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Over-Drive [M-LV]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue][CENTER][I]Special Tactics Unit; Agent 4,
You have been selected form your Unit to take part in an undercover assignment where you will infiltrate one of the Illegal Racing groups that are know to host mass Drag Racing Tournaments.
We expect that you will succeed in this task as you are not known by the suspects and considering your background, you will fit in well.
Start in two days.

Force C Commander Shijinko.[/I]

Morning broke on a dew soaked lawn outside Lower J19-02's police department. Agent 4, Kiri Conner, groaned as she shielded her eyes form the sun breaking through her blinds, turning over on her side to catch up on much needed sleep. A sharp rapping at her door forbade her from doing so, however, and she groggily dragged herself form bed, unlocking and opening the door.

None other than Commander Shijinko was standing at the other side and there was Kiri, in all her glory, save for a pair of white panties, facing him while rubbing her sleep-encrusted eyes.

It was the gleam form the badge that caught her eyes and woke her up, encouraging her to respond,

Half an hour later, after a cold shower and a bumpy ride. Kiri was dropped off at the known entrance to one of the Lighting Panthers 14 hour clubs, an ongoing blast of drugs, sex and loud music. Kiri was certainly dreading this, especially since she had to 'fit in'. Fitting in meant dressing in skimpy clothes and dying her hair, something she didn't want to do. But, she would take it, the pay check was an incentive.

After entering the building, Kiri was greeted by a large black man in a suit, he inclined his head and handed her a pass. Checked her bag and, to Kiri's surprise, complimented her on her weapon then granted her passage to the main room of the club.

She scanned the room for her first target, Matt Long, front man of the Lightning Panthers and one of the drivers known for causing the most race-related deaths, how he was still on the street was a mystery to Kiri.

She spotted a man with his description and walked over to him...bracing herself for the very worst.

Eikou-Zaru. Li. Choa's-D.c.
Legacy-Matt R. Long-Outlaw
Sevotharte-Ethan Dregmadon-Agent 3
Methuselah-Kiri Conner-Agent 4
ULX-Kana Yoshitomo-Agent 1
The Nameless-Jake Ward-Agent 6
MehrLicht-Romulus Roma-Rom
Sonata-Velouria Eiffel-Firefly

We will use the Chapter system.

This is now officially chapter one and won't be very long.

[B]Chapter One[/B]: Overview
[B]Characters:[/B] Kiri, Matt and Velouria
Kiri meats up with Matt, front man of the Lightning Panthers and introduces herself, claiming that she is interested in racing but wants to know how to start herself off. Matt introduces Velouria, claiming that she would be the best person to talk to seeing as she is a successful female racer.

[B]Chapter Length:[/B] 4 posts, I will finish it and start the next chapter.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][i]Matt downed a Long Island Red Rum, a concoction of his own, and surveyed the club. His club. And he practically groaned inwards. His name, his father's name, and his grandfather's name, associated with drugs, sex, and violence. All he'd wanted when the last boss died and gave him the torch was to race, to carry on his family's legacy.

For nearly a hundred years, the Longs were the fastest, most reckless, most skilled drivers in any given gang. Back in 2943, his grandfather, Jason Arcturus Long, began the tradition with Alpha Wolf, a red version of Delta Fox with an "A and wolf" emblem. He had been the leader of the Fire Cougars. Nearly forty-five years later, John Firenze Long had dominated Ohmega City's roads as the leader of the Ice Tigers in the Beta Coyote, a blue car with a coyote emblem.

Now, Matthew Ryan Long, owner of Delta Fox, leader of the Lightning Panthers, and he was less than ecstatic. His name, the Long name, was attached to the most race-related deaths in the city. And it wasn't him. Every driver that ever attempted to kill him, and there were scores upon scores, had ended with less than their full count of functioning body parts. Any who had attacked his Firefly, his closest friend and second-in-command, had met the same fate.

His gang, the forty-some-odd drivers under his command, were mainly focused on orgies, quick lays, drugs, and money. Fights broke out. Girls were going from man to man, like they were trying on shoes. Firefly, the only member of his gang he trusted more than anything, was busy waving off another group of drunk assholes looking for a quick lay. Matt got up and headed for her table, but on the way, he was intercepted.

The first thought in his mind was "Damn! This chick's a fox!". His second thought was "Hit the brakes, damnit!". He slowed down in the nick of time, barely avoiding a collision with the cute girl. He registered her blonde hair with green streaks even as she spoke to him.[/i]

"Excuse me, Mr. Long?"

