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[size=1]Please refer to the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=584449]Discover The Deep recruitment thread[/url] for any questions. Any questions that aren't answered there should be forwarded to me. If I can't answer them... Eh, they're not important. ;)
Without further ado...
[b]Discover the Deep[/b]
[i]Perimeter Warning. Perimeter Warning. Moderate vibrations have been detected. Perimeter Warning. Perimeter Warn...[/i]
[b]Lorn-[/b] "Ok! Send that last round to the imaging computer and we're done for the day." Lorn started packing up their seismographic imager. The tool sent vibrations into the ground and displayed a 3D readout of any debris or rock underneath. The only problem is that the imager picks up everything from ancient tunnels to someone's discarded coke can. There's no happy medium. It everything, or nothing.

Which is why the imager must operate in about en different locations before it can construct an accurate map of the sector. They had just finished their last round of the day. The map would be compiled by sundown, three hours or so.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Hey Alex! Gimme a hand with this thing, it's still heavy after all this time." Alex jogged over and lifted the other side.

[b]Alexander-[/b] "Where to this time?" Lorn looked around.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Where are we mapping tomorrow?" Alex shrugged.

[b]Alexander-[/b] "You're the boss, boss. You're supposed to know this stuff." Lorn set down his end and motioned for Alex to do the same.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Odysseus!" The man poked his head out of the mess tent. "What sector are we mapping tomorrow?"

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "Seventeen!" The wind was beginning to pick up a little, making conversation a little tough. But the sun was almost down. Once the heat stopped, the wind usually did too. Lorn gave him the thumbs up and he went back into the tent.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "To seventeen?" Alex nodded.

[b]Alexander-[/b] "To seventeen."[/size]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]The female was sitting outside on one of the many packing crates, rubbing her guns down one more time. Just for good measure. She knew the sun was resting, and the pleasant part of the day was soon in coming. At least for everyone else. Cosunse Mercolubra, survivalist, minimalist, and exotic female was happy in any weather. For example: at the moment, she could really go for a huge rushing downpour. The warm kind.

Where you could walk around outside in nothing at all and not freeze. But don't get her wrong, she liked the cold too. But right now, she was keeping her activity down to avoid perspiring in her thin tanktop and cargo pants. One light white shirt rested over her shoulder, for later when the temperatures dropped drastically.

Be prepared. And no, it wasn't a boyscout reference. She yawned and stood, slipping her gun back into its holster. Her stretch was heard in the tent, where she had heard their conversation about the mapping the next day.[/i]

".....come sweet apathy."

[i]She laughed at herself, then walked over to her tent, flipping it open expertly and crawling inside. A two man tent for two women. How perfect.[/i][/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][b]"Odysseus! What sector are we mapping tomorrow?"[/b] Lorn's voice was forced to ride against the grain of the wind's current.

Odysseus sighed and stood up from his chair, dusting the accumilating sand from his computer. Strolling over to the tent's entrance, he grabbed his tan, leather jacket and pushed open the flap. The blazing heat and scorching blast of wind slapped Odysseus in his scornful face.


Luckily, Odysseus was in series with the current, it carried his voice like a boat on water. Lorn nodded in appreciation and the two gave eachother a thumbs-up. Odysseus smirked playfully at Lorn's every-now-and-then innosence of acknowledgement. It amused him. To Odysseus, Lorn was the big brother he never had. If anyone were to ever intend to harm Lorn, Odysseus was always there.

Sweat dripped painstakingly from his firm chin, sizzling on the floor of stone-like dirt. Even as his age began to slowly climb, his physical assests were defiant, just as he was. He stood in the entry way of the tent, leaning tenderly against the wooden frame. His golden tanned skin glistened under his jacket, his jeans worn and ragged. His facial hair starting to jut out from his jaw and upper lip. Hey, what can you say, it's hard to keep shaven in the desert. Water is like gold, as not to be wasted on such petty of grooming ritual.

Instead of shaving cream and water, Odysseus made use of his four inch butterfly knife, scraping ever so lightly along his jawbone and cheek bones.

[b]"Why aren't you out there helping them?"[/b] a sweet, perky voice burst into his ears.

Odysseus picked at his blade, the glare of the sun bouncing and dancing over a flawless face. Her eyes illuminated her smile, melting any man in their tracks. Her hair whipped across the horizon, her hands on her hips.

[b]"Because, someone's got to monitor the computer,"[/b] Odysseus quirked, flipping his handles, closing the razor-sharp blade within.

[b]"Then get in there and do your part, a.ss," [/b]she giggled and walked over to her tent.

[b]"Aye, aye, Ma'am Val!"[/b] Odysseus rendered a mockery of a salute.

The beauty just glanced over her shoulder and waved a slender finger.

[b]"Ouch,''[/b] Odysseus chuckled and walked back to the tent to "do his part".[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Her grin, while mischevious, remained still...very dazzling. Valence walked in, rubbing the corners of her eyes against the grit the wind had dashed into her face. Consunse reached into a pocket in her duffel and pulled out eyedrops. With a delicate flick of her wrist, she tossed it to Val, who caught it expertly and tilted her head back.[/i]

"Okay Viacin...work your magic."

"Don't worry, it'll sting, but it'll work."

[i]Two drops per eye. Then-[/i]

"Ow! Owwoh! Ahh! Hoo... ha!"

[i]She dopped the bottle and clapped a hand over her eyelids, wincing in turns.[/i]

"A raindancer. Complete with tribal language."

"That's not funny!"

"Sorry...couldn't help it. But ....now that you're done speaking caveman, how does it feel?"

"....better." [i]A grudging response, but stll fitting. After all, the drops did hurt. But as usual, they did their job in time. The sun finally sank into the horizon, and Consunse stood, buckling on her belt and tying her shirt around her waist. Time to go make her rounds while the only other survivalist was at work.

