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Shattered Light of Fazon


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[I]The idea for this just kinda came to me, hope you like it.

[COLOR=SlateGray]A scream echoed in the still halls of the ancient temple. A beautiful young woman ran into the holy room, with a dark entity in close pursuit. The dark force sneered, "Young Endela, you are foolish to believe you can possibly stand against me". Endela ran in front of magical barrier and began to chant. A white light enveloped her and a holy aura filled the room, ?You do not scare me Rinaro", she glared at the beast, ?if you are to get the Light Gem of Fazon you must get through me and my allies!" The room flooded with energy and creatures of light appeared to aid Endela. The creatures dashed forward at Rinaro from all directions. Rinaro uttered a sentence in the dark language and creatures were obliterated by a wave of darkness. Rinaro began drifting towards Endela, a look of satisfaction and victory dancing in his eyes, ?Such futile efforts, Endela. You know that I am the dark spirit. You know I am the controller of the shadows. Yet you are ever so persistent. No matter, I will take the Gem into my possession and your pathetic crusade against my legion of dark knights and I will have been in vain". He grinned and then lunged towards Endela, impaling her with his claws. Endela screamed in pain, but Rinaro took no notice and continued talking," But... if you kindly hand over the Gem from that magical barrier...maybe I'll spare your life. Maybe". Endela winced in pain and grabbed the Gem," Heh,heh...Rinaro, you want this Gem badly don't you?" she looked at him mockingly. Rinaro became confused and stared quizically,"Do you jest? Of course I want the Gem of light. For then, and only then I can bring my dark forces into Fazon." Endela nodded and smiled sweetly, staring down at the Gem in her hand. Rinaro suddenly caught on," What are you....no, do not harm it!!" His plead was not headed for at that second Endela smashed the Gem into 16 pieces and with the last of her strength, scattered them to the furthest reaches of Fazon. "Now you will never posses the Gem of Light--" her sentence was cut short as Rinaro split her body in half. He grumbled under his breath and flew off into the night sky.

A gathering was being held for the Elders of Fazon. The Elders had been discussing the threat Rinaro passed in the Room of the Mystics, when a dark aura settled upon them. The High Elder, Gantra, placed his head in his hands, overcome with grief. Another elder, Turoway, stood up and and frantically yelled at Gantra, ?High Elder! That horrid feeling just now, what was that?!?" Gantra raised his head, his eyes filled with sorrow, ?The life force of Endela, our beloved Gem Defender, had faded from this world and gone on to the next. Rinaro can be held responsible for this foul deed". The Elders stirred and began talking amongst themselves. Gantra cleared his throat and the room fell silent, ?But do not fret, for not all is lost. Though Rinaro has taken away one dear to us, Endela would not succumb to him even in her dying moments. Before her life was taken she managed to crush the Light Gem and scatter it's pieces--" A roar of outrage escaped another Elder, Noryu,"You speak of this as if it were something to celebrate! The Light and Holy Gems have always kept the dark forces out of Fazon. Now that the Light Gem has been shattered, the Holy Gem's power will deplete in a matter of days. Then what will become of us?" Gantra sighed, then shook his head,"Noryu, Noryu. You speak in anger and you allow that anger to blind you. She saved us by crushing that Gem. Had Rinaro gained possession of it his powers would have doubled, and we'd be powerless to his will. As long as we retrieve the shards of that Gem before Rinaro does we should be fine". He stood up and walked towards a box with ancient symbols engraved upon it, ?Since we must stay and channel our own energy into the Holy Gem, we must give these other Gems to warriors of great skill. I have decided the perfect way too...we shall hold tournaments for great warriors to come from all over and compete. Let us make haste, for there is not a minute to spare..."

And far away the dark spirit, Rinaro, smiled,".....a tournament....two can play that game..."