[i]Matt shook his head and grinned his familiar, arrogant, rogueish grin. His smirk grew wider as the girl's eyes took on a familiar, slightly-glazed look. Matt patted her shoulder.[/i]

"Yeah, that's me. Call me Outlaw. Only people who call me Long anymore are too busy chokin' on my dust. So, what can I do for you, little lady?"

[i]The young woman hastily apologized and held out her hand, which Matt gratefully took. This girl was gorgeous![/i]

"My name's Kiri. It's a pleasure to meet you...I was wondering, do you know how I might be able to start racing? I've been interested for a while, and this is the first time I've ever worked up the courage to come..."

[i]Matt silenced her and placed his hand gently on the small of her back, leading her towards Firefly's table.[/i]

"Velouria, this is Kiri. She's interested in joining up. I want you to take care of her, alright? Oh, before I forget, the cabin's gonna be empty this weekend, if you wanna come up again."

[i]Matt was referring to his father's summer cabin in the mountains outside Ohmega City. He and Velouria had gone up there several times to escape the taboos of their gang's nature. Firefly nodded and took Kiri by the hand, sitting her down. Matt tuned everything out as his eye strayed to the entrance of the club.

Yeah, it was time for a joyride. Again. Matt grinned.[/i][/color]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Valerie watched as Matt walked away. Leaving her alone with the new girl. She started thinkng about the times she visited Matt's cabin in the past, but was broken out of her daze by the new girl.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"I'm Kiri, by the way. I didn't catch your name. Did he say it was Velouria?"[/b] Kiri asked, trying to make conversation.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Velouria shook her head.[/color][/size][/font]
[b][font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"It is, but don't call me by that name. Use my nickname, Firefly, if you need to call me something."[/color][/size][/font][/b]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Velouria was acting a bit cold to Kiri, but that's how she always acted with these newbies. Matt was a bit softer than them, but she believed that you had to seperate the real racers from the wannabes.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Velouria orded another drink from a passing waiter. Then, she leaned back in the chair, with her arms spread out. She looked over Kiri, and decided she didn't look like the usual racer that came to the Lightning Panther gang, or any gang for that matter. It wasn't that the girl looked weak or anything like that. She looked like she could handle herself, but she had a different kind of toughness than Velouria was used to seeing.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]When her drink came, Velouria sipped a little bit of it slowly.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"So, tell me about yourself, Kiri. Do you even know how to race? Or has it suddenly just become your new hobby?"[/b] Velouria asked, looking over the rim of her glass.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Kiri sat silently. Either not finding the right words, or just not wanting to say them.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"Or if you don't want to open up now, I'll let someone else get that info from you later."[/b] Velouria said as she finished her drink.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]She set it down on the table, and got up from her chair.[/color][/size][/font]
[b][font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]"Follow me. I'll show you around for a little bit, and then we'll talk about your racing."[/color][/size][/font][/b]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Kiri followed Velouria into one of the backrooms. Velouria wasn't stupid, though. She wasn't going to show all of the gangs' secrets to just anyone who walked in off the street. She led Kiri on the "special" tour. The one that all possible gang members were brought on when Velouria or Matt were not sure if they could be trusted or not.[/color][/size][/font]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue][B]OOC Thanks, Sonata, I didn't mean to sound so formal in the PM.[/B]

Kiri wasn't really paying attention as she was guided around the backrooms of the club. She knew that what she was being shown was merely showy stuff that newbies saw to get them used to the 'feel' of the Lightening Panthers...her thoughts slipped to Matt...That would be something she'd like to feel.... Kiri choked and spluttered at her own thoughts and leant on a table, trying to calm herself down.

[B]"What the hell?"[/B] she blurted out, getting a strange look from Vel-- no, Firefly.
[B]"Are you okay?"[/B]
[B]"Yes...just...dust, I think."[/B] Kiri barely managed to save herself and received a shrug in response, a sharp tug on her elbow signalling for her to continue on.

[B]"Listen, Firefly...."[/B] the red head ahead stopped and turned, nodding for Kiri to continue, "I'm not too interested in this tour, no offence, I just want to know when you're going to test me."
[B]"Well, you'll have to speak to Matt about that, he recruits all the new drivers."[/B]
[B]"Uh huh...you don't like me, do you?"[/B]

Firefly chose not to reply and turned completely, walking past Kiri while not making eye contact,
[B]"I don't like up-start racers who think they can barge in here, flashing themselves to [I]Matt[/I],"[/B] she seemed to pause at his name, [B]"and expect to get instant access."[/B]
Kiri laughed and looked up, walking closer to Firefly,
[B]"Do you love him, Velouria?"[/B][/COLOR]
[B]Chapter 2:[/B] Agents
[B]Characters:[/B] Ethan, Kana, and Jake (NPC for agents 5 and 2)
The five agents meet up after work at a local bar out of their usual area. After the bar tender switches the TV to the news, they catch site of a racing accident in another part of town. Their thoughts shift to work, their past and Kiri, wondering how the mission is going. They discuss current events. Mainly character building.