Oh the fun of it all.....never escaped her. She sighed and leaned to buckle on her boots, tying the strings tightly to avoid sand breaking and entering. Then she pushed open the tent flap and left Valence to read a few diagrams and avoid the sand.

She found her counterpart at the computer console, and silently padded up behind him, knife drawn.[/i][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Her hair still waving in the winds, Valence knew that being the youngest on the team was not going to be easy. With a sigh, she resided to her bunk and sat at the edge, picking up a sketch journal and recording the various images that flashed through her mind. Valence must always keep an open mind to everything that is pointed out to her and have a warm and welcoming smile surfacing the devious, mischievous grin behind it all. She needs to understand the team to work and survive.

Looking up, Valence thought it was time to go and find Lorn. She put her sketch book away and walked out of the tent with her hands covering her face. She walked to Lorn's mess tent and stood outside, calling his name.[/i]

"Lorn! LORN!"

[i]A face appeared in the doorway of the tent and beckoned Valence in. She looked around at all the scattered maps and circled areas with pins and such. Lorn was in a state of concentration, as it seemed.[/i] "We'll be mapping sector seventeen."[/size][/color]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Silence, serenity, the sun had settled for the night, the only light Odysseus had was of the computer screen. Soft, green and blue light. He leaned back in his chair, folding his hands behind his head. Just as he began to doze off into, what hoped to be, a peaceful slumber. He tensed slightly as a cool, gentle breeze caressed his heated skin.

Odysseus remained still, only opening his eyes to slits thinner than a peace of paper. He gazed at the computer screen which had now gone into sleep-mode. A sliver of gleaming silver slowly crept closer. He smiled.

The blade of a Swiss knife quickly pricked and pressed against his throat. Odysseus grabbed the wrist that held the blade and twisted it away from his body. He stood up quickly, only to be met with a balled fist to his cheek. Unphased, Odysseus twisted the wrist harder and more forcively. A meek yelp was heard and Odysseus released, jerking the knife from the crippled hand.

[b]"Good evening, Consunse,"[/b] Odysseus tossed the knife onto the table.

[b]"Evening, love,"[/b] Consunse slid her hands around Odysseus's waist and into his back pockets.

[b]"You'll be disappointed to find there is no wallet or money,"[/b] Odysseus grasped ahold of her wrists and pulled them out of his pockets.

[b]"I wasn't looking for money,"[/b] Consunse cocked her hip and played with her shirt.

[b]"What are you doing in my tent?"[/b] Odysseus fumbled through a pile of map readings.

His caramel eyes watched his fellow comadre with emmense caution. As a result of his childhood and past years, Odysseus had never learned how to trust, even teammates. Consunse ignored his question without a sense of care. She walked around his tent and picked up his sword.

[b]"Oh, just doing my rounds. What? It's not like you are busy,"[/b] she blew him a kiss and unsheathed his blade.

[b]"Put that back. You'll put your eye out,"[/b] Odysseus mocked.

[b]"Why do you have this? And where did you get it?"[/b] Consunse studied the perfect blade with a child-like curiousity,[b] "It's magnificant."

"I found it,"[/b] Odysseus grunted, laying down on his cot.

Consunse looked deviously towards the resting man and spun around. She weilded the blade and stopped it cenimeters above Odysseus's stomach. He lay calm and stared up at her.

[b]"I said to put it back."

"C'mon, show me how to use it."



"G.od damnit, I said no,"[/b] Odysseus shoved Consunse from him and sat up.

Consunse merely shrugged and sheathed the blade. Odysseus lay back a bit more relaxed, propping himself on his elbows. The two glared silently at one another, like two lions, ready to jump at the break of a twig.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]"I oughta rip your guts out for coming in here to slit my throught."

"I should carve out your internal organs and lay them out in alphabetical order for damaging my wrist."

"You know you liked it."

"Kiss my clit."

[i]The tension in the room was almost edible, and Consunse could've consumed it. But then, of course, the wind had to pick up and startle her enough to step within his reach. He grabbed for her slender waist, but missed and caught her hips instead. Survivalist, minimalist, and seeker of all things adventerous, Consunse snarled and caught his wrists the same way he had caught hers earlier, scraping her nails roughly across his skin, taking off a layer or two of sebaceous glands.

He growled and yanked her down to his level, while she struggled to break his grip, fighting but having half a mind to just go limp and hopefully flop onto his face and break something.[/i]

"You little hellcat."

"Smelly bastard."



[i]She leaned over and licked his lips, winking with her left eye.[/i]

"I resemble that."[/COLOR]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Odysseus rolled his eyes over her body. Consunse playfully, yet rough, way of putting herself on him amused him greatly. Both curious, both so aggressively fighting for an adventure, it was only natural. He slid his hand over her hip and down her inner thigh.

[b]"You know, your sneaking up on me like this can get us both fired,"[/b] Odysseus pressed his thumb into the crease of her jeans.

[b]"Odysseus, is that concern I hear?"[/b] Consunse pushed herself closer into Odysseus's arms, her lips hovered over his.

The heat from her soft skin tickled Odyessus's lips, luring his face towards hers. Now, Odysseus was always known for being the "lady's man", but for some reason, every time he came so close to dominating Consunse, she always snapped back. This, in a bizarre sensuality, aroused Odysseus's curiosity. He found his hands slithering up her tank top and around to her back. To his surprise, Consunse's hands pulled at his belt.

Their lips grazed for a split second, sending shivers down Odysseus's spine. Lustful for another, he pressed his lips gently against hers. As expected, Consunse matched his move. Even though it was cool and fresh outside, the atmosphere was heavy and humid, so much that you could slice it with a knife. The two breathed in sync, hearts racing, hands wandering aimlessly.

[b]"Odysseus!! I need the reading for sector 16!!"[/b] Lorn's voice quickly shot through the darkness, shattering the sheet of fragile passion.

[b]"F.cking A..."[/b] Odysseus growled in utter disappointment and pushed Consunse to the side.