There are 18 Gems altogether. The Gem of Light is not available, and neither is the Holy Gem since it corresponds with the Light Gem. When you win one of the tournaments, the Elders or Rinaro will present you with money and one of the Gems of Fazon. These Gems are:

[B]Rune Gem:[/B] Uses power of Rune. Channels energy through rune symbols.
[B]Soldier Gem:[/B] Uses power of swordsmanship. Makes weapon indestructible and increases it's power.
[B]Mage Gem:[/B] Uses power of magery. Uses the ancient, purest form of magic.
[B]Speed Gem:[/B] Uses power of agility. Gives user such great speed that they can even appear invisible.
[B]Armored Gem:[/B] Uses power of defense. Converts the users skin and clothing into stone.
[B]Flight Gem:[/B] Uses power of the sky. Gives user wings and the ability to control wind.
[B]Spirit Gem:[/B] Uses power of the soul. Summons energy deep from within you.
[B]Dread Gem:[/B] Uses the power of fear. Allows user to plague others with frightening illusions.

The light Gem draws power from all living beings, and keeps dark forces out of Fazon when used with the Holy Gem, which uses energy straight from Benyai(heaven). Both are off limits. Pieces of the Light Gem have been scattered through the regions of Wertu, Naplehum, and Konocan. Both Rinaro and the Elders have in their possesion some of the Gems. The Elders have the: Rune, Mage, Speed, and Spirit Gems; while Rinaro has the: Soldier, Armored, Flight, and Dread Gems. During your journey you will acquire a stronger Gem that corresponds with you current Gem. They are in the same order as the other Gems. When the Gems are used together you can summon a great beast, an Oricinu.
The corresponding Gems are:

[B]Oblivion Gem:[/B] Channels energy from Oblivion. When used along with the Rune Gem, the user can summon Omega.
[B]Knight Gem:[/B] Uses power of divine warrior skills. When used along with the Soldier Gem, the user can summon Bladrith.
[B]Ultima Gem:[/B] Uses the strongest form of magery, ultima. When used along with the Mage Gem, the user can summon Maguse.
[B]Time Gem:[/B] Allows user to accelerate and decelerate time. When used along with the Speed Gem, the user can summon Oracle.
[B]Barrier Gem:[/B] Creates a defensive sheild around the user. When used with the Armored Gem, the user can summon Golem.
[B]Teleport Gem: [/B] Instills the ability of teleportation into the user. When used along with the Flight Gem user can summon Suzaku.
[B]Celestial Gem:[/B] Uses the power of the angels. When used along with the Spirit Gem, the user can summon Madeen.
[B]Chaos Gem:[/B] Calls forth the power from Rinith(hell). When used with the Dread Gem, user can summon Anima.

The Gems of Holy and Light summon Lucifer when used together.If you wish to play an Elder or Rinaro PM me.
[COLOR=Green][CENTER]Alright, here's the sign-up:
[B]Age:[/B] (15+, Elders and Rinaro have no age, as they are immortal)
[B]Gender:[/B] (Male or Female/Rinaro has no gender)
[B]Gems:[/B] (First and Second)
[B]Abilities:[/B] (Gained through using the Gems/Elders and Rinaro just put your natural skills)
[B]Weapon:[/B] (Before merging with Gems:
After merging with 1 Gem:
After merging with 2 Gems: )
[B]Class:[/B] ( Knight, Mage, Samurai, etc.. you can have more than one)
[B]Description:[/B] (Physical and Mental)
[B]Bio:[/B] ( A short description of you characters past)[/CENTER]'

Here's my sign-up:
[B]Name:[/B] Scipher Forine
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Gems:[/B] Rune and Oblivion
[B]Ablities:[/B] Rune Gem- Rune Scrolls, Rune Constriction, Rune Explosion
Oblivion Gem- Oblivia Slash, Oblivia Wave, Oblivion
[B]Oricinu:[/B] Omega
[B]Weapon:[/B]Before merging with Gems- Ranarant
After merging with 1 Gem- Ragnarok
After merging with 2 Gems- Rampartant
[B]Class:[/B] Glyph Knight/"Treasure Hunter"

[B]Description:[/B] Scipher is 6'2". He has green hair with blue tips and transparent green eyes. He wears one shoulder plate and a chest plate, with an unbuttoned jacket on underneath and baggy black pants. Also has a bandanna and gloves that cut off at his knuckles. He has a laid back attitude, which covers his great skill in theivery and swordsmanship. He travels the world in search of great treasures with one of his best friends, Chrono. Enjoys sword fighting as well.