[B]Chapter Length:[/B] 3 posts, I will post after the last just to get the next Chapter Started.[/SIZE]
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[b]OOC: I decided to use { } 's to mark when Covenant III speaks, simply because his voice sounds quite different from normal people's.[/b]

[font=garamond][color=gray]It was raining outside.

The shadowed form of Special Tactics Agent 3 moved through the darkness of the storm, in the undercity of one of Ohmega 7's many rundown establishments, heedless of the shower which spattered harmlessly off his gray overcoat. Heading towards a building whose lights shone brighter than the others around it, Covenant III pushed back the rainhood on his coat enough to read the sign above the door, displaying the words [i]Ice Cold[/i] in neon-blue light. Pushing through the battered door, Agent 3's quick ice-blue eyes took in a bar with scant other occupants, besides himself. But he needed not concern himself with them -- Covenant III only wanted a little relaxation away from the workplace.

The Agent did not remove his coat, though it was somewhat damp, since it concealed within the folds of fabric his two [i]Redemption[/i] handguns. Hound's Tooth remained tightly clamped to Covenant III's right arm, beneath his long black gloves to protect it from the rain (not like a little moisture would damage the electrical structure, but one could never be too careful). Shaking out his mane of platinum hair after the removal of the coathood, Agent 3 signaled to the barkeeper with a slight twitch of one hand. The barkeeper, a rather portly man sporting a forked beard and dark beetling brows, stumped over to him.

"What'll it be, me good man?"

[b]{Fireice}[/b], said Covenant III with a slight twist of his mouth. [b]{As always}[/b]

"Fireice it is," grinned the barkeeper, displayed several missing teeth. "A drink to warm ye' to your bones!" He laughed at his own good humor, turning his back to Covenant III to fill one of the bar glasses with a viscous red liquid. Sliding the drink into Agent 3's waiting hand, the barkeeper ambled off to continue his self-amusement elsewhere. However, in passing by the television, he grumbled to himself and switched the channel, revealing the middle of a news broadcast. Covenant III's mind filtered the words, identifying the key points of the newscaster's monologue.

[i]Another street racing incident...two dead, three hospitalized...authorities looking into the situation...no suspects apprehended yet...[/i]

Sipping the liquid idly, the former Ethan Dregmadon let his thoughts wander. It seemed like so many years ago that he had joined STU -- in fact, it might have been just that. Covenant III could not remember the exact date at which he began his traning. Since his parents had been murdered and his brother imprisoned for life, Covenant III had strayed from any emotional connections, fearing that he would have to repeat the long nights spent mourning his mother, father and brother. Reality would come in the form of self-inflicted physical scars, and psychological wounds that refused to heal, granting him a deep, silent monotone and the eyes of Death. Covenant III remembered an incident once, when a convict had accused him of assult after he was cuffed..."Look at his eyes!" the man had raved. "Death walks behind those eyes!" Of course, it was found later that the man had a serious mental illness, so his credibility was limited...

His thoughts continued to flow, turning to the current mission and a fellow Agent, Kiri. Covenant III had only been given the bare bones of her assignment, told that he would be fully informed 'when it was necessary.' Nevertheless, she had always seemed like a nice person to him; meaning that she didn't laugh at him the way a few of the other Agent Cadets had when they were applying for positions in STU. They had called him 'robot,' and a host of other things that Covenant III didn't really care for, but never Kiri. No, she had more respect for him than that, or at least he liked to think so. Her undercover mission was highly dangerous, and in some ways Covenant III wished that he could have gone instead. But, as usual, the STU Command Chain had other ideas.

So deep in his thoughts was Agent 3 that he failed to hear the bar door open once more, revealing Agent 1, the leader of STU. Covenant III never had problems with Agent 1 the way Kiri did, perhaps because Covenant III was fine with playing the role of the subordinate, since Agent 1 and Agent 3 happened to be in agreement most of the time regarding decisions in the field. Hearing Agent 1's footsteps behind him, Covenant III made a quick about-face on his barstool and faced his superior, nodding his head once in greeting.