[b]"Don't go,"[/b] Consunse reached over and teasingly pinched at Odysseus's buttock.

[b]"Hey! Watch it, Con-artist,"[/b] he jumped slightly, wrenching the printed readings from underneath the computer.


"I'm coming, damn you!"[/color][/size][/font][/b]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]She pouted, folding her arms and rolling over onto her stomach. Con-artist? ....Cünt yes, bîtch maybe, but con-artist?[/i]

"Look who's talking."

[i]She slumped back on the pillows and removed her clothing carefully. With delicate movements, she folded everything and laid her belt, gun, and knife on top. Then, dressed in nothing more than a smile and a black thong, she slid under the sheets and waited patiently.

The wind outside picked up again, blowing sand against the sides of the tarp and canvas, but naturally, it came to nothing at all. She sighed and rolled on her side, her ample hip rising to outline her figure perfectly under the bedsheets. What a present for the hard working survivalist.

Being off duty was so nice. And in the file she had signed for the job, there was absolutely nothing in it about fraternizing with team members. Hell, it had nothing in the way of conduct either besides simple respect. And if this wasn't repsect, she wasn't quite sure what it was to begin with. So, conscience at rest, she closed her eyes and dozed off, while waiting for her .....male...to come back.[/i][/COLOR]
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[size=1][i]This is why I chose this team, you all can carry something on without the constant support of the recruiter. I applaud you.[/i]
[b]Odysseus-[/b] "I'm coming, damn you!" Lorn straightened quickly. What was that all about? He shrugged and bent back over the rough pictures they did a few weeks ago. Sector seventeen didn't show much hope, but neither did sector six. They had found a few bodies there. Without proper carbondating tools, they weren't able to dicern the exact age of the bodies, but they guessed it was almost prehistoric. They had sent the bodies back in a foam box for study back at his main facility.

Odysseus walked in, slightly flushed with a sheen of sweat on his body. He brushed himself off, and walked over to Lorn.

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "I'm sorry about cursing you." Lorn put an arm on his shoulder.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "It's not a problem, really. How about we keep the extracurricular activities put away until after 2200 hours, ok?" Odysseus looked at him wonderingly.

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "How'd you know?" Lorn chuckled.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "First, no one breaks a sweat at night in the desert unless they're feverish or involved in some rigourous activities." He pulled the 3D composite out of the folder it was in and began looking it over. "Second, I know I watched her go into your tent." Odysseus blushed slightly. "And finally..." He looked over the composite again, just to make sure it was correct. "And... finally..."

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "Hey, I'm not usually into pain or anything like that. She did the wrist carvings on a spur of the moment thing. I didn't have anything to do... What?" Odysseus placed his hands on his hips and looked over at Lorn. The man's eyes were wide open, his complexion pasty, and his mouth was opening and closing trying to say something but failing miserably. Lorn closed his eyes and rubbed them.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Have... Have you looked at this yet?" Odysseus shook his head.

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "No. I was a little distracted. Did the computer screw up again? Do you need me to go print off anoth-"

[b]Lorn-[/b] "No..." He rubbed his eyes again. "Ummm... Come here." Odysseus walked over slowly, a little wary of Lorn's new behavior. "Do you see what I see?" Odysseus looked down. The rendering showed a few random rocks. A nice sized boulder. A few skeletons that were probably dead caravan members judging from the depth. And suddenly, there was nothing. Solid rock. Odysseus looked up at Lorn with questioning eyes.

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "What is it?" Lorn looked back at the rendering and then to his friend and team member.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "I think we may have just discovered a tomb, Odysseus..." Lorn sat down on the ground suddenly and with a rather large thump. His knees wouldn't support him any longer.[/size]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]As soon as she heard the words solid rock, she was up and out of the bed in a flash, still naked, but quite uncaring about that bit.[/i]

"Tomb? Really?!"

[i]She peered over Lorn's shoulder curiously, then clapped her hands together with excitement.[/i]

"Lovely, in the middle of a heat pit. The others will love it."

"A heat pit."

"Yes, the heat rises and becomes trapped in the area. I guess it's time I warned you all to bring camelbacks to thwart dehydration. And maybe some salt tabs too."

[i]Her excitement was a little freakish, and slightly unnerving. Lorn was about to say something to the effect of: "...are you always this happy about certaind death..?" when he looked at her for the first time and noticed she was wearing a thong and holding a pillow.[/i]


"Oh. Sorry, I just got excited about the tomb."

"Is that all you were excited about..?"

[i]Lorn eyed her bare legs, not trusting himself to check the rest of her. She laughed and held the pillow over her breasts.[/i]

"Your survival specialist says that if you like survival, you'll carry on as normal."[/COLOR]
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[I] ****, ****, ****![/I]

The same thing for two days.. nothing different. The same thing and yet no changes in whats been happening. He looked over ever inch every detail. Hery wire, everything and still the same.. NO READING!

"DAMNIT!" He yelled into the desrt, everyon else looking his way, luckily he was just out of everyon'es eyesight but they knew he was pissed.

He let out a small rumble in his chest, folded the laptop and walked back to the camp.

"Hey man what's the matter?" Odysessus and Lorn looked at him first, their eyes boring into him as he passed them by.

"Nothing I can't handle man. Ya'll just go back to...." He stopped in his tracks and looked at em more closely... he saw her... there in only her underwear letting it all out for the world to see. He shook his head momentarily thinking the desert was begining to play trick on him. "Ya'll go back to talking." He finished his sentecne and moved on to the Supply Tent, hoping his extra Security items were in place.

He found them quickly and sighed. [I]Here we go yet again.[/I] He took the box of equipment back outside and saw his co workers there again. He almost dropped the box this time truly seeing that she was naked and could only shake his head and laugh to himself as he passed by them heading to his original spot.

[I]Now that witch has some balls[/I] He laughed to himself now outta earshot of his coworkers. His mind now wondering back to the project that lay before him.

