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The Suffering: H


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Just a little idea I'm toying with. Let me know what you think.[/SIZE][/COLOR]



Fort Sang, New Orleans. October 13, 2006.

All Hell is breaking loose.

While it may have one of the most blood-soaked pasts in American history, nothing prepared the residents of Fort Sang for this. Rising from the very ground, came...demons (for what other word for them was there?) that proceeded to kill anything in site. In a mere 5 hours, everything came to a standstill.

The city started off as a French settlement during pre-American days. When the French discovered the swamp, they "persuaded" natives (at gun-point, of course) to fill in the muck with anything available...even their own corpses. The swamp became the future city, Fort Sang, Fort Blood to the English. But to all who know its sordid history, filled with genocide, murder, suicide, and relentless sin, Fort Sang is called simply Hécatombe S'échouer, the Slaughter Ground.

Huge walls were built around Fort Sang, sturdy as a rock. The wall served not only to keep Natives and the English out, but keep prisoners in. The only way out of the Fort was through the gates on all four sides. They were easily locked by Guardsmen, manning the wall.

The Fort saw usage in the Revolutionary War, by the French and Americans against the British. Before the Civil war, it was a refuge for slaves, fleeing slavery. Many were hunted down and killed in the surrounding area. It served in World War I and II. For every war, it has churned out soldiers, and been modernized. The walls are concrete with tempered steel structuring, the gates controlled by switched in advanced guard towers. No one can get in or out of Fort Sang unless they are allowed out.

Fort Sang has become a prison. The Demons have blocked the gates out, and are systematically killing everything in site. Everything seems powerless against them. Soldiers die as easily as children. There is only one bastion of safety left: the Mall. The remaining survivors have holed up inside the sturdy building, fighting against the endless tide of monstrosities.


In addition to most of the monsters seen in the original Suffering (namely, Slayers, Marksmen, Noosemen, Festers, and Infernas), Hécatombe S'échouer has its own brand of ghoulies.

[B]Mucklings[/B] - Born from the souls of those unfortunate enough to drown in the swamps of Fort Sang, the Mucklings are certainly a vile lot. Slime and filth drips off their bones, as most of their flesh is melted away. They are wreathed in vines and plants as well as mud. Some have tools for hands, and others are wrapped in chains, obviously brought on by the Native workers that died in the construction of the Fort. They seem to have the unnatural power to disolve and move like water.

[B]Half-Men [/B] - One of the strange methods of execution formerly used in Fort Sang was the usage of native creatures. Specifically, some prisoners were killed by venomous snakes and crocodiles. The Half-Men seem to be those killed in that way, having tails, snake-like lower halves, and fangs, among other things. Some also have parts that harken to dogs, bears, and other creatures, furthering the dark history of Fort Sang.

[B]Xs[/B] - Clad in the black mask of an executioner, and with two massive axe-blades for hands, the Xs obviously represent the beheadings carried out in Fort Sang. Making them seem to represent the Guillotine, however, is the large basket each carries on its back.

Any other ideas would be welcomed.


James Black - Technically the hero of the story, though he's very much not one. James's father, a soldier, was abusive and drunk. His mother was not much better, sniveling and weak around his father, and exerting what little power she could around James. James was a target to his father, whipping boy to his mother. He has only recently become "stable," since the imprisonment of his parents and much therapy. His foster family has provided well for him, and he has found romance with his foster sister (a little creepy, yeah). However, it seems the dark side buried in his mind has awakened once again...and it may be the only thing that can keep anyone alive.

Foster Sister - James and his Foster Sister were out on a "date," as it were, at the mall when all hell broke loose. She remains pretty much the only thing keeping James's dark side in check, and maybe even his reason for fighting off the endless horde.

Sergeant Hattheway - The current commander of Fort Sang, Hattheway seems to have been consumed by the darkness surrounding the town. Holed up in the central guard tower, he is eliminating anyone and anything that comes near him.

...I'll think of some more characters later.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Well, feedback is appreciated.

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[size=1]Nice work, Unborn Lord Xion. ^_^

I like the idea, kind of a historical horror thing, but with a fantasy aspect. There's a lot of creativity here, especially with the different monsters. Very awesome. It's like the fort is experiencing the effect of karma hundreds of years later. I can see that you're still adding to this, but I do think it would be a good idea to give a little bit of information about the original Suffering. More about the other monsters, and all that. All in all though, it looks very cool.