Outside, the rain continued. [/color][/font]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Water dripped from Kana's long silver hair. His cold eyes swept the dank, smoky room. A few seedy looking men eyed him nervously, but he payed them no mind. He was well known in the area, so he had no need to worry about them being big. They were just local idiots, afraid that the STU would dive down on them. Nothing to care about, until he was told to care about it.

Kana felt a rush of cold satisfatction as Covenant III regarded him. Agent 3 was powerful, that was true, but he knew that Agent 1 was his better. Kana was the top dog in STU, and all knew it. It caused a primal glee to well up inside him. Masking the emotion, he hung up his wet jacket and sat down next to Covenant III.

"Rough night?" Kana asked, signaling for the barkeep.

[COLOR=Black]{No,}[/COLOR] was Covenant's curt reply.

Kana stared at Covenant quizzically, but shrugged off the agent's strange manner. Covenant was strange, Kiri was a woman, and the others were just as inferior. Kana had learned to except their failings, as they could never hope to be as perfect as he was.

"What do ye want," the barkeep asked.

Kana eyed Covenant's drink warily.

"I'll just take a shot of [I]Brush Fire[/I]. And the bottle."

"Not man enough fer the Fireice, eh?" the barkeep said with a dry grin. "Didn't think so."

Kana felt a muscle twitch in his temple. He growled, "Gimme the Fireice."

"Yer the boss," the barkeep said, shrugging.

Kana and Covenant sat in silence. A3 wasn't very talkitive. Ever. The barkeep returned with a mug of Fireice, and Kana stared at it complacently.

[COLOR=Black]{Two people died in a crash,}[/COLOR] Covenent said suddenly. [COLOR=Black]{Three were hospitalized.}[/COLOR]

Kana sighed. "Tell me why I care, Covenant. People are dieing all the time. What's new about this one?" He began to drink the Fireice.

[COLOR=Black]{Kiri is out on a mission to infiltrate racers. It was a car crash.}[/COLOR]

Kana began to choke on his drink. As much as he would deny it, as much as he would always say otherwsie, he did care, if only the slightest bit, about Agent 4. Maybe it was just because she was his subordinate, and he had to look out for her as her leader. Yeah, that must be it. He couldn't actually [I]care[/I] about the surly woman. No way.

"I'll look into her well-being. Thank you for the information," Kana said, coldly.

[COLOR=Black]{You...worried about her?}[/COLOR]

Kana detected the skepticism in Covenenant's voice. He knew that the agent was insinuating something. And he didn't like it.

"Agent 3, shove it."

[COLOR=Black]{Consider it shoved, sir.}[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=DarkRed][font=Franklin Gothic Medium]"Whew, this storm is ruthless." Jake sighed as he entered the bar. He cracked his neck as he walked over to the bar and sat next to Kana.

"Barkeep, gimme a mug of Fireice on the rocks." Jake yelled. The bartender shuffled around for a minute or two and finally brought back his drink.

"Here you are, sir." smiled the barkeeper as he waddled back over to the counter and resumed his cleaning.

"So did you hear about the newest wreck, Kana?" Jake asked.

"Covenant just informed me about it. Supposedly two died, and three are in the hospital. What a suprise." Kana replied, sarcasm hinting at the last remark. He went back to his own Fireice and took a small sip, placing the mug back on the bar.

[color=Black]{Jake, do you know how Kiri is doing on her infiltration?} A3 inquired in his usual tone of voice.

[color=DarkRed]"I am not sure. I'm a tad worried about her...after all, she was trying to get into the circuit and three people were just hospitalized. Two dead as well..." Jake took a gulp of his drink and set it back down.

"Jake, don't be worried. A4 can take care of herself, so settle down." Kana smirked.

"If you say so, sir. You're the boss." Jake quietly replied as he gazed up at the television.
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[SIZE=1][B][U]Interlinking Chapters: [/U] [/B]
?[B]Spider's Web[/B]
[U]Characters:[/U] D.C. and Rom (NPC for any other Shadow Spider)
The Shadow Spider leader has left the country for reasons unknown at this point. He has left D.C. in charge, asking her to keep control of any situations that may arise. Rom has been given a tip off form an ally gang, Crimson Viper, that there is an undercover agent from the STU infiltrating the Lightning Panthers. D.C. takes matters into her own hands and decides to research the situation.

[U]Characters:[/U] Kiri and Kana
Kiri has finished up with the Lightning Panthers for the day and has been instructed to take the back streets to reach her apartment, keeping it slow. She doesn't realise that Kana has been given the order to be her body guard and that he must make sure she isn't followed. His superiors have instructed him to stay with Kiri for two days in case any gangs catch on. He arrives at her apartment before she does and makes himself at home, less than happy about the situation.