The desert, although beginning to show signs of cooling was not yet to the point to cool Carlos down, he was just plain pissed and it showed. Something in the system was fouling up and it didn't please him. Tomorrow they map again but he needed to be prepared like now. He knew he needed to be one up on these people. Shoot he knew that all too well. Those years with his [I] papa[/I] did him right. When the least was expected, thats where many things came from. And he knew that planning ahead was the best way to keep things protected.

But luckily for them the team was alone in the vastness of the dunes and surrounding ocean of seering sun and sands. But he always knew that one day competition would come and he wanted to be ready.

He began to do relays on the second set of hardware.... He had to get the security system up and ready. No delays, just work.. all night if need be.

[I]Por favor, Valgame dios[/I][/FONT][/COLOR]
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Guest Midnight Rush
Sorry I didn't post, I've been away... sex scenes already? This is cool. Now onto the story:

[SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow]

Alexander Sonata stood smoking a cigarette, gazing at the sunset. He was reminded of so many other sunsets in lands far away. "Damnit I can't start thinking about all that again!" He exhaled, and walked back towards the encampment.

He saw the nude woman standing outside, and an inkling of arousal began to form in the back of his mind. He quickly pushed that aside as he remembered his first time being infatuated by a woman and the deaths that resulted. Sonata looked away and to avoid appearing suspicious, checked his every-ready sidearm's already impeccable condition for flaws.

"Lorn!" He shouted.

"What!?" Came the exasperated reply.

"How's the tomb's prospects looking?"

"Great, except for location.."

"Let me guess, a heat pit?"

"Yea," Lorn said. "By the way, did you kill those rattlers?"

"There was a nest of them, I poured some oil down in the hole and lit it. Our slithery friends shouldn't bother us anymore."


Alexander ended their conversation, and walked back to the security tent. He logged in his day's reports as he always did. Then, lighting another cigarette, he went to bed, doing his best to fall asleep. For a while it was silent, but gasps and moans from a nearby tent disrupted his reverie.

He was instantly on his feet, and began loading his weapon. "Who the hell do they think they are, ******* in a desert while I'm trying to sleep!" He raged in a whisper, and opened the flap of the tent. Then he stopped.

"What am I doing? If she were here... Damnit! Don't think about it!" He whispered, slightly shaken by his sudden rage. "I-I must compartmentalize, emotion... I can't let it interfere with this, I must see what lies beneath!"

Alexander re-entered his tent, and put the gun on the cot. He took his personal bag out and opened it. Inside was a picture of a gorgeous woman. Tears fell from the face of the grizzled man, the memory of her and her joy was too much. "Damnit.." He choked, holding the picture close to him. "Its all I have left of you..."

Then he slept.

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[color=darkslategray][font=Lucida Sans Unicode][size=1]Her breath, silent and steady. The tips of her hair tickled and kissed his face. He held her close and sweetly brushed clingling strands of hair from her pouting lips.

[b]"I believe we have missed another for far too long, Odysseus,"[/b] Consunse folded her arms over his chest and smiled softly up at him.

[b]"Perhaps,"[/b] Odysseus chuckled lightly, folding one arm behind his head and the other strayed over Consunse's bare backside.

The full moon's mystic light lummed and leered on the two's bodies through an opening in the canvas. Not a sound. The winds had stopped. No familiar sounds of sirens and gunshots of the city, nor the pleasant whispers of crickets and bull frogs from the country. Just absolute nothingness.

Odysseus began to grow restless. He was one not apt for complete silence. He looked down at the woman laying on him. Her face relaxed with the slightest smile of accomplishment. Her petite body rose and fell gently with his synchronized breathing. He gently lifted her and slipped out from under her. Getting up he pulled on his jeans and covered Consunse with the blanket. He ruffled her hair playfully and grabbed his jacket and exited the tent.

The night was black, the velvety sky lit up in thousands of shimmering diamonds. The desert sandrock cold as concrete under Odysseus's bare feet. He stood at the edge of a hole they had explored earlier that day. The spring-like breeze gust once or twice, tugging at his dark hair. Sighing, Odysseus turned and walked towards the campsite. A single glow caught his ever watchful eyes. It was coming from Carlos's tent.

[b]"Wonder what he's doin up so late,"[/b] Odysseus looked at his watch.

[i]0324[/i] (3:24 am)

He shrugged to himself, that would be the same question Carlos would be asking Odysseus. He smirked in his response and headed over to pay a little visit to Carlos. As he passed the tents, he heard a light sobbing. He stopped and cracked open the tent's entrance. The moon's light peered in.

[b]"Alex, you a'right man?"[/b] Odysseus's light brown eyes glew in the soft light.

[b]"Yeah, I'll be fine,"[/b] Alex tried to give Odysseus a reassuring smile, but his eyes poured out his true feelings.

Odysseus stared for a few seconds and smiled back, nodded and left Alex to his slumber. He knew of what bothered Alex and decided it best to just let him be. Questioning him would only upset him more. And that was something Odysseus did not want to do, to invoke an argument and possibly a fight. So instead, he walked over and entered Carlos's tent without a knock.

[b]"Good morning, Odyssesus,"[/b] Carlos tossed a pillow.

[b]"Easy killer, who knows what yer packing in that pillow,"[/b] Odysseus joked.

[b]"Shut your trap, Ody."[/b]

[b]"Hey now, that's not very nice,"[/b] Odysseus fluffed the pillow and lay down on the cot.

The Hispanic man sighed in annoyance and laughed at Odyssues. He stood up from his chair and walked over to his footlocker, taking out a small flask. He held it towards Odysseus.

[b]"Sure, why not...as long as you aren't trying to poison me,"[/b] Odysseus sat up and took the flask.

[b]"Now why would I go and do a thing like that? You know very well if I wanted to kill anyone, I'd do it with my hands,"[/b] Carlos chuckled and sat down on his locker.

