graveyard. He checked the grave's names and ephitah's until he found Ky's. Ky rised out of the old grave and looked around until he saw Yarin. Yarin stared deep into his crimson eyes, and said rather bluntly, "What are you doing in this world, Ky?"

"I could ask you the same thing. Why have you come here? Some of us are trying to get some sleep." Ky replied smugly.

"If you see my ability as a Shaman, and my figting skills, will you join me?" Yarin temped the ghost.

"Fine. Show me." he said shortly.

3 Hunter Spirits he had summoned rose from three new graves and charged him.
he jumped into the air, slashing backwards. The first's head fell off. The other two rushed Yarin from the sides. He crouched and spun around, cutting off their legs.
He cut them into tiny pieces and stared at the ghost expetantly.

"Good." He said as he became a deep red ball and flew into Yarin's chest.

Weapon: Faust (Big Longsword) funny, ain't it?

Special Techs:

Rekin Su Marki: An elecrital field is generated and all who walk througt it have long schorched gashes on their bodies.

Thunder Blade: Enchants the Faust with eletric power to cut through anything and resotores Furyoku.

Dark Currents: Dark Lightning is hurled in 3 20 ft wall waves that rips the body and drains Furyoku.[/COLOR][/I]
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[size=1][color=#999999][B]Name:[/B] Alexis Torisen Kinotaka

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Country:[/B] America

[B]Power:[/B] Oversoul, yet it tires out both the Ghost and Alexis if she is in this state too long, and Integration- if the power is too strong, it may damage her body.

[B]Bio:[/B] Born from a long line of Shamans and sorcerers, Alexis had a name to uphold. All throughout the world, everyone knew her family name and someone somewhere knew someone in her family. She knew she had to keep the magic in her blood flowing and show that she is just as respectful and great as her ancestors before her. Yet, there was something strange about Alexis. She had a greater force travelling throughout her body. A force that was powerful enough to control more than 10 great spirits. This great power would help Alexis in her search for the greatest Shaman, even though her family wished her to compete.

When she was a young girl, Alexis was able to speak to the dead. She was able to raise the spirits and ask them what was needed of her to uphold the family honor. They helped wisely and greatly. They also gave her a new power of insight, the power of Itako. She was now able to raise the spirits when needed and they came to her aid when trouble was near. This also helped her find the spirit that would be with her in the search for spirits of the 6 items given to her.

[B]Picture:[/B] See attachment

[B]Ghost's Picture:[/B] [url=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg7/2137.jpg]Warrioress[/url] She holds a whip that is similar to that of Ivy's in Soul Calibur. Also, the fire behind is the aura-like mist that surrounds Izanami. It is also the fire that wraps itself around the Viper Blade.

[B]Ghost?s Name:[/B] Izanami

[B]Bio:[/B]: There is not much known about Izanami, only that there are myths and legends of her giving birth to the God of Fire and dying. But, what is not known is that the Goddess Izanami was able to choose to reincarnate herself, so that she could help those on earth. There were many times she had helped and many times she had not. The recent Izanami, which is Alexis' spirit, is warrior Empress, who had the sight of the future. She was an Empress who did not abuse her power, yet use it to help her enemies become her allies and triumph over tyrants.

One the final day of the last battle that the Empress would fight, she was assassinated. Her spirit was not able to live its full length and fulfill its wishes and dreams, therefore it lingered among the dead. It was nearly 200 years after that she was called back to the world to be along side Alexis in her search for the 6 spirits of the items, which are called the Call of the Spirits.

[B]Oversoul look:[/B] The two merge together and creates a darknening form. Suzuna has Izanami's pearl black eyes, her gloves, and the Viper Blade. The fiery aura that constantly swirls around Izanami is now around Alexis and it also is part of her hair. Her clothes become like Izanami's, yet with a black aura.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Viper Blade- A blade that extends into a whip. It is able to retract spikes and cover the blade so that it become impenetrable.

[B]Special Moves:[/B]
[U]Spiral Justice:[/U] Twirls the Blade by her side and wraps the opponent by the waist and releases a great surge of shocking energy.

[U]Assassin Serenade:[/U] This is where it seems that she is dancing with her whip, yet she sends powerful blows towards her opponent.

[U]Rose Venom:[/U] Izanami is able to make the whip become real and into that of a snake. It can seize the opponent and strangle it and inject venom, paralyzing them.

EDIT: This is not my best work. So much writer's block. *sigh*
EDIT: I edited the things you wanted me to.[/size][/color]
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