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The end of the world has come. In this postapoclypic waist land, these kids struggle to keep their dream alive. The kids come across love, peace, and war. One of these ways is the true way to go...

One of the tribes who looks for power and ultimate domination are the Crusher.But there is the other tribe who looks for trouble everywhere they go. They are known as the Poppers. These two tribes go at it everytie they meet. But there is a sercret to the two leaders of the tribes. The leaders grew up with eachother befor the whole apocolypse. One leader very strong and cocky and the other wise and smart mouthed.

Ox the leader of the Crushers is in great trouble right now. He has went to a fight with a great amount of tribe members and they were bombed by the Poppers. He is in despret need of tribe members. He searching everywhere to take in people to help him in this time of war and peace...

Bunny the leader of the Poppers she is probaly partying at this point right now. But that isn't good for her because she isn't in touch with her comrades. At this point what is known in the Crushers' territory that they have captured one of the Poppers supply trucks on their way to the Poppers' territory. So Bunny is in look for some recruits to help get back the Crushers.

With each tribe needing at least four people this is gonna be a big war. But remember your goal to make your way be they way. In this there will be back stabbing and maybe even Romeo and Juliet story parts. There can also be switching of side but you will have to ask the leaders of the tribes to be takin' in on the other side.

(Bunny is being saved for Sunofexiles)


Real name: (first name and last if you want)
Nickname: (do animal names if can)
Age: (12-18)
Appearence: (be very descreptive)
Tribe: (crushers or poppers)
Skill: (good with electronics making things ect)

My Sign Up

Real name: Dominic

Nickname: Ox

Age: 18

Appearence: Tall and muscular. He has black hair and hazel eyes. He has tan colored skin. His arms a ripped with muscle and has scars all over it. Under his right eyes he has a deep scar from and very sharpe blade. He wears Brown black and grey cloths. He does not wear light colors because of where he blends in at the crusher base(a under ground mansion and army base).(look at attachment for some features)

Tribe: Crushers of course

Role in Tribe: Leader

Skill: He can move heavy things. He has learned every fighting style known to man and he knows all the weapons known and how they work.

Weapons: M-16, and two desert eagle handguns.

Bio: He grew up in the ruins of the crusher territory with Bunny. They were soon took in to the Tribe at the age of 12 but one day Ox and Bunny never saw eachother. He looked everywhere but couldn't find her. He soon inhierited the Tribe from his friend and only family member he had Snake. Ox was 15 when he saw Bunny again and that day changed their relationship forever.
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[COLOR=Indigo]Sounds cool! ^^[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Name: Imric Kagushi
Nickname: Wolf
Appearance: [URL=http://fanart.theotaku.com/imgs/22634-20040616124041.jpg]Clickety[/URL]
He stands at about 5'11 and he is quite slim. He has strong arms and shoulders which means he is useful for heavy work. Just in case the picture is unclear, he has bright green eyes. He has been thought of as quite a handsome guy.
Age: 17
Tribe: Poppers
Skills: He has a very quick mind and, although he is skilled with his weapon, he is put to better use with computers. He is very intelligent, some would even say a genius for his age. He can pick locks well and can crack codes.
Weapons: Flame Scorpio (look at the pic)
Bio: Imric was raised by a rich family but was bored of the 'good-life'. He ran away from home when he was 15 to try and find some adventure. He has been travelling alone for a long time but has become very interested in the battle going on between the Crushers and the Poppers. He has been finding out all he can about the two different tribes so that if he ever got pulled into the battle, he would be prepared.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo]PM me if there are any problems[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Real name: Fleta Nemir
Nickname: Racoon
Appearence:[URL=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/52-10.htm]Click click [/URL] She stands about 5' 3", since she is very short it give her an advantage. She has a small tattoo on her back of a racoon face. Her slim build is meant for speed and agailty so she is not very strong.
Skill: Steath and agility, she can easly slip unoticed anywhere she wants. She is also skilled at remebering the terrion of an area and maps and seeing long range. Fleta can track pretty much anything that is on foot.
Weapons: A BFG-50 and a Zastava Md. 70 pistol
Bio: A thief at heart, she grew up learning how to steal. She became skilled at this making it her trade. Never once was she caught by anyone until she met Ox. She had heard about the Crushers and decided to pay them a visit. She track and obsevered the base for days. Fleta soon found an opportunity to sneak her way into their base. She made her way into their weapons room and was about to make her exir with her goods when Ox showed up. Seeing how skilled she was and soon finding out about her other "talents" he allowed her to join with them. She earnered her codename because of the tattoo on her back and how she was and still is a theif.

