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have u ever seen??


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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Pretty Sammy [/i]
[B]I don't believe in ghosts

... but I think they could be in my house because things move for no reason at all sometimes. It freaks me out![/B][/QUOTE]

That's a contradiction.
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This really happened and I'm not sure if this qualifys as a ghost story but.....
The day after my cat died I happened to look out the window. Now, my cat was 13 years old and so was I at the time, we grew up together (he died a couple of years ago). This cat was sitting there and it looked back at me. I screamed to my mother and we ran outside to look. The cat was real, or as real as you can get for a ghost. The cat looked EXACTLY like mine that had died and further more, it purred and rubbed against our legs and tried to come in the house. It showed up two more times then disapeared and I haven't seen him since. I like to think it was my cat's way of saying goodbye.:)
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