[B]Bio:[/B] He lived in the Konocan region with his family untill the age of 14, when he left with Chrono in search of adventure. His parents were supportive and gave him food and supplies for his journey.He never stayed in one place for to long,he just drifted from city to city. He hears about the tournament in one of the cities and decides to join.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Name: Zeos Uchiyama
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Gems: Soldier and Knight
Soldier--Honor Blade, Diamond Steel, and Will Power
Knight--Ten Cutter, Angelic Blade, and Sword of the Divine Stars
Oricinu: Bladrith
Weapon: Before merging with Gems: Unborn Katana
After merging with 1 Gem: Diamond Blade
After merging with 2 Gems: Sword of Heaven
Class: Samurai
Looks like the picture above, only wears a wide-brimmed straw hat and a more Samurai-styled outfit.
Zeos is usually calm and peaceful, prefering to be alone, but he can be demanding, controling, and quite egotistical. He's very intelligent, and knows it, and almost always wins arguments. Though usually laid-back, he can become violent and furious in an instant.

Bio: Zeos has been trained in the art of Bushido and swordfighting almost since birth. He wishes to become the strongest warrior ever. He always got into fights when younger, and still gets into many fights. He is involved in any fight that occurs in his small town, and almost always wins no matter who he's fighting. Once he heard about the tournament, he couldn't wait to enter.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Tsun Te'Kama

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Gems: Speed / Time

Speed - Flash Roundhouse: A swift, difficult-to-block kick.
- Vector Blade: Throws knives at high speed.
- Blind Edge: Uses immense speed to appear invisible before attacking
Time - Flash Devastation: Deadly combination of lightning-fast attacks.
- Convergence: Manipulates time to create the illusion of several Tsuns attacking at once.
- Tempora: Severely distorts time. Various effects.

Oricinu: Oracle

Weapon: (Tsun uses forms of Butterfly Swords, which are knives really, similiar to [URL=http://www.mantisswords.com/butterflyknives.jpg]these[/URL])
Before merging with Gems: Paradox Blades
After merging with 1 Gem: Acelerae
After merging with 2 Gems: Chronophobia

Class: "Negotiation specialist" (aka. Assassin)

Description: Tsun is of average height and build. He has long silvery hair, in a loose messy style, and dark green eyes. He wears long baggy white pants of the Japanese kind (like Heihachi, Tekken) and walks barefoot. His torso and arms are bare. He has light armour on both shoulders, connected by a strap that runs along the base of his neck. He also wears an armour plate over his right knee. His two knives hang at each side of his belt.
Tsun is a loner, and always has been. As an assassin, he works alone, and has only his own instincts and strength to rely on. He is a calm and focused warrior, and will always find a way to manipulate a situation to his benefit.

Bio: Tsun's place of birth is unknown, and for several years he has lived a nomadic lifestyle - moving from town to town in search of new clients. He remembers very little about his mother, and more than he wants to remember about his father - in particular his death. Alone in the world, he had no choice but to find a means of fending for himself, and eventually turned to "negotiation" as his answer. He entered the tournament, officially, in order to get close enough to his next target. And unofficially? Who knows.......
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Name: Chrono Rutindu

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Gems: Mage and Ultima Gems

Abilities: Mage Gem-Avalanche, Asteroid, Cyclone
Ultima Gem-Breath of Life, Ultima Destruction

Oricinu: Maguse

Wepon: Before merging with Gems: Earth Rod
After Merging with 1 Gem: Staff of Divinity
After merging with 2 Gems: Staff of Elementalism

Class: Elementalist/"Treasure Hunter"

Description: Chrono is 6'2", with black hair that falls arond his head, but in spikes, like Knuckles from Sonic, has a blue robe with white stripes linig the cuffs and the end by the feet. Has more of a serious personality, often quiet, but is an agressive when things of importance are at stake.