(Yay for New Orleans!)[/size]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Never saw the Suffering, actually, but I like this idea very much. Though, whenever anyone mentions hiding in a Mall from monsters, I can't help but think of 8 Legged Freaks ^_^;;.
As Arcadia mentioned, it's good that you've added a little background to the actual setting of the RP, but more info would be appreciated on the things out to get us. I'm looking forward to this being in the Inn.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Ask and ye shall recieve -

The Suffering (the original one) was about Torque, a man sent to jail for the murder of his ex-wife and two children. During his stay in the ancient prison, Abbot, monsters invaded, slaughtering everyone in sight. Torque is broken free from his cell, and he attempts to escape, killing just about everything in sight. Meanwhile, he does battle with the insane warden Hargrave, is tormented by the sadistic Dr. Killjoy (former head doctor of the assylum on Carnate, the island Abbot is on), frees a tormented spirit, and overcomes his own insanity. Based on your in-game actions, there are three endings (Good, Bad, and Neutral). (Did I forget to mention that it's a game?)

[CENTER]*Quotes taken from the game*[/CENTER]

[B]Slayers[/B] - "I first witnessed these creatures jumping out of the ground itself. Their heads were attached from their torsos held aloft by hideous contraptions. Their limbs have been replaced by blades of the sharpest steel. To my eyes, they appear to be a manifestation of decapitation, yet it seems improbable that anyone ever had their head cut off in Abbot. I suppose on Carnate anything is possible. I have dubbed these monstrosities Slayers."

[B]Marksmen[/B] - "Based on the battery of rifles attached to its back and the blindfold around its head, these Marksmen appear to be the reincarnation of a military firing squad. Abbot was originally a P.O.W. camp during World War II, so it seems likely they would have had executions of that sort. Indeed, there are stories of a rogue Colonel who was to be court marshaled but instead took his own life. Perhaps he is connected to these abominations."
Changes to Hécatombe S'échouer Marksmen - Not only do the Marksmen of Fort Sang have rifles sticking out of their backs, it also has an advanced, automatic-rifle where its left hand should be.

[B]Noosemen[/B] - "Not only is this Nooseman dead from being hung by the neck, but he also appears to have had his skin removed. I wonder if these creatures are tied to the legendary story of the inmates who, outraged by the death of fellow workers in a Quarry mining accident, hung and skinned five C.O.s. The Nooseman are more supernatural the many of their brethren, ripping themselves straight out of the ceiling in an entirely impossible manner."

[B]Burrowers[/B] - "These Burrowers are some of the most lethal creatures I have encountered, primarily due to their ability to spring fourth from the ground itself and just as quickly, re-submerge. They're closely tied to the very soil of Carnate, a theme among monstrosities. He appears of a human body tied up in a gunny sack, constrained by leather straps, with deadly steal chained attached in various locations. I believe they represent those buried alive."

[B]Festers[/B] - "Continually emerging from the slave ship, these are the festering creatures who foil my attempts to escape this confounded rock. Rats live within their flesh, wreathing within it and then springing fourth randomly. They appear to be a reincarnation, not of the slaves, for then, they would be of darker skin tone, but instead of the slave traders. In this form, they are forced to live out again and again the fate they forced upon those hapless slaves."

[B]Burnouts[/B] - Clad in black bodysuits, large gas-masks obscuring their faces, the Burnouts are a threatening force. Looming out of the darkness, plastic eye-covers shining, they seem to have an almost mystical ability to paralyze one with fear. The Burnout's true weapon, though, is a the flame-thrower is wields, burning down all in its path. It is said that during the Civil War, a tactic of the Confederate soldiers seeking slaves in the dense jungle was to set fire to the area. These Burnouts might just be those soldiers.

[B]Flayers[/B] - Born from the corporal punishment used in the Fort during World War I, the flayers are skinless monstrosities, their muscles drooping down from their bloody bones. Held in their mutilated hands are long bullwhips, ready to strip the flesh from any others they meet.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]There's a little more info on the ghosties and ghoulies of Hécatombe S'échouer, and the original story of The Suffering. Any ideas are welcome.

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ULX, I got the creeps just reading some of these. Nice work! Though I doubt I'll actually sign up for this, here's a little something I thought up. A new monster.

[B]Shockers[/B] - Fort Sang was not restricted to executing prisoners in unusual ways. The infamous Fort was one of the first to install an electric chair. Now, the souls of those who sat in it are back. Dressed in tattered prison garb, the Shockers are half-rotted corpses with wires filling in where the body decayed. The hands have wires running from under the sleeves to the fingertips. Their touch will electricute anyone, and though the voltage and current are not enough to kill outright, it will paralze the victim until they do die.

Hope people sign up for this, it's good. Oh, feel free to edit the Shockers as much as you like (or don't include them at all).
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