[b]"Yeah, yeah,"[/b] Odysseus took a sip and handed the flask over,[b]"Holy Mosses,"[/b] coughing lightly,[b]"what in the crap is that?"[/b]

Carlos rolled in laughter and took a sip.[/color][/font][/size]
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Carlos took another swig of the drink as Odysessus kept coughing tryng to still down the strong drink.

"Take it easy [I]hombre[/I]," Carlos started finishing off the last of the liquor in his glass and setting the cup on the gound. "The drink's got a kick, you gotta take the first one in and absorb it before you go for more. Not like thos old American moveis where u see guys take hit after hit after hit. You know enjoy it, then once you get used to it.. YOu go back for more and it won't bite as much." Carlos laughed for a minute pouring himself another cup. "It kinda reminds me of [I]mis mujeres[/I]. They always were worse at the begininning."

Odysessus looked at Carlos for a moment and only smirked to the comment. But didn't pan into it much seeing that his lady friend was only a few tents away. He insted lifted his drink to Carlos once more who also chipped into the toast.

[I]"Saludo!"[/I] Carlos said his hispanic accent coming on very thick. They bothed down their drinks in one gulp and they sat back just gathering thoughts for a few minutes.

Carlos spoke first.

"[I]Que pasa hombre?[/I] Why you not sleep with that beatiful woman of yours?" He looked at Odysessu for just a minute to ask that question and then looked back at his laptop, sitting next to him on his cot.

" I could ask you the same thing, seeing that we have only a few hourst till sunrise and then off to Sector Seventeen." He looked back at Carlos who was now deep into the work on the screen.

"Ah, you know me [I]hombre[/I], WORK! WORK! WORK!" he scoffed a little under his breath as he ran his hands through his now too long dark hair that was needing a cut soon. "[I]Verdad,[/I]" he started again blowong out one long breathe as he begn the sentence. "My freaking equipment is driving me nuts. SEE!" He turned the screen towards Odysessus who saw the anaysis of the system popping into the window.

" I mean alls working find.. Everything connected and stuff but the damned thing just won't give me the feedback." He grabbed his hair briefly beginning to get upset once more. "I mean yeah everywhere I've gone has had its trouble, but never like this. You know the usual, the shortages of a false alarm but I mean no readout whatsoever its like something is blocking the signal from my equipment, and thats something we can't afford. Not on an expedition like this."

Odysessus just looked on as Carlos got his anger out the way and didn't interupt.

"Have you tried the backups?" He asked looking curiously as Carlos still ran analysis.

"More than once man, and they are all giving me the ame thing... NO READOUT WHATSOEVER!" Carlos' temper flared momentarily anhd he snapped the laptop closed and tossed it to his side. "I can't take any more of this tonight man, he started and leaned back a lil against the cot." Wanna 'nother?" he spoke picking up the bottle again and poring himself and Odysessus another drink.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]**** and run. Typical. Of course....if she had read him right, he'd be back for more as soon as they were off duty. Relaxing, she snuggled back into the sheets. Her personal effects, all one bag of them, were resting in her designated corner. She prided herself on having as little luggage as she needed. And really, she was as lightly packed as a bedouin.

Change of shirts, overshirt, khakis, a set of fatigues, her camelback, weapons, ammo, and a few spare food packs. Plus one groundsheet just incase.[/i]


[i]She grinned and thought of Valence. The poor girl with a name that reminded her of curtains, had the equivalent of three full duffel bags. Poor lady. She lived by that mantra: "never take what you're afraid to lose."

Hence: a spare mp3 player when things got slow. But she figured. With Odysessus around, it'd be hard to picture life boring. And as of now....he was getting inebriated with Carlos. What better way to do things? Than hit the bottle.[/i]

"Oh well. At least he had a big dick."

[i]She rolled her eyes and turned over again.[/i][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Valence laid atop her bunker and was not able to sleep, seeing that her teammate and roommate kept her awake most of the night with her roaring moans and never-ending gasps. She became restless and got out of bed. She slipped into her shoes and walked out of the tent. Not knowing what to do, Valence walked to wherever her feet took her, which was to Lorn's tent. She had wondered whether or not, they would be able to excavate any more items tomorrow, or if they had a fluke. With a sigh, Valence stood at the tent door again.[/i]


[i]A questionable voice entered the tent as Lorn looked over the maps that were sprawled on the table in front of him. His eyes kept darting back to the circled area, in which the tomb was to be found. He had heard the voice and answered in a hasty voice. Valence walked in and saw that Lorn was looking at the maps once more. She folded her arms and walked to the table. She, as well, looked over the circled area and the notes that Lorn had taken. She was standing next to a man who had majored in Exploration Expertise, as it seemed, while Valence only minored it. She breathed deeply in and looked over everything once more before asking questions.[/size][/color][/i]
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[size=1][b]Lorn-[/b] "I can't figure it out..." He glanced at the rendering again and shook his head, rubbing his tired eyes.

[b]Valence-[/b] "What? What's wrong?" He traced his finger over where the reading stopped. It just stopped.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Normally, with these new machines, they can detect tomb like this one. The vibrations bounce off of rocks and come back to the computer which makes a 3D composite based on what it 'saw' under the ground." He leaned over and checked another rendering of another buried structure from Russia. "See. In this one, there are buckles and breaks in the cieling from being underground for so long. The vibrations made it into the inner chamber and mapped a little of that too... But this one..." He pointed along the cieling of the tomb. "This one is perfeclty intact. There are no breaks. No chips. No fractures... Nothing. It's perfect. Like it was buried yesterday." Valence looked down and noticed exactly what Lorn was talking about.

[b]Valence-[/b] "Well... Could it be something besides a tomb?" Lorn swiveled in his chair and looked at her with questioning eyes.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Like what?" Valence shifted uncomfortably.