Bio: Grew up in a small village in Konocan where he studied the arts of elemental magery. He left with Scipher in search of adventure. He wandered around for a while until he heard about the tounament...

(Tell me if I need anything else)
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[B]Name:[/B] Myria Windslash
[B]Age:[/B] 22
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Gems:[/B] Mage & Ultima Gem
[B]Abilities:[/B] Elementalist, gathers the essence of the 8 elements and uses them as power (earth, fire, water, air, light, darkness, life, death)
[B]Oricinu:[/B] Llyr, the guardian Sphynx
[B]Weapon:[/B] (Before merging with Gems: Simple silver alloy staff
After merging with 1 Gem: Crescent staff
After merging with 2 Gems: Moonlight staff)
[B]Class:[/B] Warrior Mage (elementalist)
[B]Description:[/B] Myria is about 6 foot with flowing long black hair. Her eyes are a soft pewter colour and has dark red lips. She has tanned skin with a flawless complexion. She wears a white tank top with short white pants and knee-high white leather battling boots. She also has a black cloak she would wear all the time.
Myria is an independent, battle loving person. She has a very strong sense of justice and of what is right. She will do anything to help her loved ones and keep them out of danger's way. She can also be very kind and loving. This is the side that her family and friends see the most. But when a stranger comes into the group, she turns into warrior-mage she is mostly known as. Myria is a fierce hand-to-hand fighter. She loves fighting close up and trains most of the days away in pursuit of perfecting her technique. Magic is a natural talent. Her favourite element is air and electricity.
[B]Bio:[/B] Myria grew up with her father's sister, her aunt. Her parents were killed in battle themselves and her aunt had promised her father that she would take care of Myria if anything happened to them. Myria's aunt also promised she would treat Myria like one of her own. That never happened. Her aunt's children were older than her and used to always abuse her. Whenever she retaliated, she was blamed for the whole thing and was always punished. When the time came that Myria would be able to leave, she did it as soon as she could. Since then, Myria has been a wanderer, doing odd jobs for people to earn her enough money for essentials.
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Whew, I'm finally back... This sounds like an interesting RPG!

[color=navy][u]Name:[/u] Tara Surea
[u]Age:[/u] 16
[u]Gender:[/u] female
[u]Gems:[/u] Dread/Chaos
[b]Dread Gem:[/b] Hex Blast, Spirit Command (like necromancy), Flashback (allows the victim to relive their worst memory)
[b]Chaos Gem:[/b] Some fire abilities and summoning fire dragons, Soul Thief, Sadden (can take happiness away for a while), Virus (can cause certain diseases and pains)
[u]Oricinu:[/u] Anima
[b]No gems:[/b] Ebony Blade
[b]One gem:[/b] Mirror of Demise
[b]Two gems:[/b] Skull Staff
[u]Class:[/u] Black Mage, Thief, Dark Elementalist
[u]Description:[/u] Tara is 5'4" and has long, straight, black hair and fiery red eyes.
She wears a short black shirt with black lace on the sleeves and bottom, a short black skirt, black fishnets and black boots that go up to her knees. She also wears shiny black and blue gloves and a necklace with a skull on it. She is almost heartless and makes no attempt to be friendly. People from many towns despise and even fear her. She has a very short temper and can hold grudges for a long time. Insults and revenge are also popular with her.
[u]Bio:[/u] Tara used to be quite an angel when she was three; she lived happily with her aunt and uncle; her parents died shortly after she was born. Her aunt and uncle were both mages, but sometimes they used magic too often... Tara even got some magical abilities she never knew about. But one day while they were out for a walk, some woman named Namia, who apparently was a close friend of Endela, looked suspiciously at the two mages. "I've been watching you for quite some time," she said slowly to them. "You have been thieves, robbers, gypsies... You two truly are a disgrace to this small and delicate town of Orial. Now as for your niece..." but before she could finish, Namia had chanted some spell that made the two faint then disappear. As far as Tara could tell, they were dead.
Tara ran away, and then, later on, when she was 10 or so, she met Rinaro... They only met for a split second, but Tara had sort of a liking for... it. But Tara saw this psychic once that told her about the upcoming tournament in six years, and ever since then, she got together all the skills and abilities she thought she knew and started preparing...[/color]

