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Neon Black [M-VL]


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[size=1][b]Neon Black[/b]
"We never knew what hit us... On minute we were there and the next we were thrown into a void of black that seemed to glow and pulse with every breath we uselessly tried to take. I thought we were dead, making our way through purgatory and eventually going to end up in either hell or heaven. I expected hell... We broke so many natural laws out there... I almost feel bad. And I would, but our experiments helped so many. The eradication of cancer... Complete knowledge of the brain and how it works... Nano Technology breakthroughs...
But at such an expense... All those people...
We had it coming, I guess. Maybe it was God. Maybe it was just some freak accident like we figure it was. I don't know.
But what I do know is that I want to go home... I'd trade any member of this teams life for home. God help me..."

[b]Area 68 Accident Report[/b] (09-04-2042)
[i]Classification: [b]Black[/b] (Top Secret)[/i]

[i]The following is an extrapolation from eye witnesses and data gathered from sensors in Lab 001.[/i]
-At 1315 the procedure began.
The test for that day was to evaluate a recently created Dvorium element (ß see footnote) and it's effects as a possible enhancer for human beings mental capabilities. The team was to bombard the subject with different types of radiation to test for reactions. They were dressed in full radiation suits and had the psychokinetic dampener (¥ see footnote) charged and ready for use.
X-Rays showed no effect.
Alpha radiation showed no effect.
Beta radiation showed no effect.
Gamma radiation showed no effect.
Nuetron radiation shoed no effect.
Radio waves showed no effect.
The entire visible light spectrum showed no effect.
Ultraviolet and InfraRed showed no effect.
At this point the procedure was halted and the subject was examined for any extreme damage. There was nothing that was bad enough to stop the test.
It continued.
The final type of radiation was temporal radiation (? see footnote). The subject began to convulse at an extremely small, focused burst. They strengthened the dose and the subject flat-lined.
The team began to leave when the subject spontaneously revived. After a brief consult with the technicians they decided to continue.
They brought the dose of radiation up another notch and the subject showed no outward change.
Sensors showed that his brain was functioning at a 40% capacity.
They brought it up another notch, still no outward change.
Brain use leapt to 52%.
Another notch.
The subjects limbs began to lose color. Sensors showed most blood flow had been routed to the brain. No immediate explanation.
They increased the radiation another notch. One of the team members left the Lab complaining of a splitting headache from the radiation.
Sensors showed the room was operating on a .459 second time differential due to the radiation. The radiation output was turned up another notch.
Almost all of the subjects blood flow had been routed to the brain. No immediate explanation.
At this point the sensors cut off. Everything after this point has been retold by the technicians in the observation and recording booth.
-The subject rose off of the examination bed and hovered about ten feet off of the ground a strange shimmer coming from his forehead region. His eyes opened to show the pupils completely dilated and a milky white, almost like cataracts. The temporal radiation in the room quadrupled. Estimates are that the room was operating at about a twenty second time differential. A flash of white light emitted from the body of the subject, retracting at once. The subject seemed to 'leak' a black light. It came out of the subject and slid all over everything expanding in a liquid-like sphere. When it faded away, after an estimated two minutes, everyone inside the Lab was gone. All the exits had been sealed. No one could have gotten out.

[b]Derringer-[/b] "Mr, Geller, I understand your hesitation. But we will take care of your family. Donating your living body to the furthering of science is a very generous and invaluable thing."

[b]Geller-[/b] "Listen. I know what I'm doing. I'm prepared to accept all of your conditions and wavers and ****." He looked down and clenched his hands. "I just want to make sure you guys will be taking care of my family like you say you will." Derringer smiled and nodded.

[b]Derringer-[/b] "We will pay them the amount of 100,000 credits for your services. You do understand that you might not return to them." He signed and began to speak.

[b]Geller-[/b] "I know. It's just we're so into debt... Damn my brother for taking my credit cards..." Derringer smiled and stood up. He walked over and patted the man on his back.

[b]Derringer-[/b] "I understand. You're a very honorable man. Not many would do what you're doing. You're helping humanity and you family. Come with me please. You have the option of making a few calls to say goodbye if you want to. We have a phone available. After this you won't be allowed any contact with anyone outside of the base." Geller nodded.

[b]Geller-[/b] "Yeah, where's that phone..."

So what do you think?
All is welcome.[/size]
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[size=1][color=indigo]Where do I sign-up? Pure brilliance, Corey. I love all of your ideas. I'm sucked into this one, and I hope you are going to go through with this one. It reminds me of some movie I saw..I don't know which one though.