[b]Valence-[/b] "I don't know... Maybe a deposite of quartz or coal." Lorn shook his head, but his eye remained wide and interested.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Both never occur perfectly flat unless they're in a controlled atmosphere... Go on." Valence helped herself to a seat on Lorn's cot.

[b]Valence-[/b] "What about volcanic material? Has there ever been any kind of underground eruptions in this area?" Lorn shook his head.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "I already ran the backgrounds, no volcanic activities. Any other ideas?" Lorn's eyes were practically gleaming. Valence looked at her feet.

[b]Valence-[/b] "I... I don't know..." Lorn took her hand.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "You're close. Expand your mind." She looked up and into his eyes.

[b]Valence-[/b] "Ummm... Well... What about..." Lorn nodded and leaned back in is chair. "What about the mass extiction of the dinosaurs?" Lorn clapped his hands together and smiled widely.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "What about it?"

[b]Valence-[/b] "Ummm... There were several layres of sediment that fell from the atmosphere. That and maybe volcanic activity we don't know about..." He stood and whooped.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "That's right! We might have something here way more important than a tomb. He might have found material from prehistoric earth. This might prove all Darwinists correct! Tomarrow I want you to wake everyone up at 0600. I want you to tell them we aren't going to map seventeen. We're going to dig."[/size]
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Guest Midnight Rush
OOC: Sorry Knight, I waswriting at the same time you were. I edited to allow for your post to make sense.

[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2][COLOR=DarkGreen]

When Alexander woke that next morning, he felt rested. The night's remembering and the tears had been a catharsis for him, and he was lucid like he never had been before. The dross of a former life had washed away, leaving only clear cut memories behind.

He felt like a new man.

Sonata dressed quickly, and went to the mess tent. He ate a small breakfast and downed a shot of Guinness.

"You sure that's wise man?" Carlos chuckled.

"No, its not wise, but I could care less."

"Ahh, I know what you mean. We're off to sector 17 today?"

"No, Lorn found some type of thing. He wants to dig today.

Carlos stood and grabbed the bottle, "Sounds like a plan. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to finish this."

"Be my guest, just don't let Lorn find out."

Carlos chugged the rest, and left the mess. Alexander lit a cigarette and went back to his own tent, grabbing the equipment he would need for the day. He carried the stuff to the Jeep-like vehicle and loaded it up.

"Hey Alex!" Lorn shouted. "Give me a hand with this digging equipment."

"Sure," Alexander replied, walking over to him and grabbing the other side of the big case. They lifted it into the Jeep beside the rest of the gear, and waited impatiently for the younger crew members to arrive.

Carlos, Odysseus, and Consunse appeared withing a few minutes. All of them looked tired but alert, and Lorn was pissed.

"We have a job to do! This isn't a fraternity party, we didn't come here to get plastered and ****!" He snapped.

"Hey Lorn, chill. If people don't do their jobs, then you can chew them out. Lay off alright? We are stuck out in a desert give 'em a break for having some fun." Alexander interjected. "I'll go find Valence, you guys get going. I'll ride out on the dirtbike."

"Damn you, alright. But be quick about it." Lorn mumbled.

The rest of the team rode off towards sector 17, leaving Alex virtually alone in the camp. "Damn it, why the hell wasn't she out here. This isn't play time."

He walked towards her tent, and called her name loudly.

"Alex be quiet!" Came the sharp response.

He detected fear in the voice, and drew his weapon. Sonata slowly entered the tent, and looked around. Everything seemed to be in order, except for the cobra sitting on Valence's out stretched legs.

He put his finger to his lips, at once getting her attention and keeping her quiet. At the same time, he began moving the gun back and forth, and the snake began to follow its motions.

Alexander kept up the motion as he inched closer, and the snake seemed to be caught in reverie. He came even closer, wanting badly a pointblank shot to prevent frag wounds to Valence. Nearly in range, Sonata tripped on something and fell.

The snake immediately left its state of sedation and lunged at him, wanting the kill for disturbing it. He struck its head and sent it flying back... flying right back at Valence. It sank its fangs deep into her forearm, and she screamed pain.

Alexander shot it dead, and pulled the head out of her arm. The wound was beginning to puff up, and it did not look good. He tore the sleeve off of his shirt and bound it [i]very[/i] tightly around her arm above the bite. "You're gonna be ok, ok? Don't worry about a thing."

In between tears of pain and a failing consciousness, she managed to speak. "I would thank you, but I didn't get bit until you came." He ignored her, and picked her up easily, rushing towards the supply tent.

He lay he down on the floor of the supply tent, and reassured her as he looked for the antivenom. "Copperhead, diamondback, mamba, damnit where is asp!" He shouted, "Here it is!" He took the small bottle off of the shelf and sucked the contents into a syringe. "This is going to pinch a little, but without it you'll probably die."

Alexander injected the syrum into her arm near the wound, fed her some painkillers, and waited. For nearly a half hour (I have no info as to real times or procedure so I just invented some, ok?) nothing changed, and Sonata thought she was losing the battle.

Then the wound began to shrink. The discoloration began to fade, and the swelling decreased. "You're gonna make it lass!" He said, "You're gonna make it."

She passed out completely and he gave her some more painkillers and fever reducer, knowing that her body was weakened by its fight with the venow, and any pathogenic incursion would kill her.

"****, I need to go set up the perimeter... those scientifics may well be overrun by beduin horsemen by now. O well, at least we didn't have a casualty on my watch today."

It was over two hours before she woke, and she was still weak. He had since moved her to a more comfortable spot, and was impatiently waiting for her. "Ah good your up. Drink this." Sonata said, basically pouring some brandy down her throat. "I know its not good to move you yet, but we have no choice. I can't stay, but I can't leave you here alone. You're gonna have to ride, its not a long trip."

He picked her up and carried her over to the dirtbike, mounting it carefully so as not to disturb her wounds. She was sort of side sattled in front of him, and he had to keep one hand on her to stabilize. "I'm sorry lass, I made a mistake. Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I think so. Thank you." She said, her voice nearly a whisper.