Darn, hope that bio wasn't too long... So, is Tara in?
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Name: Captain Jericho Inblade



Gems: Soldier Gem: Gaurd break, thresh hold Jericho satbs you through the shoulder and applys pressure to cause pain. Not today, Jericho cancles an attack just to mock you.
Speed Gem: Five lashes, using speed Jericho cut's you in this order, back,right shoulder,left shoulder,chest.
counter: Using speed to counter your attack a give a swift kick to your head.
counter 2: Counters using speed but ends up appearing away and laughing at how you missed him.


Weapon:Before merging with Gems- weapon has no name
After merging with 1 Gem- Pirates sword
After merging with 2 Gems- Inblades gold

Class: Master thief, comander,

Description: Jericho is 6'0, bnlack hair, dewrag with a skull symbol, a nice coat of white with gold trimings, black pants, brown boots, cut off gloves, brown eye's.

Bio: At first seeing Jericho you would not be able to tell he is a priate for Jericho is young and very energetic . Jericho is the youngest captain to ever to command of a crew , he has travled the world looking for new members with diffrent trades. Jericho using his charm and taste of adventure has made the young captain a friend to many. If Jericho has any kind of weakness it's that he will get cocky and let you know about it with mocking you.
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[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Name:[/b] Trystan Leingod
[b]Age:[/b] 17[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Gems:[/b] Flight and Teleportation
[b]Abilities:[/b] Flight-Wings of the Heavens (Gives Trystan wings), Sweeping Gust (Sends a powerful gust at enemies or objects), Tornado Slash (Slashes down creating a jet of wind that rips through the ground accompanied by several small tornadoes)[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Teleportation-Teleportation, False Charge (Runs at the enemies front and prepares for an attack but right before the attack reaches his foe he teleports behind them), Four Wind Slash (A series of four attacks made in quick succession to each other from teleportation, Various attack combinations)[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Oricinu:[/b] Suzaku
[b]Weapon:[/b] (Before merging with Gems): Twisted Fate (a Sword in his right hand and a Dagger used to parry attacks
After merging with 1 Gem: Lost Soul[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]After merging with 2 Gems: Fallen Angel
[b]Class:[/b] Mercenary/Theif
[b]Description:[/b] [/color][/font][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19667"][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Physical[/color][/font][/url][font=Century Gothic][color=darkred] though he has a shoulder guard on his right shoulder.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Mental- Trystan is very smart as well as physically gifted. He is very reckless and would go to any cost to win as long as he pays the price. He is very charming when he wants to be but other that he varies between loud and witty and quiet aand thoughtful. He loves to test his limits and strives to break them.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][b]Bio:[/b] Trystan grew up in a bar his father owned. Most of the time he was told to stay upstairs where they lived though he manages to sneak down alot. The regulars in the bar took a liking to him and started teaching him things whether it was picking a lock of using a sword. He eventually became exceptionally gifted stealing things using a sword and using a dagger. He started to combine his sword fighting with his dagger fighting. After training with it for a year he set off at the age of 15 stealing for a living. He also began to take on odd jobs finding those a better test of himself. When he heard about the tournaments he thought it was a perfect occasion to test himself against other fighters.[/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred][/color][/font]
[font=Century Gothic][color=darkred]Hey bud I hope this is allright if not PM me and I'll edit it[/color][/font]
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[B]Name:[/B] Elias Asher