[U]Chapter Length:[/U] Max 8 posts spread over both sections.[/SIZE]
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"...Two dead, three badly injured..." Ejaculated Rom's car radio. With a growl he took his hand off the wheel and turned the damned machine off. He had heard this story a hundred times on a hundred different news channels, and each time he heard it he became a little bit angrier.

The two fatalities were acquaintences of his, one a shadow spider and one a Crimson Viper. The media had gotten that much right. What no one knew was who's fault the ordeal had been.

[I]I wish i had killed him.[/I] Rom thought to himself as he pulled Spade off the road and into the entrance to the Shadow Spiders' garage. [I]Outlaw. I wish he had died in our crash.[/I] It had been Outlaw's "all or nothing" style of fanatic driving that had caused the two other novice racers to lose control.

The garage door began to descend; Rom stepped out of his car and into the flourescent hum of the cheap lighting system in the small wherehouse that served as his gang's maintenence facility. He walked around his beloved hover, touching the spade on the hood as he passed it, and made for the door connecting to the garage to the back of "The Web," one of the popular dives for the shadow spiders. He took a deep breath before opening the door, focusing on the task at hand.

[I]Dont worry about that bastard outlaw, you've got a job to do.[/I] He pushed open the door and entered the club. A few people closer to the door looked up and nodded to him as Rom walked passed their tables. It took him a second, but he found DC sitting at the bar by herself, drink in hand and eyes , as they usually were, directed downwards. Going over in his head what he had been told, he walked up to the bar and sat down beside his captain.

She looked up and smiled at him before he could speak. For a second Rom said nothing, just continued to stare into her lovely eyes...

"Sorry to interupt you." Said Rom, snapping back to reality, "but ive just been given a very important piece of information that the boss should be privy to." He stopped and waited for DC to signal for him to continue, but instead she asked a question of her own.

"And this information comes from..." It had never been quite in her nature to trust information passed down from others.

"Vaughn. Roth from the vipes. We can trust him."

"Indeed we can." Replied DC with a smirk and a nod. "So sorry, please continue."

Rom leaned closer to DC and lowered his voice so not to be overheard. "Its STU, theyre up to something. According to Roth, theyve actually managed to plant an agent into the Panthers undercover as a novice racer!" Rom paused to let what he had just said sink in. DC looked at him full in the face, eyebrows raised in surpise. "So chief," continued Rom. "What's to be done?"
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"We'll to gather more data, use the S.T.U.'s agent to our advantage."

"And what if the should find out before we're able to, take control of the situation?"

"That won't happen, although the S.T.U. have infiltrated...It doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be able to hold everything together. No agent is perfect, we're going to need to find more about the agent though..."

"Demos would be best for gathering information."

Rom turned side ways in his chair, scanning the crowds to see if Demos was there. It didn't appear so.

"He may be at the mechanics garage."

"Shall we go, then?"

She shook her head, "We'll need a take on the Lighting Panthers, they may not know. The other agents shouldn't be too difficult to find, but we're in need of more details surrounding their objective."

"I'll check out who's next up in line against the Lingthing Panthers."

Choosing not to respond, D.c. turned and stared at the rim of her glass. In her hands she tilted it slowly in the light. Gleaming, she thought of the next move. Not of theirs but the act that the S.T.U. would order their agents to put on. Then it hit D.c., blending into a new enviorment would take a few hours to adapt. They still had awhile to pick things out.

The brief moment of awkward silence passed.

Her face turned back to Rom. "I'll call Demos, and then we'll rase the S.T.U.'s agents one. Rom, how would you like to help me gather information?"[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The apartment was silent as a tomb as Kana left the parking garage. It was in a slightly better part of town, so there weren't any druggies and prostitutes lying around. Still, it was nowhere near as nice a neighborhood as Kana's apartment was in. And her apartment would undoubtly prove small and pitiful.

He quickly ducked inside. It was still raining, and he didn't wan't to get wetter than necessary. The lobby was warm, and dimly lit. There was a bit of an odeur, and a few cracks in the wall. A sign told him plainly that the elevator was out of order.

[I]Guess I'm using the stair[/I], he thought, glumly. [I]Eh. I can use the cardiovascular anyway. Don't wanna get rusty.[/I]

It turns out that Kiri lived on the top floor...ten floors up from the lobby. Kana was less than pleased. He'd have to ask her how she did it every day. Still grumbling, he looked for her room.

Alongside the notice of his new mission, the STU had given him a copy of Kiri's apartment key. He really didn't want to know why they had a copy of the key, and didn't want to ask if they had a copy of his own apartment key.