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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Not even thinking about the cobra or the bite, Valence still had her mind on the tomb. She could see visions of bones embedded into the walls of the tomb, while various bones were scattered on the ground. A weak smile came over her as the two came to the dig site. Lorn and the others were standing near the tomb area as they came near. They all turned and shaded their eyes.

Alexander stopped his bike and helped Valence off. She walked slowly, yet she remained perfectly fine. As she neared the others, Consunse folded her arms, Odysseus stood by her, Carlos greeted her in his joyful spanish greeting, and Lorn patted her back.[/i]

"Alright. So, what did we think we may have found in these tombs, Valence?"

"Well...Lorn and I believe that we may have found prehistoric material from the several layers of sediment that fell from the atmosphere. We also think that there may have been volcanic activity along with the materials. Which means that this may have been the cause of the tombs unfaltered outlook. Which also means there may be items that are intact and in perfect condition. We may even come across various materials from the people who had built the tombs."

[i]Lorn was excited and turned to his team. Valence stood beside him as he directed the others on what to do. Although, Valence seemed pale and weak, she was excited as well. There was nothing more enjoyable than digging and searching. This was the one thing that put a smile on her face.[/size][/color][/i]
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[color=darkslategray][size=1][font=Lucdia Sans Unicode][b]"Odysseus, help me out real quick,"[/b] Alex motioned towards the truck.

[b]"Sure thing,"[/b] Odysseus walked beside Alex and helped him unload the sensitive equipment.

[b]"So, you had a jolly good time last night, eh?"[/b] Alex winked and gently set down the radar.

[b]"Yeah, it was alright,"[/b] Odysseus grunted as he stood up, pulling a cigarette from his jacket pocket.

The two looked into the orange and red horizon. The fossilized earth, scorched and weathered, rose and fell rythmically in vast dunes. The men walked lightly over the humps and looked. Talking quietly and pointing out where they thought it would be best for entry.

[b]"Nah, you're lying,"[/b] Alex nudged his comadre.

[b]"I never lie. I'm tellin' you, man, you don't want none of that,"[/b] Odysseus plucked his half-gone cigarette from his lips and blew out a thin cloud of smoke.

[b]"No kidding..."[/b] Alex looked back at the rest of the crew who were begining to set up the protection tents.

[b]"Anyways, she's trouble. I really don't want to see you mixed up with her..not after what happened to you,"[/b] Odysseus crunched his butt under his boot and wrapped an arm around Alex's shoulder, [b]"C'mon, let's go see what damage we can do."[/b]

Alex rolled his eyes and followed. Consunse glared skeptically at Odysseus, who just blew her a sarcastic kiss. She spat on the dirt and turned heels. Odysseus chuckled, amusedly and watched her fume.

[b]"You just love pissing her off, don't you Odysseus?"[/b] Valence punched him in the arm.

[b]"Easy on the guns, kid. That's how I get the gals,"[/b] Odysseus stuck out his tongue and jumped from another slug.

Valence smiled and mumbled something about being a prick. Lorn shook his head and nodded Odysseus over. The narsasitic survivalist waltzed over and took the maps from Lorn.

[b]"Where do you think?"[/b] Lorn folded his arms and gazed about.

The hot breeze whipped the maps about in Odysseus's grip. He turned his body as to shelter from the vicious winds. He studied the map then turned to look at Lorn.

[b]"There, where Alex and I sat the radar,"[/b] he pointed.

Lorn nodded and waved for Odysseus to follow. The two stood over a small dip in the earth.

[b]"I think that's what this is.."[/b] Odysseus tapped the small, dark circle on the prints,[b] "Also, Lorn..I remember that f.ucker who had me imprisoned mention something about a city being out here in this putrid wasteland. He said that it was full of riches and prehistoric evidence of primative earth, such as homosapiens, evolutionary mammals, and all of that jazz."

"What happened to this city?"[/b] Lorn's eyes were of a child, seeing his new toys under the Christmas tree.

Odysseus smiled in Lorn's child-like anxiety and put his hand on his shoulder.

[b]"Your little miss, Valence, is correct in her theory. See that plateau? Yeah, that was, and is, a dormant volcano."[/b]

Lorn's face froze in utter astonishment. His smile crept and disappeared. His eyes swelled with joyful tears.

[b]"...But, if you knew this city existed, how come you never mentioned it?"

"My dear friend, there are somethings in life that one needs to discover on his own. I knew you would find it, I have complete faith in you. This is [i]your[/i] discovery. Yours, Lorn."

"Odysseus..I couldn't have found it without the help of you and the others. So it is also-"

"No one here deserves this miracle more than you. Your hard work is going to pay off. You've had to put up with so much s.hit from.....me...and failure of equipment, getting lost in the most brutal of environment. It's only right for you to claim your victory,"[/b] Odysseus hugged Lorn and pulled him away.

The two should-be brothers stared at the dip beneath their feet.

[b]"I feel hope, Odysseus,"[/b] Lorn's voice nearly took with the wind.

Odysseus sighed lightly and playfully pushed Lorn into the dip. Lorn squinted up at Odysseus and threw a fist full of dirt at him. Thus, resulting in an all out wrestle.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=MediumTurquoise][i]Consunse watched the two brawl, until she had decided they were covered in enough sweat. She cupped both hands around her mouth and emitted what could only be refered to as a eagle screech. The fighting ground to a complete halt, and she walked down into the dip, her hands on her hips.[/i]


"Yes Master?" [i]Practically unreconizable under a layer of dirt and sweat, he looked up at her happily.[/i]

"That's Mistress to you Odysseus! While you two gentlemen were interested in pounding each other into the ground in playful fun, you failed to realize that you were wasting liquid and energy that could be used for better things. Like making discoveries. So."

"Salt tabs and water?"