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Gems:[/B] Spirit Gem and Celestial Gem

[I]Spirit [/I] -[/B]
Seeker of Truth: A powerful truth spell that none can withstand
Healing Light: Pretty much what it says on the tin
Angelic Shield: A powerful barrier guided by inner strength
[B][I]Celestial[/I] -[/B]
Seraph's Spear: A charged energy bolt channled from the soul
The Sword of Michael: Imbues weapon with the holy flame of God
Righteous Thunder: A blast that spreads in a circumfrence of 15ft from the user

[B]Oricinu:[/B] Madeen

[B]Weapon: [I]Israfel[/I] -[/B] A simple ebony staff capped with silver

[B]After merging with 1 Gem: [I]Jophiel [/I] -[/B] The ebony is now engraved with angelic runes

[B]After merging with 2 Gems: [I]Uriel[/I] -[/B] The runes on the staff glow with an inner fire, the cap is now gold.

[B]Class:[/B] Priest

[B]Description:[/B] Blessed with great wisdom, Elias holds great depth in his stormy grey eyes. His features are solmn, with a firm set jaw and strong cheekbones. His dark brow knitted in thought, he exudes wisdom and control. Long dark hair flows down upon his shoulders, silver threads woven throughout giving him an aged appearance even though he remains youthful. Hhe is dressed in a tight fitting, tan shirt with only one sleeve that covers his left arm. A silver shoulder pad adorns the right shoulder, the straps buckling across the chest and under the left arm. His left arm is decorated with several silver bands that run from the upper arm to just below the wrist. Along with this he also wears loose fitting trousers a darker shade than his shirt. These pants cover the majority of his boots, leaving only silver capped toes to be seen. Tied around his waist is a long piece of white material, embroidered in silver, which falls to cover most of the lower half of his body, with a large slit at the side.

As a priest his duty overtakes all personal frailties and as a priest he his compelled to be compasionate and protecting to all who are his wards. Favouring those of a scholarly nature he holds knowledge and wisdom above all other virtues. Is nature is one of solemn contemplation though not of contempt and he views others with the compassion and understanding that he knows they deserve.

[B]Bio:[/B] Raised within a temple and devoting his life to heaven, Elias knew his path from the beginning. Trained in the none lethal art of staff fighting Elias was alway told that in the end it would be he who would uphold the honour and spirit of the temple. It had been long since for told of his part to play in the gemstone legacy and he knew that, should he fail in his retrieval of the gems, he and the world would plunge into darkness.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Wow! All of your sign ups are awesome, so: Unborn Lord Xion, Rei_Man, amgoddess, Nefertimon, shadowofdeath13,and doukeshi03 are all in .

But Galvatron, your two gems need to be corresponding. Like if if you have the Armored Gem, your corresponding one is the Barrier Gem. The Soldier Gem and Speed Gem are both already taken anyway. Just choose other ones and everything'll be great. Midnytsun will have to change his also, seeing as amgoddess wants the Mage and Ultima Gems and her sign-up is better. Well everybody else, I just wanted to say awesome sign-ups again. Keep up the good work. After Midnytsun or Galvatron or someone else chooses the Armored and Barrier Gems I'll start the RPG. That'll probably be soon, so don't fret. :D [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name[/B]: Fu Man-Chu
[B]Age[/B]: 963
[B]Gender[/B]: Male
[B]Gems[/B]: Armor and Barrier
[B]Abilities[/B]: [B]Armor[/B]- Rock Wall (Summons a rock wall out of the ground in front of him to block almost any attack) Spikes (Summons sharp spikes out of the ground to impale the enemy) Sand Storm (Summons a huge storm of sand to surround the area, blinding the opponent and slowing them down, but doesn't affect the user) Rock Armor (Dresses the user in extremely light yet strong rock armor which is immune to most physical attacks) Avalanche (A rain of boulders drop from the heavens and pile onto the enemy, instantly crushing them)

