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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]What if?
What if you weren't born? What if you took a left when you took a right? What if you skipped class instead of going? What if you died right this second?
What if?
Thousands of realities exist based on these qeustions. Heroes can become villains, pacifists can become the harshest Tyrants, Gods can act like Demons, the world could end at any moment.
Some of these realities are not meant to exist. So someone has to mend them. Seven people from different realities have been called to serve as the Menders, fixing temporal errors that could lead to catastrophe. They have fallen through the cracks in the great floor of reality and now their fates rest in the hands of the Timebroker.
He hands out the missions, sends them on their way. If they fail, they risk ending up in a reality where the most horrifying things can happen. They risk ending up in a private Hell. However, if they succede enough times, the Timebroker can send them back. And then he recruits more.
Seven new Menders are about to appear, and serve the Timebroker. They risk their lives, but the alternatives to success are too horrible to imagine. They must succede.[/COLOR]


This RPG will span out in a series of "Missions", as many as necessary (in other words, I haven't decided how many yet.) There are seven spots, each a particular type of mutant.

Wolverine Type: Rapid healing, adimantium, claws, blades, hightened senses, etc. The Wolverine is a modified supersoldier with power to spare.

Tough Type: Superstrength, superhuman durability, and similar abilites. The Tough Type can crush easily, take pleanty of hits, and keep on going. Juggernaut, Colossus, and the Blob are all Tough Type.

Quick Type: The trademark of the Quick Type is Superspeed, but they can also use superhuman agility and teleportation. Quick Types include Nightcrawler and Quicksilver.

Mental Type: The Mental Type doesn't need superstrength or superspeed, for it has the powers of Telekinesis, Telepathy, Pyrokinesis, Hypnotism, and more. Professor X, Jean Grey, and even Magneto can fall into the Mental Type category.

Energy Type: The Energy Type has to strike with the elements, kinetic energy, and even bio-energy. Cyclops, Iceman, Gambit, and Magneto all fall into the Energy Type.

Sorcery Type: Sorcery Types use mystical spells and powerful magics to achieve their goals. Few Sorcery Types are well known, but Scarlet Witch and Magik are both of this Type.

Balanced Type: Melding together the strengths of all, the Balanced type has none of the weaknesses, but the powers are weakened, forming a weakness of its own. Though a Balanced Type may have superstrength, it will be weaker than a Tough Type's superstrength.

Now that that's settled, on with the sign-up.

Name: As long as it's realistic and modern, it's okay. Unless your reality has a believable excuse.
Code Name: Cyclops, Storm, Professor X, and Magneto are all codenames.
Gender: One or the other
Appearance: Pictures will do.
Type: Which of the seven Types you are.
Powers: Keep it believable, and no more than 4 powers
Strength: see below
Speed: see below
Intelligence: see below
Durability: see below
Energy: see below
Fighting Skills: see below
Bio: Include your "Hell" Future

Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Durability, Energy, and Fighting Skill are out-of-seven ratings that determine your skill in each area. You have 20 points to distribute between all of them.
1-Cannot lift own body weight
2-Life own body weight
3-Lift Twice own body weight
4-800lbs. to 25 tons
5-25-75 tons
6-75 to 100 tons
7-Over 100 tons

1-Below Normal
3-up to 700mph
4-Speed of sound (Mach 1)
5-Mach 2 to Orbital Velocity
6-Speed of Light
7-Transcend Speed of Light

6-Super Genius

7-Virtually Indestructible

2-On contact
3-Short range/short duration
4-Medium range/duration
5-Long range/duration
6-Multiple Energy Types
7-Commands all energy

Fighting Skill:
3-Some Training
5-Master of one style
6-Master of multiple styles
7-Master of all styles

Now, for my character.

Name: Unknown, goes by TJ
Code Name: Blood Tiger
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
[IMG] http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19494[/IMG]
Differences: Has Xs on his sleeves, where those symbols are. Also, he wears black pants and his coat is black. The Xs are red.
Type: Wolverine Type
Powers: Adamantium Skeleton, Rapid Healing, Ejects a blade from left arm, and enhanced physical abilites
Strength: 4
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 4
Durability: 4
Energy: 1
Fighting Skills: 4
Personality: TJ is cold, standoffish, sarcastic, bitter, and self-driven. He wants nothing more than to escape his private Hell of an inner-psyche...something the Timebroker has promised to do for him. In battle, TJ is brutal and deadly, moving swiftly from opponent to opponent. He will stop at nothing to win.
Bio: TJ comes from a reality in which Wolverine never existed. Instead, he was chosen for the Weapon X project...years after Wolverine would have been chosen. By this time, they had trained Sabretooth and the others into Supersoldiers.
However, something went wrong while they were binding the adimantium to TJ. He broke free, much as Wolverine did, and slaughtered the scientists, until Sabretooth got to him.
He would've been turned into a mindless soldier drone, had he not met a commando named Logan, who was sent by the Canadian government to shut down Weapon X. Logan, along with James and Heather Hudson, broke the mentally wounded TJ out.
In their capable hands, TJ mostly recovered, losing his animalistic , violent tendencies. However, he was still cold, reclusive, and bitter. All was well, until Weapon X returned.
They sent Sabretooth and another, one Yuriko Oyama, codenamed Lady Deathstrike. She was a recent addition to the team. Logan, James, Heather and TJ managed to fight off the two.
Just then, TJ was pulled from his reality. He fell through the cracks and met Timebroker. Timebroker told him that, if TJ didn't complete his missions properly, he risked returning to a world where Logan, James and Heather were all killed and TJ went into captivity, held by Weapon X.
If TJ wants to free himself from Weapon X once and for all, he must complete his missions and return to his proper time.