[i]She handed out the named items to both Lorn and Odysseus, looking as severe as an English schoolmarm from the ninteenth century.[/i]

"Damn straight. Drink up or die from heat stroke."

[i]They quickly complied, poping the tabs and guzzling the ice cold liquid that she had pulled from her pack.[/i]

"Because there is no way on God's Green Earth that I am hauling your two inert forms back to camp from the back of a truck."

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[size=1]Lorn shoved Odysseus and downed the last of his salt tab with water. Odysseus shoved back and stood up. He began walking out of the dip and tripped on a small piece of rock. Lorn rolled over, clutching his side, and trying not to breath in sand. Odysseus kicked the rock at him, catching Lorn in the lower back. Consunce glanced back with an icy stare.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Come on. We have to have some fun. You know how that's like." He winked extremely obviously at her. She extended one single finger on her right hand and walked over to the equipment.

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "Don't even think about it." Lorn closed his mouth rather dejectedly. "You'd just get her to cut off your water or something.'

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Whatever. Let's get diggin', aye?"

[b]Odysseus-[/b] "Oh yeah." Lorn nodded.

[b]Lorn-[/b] "Ok, unless anyone else wants to take a shot at me, and lose!" Odysseus walked by and punched him in the arm. "Ow... Let's dig!" everyone let up a small cheer, except for Consunce who flipped him off again.[/size]
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The liqour although stinking Calros body to hell was not effecting his way of work. He was used to it about 3 drinks before bed and one in the morning. Thats all he needed, kuckily no more becasue in this heat it would be the last of hiim. He managed to dow as much water as he could before leaving camp and was still unpacking as Odysessus and Lorn had thei little tuffle in the sand.

He was tempted to walk to, "Queen Almighty" AKA Consunse, and say," I got five on [I]tu novio[/I]," hut he held his breath and only chuckled to himself as they continued to fight.

But he did like QA's style. Sassy but not too bitchy with a voice of dominance that reigned over all. Seeing her look over the fight made him wonder how great she really was in bed. He shook the thoughts from his head and finished with unlopading as the wrestlers finished their fight.

[I]"Ay Dios Mio,"[/I] he yawned out, half due to him being tired, the rest due to the heat. He strecthed just a little showing the trail of hair on his lower stomach, he was tempted to wear no shirt at all but not even the sunscreen he was wearing would keep him burn free on a day like this. But at least the sleeveless, white cotton shirt showed off his well bronzed and toned arms.

He gave out a quick cheer after Lorns small speech and began to open the trunk looking for his usual items.

"Where should we start, gente?" He called looking directly at Lorn. Who was now getting flicked off by the beautiful QA.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#999999][i]Watching as the men were fooling around and being scolded by Consunse, Valence stood beside the dirtbike and looked at everything around her. She breathed in deeply and could smell the fresh dirt being pulled from its tight space and freeing itself from its home. She folded her arms and watched as Consunse walked towards her. A look of annoyance was plastered onto it. Valence sighed and stood up straight as she walked to her.[/i]

"Guys giving you a hard time?"

[i]Consunse said nothing at first, but then spoke a few words.[/i] "....da.mn Odysseus."

"I see. Don't worry about it, Consunse. I may be young, but I know guys like him. He talks big with his buddies, but I bet you, he'll come crawling back and you'll have him wrapped around his fingers."

[i]Valence smiled sweetly and Consunse merely cocked a brow. She then sighed as well and walked with Valence towards the site once more. The men were working as they came by. Lorn was joking around and looking at the plateau with Odysseus, while Alex and Carlos stood by them, talking their time away. Consunse and Valence still had their arms folded. Valence cleared her throat and her counterpart, Lorn, turned to look at who had called them to attention.[/i]

"Ah...Valence! Consunse! How nice of you to join us."

"This is not a tea party, Lorn. Where are we going to dig today?" [i]Consunse had a sharp tone rising in her voice. They all noticed it and kept it well in mind.[/i]

"Well, Odysseus thinks...I mean. We think...well...." [i]Lorn had not fully compromised where to dig yet, which made Consunse believe they were merely fooling around once more.[/i]

"I have...."

[i]Grabbing Consunse's arm, Valence stepped in before they all were angered and annoyed.[/i] "Look. We came here to dig, right? Well, then. I think we should start digging where Odysseus set up the radar with Alex. It's our best chance of finding an underground entrance and perhaps a passageway. Also, we may even uncover more than what we were granted to look for." [i]All eyes were upon her as she spoke.[/i] "There...that's where we will start. Now...let's get to work, shall we?" [i]Once Consunse turned her heel and left, Valence stopped the guys from going anywhere.[/i] "Stop right there. Don't move."

"What? What happened?"

"Not another cobra, is it?"

"[i]Que pasa, chica[/i]? Is something wrong?"

"Valence....mind telling us why you aren't letting us work?"

[i]Valence eyed them all and she took a breath.[/i] "First of all, stop being such a dumbas.s, Odysseus. You need to stop pissing Consunse off! And Lorn, you know just as well as I, that Consunse doesn't like play before work. And gentlemen, she is not the wicked witch from the west. She is a survival specialist, as you are, Odysseus. Agree with me that you will be more kinder and more gentleman-like." [i]Murmurs and mumbles were sounded, but it didn't sound confident to Valence, who grew angry and drew out her pistol and aimed it at the men's feet.[/i] "Speak up or I will shoot off a toe."

"Alright! Put it away! We'll be good. We'll be good." [i]Odysseus sounded confused, yet worried that Valence may actually blow a toe off of him. She was well known for doing that when things got heated.[/i] "We all agree not to piss her off or annoy her."

[i]Standing up tall, Valence sheathed her gun and walked away. With an anger problem like hers, she was well known to do things way out of the ordinary. She walked and searched for Consunse to see what would happen next, while leaving the guys to their own work and confusion.[/size][/color][/i]
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