[I]A bodyguard. A bodyguard for her. I'm never gonna live this down.[/I]

He fished the counter-fit key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. It creaked open, ominously. Kana would have to recommend oil.

He slowly stepped in...and immediately tripped over something. His hand clutched the door knob hard, and he swung his other hand around, grabbing the nearest solid surface, managing to keep from falling. He felt the muscle near his eye twitching again, and reached around on the wall for the lightswitch. It clicked on, revealing a no-man's land.

Piles of clothes were strewn about, from dirty socks to frilly pink shirts to...Kiri's unmentionables. The small sofa sitting in the center of the room was draped with clothes, almost unrecognizable. The "solid surface" Kana had grabbed was a low table, covered in more clothes. Predominantly...unmentionables. ([I]Please tell me I didn't touch anything...[/I]) He had tripped over a stack of DVDs. Leaning down, he was met with the sight of two effeminate anime men...getting close.

He felt his gorge rising, and bolted for what he hoped was the bathroom. It was, but he suddenly wished it wasn't. More clothes. ([I]How many clothing items does this woman have!?[/I]) More underwear. Pink everywhere. Bottles of perfume, and lotion, and..."lube?" His head started throbbing. He was going to pass out.

Staggering out of the room, he found his way to the bedroom. It was still dark, but he didn't feel any...thing in his way. Finally giving in, he collapsed on the bed, oblivion becoming his welcome friend.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Purple]Kiri groaned as she finished climbing the last set of stairs leading to her apartment. Usually she would have been in a Hover car all day, not on the dance floor of a club being eyed up by some less than savoury characters most probably packing some form of illegal weapon.

She sighed and reached for her door, realising that it was unlocked and that the light was on, her first thought was not one of alarm but of embarrassment,
[B]"Shit...I didn?t put my underwear away!"[/B]

The blond bolted for her door and grabbed her gun, slamming it shut behind her as she walked in. She looked down at her DVD collection, pleased to see that it had not been...wait...there was a crack in one of the boxes. The young woman twitched as she picked up the precious DVD, cradling it protectively.

[B]"That's it..."[/B]

She walked to her bedroom, following the path that had been cleared through the piles of clothes and various other junk items. She opened the door to be welcomed by none other than Kana, dripping all over her bed.


The man looked up and rolled his eyes, [B]"Don't flatter yourself, gutter-brained-yaoi-loving..."[/B] he trailed off in disgust, probably due to the silly grin that immediately formed on Kiri's face at the mention of 'yaoi'.

[B]"Seriously, sir, what are you doing here?"

"I'm your body-guard."

"My body guard?"

"Don't make me repeat myself, Conner."

"Yessir...but you've made my bed wet."[/B]

Kana twitched. Kiri laughed and her superior could do nothing but give in, raising his hands to the air as he reached for his bag that carried only a few essentials. He looked up to give Kiri a warning glare but found no one there. He blinked,
[B]"She doesn't usually disappear when I want her to..."[/B]
It was to Kana?s dismay that he again caught site of Kiri, in the reflection of her bathroom mirror...getting changed. He shut the door very quickly.
Continue this chapter until we reach 8 posts, I?ll be finishing it off.[/SIZE]
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"Look, my friends, I've already told you everything i know."

D.c and Rom had driven out to a Crimson Viper club to confront Vaughn Roth, their allied informant, and see if they couldnt coax out of him more than he had already given. He claimed, however, that all he had told Rom before was all he knew.

"Come on Roth." Snapped Rom skeptically. "Quit bullshitting me. We're all friends here and we can pay you any sum you throw out there. We are...eager to know more about this STU situation."

"look, i told you-" A click from under the table cut Roth short. He switched his gaze from Rom to D.c, who's body language clearly revealed the fact that she was directing the barrel of her gun directly at Roth's groin.

"Now," said D.c with a mockingly sweet smile on her face. "You're gonna tell us everything we want to know about this 'Agent 4', or everyone in this club will smell burnt testicles for the first time in their lives." Rom raised his eyebrow, grinning at Vaughn.

"She's serious, you know..."

"Ok, Ok!" Roth exclaimed in a shushed voice. "Her name is Kiri Conner. I've got everything you want! Her adress, her license plate, even pictures for fuck's sake! Just put away the hardware!"

Another click sounded as D.c put the safety back on and holstered her pistol at her hip. Rom, still grinning, leaned across the table toward Roth.

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[SIZE=1]I?ve decided to move this on because Eikou and ULX obviously don't realise that they need to post again, or they just don't know what to write.