Here are the filled/open positions.

Balanced-sesshomaru 3

Oh, you can be someone already existing, but they have to be from a different reality from the main comic one, the movie one (which is different enough to be a separate reality), the TV Show One, or any major other reality occuring in any of these media, unless you have a very good form. In other words, you can't just post "I'm Cyclops from the movie!". You can, however, post a form filled out about the Movie Cyclops, and if it's good I'll accept it. I reserve the right to not let you in.

Have fun[/SIZE]
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Name: Reis Terras
Codename: Darkcast
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: He wears black jeans and shirt that has a white X on the front. He has a black cape that has another white X on it and wears black gloves with the finger part cut off.
Type: Sorcery Type
Powers: He can fly, casts elemental magic, heal wounds and can discard some of his energy to blast an attack at his foes.
Strength: 2
Speed: 3
Intelligence: 3
Durability: 3
Energy: 3
Fighting Skill: 6
Personality: Reis cares for no one, he his lonely and untrusting due to his past. He will do anything to survive including using his teammates as his own shield.
Bio: Reis was an orphan until he was brought in by a wizard. He grew to love his new father and to learn magic, black and white. He carried on the legacy until one day his father was nearly killed by his friend for casting a hex on him. After that, he immensed himself on every magic known to humans and even forbidden ones. One day he was brought from his reality into the Timebroker's and was threatened that if he failed any missions then he would lose his magic and he would lose his father.
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Name: Elke Beaglemeyer

Code Name: Devi

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearance: [URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/51-8.htm]blah click blah[/URL]

Type: Mental Type

Powers: Telekinesis, Telepathy,Levitation and forsight

Strength: 3
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 6
Durability: 3
Energy: 2
Fighting Skills: 4

Personality: Sweet, kind and gentle. Elke wouldn't even hurt a fly. She will try and stick up for those who can not themselves and is always there when need. HEr feelings can easly be hurt.

Bio: She grew up a carefree child, loved by her friends and family. She always did well in school and had a normal life. When she was 17 she started to have strange dreams. These dreams would always come true in a few days or weeks. She also began hearing other people voices in her head. She thought she was going insane from all the pressure of school. She read and resreach her conditon and found out that she had mental power. She was very relieved to hear that. She went on to got o college and became a kindergarden teacher. Being around the children made her happy and she could help them. She got married to a man named Brain at the age of 25 and was very happy.

While she was walking home late one night from school she sensed that something was wrong. A voice called out to her in her head. She had nightmares about what was going to happen. Elke was pulled from her reality and met Timebroker. He told Elke that in order to get back to her husband and life she would have to complete some missions. If she evr fails in her mission she will return back to her world with her telepachy powers yet unmastered.

hope this is okay[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Alice (Last name unknown)
Code Name: Simplicity
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Here: [url]http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/41-10.htm[/url] Only without the whatever it is that look like feathers, and her hair is black and her outfit is reds and blacks.
Type: Quick
Powers: Teleportation, super-speed and hover.
Strength: 3
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 5
Durability: 3
Energy: 3
Fighting Skills:

Edit later? me busy!
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Name: Nicholas Holland
Code Name: Zeal
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Appearance: [img]http://naar.net/orphen/a.jpg[/img]
Type: Energy
Powers: He has the ability to absorb the 'life energy/carbon energy' from any object, the level of energy absorbed depending on the state of the object. This energy can then be transfered into many different states within Nick's body, as either strength, agility, healing etc or as powerful charges released from his hands.
Strength: 4
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 3
Durability: 3
Energy: 5
Fighting Skills: 3
Personality: Seemingly self confident and charming. Likes to flirt tremendously and has a totally sarcastic sense of humour. Seems to be a nice person on the outside, but holds a darker secret within and is extremely guarded about himself. Stubborn and strong willed, he likes to go against whatever people tell him to do, though he does possess a certain sense of loyalty to those he deems worthy.

Bio: From a very early age it was clear that Nick was different from the other children...very different. Brought up in a small community he was a normal child until, at the age of six, his father was taken from him by lung cancer. Pained greatly by the loss of his father a new power began to surface within him, something sinister and uncontrolable at such a young age. Everything he touched shriveled into dust, its energy sucked from its form and into Nick's body. He took every opportunity to use this power. Plants, rocks and even small animals fell to his curiosity. This sudden influx of energy caused an aging process upon the young boy, prompting long grey streaks to course through his hair. His remaining family and friends were horrified by this development and Nick was eventually confined within a mental hospital for troubled children, though even they did not know the extent of his power.

