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in the other RPG Absorbing Crisis Cell has returned,Cell has came back AGAIN!!!

cell: HAHAHAHA suckers *absorbing the scientists* i will get my revenge on my enemy,the Z-fighters

because the scientist don't know a single clue their doing!! so they go to the lab with cell's dna and then cell became alive!!! so its up to the Z-fighters and the new Z-fighters to stop him.

heres is the slip to sign up:

description: ( or picture )
power level: ( must be 10,000-100,000 )

you don't have to have weapons.
and if you are in SSJ4 then you power level is over 1,000,000.
and if you signed up for absorbing crisis then post here with nothing exept you have to tell me the power level and weapons.
description: king kai's light feather shirt clothes, red band on his head,brown skin,black hair.
power level: 100,000
weapons: a sword
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Name: Psycho
Description: Red Spandex Tanktop, Jeans, White hair (kinda like Trunk's SS hair but it's not so high up), gauntlets on hands, and blue eyes. also sometimes wears a trench coat!
Level: 100,000
Weapon: none (he's a stronger character that way)
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