[B][U]Interlinking Chapters:[/U][/B]
[B]?Tired Discussions[/B]
[U]Characters:[/U] Jake and Ethan
The two Agents linger at the bar after Kana has left and discuss issues. They are informed that they will be on patrol the next day and must keep a close eye on the edge of Lower J19-02 as there has been word of a race being held out in the desert. Ethan leaves before Jake who stays back to find out any more about the gangs, as he is leaving he bumps into a man with a tattoo, one he recognises as a Shadow Spider. He cannot act as he is un-armed, but he reports back to the station.

[B]?Racer Boys[/B]
[U]Characters:[/U] Matt and Velouria
Velouria is still fuming over Kiri?s previous comment on her feelings for Matt, she thinks things over in her apartment with a strong drink when Matt knocks at her door, baring a letter from the Shadow Spiders. It hints that there has been an infiltration by the STU and that all gangs should be on highest alert. Velouria immediately suspects Kiri, but Matt refuses to believe her for reasons unknown. The letter has also issued a challenge to Matt as the Lightning Panther's top man; he is to meet with the Shadow Spiders on the outskirts of L. J19-02 to race in the desert. Velouria believes that it will turn into something more.

I'm scrubbing the chapter lengths, it was a stupid idea ^_^;; I realise that these chapters are more in depth, so just post as many as you need to get the main objective filled.[/SIZE]
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[color=darkslategray][i]Matt cruised idly down the roads, taking random turns and performing various illegal stunts. He was pissed. Those jackass Spiders had somehow managed to connect him with a few deaths all the way across the city, he was sure of it. He sighed and looked at his passenger seat. 'Ya know, the Kiri chick'd look damn good in that seat....What the Hell?!?!' Matt swore loudly, pulling Delta Fox into a power slide 180, facing the direction he'd come from. His breath only slightly ragged, he bashed his head against the steering wheel.

'Yeah, nice one, Long. Stop thinkin' about Kiri. What about Firefly?'

Matt's smile brightened significantly as he thought of his second-in-command, his partner. Sure, she was ice-cold to most of the Panthers, but up in Matt's cabin, she could turn into molten lava or a cool breeze. She was Matt's best friend, and as long as she was around, Matt wouldn't try to think of going out with a girl he'd met only hours before. Velouria would skin him alive for whoring, something Matt hated with a passion!

Matt sighed and kicked his car into a comfortable speed, somewhere over a hundred fifty kilometers an hour. He banked the streets until he found a corner he recognized, and with a jolt, realized it was barely five blocks away from his residential area. He smiled and pulled Delta Fox into a turn, heading for the suburban house he called his place to live.

He leapt out of the Fox, heading for his front door, when he saw it hanging from his door frame. A letter, unmarked save his name in neat script, dangled just over his card reader. Matt, cautious, opened it up and instantly recognized the handwriting of D.C.

He read barely four sentences before turning and leaping back into the driver's seat, gunning the engine and speeding off for Velouria's apartment. There was a goddamn spy in the Panthers![/color][/i]
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[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][i]"Do you love him, Velouria? Do you love him, Velouria? Do you love him, Velouria?"[/i][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Kiri's words kept floating around in Velouria's head. She unlocked the door to apartment, took off her sweater and threw it in the general direction of the couch, and went into the kitchen. She was going to have to do some heavy thinking...on the rocks. She needed a drink, so she poured herself half a glass of whiskey with ice. Velouria looked at the glass, and changed her mind. She poured the whiskey to the top.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Velouria walked into her living room, and turned on some music. Something relaxing to get her thoughts off of today. She sat down and started to drink, when she started to wonder why this Kiri girl was getting to her so badly. Did she honestly think that Matt would do something like run away with her? Or at least whore with her for a little while? He hated whoring. Velouria had almost pushed her worries to the back of her mind again, when there was a knock at the door. She put her drink down, and went to answer it. It was Matt.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"Hey, Matt. What's the occasion? Do you want a drink?"[/b] Velouria said as Matt stepped inside.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]He shook his head.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"Maybe later, Velouria. I just got a letter from the Shadow Spiders. There's a spy in the Lightning Panthers."[/b][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red]Velouria stopped drinking, and set her glass back down on the table. She started thinking about who the spy could be, when she came to the most obvious conclusion. Kiri was the spy. She let Matt know about her suspicion.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"No, it couldn't be her..."[/b] He answered.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Verdana][size=2][color=red][b]"Why the hell not!"[/b] Velouria yelled, hitting her drink off the table and sending it flying across the room.[/color][/size][/font]
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[font=garamond][color=gray]Covenant III's eyes followed Kana as he departed rather uneventfully, pushing open the door to reveal that the rain had not abated since earlier. The agent sighed quietly to himself. He hated that in-between feeling he always got in situations like this one, where Covenant III seemed to be in limbo somewhere between The Mission and Life Outside Of The Job. Truth be told, Agent 3 wasn't good at...just living, really. Thanks to his job, Covenant III rarely received any free time, but when he did, it was hard to figure out what he should be doing. Being in situations where the job and free time intermingled with each other -- such as this one, at the bar -- only served to discomfort him more. The agent's eyes drifted to the other Agent still present, Jake.