I don't think I found anything wrong with it..other than you haven't put it up in the Inn!
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1]First off, great to see you back on the Boards Corey, we've missed ^_^. Now to the RP.

Looks to be a highly interesting RP, if not kind of confusing ^_^;;. But from what I can understand looks like you've got something special here but I have a question or two:

[B]1. Is this Alternative Universe kind of thing/Distant future?
2. What parts would the players be playing?
3. Whats the main plot of the RP going to be?[/B]

Once again, great to see you back, look forward to this ^_^.

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[list]1. Yes it will be an alternate universe kind of deal.
2. The players will be playing the part of the stranded scientists. The ones taken to the other universe.
3. The main plot of the RPG is going to be about getting hom, but also surviving in the harsh conditions of the other world. More subplots will take shap in the actual game I'm sure.[/list]

I was a little vuage on purpose, so if anyone wants addtional info, just say so and I'll gladly provide.[/size]
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[size=1]Signups will be up within the week.
I also realized I forgot to put in the footnotes. So here they are.

[b]Da Footnotes[/b]
[b]ß-[/b] Dvorium is a substance developed by another laboratory. It's element 215 on the periodic table. Stable atoms are very hard to produce and very rare. 90% of the stable compounds in the world were given to Area 68 for testing.
In lab animals, the substance showed a 5% increase in brain power. The animals' problem solving skills were extremely enhanced and some of the young chimpanzees were even able to communicate fluently through sign language with barely any previous knowledge of the language. They watched people and learned at an incredible rate.
Area 68 was to test the substance on humans.

[b]¥-[/b] The psychokinetic dampener is a device that surpresses any brainwaves outside of the normal range. The advanced sensor array constantly scans the room and detects the brainwaves of everyone. Any abnormalities and it kicks in and broadcasts the waves back toward the source at an opposite frequency and cancels them out.

[b]?-[/b] Temporal Radiation is experianced by everyone at all times. It's what causes the flow of time. Some scientists have theorized that eventually the radiation will completely decay and time will end, therefore starting the universe anew. It's also therorized that the radiation came from a central point, possibly the source of the Big Bang.
Temporal radiation is constantly at the same level, creating the constant flow of time. Any abnormalities result in temporal incursions, usually that of a few seconds (the maximum recorded was two minutes and twelve seconds). When more radiation is present, time moves forward. When there is an absence of radiation time moves slower.
Planets have a 'field' of temporal radiation. It's usually the exact same for every planet, except size, but the field regulates time on that planet, preventing any extreme alterations. Early theories considered the possibility of a large scale radiation absence that would tear a piece of the earth from itself because it suddenly wasn't moving as fast. Same for speeding up, a piece of the earth speeding through itself.
The detection of the planetary temporal fields proved this theory negative.
The Universe also has a field, though it's more in waves than a constant bubble.
Any more questions or comments?[/size]
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[color=silver]Wow, no seriously wow. no I need a bettwr word then wow. Um, well the plot seems good, just the whole sci-fi feel to it, like it could almost be a book. But the whole harshity's (is that even a word) of the alternate universe, well knowing what those are would make the whole story make more sense, but yeah when can we sign up? [/color]
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[size=1]I'm gonna spoiler this, [spoiler]but weren't the scientists being sent back and forth in time?[/spoiler] Leastways, thats what I thought you told me.

I love the idea, and would gladly sign up for this. My only complaint about the background? 'Forehead region' sounds a little... simple for technicians to be using. Out of all that writing, it was the one bit I felt uncomfortable with. A rephrasal maybe?[/size]
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[size=1][color=#696969]O_O I am quite amazed at your skills, Corey. Your RPGs keep getting interesting and interesting. They never cease to dazzle me nor do they cease to give me knowledge. Like Annie said...where do I sign up?

All the information seems to be in order and it all makes sense now that I've read further on. Once again, you'll be seeing my sign-up in your RPG.[/size][/color]
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And I thought the original Black Horizon was the best you could pull out of that particular orfice.

I don't like the idea of time travel personally, just stick them in one loosely defined world and let us go crazy is what I say. We can define the world how our characters discover it.
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[size=1][b]Baron:[/b] Yeah... It might still happen. We'll see. I'm trying to figure out what would work best. They both have pros and cons, so it's kind of a give a little to get a little deal. I just have to find out which version would give the most.
And yeah, I'm going to reprise it a little for an actual thread in the Inn. It seemed more important at the time to get it out of my head before I forgot it.

[b]Radaghast:[/b] We'll see about the timetravel. Maybe. I dunno yet.
And it's damn good to see you back!
*kisses him*
It's like someone cut off my big toe and now it's grown back!![/size]
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