[B]Barrier[/B]- Reflect (Creates a barrier around the user and all magic attacks are repelled off it and back at the enemy) White Rain (An aura of light is launched from the users body, healing the user and any surrounding allies) Acid Touch (The users body is covered in a burning acid barrier, which damages anything that touches the user, or anybody the user touches) Leech Shield (Surrounds the user with a defensive barrier that drains the health of any opponent attacking them) Cage (Creates an invisible cage of aura around the users opponent which traps them in the same place, open for attack, until they break free)

[B]Oricinu[/B]: Golem (A rock creature summoned from the earth, Golem can take any form and will bend to the users every whim and fancy. Can regenerate any part of it's body unless it is all destroyed at once. Golem can also use the power of earth to attack enemies, defend itself, or protect it's master)

[B]Weapon[/B]: Fists
After 1 gem: Fu can imbue his fists with the power of earth whenever he wants, giving his hands indestructable stone boxing gloves, which obviously make his attacks MUCH stronger. After 2 gems: Fu can imbue his entire body with the power of earth whenever he wants, increasing his attack power and making his body almost inpenetrable.

[B]Class[/B]: Martial Artist
[B]Description[/B]: Fu Man-Chu has somehow miraculously lived for 963 years and only appears to be in his late sixties, nobody knows why or how, some say he has found the fountain of youth and it has kept kim alive and well for so long. Throughout his entire life, he has trained in and mastered every fighting style imaginable, thus making him the greatest martial artist to ever live. He is known throughout the land as "The Shogun", and he is a living legend of his time. He is extremely wise, and knows much about just about everything. He has also developed an extreme liking towards the ladies throughout the years, and is a very perverted old man. He is witty and has a great sense of humor, and can cheer almost anyone up in any situation. He has never been known to enter martial arts contests because he claims it is a waste of time for his extreme talent, but he enters one every once in awhile just to make the money he needs. He obviously easily won them all. He's over all a good guy, he stands up for what he believes in, and if he thinks something isn't right then he takes care of it the only way he knows how, by beating the **it out of it. He can sometimes be violent when he needs to be, but he has never, and never will, kill anybody. That is a personal oath he has made to himself and he plans on keeping it.....He is fairly short, and wears a green fighting outfit. He has dark brown eyes and usually has a stern look on his face. He has a long black ponytail and a long, funny looking mustache. His entire life revolves around training and taking care of his only friend, Raziel, who is his pet dragon.

[B]Bio[/B]: Fu grew up in an ancient village that is now long deserted. He lives by himself on a secluded island with his pet dragon Raziel who Fu has known his whole life. Fu loves Raziel more than anything and he would do anything for him, and recently Raziel has developed a horrible life threatening illness called "Serpitis." Since dragons are all extinct except for Raziel, little is known on how to treate this disease. The only known cure is the leaves of an extinct plant called a "Dragon's Eye". And it just so happens that there is one of these plants left in the world, and it belongs to a rich plant collector. The man has offered to sell the Dragon's Eye to Fu for an amount of money Fu didn't even know existed. Fu heard about a martial arts tournament with a cash prize just high enough to get the Dragon's Eye for Raziel. He of course has no choice but to enter if he wants to save his friend's life, so he does....not knowing what to expect.[/COLOR]

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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Alrighty then! Since TOTALIMMORTAL signed-up and is using the Armored and Barrier Gem, I can start it.Sorry Midnytsun and Galvatron. I'll probably start it next week, Wensday maybe Thursday. Oh, If anyone still wants to be an Elder or Rinaro, still PM me.[/COLOR]
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