Hope this is good. If not let me know.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Real name: Darien Wyland
Nickname: Eagle
Age: 17
[URL=http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=x&img=xclamp023.jpg]A close up of Darien's face[/URL]
[URL=http://www.atpictures.com/display.php?g=x&img=xclamp083.jpg]Darien's Clothing, don't mind the hair+eye color change ^^[/URL]
Tribe: Poppers
Skill: Darien, being very charming and handsome, is very good at persuasion and bribery, but he also acts as a spy for the Poppers because he can make himself either stand out in the crowd, or be invisible in the crowd. He can also see through people when they are lying, and a rumor has been going around that it is his eyes that can see through souls. He denies it, of course, but it doesn't stop him from easily recognizing when someone is lying.
Weapons: A Japanese Katana, and two Desert Eagle Handguns that he is famous for.
Bio: Born into a very rich and powerful family, Darien was easily spoiled as a child. He uses this to his advantages, however, because when he wants to be noticed by whomever he is spying on, he has some very high class suits that draw alot of attention. His parents where in the Poppers tribe, so therefore Darien has been with them his whole life. He has obviously become a very important figure in the Poppers, easily being the most charming and good looking, using these as traits as 'skills' he has taken down many Crushers in his time. Darien got his nickname because of his impeccable aim with his Desert Eagle Handguns, and because of his eyes that seem to see everything around him.

Hope this is all ok, spyda.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[color=orange][size=2][font=times new roman][b]Real name:[/b] Skyler
[b]Nickname:[/b] Kye/Nightbird
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Appearence: [/b][url=http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/w/e/wendalin/mysticelf3.jpg.html]Kye[/url]
Kye stands about 5?5?, and is medium sized. No pointy ears, and she is firmly muscled. Kye is also wearing knee-high boots. White with red embroidery along the top.
[b]Tribe:[/b] Crushers
[b]Skill[/b]: Kye is very fast, and can be practically invisible. Silent, invisible, and talented. Kye is also very skilled in bribery/persuasion.
[b]Weapons:[/b] A pair of butterfly knives, and a close-range fighting knife.
[b]Bio[/b]: Skyler was raised at an orphanage, and learned how to become what she is now dodging the older children?s ?games?. No one ever told her about her parents, and, frankly, she doesn?t care. She was always considered exoctic, but she uses it to her advantage sometimes.[/color][/font][/size]

^_^ For you, Spyda.
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Real name: Christine Olsen
Nickname: Bunny
Age: 17
Appearence: see attachment
Tribe: Poppers
Skill: Animal communication
Weapons:Whip,Zapper(a gun)
Bio:Bunny was captured by the Crushers.Though they treated her nice,they wanted her to do things she didn't want to,so she ran away.As she approached different trbes,the Poppers cuaght her eye.They were being led by her cousin,so this made her heir to the Poppers Chief status.What a lucky day for her eh?Well its about to get more exciting.Her cousin was shot by a young Crusher,Ox.Bunny soon then took charge of the army,oh did she kill alot.They say she killed a million,but thats impossible or is it?Now Bunny likes to party with Darien,trying to teach him to live a little.Or does she like him....let the Tribe unravel this along with many other adventures...
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Real name: Derian
Nickname: Bat
Age: 16
Appearence: See attached picture (ignore the elf ears)
Tribe: Crushers
Skill: Killing. He has no remorse, no feelings at all short of pleasure at watching people in their death throes. He is good at nothing else.
Weapons: Dual Blades
Bio: Not much is known short of he has no emotions that would be considered...human. A heartless killer, few trust him enough to turn their back on him. His tendencies to hurl himself into combat makes one believe he may have a death wish. He doesnt use "modern weapons" believing them to be cowardly. Has a nasty habit of slitting throats and watching the victim drown in their own blood.

((I know, I know. Morbid to the extreme. If I should change anything let me know))
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Heh since you're in need of another guy...AND Im feeling generous (lol just fooling ya) I feel like joining and seeing how this goes. :D

Name: Zeddrick (heh go firgure)

Nickname: animals eh? ah screw it, Dragon! (uhhh if that's alright)

Age 18

appearence: You know Im not good at the image stuff so...the old fashion way.

Stands politely at 5'8 he isn't imposing at in the least. Only weighing 160 lbs he could hardily intimidate someone. His brown eyes however, have fire in that surprises some, and his face is a mix between stern and kind. He is a little strange his brown hair spiked up, black clothes usually on and chains hanging about him.

Tribe: poppers

Skills: Not many to speak of, though he was excellent charisma, a certain charge to his voice that urges loyalty and friendliness. he is hand with computers or at least was before the disaster.

Weapons: Duel blades as well, both straped onto the back of his waist, (sorry man I love duel blades too) and one 45 hidden in his trench coat, 1 bullet saved for a "special" occasion.

Bio: He was a pretty normal teenager before all of the death and desruction. After that he was afraid, many people beat on smaller fellows like himself, so he aquired some weapons to do the talking when no one would hear him out. Basically he drifted until he joined up with the poppers.

(Gah sorry if this sounds crappy or anything it's a bit late and Im dead tired pm me if you have problems with it then I'll fix or something)
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