[b]{No use worrying about Kiri,}[/b] mused Agent 3, both to himself and to Jake. [b]{Kana's probably right; she's quite capable of taking care of herself.}[/b]

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Jake frowned into his glass of Fireice.

Covenant III fell silent for a moment, as if considering something.

[b]{Jake, what do you...do? In your free time, I mean?}[/b]

[i]When you GET free time, of course,[/i] laughed Covenant III in his head. Perhaps the others were just as confused as he. For some reason, he doubted it.

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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium][color=DarkSlateGray]"My...free time?" Jake repeated, somewhat confused.

{Yeah...your free time.} Covanent III replied.

[i]What the hell...[/i] Jake wondered as he shuffled through his thoughts in search of an answer to the question. "Well, personally, I just kick back and listen to music, write songs, nothing big. Sit at a coffee house alone or with some friends." Jake finally answered.

{Hm...} Covanent softly replied, seemingly deep in thought.

"Actually...after I leave here, I was going to head back to my house and just chill out...wanna come? Share a beer or two?" Jake suggested.
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[font=garamond][color=gray]Covenant III was about to reply when his cellphone, located in the left pocket of his slacks, began to beep. Pulling it out with one hand, he kept the screen partially covered with his jacket while turning the face so Jake could see.

[b]{Another time. Looks like we'll be on patrol tomorrow...}[/b] Covenant III trailed off as he continued to read the message that appeared in black text on the screen. Jake craned his head to take a closer look.

"Damn, they're starting us on patrol earlier and earlier. Looks like we should split and get as much sleep as we can before the shift starts," frowned Agent 6. Covenant III, already dressed for leavetaking, rose from his seat and flipped the cellphone cover shut. Glancing towards the door, he hesitated a moment.

[b]{Thanks...for the offer, I mean.}[/b] Agent 3 gave Jake a nod before vanishing beyond the bar door.

Outside in the rain, Covenant III drew his coat closer around him, the rain dampening his hair. Above, the sky grew darker still, unleashing its elements against the wayward world below.[/font][/color]
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[color=darkslategray][i]Matt stared at the glass as it went flying and immediately changed his mind. He grabbed the bottle, the weight of it telling him it was at least enough to fill three glasses full. He stared at Velouria before sighing and sitting down on her sofa, rubbing his eyes with his free hand.[/i] "I don't know...I really don't, Firefly. Hells, I'm about ready to say we don't need any new members. Then again, with everything the gang does besides racing, I'm about ready to kill the gang off and go freelance. Oh, don't look at me like that, damnit. You know I'd never do such a thing...."

[i]Velouria's wide-eyed fear was not allayed as she watched Matt, a non-alcoholic unless he was agitated or extremely depressed, slam back half of the remainder of the alcohol in the bottle like it was nothing. For him to do that, he had to be both severely agitated and more than extremely depressed. In mere moments, Matt was reduced to staring at the ceiling, offering vague comments about nothing. Velouria waited, staring at her best friend, as he stood and stared at a picture of the two of them up at the cabin.[/i] "Feh. What I wouldn't give to be able to just throw away my love for the game...my love of the risk, and live up there. So peaceful...no cops, no drugs, no goddamn hookers...Just me, my grandpop's legacy...what if you're right? What if it is Kiri? Nothin' we can do. We got no pro...pos....we ain't sure it's her. Could be that...that stiff newbie, Shackle. I never much liked him..."

"Matt, please, sit down. You're drunker than you've ever been, you're not going anywhere."

[i]Matt shook his head a moment, nodding at the last comment about going anywhere, when he quickly and forcibly punched himself in the stomach. The pain quickly sobered him for a moment, a moment he used to rather quickly stumble to the bathroom, nailing himself again and vomiting into the toilet. The action sobered him more readily and permanently, and he stoppered the bottle still in his hands.[/i] "Sorry, Firefly. Need to talk....can't do that drunk. Damnit...I need some aspirin....[/color]
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