Nick remained within this institute until the age of 19, held away from the outside world and any living contact unless it was behind a plastic barrier. An opportunity arose however and Nick was able to escape, spurred by the hopes that he could return to his family and the memories of his father. Persued by the police and agents of the facility it was clear that he could not return home, for fear of capture. Nick was thus forced to travel from place to place, never lingering and always on the run. Troubled immensley by his suddenly awakened powers, spurred by contact with the living world Nick tried desperatley to fit in.

Nick was approached by the Timebroker and snapped up the proposition. The chance to meet people like himself was too much to pass up even though there was the possibility that he could be sent to a reality in which he was still at the facility confined from the living world he craves, secluded in the darkness forever.
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Name: Ty Dragatora
Age: 28
Codename: Mimic
Gender: Male
Appearance: [url="http://www.tuttomanga.com/yuyu/immagini/hiei20.jpg"]clicky[/url]
Type: Balanced
Powers: teleportation, superstrength, cast black magic and can shoot energy out of his hand.
Strength: 4
Speed: 3
Intelligence: 3
Durability: 3
Energy: 4
Fighting Skill: 3
Personality: Ty is a jerk and is very stubborn. Once he makes up his mind he won't listen to anyone else's ideas. He may be arrogant but he sticks with what he believes in.
Bio: Ty was born in Japan and moved to america when he was 3. He first found out he had mutant powers when he was 15 and stopped two people from fighting by barely pushing them apart. He then began to try and get his powers to work, but they disappeared for a couple of years. When they came back he could teleport and focus energy to shoot now.
When he got snatched from his reality he was offered to take part in some missions. The Timebroker told him that should he fail he would be imprisoned in a dark cave and all his powers would be lost.And his hole family will be killed and no one will ever know he existed.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Everyone is in, sort of. I ask Cysword6 and sesshomaru 3 to beef up their bios some, and a word about the "Hell Reality". The Hell Reality is a reality in which something horrible has happened to your character, a change in the normal time-stream. It's not some kind of curse. This means you, Cysword6, Kittychanan, and sesshomaru 3. My suggestions for you?
Cysword6, perhaps you could have your father [I]not[/I] die in the true reality, but he was almost killed so he trained Reis much harder. In the Hell Reality, though, your father would die.
Kittychanan, a simple change. How about, instead, your character hasn't learned to control her telepathy in the Hell Reality, causing her to go insane, where she had learned to control it in the real Reality.
sesshomaru 3, perhaps in the Hell Reality your character's powers [I]never[/I] came back, and something else happened or something.
These are just suggestions to get you in. Ryu_Sakura, you have one more day to edit in the rest or the spot is open.
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This is my first RPG, but then again, we all have to start somewhere!

Name: Adrian Rivers

Code Name: Powerhouse

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: About six foot five and a stocky build. Yes, he's a big guy. Brown hair in a militaristic crew cut (no, he's not in the military, he just can't be bothered with taking care of long hair), electric blue eyes, and has distinctly German facial features. He wears construction boots (steel toed), sort of loose blue jeans, a red long-sleeve shirt, and a black button-up vest over that.

Type: Tough

Powers: He has powers similar to Colossus. He is able to transform his flesh into a sort of organic steel, only he is much stronger and more durable than Colosses.

Strength: 5
Speed: 2
Intelligence: 2
Durability: 6
Energy: 1
Fighting Skills: 4

Personality: Friendly, witty, and polite, Adrian is the gentle giant. He will do anything for a friend. However, to mistake this for weakness is the second biggest mistake you can make. The biggest mistake is to make him mad; although it takes a lot to make him angry, once unleashed, his wrath is unmatched by any. In summary, he is one of those guys you really want for a friend and really do [I]not [/I] want for an enemy. He also has an eye for detail and is generally meticulous, going over everything slowly and carefully.

Bio: Adrian was born and raised in Pennsylvannia. He displayed great potential on the playing field, whatever the sport. Early on, Adrian discovered a love for ancient civilizations and history. He joined archeological digs after he graduated from college at 22.

After spending a year in South Africa (his group was kicked out by an unfriendly government), he joined a group traveling to Korea, because it was rumored that a temple was hidden somewhere in the hills within a cave. When the group finally found it, Adrian was sent in first. He came across a large red ruby, with ancient writing engraved upon it. Somehow, the text became English, and Adrian read it. This is, of course the ruby that transformed Professor Xavier's stepbrother Cain into the Juggernaut. The ruby, however, had a different effect upon Adrian. He morphed into his steel self and the cave collapsed around him. He survived, of course, and his companions dug him out. Realizing that they would probably fear and hate him for what he had become, he morphed back before they found him and let them believe that he had survived by a miracle (in a way, he did).

He joined his time's version of the X-Men to fight the good fight for mutants. While attending a movie, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants attacked him. Just as he prepared to defend himself and the humans around him, Adrian's world turned inside-out. He saw glimses of other realities, swirling together, and finally came face-to-face with the Timebroker. The Timebroker told Adrian that unless he completed his missions successfully, he would end up in a reality in which he did not become the mighty Powerhouse, but was nearly crushed in that cave, and was paralyzed for life.

OOC: If I need to fix something, please let me know.
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